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NARRATOR: A couple named Don Juan and Namongan lived in a faraway barrio of Nalbuan.

day, Don Juan left his pregnant wife and went to the mountain to punish a group of Igorots.
(Don Juan fighting the Igorots)
While he was in the mountain
Midwives: Push! Push!
Namongan: Aaahhhhh! (Struggling)
Midwives: Push!
Namongan: Ohhhh! Ahhhh! (Continuous)
Midwife1: Its a boy!
Lam-ang: Namongan, my mother, let my name be Lam-ang when you have me baptized. And let
old man Guibuan be my godfather. Where is my father?
Namongan: My son, Lam-ang, you were still in my womb when he left and went to the mountain
to settle his feud with a group of Igorots there.
Lam-ang: Mother, please let your son go, for I would seek Father whom I came from.
Namongan: Brave-man Lam-ang, please dont go for your legs are like bamboo string and your
hands are like needles.
Narrator: One day, while Lam-ang is on his way to the forest, he had an unusual dream.
(Igorots dancing around the head of Don Juan)
Narrator: After nine months, he finally reached the village of Igorots.
Lam-ang: Tattooed Igorots, just tell me what foul thing my father I came from did. It is only right
that it be paid.
Igorot1: Our friend Lam-ang, It is only right; too, that you go back to your house.
Lam-ang: I cannot be satisfied with your number.
(Lam-ang killed all the Igorot except one)
Lam-ang: Go! Tell your tribe, that I, Lam-ang, killed your squad!
Narrator: After his victory, Lam-ang went back to Nalbuan.
He took a bath into the Amburayan River which was instantly drenched in mud and blood. So filthy
was the flow that the animals in the river crawled out and died on its shore.
The following day
Lam-ang: Mother Namongan, I would like to court Ines Cannoyan. Shes beautiful and industrious
maiden in Calanutian.
Namongan: But Lam-ang, I will not let you go because Im sure that Ines Cannoyan will not love a
man like you.
Lam-ang: Please dont betray me Mother Namongan for I am going without fail.
Rooster: And Mother Namongan, according to our dream yesterday..
Dog: that Ines Cannoyan cannot help becoming your daughter-in-law.
Namongan: My son, Lam-ang, God go with you; Be careful especially on your way there.
Lam-ang: Mother, may God remain with you.
Narrator: Having heard out the advice, Lam-ang went his way to Calanutian. But on his way, he
encountered Sumarang
Sumarang: My brave friend Lam-ang, where are you headed for?
Lam-ang: My friend Sumarang, may I also ask where you came from?
Sumarang: Since you ask me, I came from the north, the town of Calanutian. I went there to
compete for the hand of Dona Ines.
Lam-ang: My friend Sumarang, that place is my destination, with the same purpose and I think we
must now go our separate ways.

Sumarang: Prepare your end and try defending yourself for it will be too hard if you cant catch
my hooked spear.
Lam-ang: Do what you will, I await your move.
(Lam-ang fights with Sumarang)
Lam-ang: Thats how manners end up. Now must I depart from this, our battleground.
Narrator: Lam-ang left and walked a long way. He approached the town of Calanutian. Ines had
multitude of suitors and they crowded her house in Kandon. To get Ines attention, Lam-Ang ordered
his rooster to cackle.
Rooster: (Cackled)
Narrator: A house broke down into pieces Lam-ang ordered his dog to bark near the destroyed
Dog: (Barked)
Narrator: Lam-Ang got the attention of Ines and her parents after what he did.
Mother of Ines: Our daughter Cannoyan, wear your best dress for your older brother Lam-ang is
Narrator: Dressed up, Dona Ines stepped down to the outhouse towards Lam-ang.
Ines: Sir Lam-ang, walk faster, give me your hands, and let us embrace. For the woman Ines
Cannoyan has long pined for you.
Narrator: Having gone up the hut and everyone having taken a seat,
Mother of Ines: Our son Lam-ang, please tell us now why you came.
Father of Ines: What you wish and what you desire.
Lam-ang: Respected elders, subject to your judgement, we come to unite our families.
Mother of Ines: Okay Lam-ang, you can marry our Cannoyan; if your means allow you to match
the wealth we shall enumerate for you.
Narrator: Lam-ang agreed to return in a week bringing his mother as well as wealth and goods.
Back in his town, Lam-Ang prepared a gold gilded with gold, filled with fruits, jewels, statues and
other amenities. When he sailed back to Kandon, Ines family was stunned. The wedding was done
on the spot.
(Wedding Dance)
Captain: My friend Lam-ang, I wish to inform you that it is now your turn to dive for rarang
(Captain leaves)
Lam-ang: My wife, I has been chosen to dive for rarang, I have dreamt that I will be eaten by the
Berkakan. When this happens, the stairs will dance, the kitchen will collapse and the stove will
break to pieces.
Narrator: The morning came and Lam-ang left. Reaching the ideal spot, he undressed and swam
then dived for the shellfish. Unfortunately, his dream came to reality and the signs he had said to
Ines happened. Cannoyan sought help and found Marcos, the diver.
Ines: Are you Marcos?
Marcos: Yes.
Ines: Can you please search for my husbands bones?
Narrator: Marcos dived then. At first, he failed but the second time he dived, he found the bones
where the shark had expelled them. He take all the bones and beach them: none should be
missing. Marcos placed the bones in a cloth. The rooster crowed and shook its wings. The bones
started to move. The dog howled twice then clawed the ground. Then, the man Lam-ang got-up at

Lam-ang: How soundly I slept, my wife Cannoyan. Its been seven nights since we last slept
Ines: All the signs you told me about were cause for my weeping. For I couldnt bear it, couldnt
bear losing you. Give me your hand: I missed you so much. I whom you left.
Narrator: The man Lam-ang then expressed joy at seeing once more the rooster and dog. He
kissed them both. They prepared to leave.
Lam-ang: The old man, the diver. My wife Cannoyan, give him pile of coins taller than he is.
Narrator: This is how it ended, the life of Lam-ang.