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Computed Tomography (CT)
A recognized leader in the industry, Philips offers a complete range of Computed Tomography (CT) products and services to meet the requirements of a wide variety of healthcare providers, from routine to cutting edge. Helping clinicians improve patient management by continually developing new applications and tools that save time to allow more focus on patients, Philips CT delivers new value through a deeper understanding of the way its customers need and want to work. These breakthroughs are made possible by being focused on designs that are user and patient-centric together with advanced technologies. An integral part of Philips range of healthcare solutions, Philips’ CT family of products are designed to work with and alongside other Philips Medical Systems technologies and offerings to better enable customers to intensely focus on the patient throughout the entire care cycle. Philips offers a full range of solutions through its Brilliance and MX CT product lines. Essence technology on Brilliance iCT and Brilliance 64 scanners At this year’s RSNA, Philips introduces Essence technology – a unique combination of X-ray tube, detector and reconstruction design elements that improve image quality in every CT exam. At the core of new Brilliance iCT and new Brilliance 64-channel scanners, Essence technology provides the diagnostic accuracy required by clinicians to support high levels of patient care. A scalable technology platform, Essence technology enables image quality improvements in current and future generations of Philips CT scanners. Brilliance CT with Essence technology is a more intelligent form of CT. Providing the optimal combination of x-ray tube, detector and reconstruction technology, Essence technology powers the new Brilliance 64-channel scanners as well as the new Brilliance iCT. The new Brilliance 64 with Essence technology is the latest in advanced, premium 64-channel scanners for all routine radiological imaging including cardiac CT. Brilliance iCT offers 256 slices and unprecedented speed, x-ray tube power, coverage and dose utility. Brilliance iCT sets the benchmark for advanced cardiovascular imaging while simultaneously improving diagnostic accuracy and lowering dose in all exams. Key Benefits/Features of Essence Technology • Smart Focal Spot X-ray tube technology improves sampling density for enhanced spatial resolution in all exams • Nano-Panel detector design enables fast and low dose examinations particularly important for coronary artery imaging, lung scanning and brain perfusion • RapidView Reconstruction provides high temporal resolution through adaptive, rateresponsive techniques to freeze patient motion Brilliance Everywhere The Brilliance Everywhere solution addresses the primary challenge facing multislice CT users today – how to manage the large datasets


generated by large volume acquisitions, while speeding the “time to diagnosis.” Brilliance Everywhere utilizes thin-client technology to turn any PC on a hospital’s network into an advanced visualization workstation. Simplified collaboration with clinicians throughout the care cycle is now as close as the nearest computer. Virtual Colonoscopy Solution with Perspective Filet View Technology Only Philips Medical Systems offers the Perspective Filet View software in its 3D virtual colonoscopy package. The Perspective Filet View takes acquired CT scans of the patient and unfolds the images of the colon, displaying it flat like a landscape in a three dimensional manner so that clinicians can scroll over and easily view. Since folds in the colon can hide polyps, the technology helps to prevent these blind spots, creating an easy way for physicians to find and assess polyps fast. The solution also reduces virtual colonoscopy read times for physicians. A September 2007 article in the journal Radiology found that Philips’ Perspective Filet View delivered read times of only nine minutes compared nearly 25 minutes as highlighted in a recent presentation of virtual colonoscopy clinical trial data from the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN). The Perspective Filet View technology also delivers a 420-degree circular view of the colon at any given point along an automatically calculated centerline through all colon segments. Key Benefits/Features of Perspective Filet View • The Philips software displays the internal surface of the colon in a linear fashion unfolded like a pathology dissection and sequential like a film-strip or tape • The whole circumference of the colon is displayed, therefore clinicians do not need to review the colon several time like they do with a simulated virtual endoscopic view • If a suspicious irregularity is detected, secondary windows display multiplanar cuts or reference views to be used for a quick reference to identify real findings and artifacts Spectral CT At RSNA, Philips will provide a look into the future of CT: Spectral imaging. Results from over 1,000 clinical exams, on the Company’s exclusive dual-layer detector prototype, uncover the potential breakthroughs enabled by simultaneous, multi-energy detection. Complementing these clinical investigations, laboratory results from Philips’ advanced photon-counting prototype will be on display. In the hands of a global network of over 15 Spectral CT researcher sites, Philips is leading the way in this important area of fundamental CT research.


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