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English VII

Names: Lizeth Escobar Daniela Hurtado

Teacher: Germn Correa
Unit 2: BLOG

Buenaventura: another way to understand Colombia



district localized in
Valle del Cauca. This
district was founded
15540 on July 14th,








Baha, it is a Bahia of
Pacific ocean. It is a
121 kilometers from
Cali which is separated for this city for western mountains of Andes and to 528
kilometer from Bogot, the capital of our country. Besides, Buenaventura is the
largest in the entire Pacific region and further extension of the department of
Valle del Cauca municipality.
This city is surrounded by many rivers
like Dagua, Calima and San Juan River.
About their ethnic composition, like
the rest of the Colombian Pacific coast



Afro-Colombians (88.5%), no ethnicity (10.6%) and Indians (0.9%).

Subsequently, Colombia is a country full of wonderful places, one of them is the

magnificent port of Buenaventura. This site differs from most other travel sites
because we mainly focus on our experiences there, not the places you can go.
We will try to show the magic hidden in that place. Where you can connect with
the culture and the nature of the Colombian pacific.
About us:
Student A: Lizeth Escobar
Hi! Im Lizeth. Im from Cali and also I live here. Now Im studying psychology
and I love it, IS MY PASSION! I think that all the people who are studying a
career or whatever degree can help in a particular way the mankind, but here
Im not going to talk about this; is not my objective. However when Im talking
about myself I cant take away my major of my life because more than a major
is a profession that I choose thinking about my future plans and all the things
and projects that I can do with the topics that Im learning. It makes me feel
that I can help me, help the people and our society, of course little by little.
Another of my passions are pets, especially dogs, because from them we can
learn about the life. They teach us the real love and how to be better humans.
Thence in this moment of my life I help to a foundation with plastic battles with
the purpose that they can operate strays dogs and promote the adoption of
them, because each dog deserve a home where he can receive love and
However, today Im going to talk about with other purpose I want to talk that I
love travel because I consider that it is the best activity and investment in the
world. So, when I traveled Ive been able to know other people and learn from
them about their culture, rituals, customs and how to communicate.
Student B: Daniela Hurtado
Hi, my name is Daniela, Im 17 years old and I study medicine. I was born Cali,
Colombia. I have been surrounded by nature, exercise and travel since I was
too young. I have even a scar in my ankle because of that. My family loves to
do exercise as: walk, run, swim and ride bikes; but especially in nature. So I

loved that too. I am also a volunteer of the Red Cross, where I had experienced
happy and sad moments that have made me who I am.
Im obsessed with landscapes of trees, water, sunsets, mountains and the sky.
Our experiences:
Student A: Lizeth Escobar
Today, Im going to talk about of one place that I visited in 2009. This place is
the port most important of our country, but its also a place that the
government has forgotten. For this, I want share whit you information about
Buenaventura with the final purpose that you will be encouraged to go or
change your bad impressions about that place.





perceived that the weather was too hot and

damp. Besides, I was so exciting to know the
sea but when I saw it I felt that it wasnt that I
expected. In that moment, I felt disappointed
because the sea was too dirty.

Second, I had the opportunity of know some people and I

them in a party. I think that they are nice and helpful
Also, I could eat sea food as: ceviche, tollo, fried fish
and coconut rice. That food was delicious. If
you will go to Buenaventura, You have eat



Third, I went to Magipi that is a place of

Buenaventura. That was a magic place
because I could connected with the nature,
relax and forgot the problems. It is a place
that allow you feel good and forgot the
reality of the city.

Student B: Daniela Hurtado

The trip to Buenaventura is relatively short if there is no traffic. Upon arrival we
met a lot of people. We had to decide
the right place to go: Juanchaco and
Ladrilleros or Pianguita. In the end we
decided to go to the beach Pianguita.
The sea was not very beautiful, but you
can manage to live experiences that are
very interesting.
First to seek an accommodation, there
are all tastes. For those who likes hammocks and people who love comfortable
beds. We choose beds because of a matter of convenience.
After the beach, the tide in the morning is the best, allows you to face turbulent
waters and feel like a professional of the waves, although obviously you have
to know how to swim at least a little.
Eating is essential, and is better is the
food is a new experience. We tasted
shrimp, clam chowder, coconut rice,
and of course fish.
In the afternoon the sea is calmer so
that you can manage to reach beyond

the beach, and you can achieve as I, feel the tail of a whale, an experience that
is amazing.
In the evening you can go
dancing, or walk in the beach.






mentioned we want that you

give the opportunity of know
this place. In which you can
explore the nature or learn from

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