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I have enjoyed a connection with the St. Bernard Parish Library since the early 1960s.

husband, Luther Frink, was the architect of the public library building at 1125 E. St. Bernard

When Hurricane Katrina struck, I was president of the Library Board. I have been an active
member of that Board since 1988. The mission of that Board, on the advice of parish president
Lynn Dean, the Board's ex officio member, was to create a building fund with a portion of our
ad valorem/property tax collection so that one day in the future we could build a new library.

In 2001 when Charles Ponstein was parish president and Steve Price was CAO and the Library
Board's ex officio member, the Library Board received authorization from the Executive Finance
Committee to purchase property for a future public library. The Parish Council, the governing
authority, authorized the parish president to sign and execute the purchase of a five-acre site
for a future new public library between Judy and Bartolo Drives. The Library Board paid for the
site with dedicated library funds from its property tax collections. In the Clerk of Court's
records, the purchase document reads above Mr. Ponstein's signature "ST. BERNARDPARISH

In March 2010, I submitted documents to the Council as proof that the Library Board of Control
(the public) bought and paid for the library building and the land it occupies at 1125 E. St.
Bernard Highway with dedicated ad valorem funds. The Clerk of Court's records contain a Bill
of Sale for a $5,000 cash sale of land in 1963 to the Library Board of Control through the Police
Jury, the governing authority at that time. Audit reports from 1963 and 1988 approved by the
Louisiana Legislative Auditor verify the land and building purchases. Library Board minutes
trace the purchase of the land from the Board of Commissioners Water District No. 1.

After Hurricane Katrina, parish government would not allow the public library to resume
services at the 1125 E. St. Bernard Hwy. location. The Parish Council passed Resolution
SBPC#K66-07-07, adopted Tuesday, July 24, 2007 providing specifications for commencing with
the re-Iocation of the library.

I am requesting in the name of the public that this 2007 Council resolution be fulfilled and the
Attorney General opinion 08-0057 dated October 15, 2009 stating that the building must be
legally rededicated with a referendum by the public if the public library is not allowed to
operate at the 1125 St. Bernard Highway site also be fulfilled. Furthermore, I am requesting
that the land and the building at 1125 E. St. Bernard Highway be appraised and the Library
Board of Control - the public - be fully compensated for its full value.

I have come to you seeking justice for the public and its public library.