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Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

majalah bahasa inggris
Modul 1
People and place
1. My Personality
Hello guys good morning, I will introduce my self : my name is Lisa Nuri and my
nick name nuri. I live in Jl. Wr. supratman Gang Melati unib belakang, I am from SMKN 2 Metro lampung, my home of provincy lampung, I am study program
Agroekoteknologi class D. I am the second child from four child, I was born on 26
June 1991 in Negara Harja (lampung), I like eat Bakso, Friedchickend, and sate, my
Hobby is playing basket Ball, reading, chating, and traveling, I also like Agriculture, I
want to be successful entrepreneur to make happy both my old fellow and people
people closest my, and will friends have cell me in my namber 081997394691 no
missed, okey...... thanks very much.
2. My Identity
Name : Lisa Nuri
Nickname : Nuri
Study program : Agroekoteknologi
Origin of prouncy : Lampung
Hobby : read and traveling
Date : Negara harja, 26 june 1991
Phone Namber : 081997394691

Email : /

My facebook :
3. My place
I live in a small country side in Indonesia to go to my place need time old ones and
very tiring because my place there the way very damage , and electrics also there
there is no, facility which I meet in town not yet of course in my country side. But I
very happy remain and born there, I get fresh air , and sociability of mutual
assistance all mores and resident over there, because possible its it him religion and
tribe but interfaith reconciliation and tribe remain to awake. Ianguage which I use
usually Ianguage of java Ianguage and of indonesia , yes although I is a little-litle
understand Ianguage of sunda. making my surprise me born and big float but I
cannot converse Ianguage float, because although my live in to float, in place I
there many tribe of jawa and of sunda, I now become university student of
bengkulu, of course I feel foreign remain here, but I feel balmy live in here because
me progressively science add and experience.

4. Read AND discuss

The dialog
NURI : Hi my name is nuri
Feti : Hi my name is feti, iglad to meet you
Nuri : im glad to meet you too. Whwre are you from??
Feti : im from bengkulu, where are you from?
Nuri : im from lampung
Feti : where are you living now?
Nuri : im living at Jl. Wr. Supratman. Gang melati. And you?
Feti : im living in a suprapto street


Nuri is a student in Universitas Bengkulu

Hes nineteen year old
He go to campus at eight oclock everyday
He drink a cup energen sereal every morning
He in campus at seven thirty o;clock

6. He came home at seventeen oclok

7. In the evening he study in home
I usually get up at 04.30 am. After that I study at 05.00 am. Until 06.00 am. Some
time. I like study in the morning because study in the morning is that calm and I can
consentration, after finished study I gi to take bath than go to campus. I am study in
gb 1 bengkulu university at 08.00 am, until 12.00 pm. For Monday, but schedule
study in this class not arrange because study in this class always different. After
that I go to home.

my parents is farmer

1. My parents is farmer
2. Theirs fourty five years old
3. My parents work every day
Both my old fellow is a farmer, I very devoting to both parent. darling and proud to
them, I will be out for become best child and will pride upon them, in my eye of
family is its, hence I will try to become child
1. My Eating and drinking faforite

I aspire after, eat , bakso, sate, chicken noodles, empek-empek, , and drink , juice,
coffee, tea, milk, all these me eat what sif when mint of money me again, but which
often I eat chicken noodles and bakso, because its price which do not too costly,
and usually I eat each drink him every week night, for my beverage often drink
coffee, milk, and tea, devoted almost my morning drink tea my place eat and drink
usually at home, or n next cafe of Unib,
2. Question dialog
dian : What your favorit drink?
My : My drink favorit is tea and jus.
dian : Where do you drink tea?
My : I drink tea in cost.
dian : when do you drink tea at cost?
My : I drink tea al cost every morning.
dian : Which is your favorit tea?
My : The tea sweat is my favorit tea.
dian : Whose this tea?
My : This in my tea.
dian : Who takes your tea?
My : inggi takes my tea.
dian : Why do you like tea?
My : because tea very delicious.
dian : How do you mike tea?
My : I mike tea by segar,tea and hot water.

Module IV

Okey friends, I will explain a few little information about me to You. Now I is
experiencing study I one of the University Country exist in Town of Bengkulu that is
university of bengkulu study program of agroekoteknologi faculty of agriculture.I

aspire after to collect my clothes or clothes very is majoring of appearance so that I

looked to be perfect, because in our state of state have tropical climate to so that I
also accomodate clothes matching with my state, dress nattyly. and cleanness is
especial of me in dressing.

Module 5

For eliminating feel saturated usually I go to the beach with friends. In the beach I
usually feel peace, free all existing burden, playing at and screaming at will.
One most matter of me like is eating ashore, because it is true during is small of me
live in beach area. In our beach often burn fish, lobster, and its sea animal of him.
Lobster is to food menu I is obliged to. Because pregnant lobster of high protein,
and very both for our body.


I have a friend he is desmara, she is nineteen years old. desmara is boy fat, he like
play food ball and traveling some time, he like reading too.
Now desmara study in university Bengkulu. he in fakultas agriculture and he study
program agroekoteknologi, desmara is my best friend, he is just not asked. But he
always give support to me he usually eat plenty of him and he is my friend in smk.
The dialog Iam and desmara
my : how many you eat evey day ?
desmara : I eat three until four time one day
my : Where do you eat?
desmara : I eating in the cost.

My : when do you eat in the cost?

desmara : I eat in the cost every day.
my : just hour many is you eat?
desmara : I eat seven oclock morning, twelef oclock noon, four oclock evening and
teen oclock night.
My : Whose this eat?
Desmara : This in my eat.
My : What is your friend eat?
desmara : Iam eat and inggi
My : Why do you like eat?
Desmara : because I need eat for produkcy energy.


Hallo friends.still the spirit .??? Goods for which often I hold and I use that is,
hand phone, pulpen, book and laptop, that all almost every day I use first
handphone and laptop, of course all of you youngster law now surely caw will get
out of its name of electronic goods , if me usually use hand phone for call family, gir
lfriend and friends of it is of course, for laptop usually I use for the hear of music,
definitive make duty working of lecturer.


Every day I eat jengkol, Iam very like jengkol because jengkol its my favorite eat.

When I child Iam always eat jengkol, but now iam didnt like eat jengkol, because I
like eat bakso.


Democracy is the right of the people to choose their own government. In it is purest
from; people of every community from small villages to the whole nation would
discuss and vote on every proposed law. This is real practical in to day busy word. In
most democracies, citizens choose or elect, representatives,. Representatives are
law maker who represent or work for, all the people who elected them, voters also
choose the officials who will administer or curry out the laws.
In a democracy, if the people are un happy with the job their representatives are
doing the can replace them with new ones, for this reason, elected officials who
want to keep their job tend to pay attention to what the citizen want.
Sometimes, even in a representatives democracy, citizens do vote directly on the
proposed law. These proposals get to the ballot when enough people sign petitions.
Requiring a vote sometimes the elected representatives must present certain
proposed law to the voles for a yes or note vote.
As you study history, youll find that many people have not been fortunate enough
to have the benefit of democracy through out recorded history, most people have
been ruled by kings and other dictators even today millions.

I very like to buy purse and clothes because Iam like purse. Every week Iam go to
market . if Iam have a money and Iam go to market with my best friend . if I go to
market I am usually buy a purse, shirt, and clothes.
After that finish shopping Iam go to campus with my friend everyday except
Saturday and Sunday Iam leave together.

My soulmates

I have a soul mates she is feti. She 18 years old, she live in suprapto street she live
with her parents, she study in Hazarin university one semester, at mathematicks
scienece. She smart, clever, beautiful, she is perfect for me.
She have kateristick such us : she us jilbab, white skins, slims, heigh and beautiful
girls, she come from lampung. I introduce with her in the shop gramedia book at
Bengkulu. Brother number one he is agung 12 years old school in smpn-2 bengkulu
class two. Brother number two heis andi 8 years old she school in sdn 1 bengkulu
class two.

My campus

I am study in Bengkulu university. In the university Bengkulu have a some faculty

such us : faculty agriculture, faculty f.kip faculty Mipa, faculty economy, faculty of
law, faculty fisipol faculty ethnic and doctor science.
Now Iam will te tell about difficult faculty firs: faculty agriculture in the have a some
science such us : agroekoteknologi, agrobisnis, peternakan, kelautan and
Second : faculty kip in the faculty kip have a some scien such us : engglish,
Indonesia language, and other.
Such us : mathematic and Ipa after that in the f aculty Ekonomi have asome science
such us : Akutansi, Administrasi Etc.
Iam study in Bengkulu university faculty agriculture and agroekoteknologi science
Iam study in class d at class are twenty student. Six girls and fourteen boys, Iam
very happy in class d because I am have best friend.

I go to Padang use my car I am across Bengkulu city, ketahun, and linggau a long
time I am see some think the beach that very wonderful I feel in the a long street
the cool weather. I can see mountain at long street from kephahyang, in the
kephayang I see tree tea, it very green. Iam go to padang from my house to
padang science one day one night. Iam to visit my grandfather and traveling in
padang city.
There Iam can see, zoo, weather fall, and trains. Iam go to padang with my soul
mate and my family to Holliday together science a week.

Nuri : hello friends, how are you?
Agung : I fine and you
Nuri : I am fine toowhats your activities now??
Agung :Iam study in Bengkulu university.
Nuri : what you faculty?
Agung : Iam study in faculty agroculture and study program.
Nuri : ohby the way what your opinion, about this country,
Agung : my opinion this countryhave a hot weather.
Nuri : why.?
Agung : because this country have a impure co2 it this difficult because co2 for the
live every Day.
Nuri : what do we you do?
Agung : we have to make a country cool weather tree in inside your house.
Nuri : oh I see. I am will planting many tree I the house.
Agung : a good idea
Nuri : oke nice to meet you.
Desmara : nice to meet you too.\

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