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SREI Speeds Up Communication & Reduces Print Cost by 70%!

Business Overview
Essentially a Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI), SREI began its journey in 1989 from
Kolkata and gradually established a pan-India presence with a network of 36 offices. The
company has also ventured overseas and has set up 3 overseas offices in Germany, Russia and
Registered with the Reserve Bank of India, SREI is listed on the prominent stock exchanges of
the country namely Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock
Exchange. Recently, on 21st April 2005, SREI got listed on the London Stock Exchange and has
become the first NBFI from India to achieve this milestone.
Leveraging on its expertise in financing of infrastructure equipments: construction, mining, oil &
gas, power and others; infrastructure projects and also its in-depth knowledge in sectors like
roads, power and ports, SREI has established its identity by being on the forefront of innovations
and by delivering customized solutions to its customers.
SREI has three principal lines of business in financing - Infrastructure Equipment Finance,
Infrastructure Projects Finance and Renewable Energy Product Finance.

The Challenge
SREI provides focused and comprehensive services to a large number of customers, which are
either individuals or corporations. This business involves a lot of documentation. Everyday,
approximately 10,000 documents such as leasing agreements, banking invoices & contracts are
printed. In addition, SREI also have a daily load of 500 incoming & outgoing faxes to be sent
across to 150 destinations, both in India and overseas. To handle this high volume of document
production and faxes, they had numerous stand-alone faxes & printers. Their Kolkatta main
office alone housed 39 inkjet printers with different print speeds!
There are several challenges with regard to these equipments:
Printing a big file is never easy, SREIs staff would find the stand-alone inkjet printer
taking too long to print and may resort to find a higher speed printer from another department to
get the job done. All these leads to an unproductive and frustrating environment to work in.
Stand-alone inkjet printers are slow, these leads to a long print queue. As these desktop
printers are not designed to withstand high print load, paper jams and ink smudges surfaces. This
result in time fixing the paper jams as well as sending the same job for re-print, which jacks up
paper and printing cost substantially!
To view documents in its originality and color, faxes cannot be used, thus SREI often
courier such documents to various destinations, both in India and overseas. This increased
communication cost as well as time for the information to reach the other party

The Solution
Canon introduced several solutions, which has helped to reduce cost and also streamline the
document workflow processes in SREI.
Cost Efficient Centralized Faxing and Printing Solution
With introduction of image Runner (iR) 3570, iR4570, iR5570 and iR5000i, standalone
machines were replaced with single multifunctional device, which performed the task of
copying, printing, scanning and faxing simultaneously. This strategy reduced the cost of
purchasing multiple faxes, printers and cartridges. Furthermore, SREI was rewarded with laser

sharp print quality and vast improvement in productivity due to reduced time taken to clear jams
and replace cartridges as the iRs cartridges have high print capacity.
Canons iRs congregate in a centralized print room with a dedicated person who distribute
printed document and faxes efficiently as he now hardly have to deal with paper jam and change
of ink cartridges. Previously we had different kind of devices at different floors. But with the
Canon imageRunners, we have a centralized solution which has tremendously reduced the cost
of printing through optimum utilization of toner, said Shantanu Chakraborty, IT Manager of
With improved speed of faxing using the iRs, the 500 incoming & outgoing fax traffic is totally
under control, the once long fax queue is now unseen. Canon machines are the backbone of our
company. It has helped us manage our huge print & fax load and reduced our cost of printing by
70%. said Mr. Sunil Kanoria, MD of SREI.
Further Cost Reductions!
As staffs replaced a large part of the documents they courier with scan-to-email technology,
courier cost plummeted and speed of communication soars! Furthermore, double sided instead of
single sided printing reduced document filing space and paper cost by 50%.
Environment Friendly Products
Canon uses environment friendly material such as chromiumfree wires, which do not produce
any bad emissions. SREIs policy of supporting only ecofriendly green energy systems; solar
photovoltaic and solar gadgets aligns well with Canons environment friendly approach.

The Results
Canon iRs high yielding toner cartridge system reduced printing cost by 70%
Powerful digital multifunctional devices vastly improved print and fax productivity
Duplex printing reduced paper consumption and storage space by 50%
Improved print quality which leads to improved corporate image





Customer Name
SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited (India)
The Challenge
Low print and fax productivity
High running cost of the office equipment
Need to streamline document workflow
Minimize document storage space
The Solution
iR 3570
iR 4570
iR 5570
The Results
Vastly improve print and fax productivity
Reduced the cost of printing by 70%
Improved print quality & corporate image
Reduced storage space by 50%