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1. For entering the Cheque Collection FI documents, if Edit Check Deposit List (T.C.

FF68) method
is used, Transaction Type field should be available in the actual Data Entry Screen.

2. We require a mandatory filed for local and upcountry cheques and for demand draft also in the
screen of cheque deposit list.

If we are receiving the payment not at branch level then the sales officer should make the deposit
entry through EP.

4. Three different type of transaction type is required for each cheque deposit entry like: a) Open item clearance against specified invoice
b) No open item clearance in case of on account payment
c) Open item clearance on FIFO basis in case of on account payment
d) Down payment
5. In case of FIFO Clearance if debit amount doest not match with credit amount
System should create a residual item of the same.
6. System should allow option of open Item clearance on FIFO basis or Payment received against
specific Invoice, with cash discount postings.
7. In case of open item clearance on FIFO basis, if the Customer is eligible for getting the Cash
Discount as per the Payment Term in Billing document, system should create a separate
Accounting document of Cash Discount.
8. System should generate the Print Out of the Check Deposit List as per the required format
9. System should have facility to record the Post Dated Check in the system (as a noted item). At
the time of actual deposit of the Check, system will create the accounting document as a normal
10. For Down Payment collection, there should be a separate Transaction type to be used. The down
payment item should not be considered for clearing the open items.
11. Normal Payment received from the customer also should be considered for the Credit Limit
Exposure updation.
12. In case of Cheque return entry, if Bank Charges are to be debited, there should be a provision of
debiting the same amt. to Customer automatically.
13. Bill Of Exchange:
System should be able to generate the Bill of Exchange (Principal as well as Interest BOE) after
feeding all the details of Letter of Credit like bank name, LC Number, rate of interest, sance
period, amount of L/C. The invoices in the outstanding can be selected manually & the system
should include the selected Invoices & it should generate the alert if the value of the selected
invoices exceeds the LC amount. This will automatically knock off all the invoices included in the
LC from the outstanding against the BOE. The format of the BOE should be the inbuilt feature of
the system.

The system should also be capable of generating the BOE with out the details like Bank Name & LC
Numbers as in most of the cases, the BOEs are prepared without having the
The system should have the flexibility so that the all the bank details can be updated against a
particular BOE already generated later on in the system.

In case of dishonour (Bill of exchange) system should reverse entry form bills receivables to normal
open item .( and all knock off invoice against BOE shown in open item list
1. Sales Officer collects the Cheque from the Dealer & handovers the same to the Accountant
along with the details of the Invoice No. Against which the payment has received. If the
payment is received on account basis, Sales Officer has to mention the Product Category
(Division) against which payment has to be booked.
2. Check Deposit List should be created & posted only if the Checks are going to be deposited
on the same day itself. Check deposit list should be single saved till the checks are physically
deposited in the bank.
3. As per the Checks Deposited in a Bank, only one check Deposit List should be created.
4. Check Deposit List creation should be possible to create in an electronic manner, where Excel
Sheet or text file can be used.
5. In Check Deposit List, fields like Sales Group, Cheque No; Dealers Bank & Branch, Business
Area, Profit Center, Check Type Local / Up Country etc.
6. System should create the required Accounting entries after running the batch input session.
And open Item clearance should take place automatically as per the Transaction type
selected in the Check Deposit List.
7. If applicable, Cash Discount Document also should be created if the Open Item clearance
takes place in background on FIFO basis.
8. Method of Down Payment Request has to be used for creation of Down Payment document.
1. Additional fields are required in the check deposit transaction such as Profit center, sales
employee, credit control area and MICR. Enhancement to the standard transaction is required
to add these fields.
2. Transaction Type field is at the header level of FF68 transaction and hence cannot be moved
into the line item screen. This will require a basic development to the standard program that is
not recommended.
3. Open item clearance on FIFO basis in case of on account payment. This is possible only
through manual clearing. If auto clearing is required, development has to be done.
4. Payin slip format has to be developed.