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Drew Peterson Facts:

Estate of Kathleen Savio 04 P 188

- Kathleen Savio died March 1, 2004

- Approximate value of the estate was $150,000.00
- At time of death Kathleen had (two) stepsons: Eric Drew Peterson and Stephen
Paul Peterson, she had (two) biological sons: Thomas Drew Peterson born August
8,1994 and Kristopher Donald Peterson born January 5, 1993
- At the time of the petition for probate three of the children were living in the
house, two of which were minors and therefore had Drew Peterson as the personal
- On February 7, 2006, two years later the first and final estate report was filed
- The residence was sold for $287,154.00 and held in an escrow pending a final
order in the case of Peterson v. Peterson.
- The closing of the house took place in October 2004, seven months after
Kathleen’s death
- The title to the house was in the names Drew Peterson and Kathleen (Savio)
Peterson, husband and wife, not as join tenants.
- The divorce proceedings were bifurcated, granting judgment for dissolution
before her death and the Court reserved the right to issue division of property
pending further proceedings
- Estate Attorneys: (K.S) Harry Smith, (D.P) Alex Beck
- Three main issues in the estate of Kathleen Savio in the settlement divorce
1. Whether Kathleen would be entitled any to any portion of Drew Petersons
2. Valuation of the business “Blue Lightning Corporation” which had been sold,
and all the proceeds went to Drew Peterson
3. The value of the house, and whether the Kathleen Savio estate would be
entitled to receive Kathleen Savio’s half of the proceeds of sale of the
residence as an offset for the business sale proceeds going to Drew
- On March 23, 2005 Judge Lechwar entered an order admitting the handwritten
last will and testament dated March 2, 1997 (granting each other all possessions in
the event of individual deaths) of Kathleen to probate and appointed James
Carroll (the uncle of Drew) as the executor of the estate
- On April 8, 2005, 16 days later, a “Judgment for Dissolution for Marriage” was
entered in Peterson v. Peterson 02 D 420.
The Judgment stated:
-Drew was awarded the business Blue Lightning Corporation
-All proceeds from the sale of the marital home would go to Drew
-Drew would not be obligated to pay for any college expenses for the minor
children of the parties since her life insurance for $1,000,000.00 had been payable
to the children
**The judgment was to transfer from $144,117.65 to $288,235.31 from the
four children who were the beneficiaries of the estate of Kathleen Savio to Drew

Drew Peterson v. Kathleen Peterson 02 D 420

- Parties were married May 3, 1992

- They were separated and live apart for more than two years
- Judgment for Dissolution was entered on October 10, 2003
1. He be awarded sole custody of the minor children of the parties
2. He assume and maintain insurance for the children until they are 18
3. The marital home 392 Pheasant Chase Drive, Bolingbrook was sold
and the equity was deposited on November 2, 2004
4. All marital debt ($10,000.00 be paid be Drew)
5. Trust fund was set up for the two biological children in the amount of
$1,000,000.00 to pay for college expenses
6. All property in possession of Drew be given to him free and clear from
any claims
7. All parties have the executors execute all documents


- Signed on May 7,2004 by M.E. (Patrick K. O’Neil)

- Born June 13,1963 (died on March 1,2004 at age 40)
- Parents Mary & Henry Savio
- Born in Oak Lawn
- Drowning ruled as cause of death
- Found unresponsive in bathtub
- Cause = accident
- Had burial at Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, Hillside IL


- Drew Peterson (Plaintiff) Kathleen Savio (Defendant)

- Drew Peterson, employed as Bolingbrook Police Department, born January 5,
1954 in Oak Park
- Kathleen Savio Peterson, unemployed
- Drew claimed that Kathleen disregarded her marriage vows to him since the
marriage without fault or provocation by him and she is guilty of extreme and
repeated mental cruelty in the following ways:
1. Refused to show Drew any attention or affection
2. Refused to live and cohabit with him
3. Refused to speak to him with respect to family matters and remaining silent
for great periods of time
4. Intentionally maintained an incompatible temperament in that she maintained
outward manifestations of insensitivity on those occasions when he was in
need of counseling, aid, reassurance, guidance, and therefore she abandoned
her marital duties and relationship
- Drew be awarded residential custody of the minor children
- Both partied had acquired marital and non-marital property so the court should
determine the equities in the property