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APRIL, 2010

The Iceland volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, spews giant ash clouds creating beautiful imagery... and greater change.

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes – The Ascension of the Earth

The increase in tectonic activity is a sign of the Earth cleansing itself of blockages. At the
same time it is a wake up call for humanity to raise consciousness through developing
compassion and love, as well as restoring its connection to nature.

The Earth is now entering a very intense transformation process. It is now obvious to see
that tectonic activity has markedly increased over the last few years. However, rather than
retreating from the fact in fear, it may actually be helpful to address what is happening,
what it means for us, and how we can adapt to the changes. Understanding any major
changes enables us to adapt more easily. If we continue with our lives, and ignore the
messages from the Earth, we risk being caught unprepared for the changes.

The Earth is an energetic entity with an auric matrix that can hold a certain amount of
energy. The alignment with the Galactic Centre allows energy from higher dimensions to
surge through our Solar System. This process lasts ten years, and this happens every
26,000 years. The higher dimensional energy seeks to rebalance and re-energise the
parts of the Earth’s matrix that have become depleted. Ultimately this process is healing
and restorative for the Earth.

As this higher dimensional energy surges through the Earth’s matrix it encounters
energetic blockages. Some are natural and some are caused by the activities of man.
These blockages are transformed and released in the form of an earthquake or volcanic
eruption. It’s simply the Earth letting off tension.

Now our consciousness directly affects the vibration of the Earth, and most of the
activities of humanity are harmful to the Earth. This cleansing and purification cycle we are
now in will restore human consciousness to a much more vibrant and aware place.
However, during the transitions, the old consciousness must be released, and hence the
teaching behind all this tectonic activity, is that we need to do our releasing too. The outer
world is a mirror, and hence if more of us do our inner purification and adjust to the new
consciousness, the corresponding outer reality will change and the Earth will make the
transition in a smoother manner.

It is the Law of the Universe that planetary bodies, and sentient beings ascend.
Understanding the process of ascension, releases fear and enables us to integrate the
higher consciousness. The Earth is moving out of purely physical matter and is beginning
to embody metaphysical higher vibratory realities into its matrix. This will then accelerate
our consciousness. If we are open to the changes, and are able to release those things
that impede our ascension without resisting, the experience can be joyful and liberating.

What we will see is an increase in earthquakes and tectonics, and yes some people may
be lost in the process. But the message is not about spreading fear of an approaching
doomsday, because it is not the case. Rather it’s a transitory process and a teaching.
When people are lost in natural disasters, it enables the arising of compassion in the heart
of humanity which then raises our consciousness. Some land masses may give way, or
new ones appear. There may be some tsunamis as the Earth adjusts to the new energies.
But fear not, and trust that all is happening as it needs to so the new consciousness can
birth on the Earth. Whatever manifests, may we see it as a teacher.

We can draw lessons from what is happening. A relatively small volcano has stopped
many flights from operating. Nature ultimately is in charge, and the invitation here is to
respect its power and learn deeply to live in tune with the Earth. If we continue to live with
disregard for the Earth, then we draw in more difficult experiences to bring about the
healing. Everything outside of ourselves, including the turbulence of the Earth and
weather systems, is an outward reflection of our own consciousness, and thus we are the
cause of most of what we are seeing in outer world occurrence.

We can either choose to stay in fear and denial, or we can opt for the more conscious
option of collectively beginning to transform human consciousness, acknowledging the
issues we face and bringing about a harmonious integration with the new energies. If we
can do this, we can remain strong during the transitions, and the severity of any future
tectonic events can be mitigated. The more karma we can heal and resolve now, the less
we will have to clear through the suffering of an earthquake or other natural disaster. We
can transform our karmas before they bear fruit, and thus avoid the necessity of future

Our sun is also ascending into a higher vibratory reality, resulting in an increase in solar
flares and explosions. However disruptive or threatening these events may seem, the sun
is actually radiating out hyper-energetic vibrations from higher dimensions that are
activating the blueprint for a multidimensional body. Our sun is changing to reflect our
inner experience. As we find within ourselves the spiritual light and the higher planes of
existence, the outer reality changes and the sun becomes a multidimensional star. Once it
does so, it will emanate new vibrations that will accelerate our consciousness to the point
where we will become light enough to ascend out of matter and become immortals.

On an individual level, if we surrender to the process, trust in the Universe, and open our
hearts to the higher possibilities, then we enable ourselves to experience a smooth and
illuminated passage through this unique time in human history.

Each of us can assist the Earth now, by taking a responsibility for raising our own
consciousness, and assisting others to do the same.

Article through Free Spirit

Children of the Sun, United Kingdom


Excerpt by Patricia Cota Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

Humanity is experiencing a quantum shift this year in every facet of our lives. The end
result of this acceleration of energy, vibration, and consciousness will be an extremely
positive event for everyone. Unfortunately, due to the challenges surfacing in people’s
lives to be healed, many do not realize the opportunity at hand. Instead of empowering
their hopes and dreams during this unique opportunity, people are being overwhelmed
with fear and feelings of helplessness. For this reason, the Company of Heaven is asking
Lightworkers around the world to redouble our efforts. We are One, and we have the
ability to serve as surrogates on behalf of our sisters and brothers in the Family of
Humanity. We are being called to action! The time for us to accept the responsibility of
being our sister’s and brother’s keepers is NOW!
At this very moment, our I AM Presences are increasing the frequency of vibration within
our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies the maximum we can endure in every
24-hour period. This may feel a little bit stressful, but it is enabling us to receive higher
frequencies of Light than we have ever experienced. Remember, Light is infinitely more
powerful than the fragmented, fear-based miscreations of our human egos which are
surfacing to be healed. The more Light we can project into this surfacing negativity the
faster it will be transmuted, and the sooner the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will
tangibly manifest in our lives.

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Illumined Insights from Children of the Sun around the World

Debora Johnson
Texas, USA

I am understanding more and more the vital role we play in the Earth ascending with ease
and grace. The Earth is experiencing the same process we are and each individual who
raises their consciousness, enables the transition of Mother Gaia to take place with much
more ease. The key is healing/releasing/transforming our own tension/low frequency
vibrations. As humanity enters an intense healing crisis, we are called to begin the deeper
healing; so each may discover wholeness, and ultimately our true nature. The work is
challenging, and the passage can seem extreme, but the rewards for completing this work
are a recognition of eternal oneness, immortality and the transcendence of the human
condition, and the ending of all suffering.

Sedona Vortex, USA
In this the time of the White Sun all things must be held sacred. When I find myself
deviating from holding any part of my life sacred, the clouds of fear hold back the rays of
my sun heart from shining. Then in the middle of the darkness, pain and emptiness, a
gentle voice says "Degar, who are you really?" I take a minute to breathe deeply and
answer " I am greater than time and space, beyond nature and dwell always in the heart
of Divine Grace". Immediately I am back in focus with the heart center, and remember, "I
am a Lightworker". What this means is even when life seems to be blowing up around us
and we are out of pace with nature's sacred rhythms, know that we are in absolute
relationship with the waters of life, Source. Then it is just a matter of trust and
surrenderingas a sacred vessel for the Divine Life spring to heal.

Solodad Maria
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I am living in Edinburgh, very dark shadows and extreme illusion at times, there is a
masking of this shadow effect amongst the people who originate from this part of the
world. The past three years has been very intense, nature is deepening and the earth
expanding, the whole city centre has been in chaos as they dig underneath in this old city
which has so much ancient history. Over the past few days the vibration has shifted, post
volcanic and Tibetan quake, there is a deep sense of calm. Progress and unlimited values
are opening at earth level where there is a need to release and share our hearts through
the emergence of the matrix as an acceptance of heart and spirit . Mother Earth is sharing
through new sounds, natures call for peace, bird song in the darkness of the early morn
and creatures of this earth showing themselves in the largeness of their spirit, everything
is increasing in vibration.

Penang, Malaysia

I have been monitoring a few scientific websites and have been compelled to work on
myself more and more intensely. As I merge more and more fully with our Mother, the
Earth, I experience her agonies, physical, emotional and mental and also her
breakthroughs - joy, freedom, and boundless bliss. May we all join together in this melting-
merging of one heart and hold nothing back.
Michelle Anderson
California, United States
I have been receiving emails indicating wide-spread anxiety and unrest, as well as, seeing
many changes and events that are all significant in that we actually are SEEING and
FEELING the shifting of our Beloved Gaia taking place from a very physical perspective.
Many are "feeling" this in palpable ways in their physical and emotional bodies.
Personally, the best course of action for me has been to go out in nature and lay belly to
belly with our Earth Mother. I gently dance with her, swaying in rhythmic and graceful
rocking movements. As we dance, I visualize the ebb and flow of the tides coming in
hypnotic, slow rolling waves and feeling the peace come to my own Presence as I share it
with Her.

Terry Howe
Oregon, United States

When I find myself confused, disorientated, depressed, out of sync with my body, at that
point of realization, I then ground myself to the Earth and look at what is directly in front of
me. I concentrate on what I see and say, “I am here”. I imagine or see with the 3rd eye the
God Light streaming down through crown. I say that I accept this DNA change that is
happening in the now as this is what is happening for my new body to move with New

Hannah Thomas
Suffolk, England

As we experience the ups and downs getting stronger, we have an opportunity to go more
deeply into love. When we choose love in each given moment, inner resistance (and the
fear which can be born of it) evaporates. It is transformative, but it is not easy. It is a
choice which must be made anew in each moment. When we encounter someone
angry/fearful/whatever, we can simply be the space of calm understanding for them in that
moment. This reflects to them a clear image, rather than a distorted image when people
around them react in judgment of what they are projecting. When this happens, some see
it immediately and come back to their center. Others initially become more fearful
because it is a new experience. It is a fascinating process to watch!

Carolyn Richards
Yeovil/Somerset, United Kingdom

For me it's about surrender, noticing my triggers and tracking them back to their first
imprint within me and then letting that go from deep within me. Tears, shaking, anger…
they may all show their heads but I know they can move through me. Forgiveness and
surrender, these are the energies that feel like my perfect lesson at the moment. And as I
forgive I allow myself to melt the old locks on the doors of fear and hatred and step free
into a new me, a new world... literally.

Yoj Chase
Mt. Shasta, USA

I prompt myself to consider the remembering, as a seasoned practitioner would in the

activity of assistance to a new mother and her spouse during the travails of birthing: To
remember and see only the successes of the process. I also remember to move or act
swiftly from a poised and masterful place of knowing and reminding the ones present of
the new life, (embodiment) they are a part of. And above all things: to maintain harmony
in the feelings, so that Love's Power can manifest instantly anything on the instant for
us. It is that serene or not often shook stance of the harmony of our total true Being that
already is.. ours and Earth's certain victory.

All people sincerely participating with Children of the Sun and its planetary
hologram are linked as ONE. We flow and spiral synergistically as an ascending
field of infinite potential. Absolutely nothing can prevent the purity of our collective
intentions from manifesting if all is consistently held in heart alignment to Divine
Will and always qualified in accordance with the highest good of ALL.
Full Moon Wednesday, April 28

By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, we
strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies... as one
synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy. Children of the Sun Humanitarian
Foundation is radiating the call to people around the world to join this influential matrix and
expanding forcefield of light.

Serving as a GRID OF STABILIZATION, this is a massive support system during this

period of increased intensity in the Earth's restructuring process. One of the main uses of
this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring balance to our and the Earth's
processes by providing a pure means from which to access and remain connected to a
higher dimensional energy source.

It also profoundly assists us in developing skills of expanded consciousness. This includes

greater sense perceptions, telepathy, energy transferences, receiving and decoding the
languages of light, multidimensional communications, to name a few. These are very
important skills for the now times.

Calling in Financial Support

Children of the Sun is a global platform of unification with a mission serving the world
transformation of consciousness. What we have collectively created in just three years is
an awesome feat with nearly 35,000 lightworkers, five websites, volunteer staffing, more
than 200 focus groups and two language platforms.

We are now being asked to substantially build our worldwide exposure and services to
humanity, moving this platform and its grassroots operation into one of mainstream world
influence affecting greater numbers of collective humanity and world systems.

Due to our overwhelming success affirmed through continuous and positive testimony, we
are now in a position to approach many avenues of influence to support our movement
including mainstream media, philanthropic resource and corporate sponsorship. We
welcome your ideas for these type of resources, potential grants and any hands-on
assistance to secure greater funding sustenance.

Please also consider supporting this platform with a personal contribution of any amount.
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. operates as a global non-profit public
charity, operating number #27-0315891. All contribution is tax deductible in the USA.

The platform of Children of the Sun is supported by Children of the Sun. We can only
move in greater strides through collective focus and support on ALL levels. Financial
considerations are still very necessary to move forward into our highest potential in world

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