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Integrating Technology into the Curriculum


Instructor Rosetta Brevard Phone 202.555.5555

Office Online E-mail
Monday – Friday; 8am – 5pm

Description of Workshop:
This is a ten day one hour workshop that will focus on how you can implement lesson
plans to incorporate technology. Technology can be a uncomfortable topic to most
teachers. With the rapid pace in which technology changes learning new ways of
engaging students in the 21st century can be challenging. With the right resources and
skills, mastering this topic will become more than teaching basic computer skills and
software programs but will deepen and enhance the learning process for students.
Integrating technology should support four key components of learning:

1. Active Engagement
2. Participation in Groups
3. Frequent Interaction and Feedback
4. Connection to Real-World Experts

Effective technology is routine and transparent and when technology supports curricular
goals (Edutopio, 2010).

After successful completion of this workshop you will be able to:

• Integrate technology into your curriculum

• Use media, multimedia, and graphics to engage learners in active learning
• Understand why technology in the classroom is effective
• Teach different types of learners and assess students understanding through
multiple means.

• Kidspiration 3 will be used to demonstrate visual ways of exploring words,
numbers and concepts in Math, Language Arts, and Science. Note: Kidspiration 3

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software is installed on our desktop in our f2f workshops. I strongly suggest that
educators who are taking this course online download the free 30- day trail you
will do some hands-on exercises using this software.
• KWL Worksheet – will be used to find out what educators already know about
integrating technology and what they would like to know and what they learned
as a result of this training.
• E-learning principles will be looked at as an overview on how to apply the tools
necessary to teach digital learners

Meet and Greet
Integrating Technology – Kidspiration 3
Picture View Exercise
Math View Exercise
Leveraging in e-Learning
Coherence Principle

There will be an evaluation at the end of this workshop.


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