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Sandford (Morisset) Street Extension

Project and Environmental Impact Statement

suggestions for scoping document
from the
North Canberra Community Council Inc.
March 31 2010


The North Canberra Community Council (NCCC)’s primary concerns with the
Morisset Street road extension to Antill Street are firstly, increased traffic to road
users, pedestrians and cyclists; and secondly, the impact on the local grassy
woodland endangered ecological community.

Member groups of the NCCC, which include the Hackett Residents Association
and the Watson Community Association, have been briefed on at least two
occasions by Roads ACT on traffic issues. Both organisations have
corresponded extensively with Roads ACT on traffic issues which they agree
negatively impacts on neighbourhood amenity.

We welcome the opportunity to make suggestions on how to improve

consultation with our residents and to add to our input to the scoping process for
the EIS to follow.

The Watson Community Association has analysed data for the Antill Street
intersections with Aspinall Street and Knox Street using previous studies
conducted in 2002, 2008 and 2009. This information can be provided by the
Chair of the Association upon request.


1. We would like current traffic data gathering, analysis and future traffic
modelling conducted at the following intersections:

a) Federal Highway and Antill Street

b) Federal Highway and proposed Morisett Street extension
c) Flemington Road and Sandford Street
d) Federal Highway and Flemington Road
e) Antill Street and Aspinall Street
f) Antill Street and Knox Street
g) Antill Street and Madigan Street
h) Knox Street and Windeyar Street (Watson)
i) Madigan Street and Maitland Street (Hackett)
2. We would like forward traffic modelling for the future development of the
suburb of Kenny (estimated 3500 dwellings).

3. We would like traffic modelling to include the impacts of peak hour traffic on
pedestrians and cyclists with particular emphasis placed on the existing and
proposed pedestrian crossings at the following locations:

a) Proposed roundabout Antill and Aspinall between ‘The Fair’ and

‘Solstice’ developments. A splitter island has been suggested;
however we recommend a dedicated pedestrian crossing to a
proposed bus stop on eastern side of Antill Street.
b) Roundabout of Knox and Windeyar ‘Majura Primary School’
c) Intersection of Antill and Knox ‘splitter island’
d) Intersection of Antill and Maitland ‘splitter island’
e) Intersection of Madigan and Maitland ‘Blue Gum Community

4. Provide for an environmental offset to replace the portion of endangered

Yellow Box Red Gum grassy woodland impacted and removed by the
Morisset Street extension.

5. We would like a dedicated cycle path along the Antill Street alignment and
connecting to the cycle path in Dickson.

Richard Larson
Deputy Chair
North Canberra Community Council
PO Box 396
Dickson ACT 2602

Richard Larson
Watson Community Association
PO Box 64
Dickson ACT 2602
ph. (02) 6241 3024