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Capture their attention with Web advertising!

Advertising Rates Home Page
Includes sub pages such as Grading Standards, Service Fees,
Collectors Club, Show Schedule and Order Status.

Max. # of Advertisers* Monthly Rate

Position 1 5 $500
Position SIZE: 728 x 90 pixels Position SIZE: 245 x 90 pixels
Position 2 5 $350
1 (30 Kb) 2 (12 Kb) Position 3 5 $200
Position 4 5 $200
Position 5 5 $200
Position 6 5 $200
*Advertisements rotate in each position for each area,
so Home Page/Position 1 (for example) will be sold
to five ­advertisers, each of which appear on the Home
Page for 1/5 of all page views on the Home Page.
­Limited ­banners available.
Length of contract: Minimum six-month commitment.

An advertiser can buy multiple positions on the same area
if desired. However, a different ad must be provided for each
position. Each position is randomly viewed so there is no
control over whether an advertiser’s multiple ads show up
on a particular page load.

Advertise in the Stamp Market Quarterly  

The pricing authority for all valuable U.S. stamps,
Position SIZE: 234 x 60 pixels SMQ is a quarterly publication distributed to thou-
3 (8 Kb)
sands of serious collectors and dealers.
Position SIZE: 234 x 60 pixels
4 (8 Kb)
Cover Positions:
Position SIZE: 234 x 60 pixels Inside Front — $1,500
5 (8 Kb) Inside Back — $1,500
Back — $1,500
Position SIZE: 234 x 60 pixels
6 (8 Kb) Full Page:
Color — $1,000
Black & White — $700
Let us help you sell more stamps! Half Page:
Color — $700

To reserve your space today, call: Rebecca Tran Direct: 1-949-892-8604 Black & White — $450
877-782-6788 ext. 356
T h e I n d u s t r y L e a d e r i n P o s t a g e St a m p G r a d i n g a n d S e r v i c e s
2 0 1 0 A d v e r ti s i n g
R a t e s

Professional Stamp Experts (PSE) is the largest

and most trusted independent, third-party

stamp authentication and grading service. As
the grading standard of the philatelic industry,
PSE is the preferred choice of collectors and
dealers worldwide.

Along with grading and authentication, PSE

­offers, which welcomes thou-
To Sell
sands of visitors each month. With pricing,
­population figures, grading guide, collecting
tips, hobby news and the unique Set Registry,SM offers essential information

for collectors and dealers alike.

Advertise with PSE

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