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Educational Management and Leadership

Spring term 2010

Presentation and discussion of course assignments

Wednesday, April 21, 2010. 10:00-12:00 (Room 2527) Responsible:

Vinayagum Chinapah
Author of
Title of assignment Opponent Examiner
Milan Poudel School-based Management Touhidi Shawkat Vinayagum
mi_lanpoudel@hotmail.c touhidishawkat@yahoo.
om (SBM) system in Nepal com
Youjin Chong Community Involvement in
Oyebanji Oyeyemi Vinayagum
chongyo2002@hanmail. Children's Education in Chinapah
net Emergency Situations
Touhidi Shawkat NGOs societal engagement Millicent Ayeh-
touhidishawkat@yahoo.c in Bangladesh in relation to Danquah Chinapah
om the leadership in Education
Islamic/Koranic Education Laura M’Baye
Oyebanji Oyeyemi Vinayagum
Management in Northern Chinapah
Nigeria m
Women managerial
Millicent Ayeh- leadership, culture and the Milan Poudel Vinayagum
Danquah politics of education: linking mi_lanpoudel@hotmail.c
Chinapah theory with practice. The case om
of Ghana
School Management
Laura M’Baye Information Systems - A Youjin Chong Vinayagum Tool for Improved chongyo2002@hanmail.
m Leadership and net
Wednesday, April 21, 2010. 13:00-15:00 (Room 2527) Responsible: Mikiko Cars
Organizational Culture and
School Leadership (a Janet Geipel
Thu Hien
janet.geipel@fu- Mikiko Cars comparative study in
Vietnam and Sweden)
Habibi Roya Barriers to women Monica Kakibibi
Mikiko Cars educational leadership
Janet Geipel Women in Educational Alyxha Lilia Ferrao Mikiko Cars Management
The Role of Education
Management and Thu Hien
Monica Kakibibi
Leadership in the School of Mikiko Cars
Finance and Banking- m
Gendered inequalities in
Alyxha Lilia Ferrao education management and Habibi Roya
Mikiko Cars leadership in the context of
Wednesday, April 21, 2010. 10:00-12:00 (Room 2427) Responsible:
Zhao Shangwu
Parental Inclusion in
Sonja Hofstetter School Governance in Christie Anne Tapia
Zhao Shangwu South Africa- a Way to
Culture mode in
management and
leadership of cross-
culture cooperation and
Aurora Sun
centers/organizations Talia Klundt Zhao Shangwu
overseas for teaching
Chinese to foreigners as
a second language -
Comparative case study
of Chinese Teaching in
Sweden and US
Inequality and Modeling -
Wang Lulu Problems on the Chinese Sonja Hofstetter
katiemailer_1001@hotmail. Zhao Shangwu
University Entrance t
System Management
Perspectives from an Aurora Sun
Christie Anne Tapia
International Pre-school - e Zhao Shangwu
Subjective vs. Cultural
The Demand for Better
Management in Wang Lulu
Talia Klundt
University Leaders to katiemailer_1001@hotm Zhao Shangwu
Enhance Cross Border
Wednesday, April 21, 2010. 13:00-14:30 (Room 2427) Responsible:
Zhao Shangwu
Improving parental
Dian Zhang involvement in migrant Susanne Tornert children's compulsory susanne.tornert@gmail. Zhao Shangwu
m education in public com
schools in China
management in
Ulrika Åkesson the societal context - A Helen Osieja
ulrika.akesson@interped.s Zhao Shangwu cultural view
of management in higher
education in change
Change Management on
Susanne Tornert a Middle Management Ulrika Åkesson Ingemar ulrika.akesson@interped
Level - A Review from Gustafsson
an Inside Perspective
Tale of a Failure: The
Closure of the Pan- Dian Zhang
Helen Osieja kiseki841125@hotmail.c
Ingemar American School of Gustafsson
Mexico City
Change management on
Christer Månsson a middle management No paper handed level – a review from an in
outside perspective