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Shiny Sebastian

1077 Hemphill Avenue, Atlanta NW, Georgia 30318 ● ● Ph num: 404-213-5649

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Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (Aug.2009 – Dec 2010)
M.S. in Computer Science
College of Engineering Trivandrum, India (May 2002 – May 2006)
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering GPA 3.95/4.0 equivalent

Work Experience
Hewlett Packard Availability Clustering Solutions Lab, Bangalore, India (Aug 2006 –Aug 2009)
System Software Engineer
• Design and development of solutions for integrating Enterprise applications with HP High Availability
Clustering Solution Serviceguard on HP-UX, Linux RedHat and SLES
• Partner contact as investigator/facilitator for multiple critical HP Products including Cluster File System, HP
Virtual Machines with the VM Live Migration feature, Distributed Systems Administration Utilities,
HPUX Resource management and Security project, Serviceguard Manager (SG GUI Project) and Xen
• Contribution to the High Availability Operating Environment version of HP-UX 11iv2 and 11i v3
• Authored a paper on apache web server integration with Serviceguard in a cluster file system environment

Technical Skills
Languages/Scripting: C, C++, UNIX shell scripting
Operating Environments: HP-UX, Linux RedHat and SLES
Cluster Environments: High Availability Cluster environment, Cloud computing cluster environment
Administrative knowledge: Oracle (9i, 10gR1, 10gR2, 11gR1), NFS, Sybase, MySQl, PostgreSQl, Sendmail, Apache,
Tomcat, Samba

Academic Projects
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta US
• Cloud computing with Eucalyptus CERCS project (Prof Karsten, Prof Ada) (present)
Research on VM live migration support in Eucalyptus
• Large Scale Cloud computing CERCS project ( Prof Karsten, Prof Ada, Prof Matt Wolf ) (2009)
- Research on setting up Large Scale Enterprise Clouds with Multi tier applications like RUBiS
- Aggregate data on the physical topology and architecture of large scale Hadoop cluster
• User level pre-emptive thread library (Prof Umakishore) (2009)
Implemented a pre-emptive user-level thread library with an API similar to Pthreads on Linux (Ubuntu) along
with a pre-emptive round robin thread scheduler. Thread API included mutex synchronisation primitives
• Thread and Process Synchronisation in Distributed Environments (2009)
Implemented Sense Reversal barrier, Dissemination barrier and Tree barrier using Open MP and Open MPI, and
synchronized between multiple threads and processes across machines
• Recoverable virtual memory system (2010)
Implemented a recoverable virtual memory system library to create a crash tolerant memory similar to RioVista
and Coda File system. This offers a guarantee for transactional level atomicity
• Virtualization Techniques for Seamless Mobility(2009)
Implemented dynamic adaptation of virtual frame buffer content in Xen environment during seamless migration
across machines with heterogeneous video output parameters
• Real Time Video surveillance system with Motion detection (Prof Calton Pu) (2009)
Motion detection streaming of an captured using an IP camera and over the internetwork. Real time
performance achieved irrespective of the resolution of the stream
Streaming of MPEG video frames using an IP camera over the internetwork and performing motion detection.
College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala, India (Spring 2006)
• Main Project – Kernel Design and Implementation of kernel Newbie OS. A monolithic kernel for x86 architecture.
It comprised of implementation of memory management and interrupt handling

Patent Publications
Hewlett Packard (2008)
• “An algorithm for policy based power management of servers in high availability clusters”
• “Method to Secure Applications with Guaranteed Resource Allocation in a High Availability Cluster”

Hewlett Packard (2008)
• “An adaptive framework for policy based power optimization in virtualized data centres with zero downtime of
• Technical Innovation Award for “An adaptive framework for policy based power optimization in virtualized
data centres with zero downtime of applications“, at HP for Spring Idea Fest 2008
• Excellence-award at HP for exceptional performance (2008)
• Rated as ‘Key’ performer at HP implying best performance (2008)
• Selected for National Mathematics Olympiad (1998)

Relevant courses
High Performance Computer Architecture, Secure Computer Systems, Enterprise Computing, Advanced Operating
Systems, Real Time Systems, Computer Networks.

• Mentor for a Graduate University Project for a team of students in Master of Computer Application on
Security and Resource Allocation of Mission Critical Applications on HA clustering software Serviceguard (2008)
• Conducted technical training sessions as part of HP Evangelisation (2008)
• Given presentations and chalk talks on Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkits and prominent new features of
SG at HP (2007-2008)
• Active member for HP customer support forum ( 2007-2008 )
• Event Organiser for Section (of 60 members) at HP organising contests, fun trips, parties (2006 – 2009)
• Event co-ordinator for Inter Collegiate Technical festival “Drishti” at College of Engineering Trivandrum
• Active participant in extracurricular activities like music, sketching, drama, badminton, volleyball, table tennis