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Legacies are mentor-taught ways for mages to craft their own souls to work magic more freely in a particular fashion. They
represent the next 'step' down the path of magic. Legacies can be private things, or even secret societies.

General Legacies
Below are Legacies contributed by members of the WoD Wiki community. Legacies should include all three Attainments,
suggested oblations; parent Path (and Order, if applicable) and all prequisites.

The Assembly of Miroku by LastUnicorn, Moros or Guardians of the Veil

Author of the Mysteries: by Ophidimancer, Mastigos or Free Council/Silver Ladder
Daugther's of Morrigan: by wulfepup, Acanthus or Moros
The Enlightened Noetic Collective: by Ophidimancer - A Mastigos Legacy based on a commune society. Creepy and
Heralds of the Divine Path: by Ophidimancer - An Obrimos Legacy of Heralds.
Hunters of Darkness: by Alex Megami, Slayer legacy/Legacies. Guardians of the Veil or Adamantine Arrows
Hunters of Darkness, alternate: by ROMzombie, Slayer Legacy.
Maker of Kings: by wulfepup - An Acanthus legacy inspired by the mention of Skalds. Designed for use by any
"performance artist."
Sisters of the Wyrd: by wulfepup - A Fate based Acanthus legacy.
Zero Coders by kris_40000 - Virtual Adepts for a new iteration. Mastigos or Free Council. (Special thanks to Kumiko who
helped get their philosophy right.)

Left Handed Fan Legacies

Here are links to fan made legacies OF EVIL.

Nefandi: by DariusSolluman - A Universal Legacy, and their twisted Abyssal Arcanum.

Bibliophagi: by 2trick - An Obrimos Legacy centered around the ritual consumption of books.

Official Legacies
There are five legacies (and two left-handed legaicies) that are fully fleshed out in the MtAw rulebook, those being the Orphans of
Proteus, the Perfected Adepts, the Subtle Ones, the Uncrowned Kings, and the Walkers in Mists for the former, and the Scelesti
and Tremere Liches for the latter. Additionally, two more legacies are listed for each path but not fleshed out. These legacies
may or may not be elaborated on in an official MtAw suppliment. They are as follows for each listed path:

Acanthus Legacies: Skald (also Welsh "fili" and Irish "ollamh") and Tamer of Winds.
Mastigos Legacies: Clavicularius ("Key-Keeper"), and Sphinx.
Moros Legacies: Bokor and Tamer of Stone.
Obrimos Legacies: Thrice-Great and Tamer of Fire.
Thyrsus Legacies: Dreamspeaker and Tamer of Rivers.

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The Assembly of Miroku - Wod

The Assembly of Miroku [edit this page]

1 Summary
1.1 Artifacts associated with Miroku
1.2 Cleaner
1.3 Enforcer

Founded by the Mage Miroku who stumbled upon one Prayer Wheel of Miroku which appeared exactly as one of his spells
caused a Anomaly due to Paradox. As a minor Anomaly it quickly faded but the Prayer Wheel stayed. He quickly discovered, that
it was an Artifact of enormous power, but couldn't discern it's properties quite a long while. While studying this Artifact, it began to
move on itself, glowing and disappeared from it's place, taking Miroku with it. He appeared in an Allay next to a street on which a
demon from the Abyss was rumaging. Considdering the first appearance in Mirokus vicinity the conclusion came soon and the
functions of the artifact were uncovert. As time passed, he gained information on the existence of more prayer wheels and the
idea of the Assembly quickly formed upon which the Artifacts were named after him.

The Assembly actually consists of two Types of Mages: Cleaners and Enforcers. While Cleaners make their approach upon the
typical consequences involving Sleepers, while Enforcer are more Combat oriented and act against Creatues from the Abys,
Mages and other Supernaturals which cause trouble. Both of these Types are consequential in their work. Reason beyond the
obvious are for no concerne for this ones. The world of the Awakened must be protected. This approach doesn't leave o good
feeling behind, so they are more or less disliked, even among the Guardians.

Artifacts associated with Miroku

Prayer Wheel of Miroku (Artifact N/A)

Durability 10, Size 5, Structure 15 Mana Capacity: maximum 12 -mages cant siphon mana from it -not actively useable -Prophecy
(page 264) in regard to Paradox or other abnormalities -If this is the cause Teleportation (page 241) is initiated with multiple
targets (every nearby mage and the artifact itself) The destination can be everywhere in the world and some people even
speculate that this Artifact might enter the Abyss, Astral Realms, Shadow, Lower Depth or even the Realms Supernal.
one ever could claim this to be true.

Book of Miroku

The Book of Miroku is actually not a real artifact, but more or less the original manuscript in which Miroku detailed his research.
The original one is lost and only fragments of the texts exist througout the world. Some people even speculate that this papers
also detail how to rebuild such a Prayer Wheel.


Nickname: Self-Righteous

Appearance: All Members of the Assembly of Miroku appear usually well-groomed and dress in the same way: a plain white suit
with black shoes and gloves. It is said, that this should represent the purity of their work, while actually beeing often realy dirty.

Suggested Oblations: Studying the Prayer Wheel of Miroku; Studying Fragments from the Book of Miroku; disposing of an
Anomaly or other effects of Paradox; keeping Sleepers away from Anomalys.

Parent Path or Order: Moros or Guardians of the Veil


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The Assembly of Miroku - Wod


1st: Inspection Prerequisites: Occultation 3, Eidetic Memory, Mind 2 (Primary), Death 1 As the Prayer Wheel of Miroku isn't
reliable at the fact when it is appearing, the first duty of a Cleaner is to gather information about what is happpening, what has
happened and what might happen in the future. It is nearly impossible to effectively get rid of one or the other abnormality.
Walking unnoticed in the masses is effective and one might most of the time be counted as an onlooker when searching the the
crime scene for evidence. Information is a necessity and knowing how someone died can easily help in finding the culprit. This
attainment mimics the effect of a permanent Incognito Prescence Rote (page 208) cast upon the Cleaner with a Potency equal to
his Mind dots. The Cleaner might also reflexively invoke Forensic Gaze (page 134) with an Intelligence + Investigation + Death
roll. Optional Arcanum: Time 2 Sometimes there is no victim to be found, the crime-scene already vacated, only rubble on the
street or plainly nothing significant. In this cases it is best for the Cleaner to simply look in the past at what has happened, what
was said and which persons were there to remember and seek them out. This part of Inspection works in in most regards like the
Postcognition Rote (page 260), except that autosuccesses equal to the Cleaner's Time dots are added and he might halt the
vision to take a closer look and discern the one or other detail.

2nd: Warding Prerequisites: Mind 3 A street full of people is not a good place for a Cleaner to go after his work while Paradox
might only be the least unpleasant of all. So it is inevitable to secure the area in the one or other way. And Language is a core
point as no Cleaner knows where he is sent, so he must be able to understand and speak every language he encounters while
persuading someone not to enter this alley. This attainment works therefore like a permanent Universal Language Rote (page
213) with a Potency equal the dots in Mind. But sometimes, words are not enough, but hostile actions don't always help the
cause. A dark alley is one thing, but a dark alley where one becomes more and more anxious while approaching it is another
thing. Emotions are powerfull and the Cleaner can erect a scene long lasting circualar barrier which mimics the effects of
Emotional Urge (page 207) where the emotion gets stronger and stronger, the more someone comes near the denter of the
barrier. This barrier might be up to ten times the users dots in mind yards big and the center be placed up to ten yards away from
the Cleaner. Another Cleaner is always immune to this effect and must not even roll against this effects Potency which equals the
users Mind dots. Optional Arcanum: Matter 3 Paradox sometimes only damages Objects the one or other way and cleaning
evidence of this occurrence is sometimes as easy as repairing something. The Cleaner can clean this evidence nearly as simple
as weaving his hand. This aspect mimics the Repair Object Rote (page 199) with a Potency equal to the users Matter dots.

3rd: Termination Prerequisites: Mind 4 Clearing evidence is not always the only way to cover the consequences of Paradox or
the powers from another supernatural. Sometimes, the work is much more tiring and complicated than one might think, espacially
since a Cleaner can't leave a trail. So there is often no other way as to permanently modify the memories from bypassers,
onlookers and other witnesses, so that they don't cause trouble for the mages or even themselves. Disbelief doesn't always work
or cover up everything. A Cleaner might permanently alter someones Memory with this attainment as by the Breach the Vault of
Memory spell (page 214) with a Potency equal to the users Mind dots. Optional Arcanum: Matter 4 -Lesser Transmogrification

Parent Path or Order: Thyrsus or Guardians of the Veil



1st: The Shield Prerequisites: Occultation 3, either Weaponry, Brawl or Firearms 3, Prime 2 (Primary), Space 1 -perm. Magic
Shield (222) Combined effect of Spatial Map and Supernal Vision. Like a constant map where every beeing is marked by his
nature. Optional Arcanum: Spirit 2 -perm. Exorcists Eye (245) -perm. Second Sight (246) in regard of numina, werewolf gifts and

2nd: The Sword Prerequisites: Prime 3 -Celestial Fire (224) Optional Arcanum: Spirit 3 -Exorcism (248)

3rd: The Way Prerequisites: Prime 4 -Personal Dispellation, a reflexive Controlled Dispellation (224) centered on the Enforcer,
using Supernal Dispellation (229) Optional Arcanum: Spirit 4 -Spirit Road (251)

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Author of the Mysteries: - Wod

Author of the Mysteries: [edit this page]

Author of the Mysteries:

The authors believe that magic is a fluid medium and that the Abyss is only the construct of the mind to enforce the safety and
hiearchy of the status quo. However, ideas become real manifestations that gain power through use and belief. Authors recognize
the importance of tradition for this effect--reinforcing the magical meme-- but they also understand the importance of change and
invention. Magic is not a pretensious and fallen mystery, but an expression of a dynamic soul. Authors encourage invention and
creativity, as their primary skill is expression and craft, and embrace the concept of magic as a controlled chaos. They intend to
bring awareness to the sleepwalkers, if not Awakening, returning the Supernal to the Fallen in a unified whole. The first test for an
initiate, ]called Gordian's Knot, involves the master providing the initiate with a blank book/canvas. The initiate is told that a Mystery
has been planted in his mind and concealed (which it has, in sigil/text form). The initiate must access that concealed mystery,
delving deep into his own soul, perhaps showing a series of appropriate signs to Goetic guards, or Pathworking their way back to
the soul's memory of the watchtower, or entering a deep, introspective trance to form a boundless calm through which the
message must emerge, or rearranging a spatial puzzle of sigils and interlocking them. The methods change. What the initiate
does not know is that the book/canvas already has the information stored and concealed on it. Whatever new information
(whatever mistakes that the initiate made while accessing the occulted information in his own brain) that the initiate provides is
stored on there as well. The master then takes the book and studies the student's mistakes, seeing if any new mystic information
can be garnered from them. All new useful information is then stored in that book and used for the next Gordian's Knot.

Parent Path or Order: Mastigos or Free Council/Silver Ladder

Nickname: Weavers

Oblations: Goetic struggles, creating a piece of art, showing/performing a piece of art, lucid dreaming, writing a dramatic ritual.

Primary Arcanum: Mind Conjunctional Arcanum: Fate Synergistic Arcanum: Time

1st attainment: Gnosis 3, Mind2, Fate 1, Expression 2

Unifying the Field: It's important for people to have an open mind, be in touch with their emotions, to understand who they are. As
an Author performs, the audience reacts intensely to what the Author is conveying, also feeling as though they are connected in a
special way. Besides, then they are more open to suggestions, but an Author would never take advantage of that.... This
Attainment acts as a conjunction between the Mind 2 Emotional Urging (p. 207) and the Fate 1 spell Winds of Chance (p. 150)
but only affecting the audience's fate 'positively' toward the author. No curses.

2nd Attainment: Trojan Horse

Gnosis 5, Mind 3, Empathy 2

It's important to understand how people view the world, what their lives are like, walk a mile in no shoes. This attainment allows the
Mage to do that, 'riding' passively in the body of another person, communicating with him or not. Spells cannot be cast while riding
a carrier. Any mage in the vicinity of the carrier will have his Unseen Senses activated.

Optional Arcanum: Fate 3

Sometimes fiction and truth are the same thing. Sometimes to really see something, we have to look at and interpret its
abstraction. Art of all kinds is a symbol of the culture, in fact, art manifests the culture. This attainment allows the Author to create
a 'lore' around a subject or object, using the rule from Fabricate Fortune (p. 155). The effect is lasting if original piece of art was
seen (though not necessarily fully read or realized) prior to the detection of the object. The piece of art could be read or
performed by someone else however (a popular author, a dance troupe).

3rd attainment: Severing the Knot

Gnosis 7, Mind 4

Sometimes rewriting history is the best way to create the future social consciousness. At least, it's the easiest way. What is
history, but an interpretation, anyway? This attainment behaves in a similar way to Breach the Vault of Memory (p. 214), but, with
an exceptional success, or by affecting a really deep memory, the Author can implant an intensely positive or negative memory,
lowering the Social or Mental attribute of his choice by 1 dot. (must be in accordance to the nature of the memory changed)

Mind X+2, Fate 2, Time 2

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Author of the Mysteries: - Wod

Authors use this attainment to 'hang' mental effects on certain objects (usually a piece of art or a book). They can use this effect
to disguise their grimoires, to cause hallucinations (or even orgasmic emotions) when someone sees their art, or to even use
their own art as a 'doorway' to the astral. The target can be specified by type (the next politician, the next werewolf). Target
specifications remain the same. A permanent Willpower dot must be spent to make the effect permanent. Needless to say, the
effect is extremely vulgar, and brings paradox everytime it is triggered. Also, the casting is an act of Hubris (level 4 Wisdom
check) the 3rd attainment Severing the Knot could be used to implant a positive memory, adding a dot as well. in the
conjunctional 3rd attainment, the original copy must be read or spoken.

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Daugther's of Morrigan - Wod

Daugther's of Morrigan [edit this page]

Daugthers of Morrigan
The Daughters of Morrigan are almost exclusively female. Only under very rare circumstances will a Daughter take on a male
student. Also known as the Sisters of the Fates, they use their studies of the Fate Arcanum to bestow blessings and curses on
those who are deserving. One of the benefits provided by this Legacy is that using Fate does not cause rolls on the Wisdom
degeneration table.

Parent Path: Acanthus or Moros Parent Order: Mysterium or Silver Ladder

Primary Arcanum: Fate Conjunctional/Synergistic Arcanum: Time (optional)

First Attainment: The Morrigan's Curse Prereq.: Gnosis 3; Fate 2; Occult 2 The mage gains ability to curse as per the "Evil Eye"
spell (pg. 151), An instant action is required, rolling Composure + Occult + Fate to determine number of successes, the mage's
rank in Fate, providing the penalty.

Additionlly she may apply Conditional Duration to any Attainment.

Optional Arcanum: Time 2 If the mage also has Time 2, she can use Conditional Trigger on any of her Attainments.

Second Attainment: The Morrigan's Blessing Prereq.: Gnosis 5; Fate 3 The Daughter gains the ability to grant blessings as per
the spell "Bestow Exceptional Luck" (pg 155). As an Instant action, the mage rolls Composure + Occult + Fate to determine the
number of 9-again rolls allowed.

Third Attainment: Irish Blessing/Curse Prereq.: Gnosis 7; Fate 4 At this level the mage gains the ability to grant "Lucky Coins"
(pg. 155) or "Monkeys' Paws" (pg. 155) with Prolonged duration. As an Instant action, the mage rolls Composure + Occult + Fate
to determine the bonus/penalty given to the item.

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The Enlightened Noetic Collective - Wod

The Enlightened Noetic Collective [edit this page]

The Enlightened Noetic Collective

Come friend, give up the painful illusion of individuality and join us in Unity.

Since the dawn of civilization people have banded together for everything from safety to friendship. Some say that humans are
inherently social beings and that actions that have the most moral worth are those done for the greater good of the human
community as a whole; that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Communalism, or the creation of intentional
communities for social reasons, often drew from such collectivist thinking. During the revival of communalism in America during
the early sixties, Nelson Henshaw, a college dropout who had majored in psychology and philosophy decided to establish a
commune of his own.

Using the social ideals of Marx, Buddhism's illusion of Self, and the rhetoric of New Age Noetic Sciences, Henshaw cobbled
together the Enlightened Noetic Collective, a community built on the principle of connecting with the World Consciousness of
humanity. Foundinga community on an isolated mesa in the Southwest Unisted States, Henshaw was lucky enough to attract the
right mix of people to make the place survive and even prosper.

Though he didn't truly believe in his own preachings, Henshaw had the charisma to forge true converts, inlcuding his own
daughter, Sophia. A by-blow from his dalliance with one of his disciples, Sophia grew up with collectivist thought almost literally
with her mother's milk.

The ENC was truly a cult of personality and would have dispersed upon Henshaw's sudden death in the eighties, except that his
death also triggered Sophia's Awakening onto the Mastigos Path. Returning from her Astral Journey with visions of a unified
humanity, Sophia pulled the shaken community together around her. Using her newfound Mind arts, she even managed to
strengthen their beliefs in Unity.

Due to the isolation of the community, Sophia was allowed to grow in power without the influence of other mages, an Apostate.
She spent almost a decade strengthening her sympathetic ties to the community, both magical and mundane. When a young
Mysterium mage came to the town to investigate what was suspected to be a newly forming Hallow, he was struck by the
peacefulness and cooperation of the people in the little community. After staying awhile, he became entranced by the simple and
earnest lifestyle of the commune. The Collective earned its first Awakened convert.

The local Consilium is just beginning to worry The Collective and its motives. They had long dismissed it as a small cult of an
isolated Apostate and expected it to die out years ago. The apparant signs of prosperity have made some councilors wonder
about its longevity. They don't know that The Collective now has a handful of mage converts and that the Sleeper community no
longer induces extra Paradox on Collective magic (most Mind arts) because of how ingrained the philosophy has become in their

Though cautious about expanding, the Collective's ultimate goal is the unification of all humanity and it has been slowly
introducing subtle memes to that effect into the general populace. For the most part, the Collective tries to be persuasive instead
of coercive, relying on super-enhanced Social Attributes and Skills to convert newcomers, but when all else fails or violence
threatens the community, Sophia doesn't hesitate to bring the mind-numbing onslaught of the mental voices of an entire
community to bear on an attacker. The Collective is a pacifist philosophy, believing that all human life is as one.

Parent Path or Order: Mastigos, but any mage that joins the commune can join the Legacy.

Nickname: Hippy

Appearance: Members of the Collective dress plainly, realizing that the need to stand out from other is a selfish motive, a left
over, painful reminder of solitary existence. For the World Soul, "wearing" different bodies is separation enough.

Background: Members of the collective come from many different backgrounds, though those who profess a belief in New Age
concepts find resonance with the philosophy and the dispossessed find comfort in the community. People from neighboring
towns who have had an encounter with one of the charismatic Atman come away reeling with ideas of the promise of Unity. Many
leave their homes soon after to join the Collective.

Organization: All members of the Collective are valued equally, truly just another expression of the One. Though no one
member, even Sophia, is regarded as more important, the Atman are the inner circle of the Collective, a handful of mages who
have joined the Legacy and are believed to be closer to reaching the goal of true Unity with the One. When Sophia crafted her
Legacy, she took the Shadow Name, Atman, the World Soul and bestows it to all Awakened who follow her soul path. After
admitting a few mages into the inner workings of the Collective, Sophia has been forced to become a healer of minds or else the
Collective would have disintegrated under the combined weight of multiple mental disorders. This is also on par with Collective

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The Enlightened Noetic Collective - Wod

philosophy, though, as the pains of individuality have to be shared to be healed.

Suggested Oblations: Communing with another Collective member in meditation. Spreading the philosophy of Unity. Divesting
oneself of the illusion of indiviuality.

Concepts: Commune member. Disillusioned materialist.

Attainments: Lessons learned from the Iron Watchtower convinced Sophia that all human consciousness is the expression of
the same Universal Consciousness. These attainments came about in an effort to rejoin the scattered pieces of humanity. Mind is
the primary Arcanum, but knowledge of Space is required as well, to strengthen sympathetic bonds to the point where masters of
this Legacy are magically one person.

1st: One Mind

Prerequisites: Mind 2 (Primary), Space 1, Empathy 2

At this level of Unity, the Collective mage learns to open his mind up to the conscious thoughts of fellow Collective mages. As per
the Mind 3 effect, "Telepathy" on pg. 212, an Instant action lets a Collective mage open up a mental line of communication with
any other mage that has achieved this Attainment. An "Emotional Urging" effect also fills the mage with feelings of peace and
calm whenever he communes with another mage through this Attainment and allows mages to always be aware of the emotions
of all other Collective members on the subconscious level. The drawback to this ability is that the mage also opens themselves
up to the madnesses of other Collective members. When a mage gains this Attainment, he gains the Derangements of all other
members with this Attainment as well as transmitting any Derangements he has along to the others. Joining the Collective can be
quite traumatic to the unprepared mage, which is why Sophia and the Atman try to groom potential candidates very thoroughly
before admitting them to the ranks of the Atman.

2nd: One Heart

Prerequisites: Mind 3

Achieving this level of Unity allows a mage to tap into deeper levels of her fellow mages' consciousness. Mages with this
Attainment can reflexively "borrow" the Virtue or Vice of any mage that has at least attained "One Mind" for the purposes of
regaining Willpower. The mage can only use this the same number of times she would normally be allowed, though, once per
scene for Vices and once per session for Virtues. The drawback of this Attainment is that anytime a mage that has attained at
least "One Mind" makes a degeneration roll, the mage that has attained "One Heart" is also forced to make a degeneration roll.
Fortunately, she only has to roll as if she committed a sin equal to her current Wisdom rating, no matter what level of sin the
offending mage committed.

Optional Arcanum: Space 3

With Space 3, mages of the Collective can transfer Willpower to each other at will. It takes an Instant action to mentally contact
another mage to request the Willpower, and most Collective mages give permission (it is impossible to take the Willpower
against the donating mage's will). Successes on a Composure+Empathy+Mind roll gives the maximum amount of Willpower a
mage can recieve in a given 24-hour period.

3rd: One Soul

Prerequisites: Mind 4, Prime 1

Mastering the Unity lays bare the very souls of the Collective to the mage. The sympathetic connections between members of the
Collective has become so strong at this point that a mage can even make use of another mage's knowledge of the Arcanum.
After taking an Instant action to establish a connection with a network of fellow Collective mages, a mage who has Attained "One
Soul" can act as the primary caster in a Teamwork spellcasting action. A Composure+Empathy+Mind roll determines how many
mages the Master can network in a scene and only mages who have attained "One Mind" can be a part of this gestalt. The benefit
is that since the spell relies on the Imago of the primary caster, the contributing mages are allowed to use the dicepool for the
Rote, whether or not they know the Rote and the primary caster get's access to the Arcana levels of all contributing mages even if
they don't possess them. The drawback is that while a mage's Arcana are being used, she cannot cast any spells herself.

Optional Arcanum: Prime 3

With Prime 3, a Collective mage can transfer Mana as they used to be able to transfer Willpower.

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Heralds of the Divine Path - Wod

Heralds of the Divine Path [edit this page]

Heralds of the Divine Path

"Farewell, and may the gods grant that our Paths cross again!"

The Awakening is a mysterious phenomenon that is unpredictable, even to the most learned of mages. Even the researchers of
the Mysterium cannot predict what kind of person is more likely to Awaken, and it has come to young and old, the educated and
the illiterate. One thing that mages have in common with each other is that the Awakening pushes them to the edges of society.
Their insights into the invisible truths of reality makes mages uncanny neighbors at best and many end up shunned by their former
friends and family. Some strive to regain their place in society and feel the warmth of closeness with Sleepers. Others found that
they liked the new perspective they had from being estranged. Beyond the edge of the firelight, they found a wider world, a more
exciting world.

The Heralds of the Divine Path are a brotherhood of mages that hail from those who feel a divine call to travel. Sailors, explorers,
and vagabonds all feel this call and in all cultures gods of roads and journeys have arisen to explain this urge. Greco-roman
cultures recognize Mercury, with his winged sandals, messenger of the gods and patron of thieves and merchants. In Africa
Eshu, another messenger god, plagued travelers with obstacles in order to teach them valuable lessons. Hecate was worshipped
as goddess of crossroads, the underworld, and magic, while in Japan, Dosojin presided over journeys, fertility, and childbirth.

To the Heralds, life is a journey, a Divine Path that, if traveled fully, teaches and purifies the soul of the traveler. Obstacles in
one's journey are meant to flense away impurities and in an alchemical transformation lead the traveler to the end of all Paths in

Parent Path or Order: Obrimos, though the Heralds are a sect of mages that are separate from any Order and can teach any
mage that walks the Divine Path to be a Herald.

Nickname: Travelers, Capital "H" Heralds

Appearance: Heralds are almost always dressed for travel and often carry insignias of whatever Order they are working for at the
time. Many carry emblems or religious paraphernalia denoting the god of travel they worship.

Background: Members almost always have had a wanderlust since before their Awakening. Traveling becomes a divine calling
after Awakening, so even if they had been affluent before becoming mages they end up looking like road-weary travelers soon

Organization: Little organization exists for the Heralds beyond the Master/Apprentice relationship. Powerful Fate magic leads a
Herald to prospective members and their Paths intertwine long enough for the Master to teach the student and instill in them the
ways of the Divine Path. All who travel in life must find their own Path. Meetings between Heralds are brief and perfunctory.
Blessings are exchanged and then each Herald goes her own way, sure in her own Path and not willing to sully the honor of the
other's Path by offering aid. All Orders commision Heralds for courier services because the oath of a Herald to deliver is only
given if the Herald is willing to bind their Fates to the journey.

Suggested Oblations: Praying to patron god or goddess. Trailblazing. Beginning a new journey. Completing an Oath.

Attainments: Heralds of the Divine Path are travelers at heart. Traveling is both a testing and a catharsis for Heralds. Though it
would make sense for a traveling legacy to have Space as their primary Arcanum, Heralds would never try to shorten their
journeys in any manner such as teleportation. They believe that the troubles they face along the way are the whole point of a
journey. Instead they rely on their ability to find their fated Divine Paths.

1st: Find the Path

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Fate 2 (Primary), Space 1, Destiny 1

The Herald can sense the path that he is fated to take and is guided by a wisdom that transcends conscious intelligence. The
mage meditates on his purpose or prays to the gods and just starts off in the direction that feels right. A Perfect Moment effect
let's the mage just move by feeling the slight tugs of fate while each success on a Wits+Composure+Fate roll grants the 9-again
rule to one roll made to avoid obstacles that would prevent him from reaching his fated goal. An exceptional success gives the
Herald a brief and meaningful glimpse of what is in store for him.

Alternately, after casting an augury, each success on a Wits+Composure+Fate roll lets the Herald make one cryptic remark about
what lies in store in another's path.

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Heralds of the Divine Path - Wod

2nd: Herald's Oath

Prerequisites: Gnosis 4, Fate 3

Divine Path Heralds are in high demand as transporters and messengers. Mages of all Orders and even the Seers of the Throne
know that a Herald can be trusted to see their charges to their destinations. This ability has a lot to do with this reputation. At this
level of Attainment, a Herald of the Divine Path has enough faith in his own path to be willing to stake his own destiny on it. A
Swearing an Oath spell can be cast as an Instant action without a roll, binding a Herald to the task at hand. This Oath allows the
Herald to regain Willpower when actively pursuing the goals assigned as if the Oath were a Vice as well as allowing a reflexive
Resolve+Composure roll to resist anything that would stop him from completing his task. While under the effects of this Oath,
each success on a Resolve+Occult+Fate roll grants the Herald the 8-again quality on rolls that actively help the Herald in pursuing
his task. This Oath is dissolved when the Herald completes his task. Herald's do not give their Oath lightly.

Optional Arcanum: Prime 2

A Herald versed in the Prime Arcanum can also use the strength of his Oath to shrug off spells that would hinder him in his task.
The Herald can reflexively roll Resolve+Composure to resist spells that would block him from his destiny. Each success acts as
a success in a Counterspell Prime effect.

3rd: Divine Gauntlet

Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Fate 4

It is true that Heralds have the reputation of being trustworthy in seeing messages and travelers delivered to their destinations, but
they also have the reputation of making the lives of their charges interesting in wild and bizarre ways. To the Heralds, life is a
journey that is meant to test and refine one's soul, an alchemical transformation that is meant to end in the perfection of
Ascension. Experienced Heralds learn to accelerate this process, inducing tests of their mettle by drawing down their Destiny
from the Supernal Realms. In an Instant action, a Herald with this Attainment makes an impassioned plea to the heavens, rolling
Presence+Expression+Fate. Each success grants the Herald a point of the Destiny Merit and an opportunity to gain the rote
quality on any roll while under the effects of this Attainment. The Herald's life from that moment takes on the quality of a partial
Mystery Play, wherein every event has hidden meaning. Every point of experience gained during the Gauntlet gains an
accompanying point of Arcane experience. Destiny twists and roils around a Herald on his Gauntlet and Fate or Time divinations
meant to reveal the lesson of the Gauntlet fail automatically. The Storyteller is encouraged to make life very strange for the Herald
and test him in ways meant to strike at his greatest flaws. The Divine Gauntlet is of indeterminate length, only ending when the
Herald has learned an important lesson. The Bane that is gained from the increased Destiny should not be known and should
haunt the Herald as part of the lesson. Heralds are not guaranteed survival of their Gauntlets and often lose things that are very
dear to them. Fate does not spare loved ones.

Heralds on their Gauntlets know that people around them are at risk for the bizarre and wild turns of Fate that plague them, and
consequently give discounts for their services for the duration. The end of a Gauntlet is heralded by an Astral Journey wherein the
Herald meets with his Daimon in the form of his patron Deity, incarnation of his personal Divine Path.

Heralds have been known to invoke the Divine Gauntlet in dire emergencies just for the Destiny and rote quality benefits, but such
an insult of Fate is not forgiven lightly. The Gauntlets of these Heralds tend to be . . harrowing.

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Hunters of Darkness - Wod

Hunters of Darkness [edit this page]

Taught by: Guardians of the Veil/Adamantine Arrows

Nicknames: Monster hunters, "Buffys"/"Slayers", Ghostbusters

Appearance: The Hunters are typically quite strong, and usually wear clothing that allows for concealed carrying of weapons,
especially of the blessed or silver variety. Often they wear charms, Atlantean runes, or other superstitious objects to ward off evil.

Organization: Hunters might organize in cells of similarly-minded Hunters, but most often stay in their mentor/protege pair (or go
off as solo workers).

Sample concepts: Vampire's once-victim; werewolf's abused sibling; former Urged, etc. Hunters often come from the ranks of
those who have been victimized by other supernaturals.

Background: The Hunters of Darkness are not necessarily a very popular group. They tend to eschew dealings with the
non-Mage supernatural world, seeing vampires as dangerous and parasitical, werewolves as violent and uncontrollable, spirits as
capricious and untrustworthy and ghosts as problematic. Because of this, they also tend to forego relations with mages that deal
with other supernaturals.

For all that zeal, however, most Hunters do not simply hunt down any supernatural they hear about. Rather, they are more likely to
use any slip-up on the part of their enemies as an excuse to bind, injure, or kill them. Most mages see the Hunters as zealots, but
when a mad vampire is roaming the streets or a powerful ghost is terrorizing their homes, they are more than willing to call them
for aid.

Oblations: meditating in a warded area; praying in front of/with holy symbols (crosses, etc.); carefully crafting a stake/silver
weapon/blessed weapon/etc.

MUST HAVE: -Occult 2 -One of Brawl/Firearms/Weaponry 2 -By 2nd Attainment, all Hunters must have Death 1, Prime 1, and
Spirit 1.

PRIMARY ARCANUM: Either Forces (brawlers) or Matter (weapon/firearms users). SECONDARY ARCANUM: Spirit.

FIRST ATTAINMENT (A): Strike Down The Unholy

Gnosis 3, Forces 2 -gains Kinetic Blow permanently. Once per scene, for no cost, the mage may activate Kinetic Blow for use in
attacks equal to his Forces rating.


Gnosis 3, Matter 2 -gains Alter Accuracy permanently. Once per scene, for no cost, the mage may activate Alter Accuracy for use
in a number of attacks equal to her Matter dots.

Also: Gain one of Grim Sight, Supernal Vision, or Second Sight.

SECOND ATTAINMENT (A): Shadows to Shadows

Gnosis 5, Forces 3 -Mage gains the ability to use Personal Invisibility at will. The spell is no longer a concentration effect, but
speed is still 1/2 or the mage shows up as a blur.


Gnosis 5, Matter 3 -Mage may gain, each scene, at no cost, the spell Armor Piercing for a number of attacks equal to her dots in

Also: If the mage has Spirit 3, they may learn Harm Spirit.

Also: Gain the second of Grim Sight, Supernal Vision, or Second Sight.


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Hunters of Darkness - Wod

Gnosis 7, Forces 4 -Mage can conjure up a fireball that is in all ways identical to the spell Thunderbolt, save that it does
Aggravated damage to vampires.

THIRD ATTAINMENT (B): Hunter's Cache

Gnosis 7, Matter 4 -Mage gains the use of the Transmute Gold spell, allowing them to turn a normal weapon into a blade of pure
silver, or a clip of bullets into the same.

Also: If the mage has Spirit 4, he may use the spell Bind Spirit.

Also: The third of the vision spells.

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Hunters of Darkness, alternate - Wod,_alternate

Hunters of Darkness, alternate [edit this page]

I liked what Alex Megami did up for the Slayers in nWoD, but for my house game I wanted something a little bit closer to the TV
show, so here's my adapted version.

Taught by: The Hunter of Darkness is unique in that it is a mystically inherited Legacy, and may be learned without a Mentor at the
normal rate. However, the stipend of learning represented by experience cost is still levied by the demon bound to the Slayer's

Nicknames: The Slayer, Chosen

Appearance: A Hunter will almost always wear form-fitting clothing, but with concessions for the need to conceal carried
weapons, generaly of the blessed or silver variety. Amulets, crosses, charms, runes or other religiously significant tokens tend to
be common adornments. Hair is almost always worn back to avoid obscuring vision in combat, but very few Slayers go so far as
to shave their heads.

Organization: Until recently, the Slayer was a singular Legacy, undertaken by no more than one young woman at a time. However,
that has changed, and now the Chosen can be found working in small covens and pairs across the world. There is no overarching
hierarchy, but that may change as more Awaken.


-Occult 1, Brawl 2 or Weaponry 2, Athletics 2,

-Combat Style (Any Melee) 1, Dream 1

-Life 2,

-Dexterity 2, Strength 2, Stamina 2, Wits 2






Gnosis 3, Life 2 - Once per scene, as a reaction, may activate an effect similar to "Self Healing", using dice equal to
Stamina+Athletics+Life, stitching her body back together with supernatural speed. This effect costs no Mana.


Prime 1 - As an Instant action, at will, the user can "feel" the Auras of others, and can determine the type of creature that they are,
similar to "Supernal Vision". These senses are not visual, but are instead represented by "scary", "icky" or "weird" sensations.

SECOND ATTAINMENT: Strength of a Demon

Gnosis 5, Life 3 - The Slayer's Strength is increased by a number of dots equal to her Life, similar to the spell "Hone the True
Form". This attainment is always active.


Prime 2 - Once per day, as a reaction, may activate an effect similar to "Counterspell Prime", using dice equal to
Dexterity+Occult+Prime. This does not take the Slayer's action in the round that it is used, and does not cost a point of Mana.

THIRD ATTAINMENT: Death is Your Gift

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Hunters of Darkness, alternate - Wod,_alternate

Gnosis 7, Life 4 - The Slayer can sacrifice her own health to take down the dangers of the night. At will, on a successful melee
attack, the Slayer may roll Stamina+Occult+Life, and inflict the successes as additional Lethal wounds on the target of the attack.
For each success, the Chosen suffers a Resistant Bashing wound, which must be healed at the normal rate.


Prime 3 - Any weapon the Slayer uses is able to damage Ephemeral beings, as with the spell "Ephemeral Enchantment". This
includes her unarmed attacks. This attainment may be activated and deactivated at will.

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Maker of Kings - Wod

Maker of Kings [edit this page]

Maker of Kings submitted by wulfepup. Feel free to comment and/or tweak.

I'm not very good at flavor text, so please feel free to add here.

The Makers of Kings are the bards, beat poets, skalds, and other entertainers that alter political opinions. The Makers have been
around since before recorded history. They have always influenced public opinion towards their favorites and away from those
they dislike. The Makers come from several backgrounds: one might be a poet or a rock star, a street mime or a famous actor. All
performance artists are welcomed.

Parent Path: Acanthus

Parent Order: Silver Ladder

Nickname: The Bards

Appearance: Since the Makers can come from any walk of life, there is no single identifiable feature. Most of them tend to dress
in some extreme fashion, based upon their entertainment field. Of course, since most people in the entertainment fields dress in
an extreme fashion, the Makers do not stand out any more than other entertainers. Most do tend accumulate Fame and/or Status.

Background: As above.

Suggested Oblations: Public performance; dress rehearsals (with an audience); writing speeches/poetry/music

Concepts: Rock stars; Beat poets; Spoken-Word "musicians"; performance artists


To use any attainment, the mage must perform, by singing, dancing, or speaking, etc. If the mage wishes to affect spell factors
(such as duration, number of targets, potency, etc) the mage may make a Presence + Performance + Mind roll (or the roll
specified by the ability, if applicable), using the standard Instant Casting tables for penalties. Otherwise, assume only the default

First Attainment: Convincing the Crowd. Prereq.: Gnosis 3; Mind 2 (primary); Politics 2

The mage gains ability to influence attitudes as per the "Emotonal Urging" spell (pg. 207), as an instant action the Bard may use
the emotions of "trust", "distrust", "adore", "dispise", or similar "personality based" emotions. The mage selects an object of
emotion and a recipient. The recipient gets a reflexive Composure + Gnosis (or equivilant) to contest the Maker's Manipulation +
Persuasion + Mind. The object's Fame (or Status, if appropriate) may be applied as a bonus to either side, as circumstances
dictate. (ie Target is a police officer; Object is a famous criminal (3 dots). The Maker gets a +3 bonus if the emotion is "hate",
"distrust", etc, while the target gets a +3 bonus if the emotion is "like", "trust", etc.)

Alternatively, the Bard can use an ability similar to the "First Impressions" spell (pg. 208), except rather than the Maker being the
object of trust, he may designate any person of Fame 1 (or Status 1, if applicable to the target) or greater. This use is automatic
and not contested.

Second Attainment: I Speak Your Language.

Prereq.: Gnosis 5; Mind 3

This attainment allows a Bard to speak/perfom to anyone, regardless of language barriers. This ability is identical to the
"Universal Language" spell (pg 213) for limitations. Success is assumed, unless penalties would be levied, in which case, the
Bard may roll Intelligence + Academics + Mind - penalties.

Third Attainment: Rousing the Crowd (INCOM PLETE)

Prereq.: Gnosis 7; Mind 4

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Maker of Kings - Wod

The Bard can, at this point, use his up to twice his ranks in Mind to negate penalties towards affecting multiple targets (or area of
effect) for first and second attainments (using the standard instant spellcasting tables).

--wulfepup 12:30, 2 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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Sisters of the Wyrd - Wod

Sisters of the Wyrd [edit this page]

Sisters of the Wyrd submitted by wulfepup. Feel free to comment and/or tweak. This will eventually be three legacies, actually.
The current one listed is for the Fates of the Present, "that which is Becoming".

I'm not very good at flavor text, so please feel free to add here.

The Sisters of the Wyrd are almost exclusively female. Only under very rare circumstances will one take on a male student. Also
known as the Sisters of the Fates, they use their studies of the Fate Arcanum to bestow blessings and curses on those who are

Parent Path: Any (Acanthus is most common)

Parent Order: None

Nickname: Fairy Godmothers

Appearance: (Need flavor text here)

Background: (Need flavor text here)

Suggested Oblations: performing divinations, such as tarot, runes, I-Ching, tea leaves, etc

Concepts: (Need flavor text here)


One of the benefits provided by this Legacy is that using Fate (maybe just using their Attainments?) does not cause rolls on the
Wisdom degeneration table.

First Attainment: Cursing the Wicked.

Prereq.: Gnosis 3; Fate 2 (primary); Occult 2

The mage gains ability to curse as per the "Evil Eye" spell (pg. 151), an instant action is required, rolling Composure + Occult +
Fate to determine number of successes, the mage's rank in Fate, providing the penalty to the target's dice pools.

Additionlly she may apply Conditional Duration to any Attainment.

Optional Arcanum: Time 2 If the mage also has Time 2, she can use Conditional Trigger on any of her Attainments.

Second Attainment: Blessing the Just.

Prereq.: Gnosis 5; Fate 3

The Sister gains the ability to grant blessings as per the spell "Bestow Exceptional Luck" (pg 155). As an Instant action, the
mage rolls Composure + Occult + Fate to determine the number of 9-again rolls allowed.

Third Attainment: Fate's Gifts

Prereq.: Gnosis 7; Fate 4

At this level the mage gains the ability to grant "Lucky Coins" (pg. 155) or "Monkeys' Paws" (pg. 155) with Prolonged duration.

Option 1) As an Instant action, the mage rolls Composure + Occult + Fate to determine the bonus/penalty given to the item (not
limited by the mage's ranks in Fate).

Option 2) The mage's ranks in Fate is the penalty/bonus given to the item (no roll).

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Sisters of the Wyrd - Wod

--wulfepup 13:12, 2 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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Zero Coders - Wod

Zero Coders [edit this page]

Main_Page > Mage: The Awakening > Legacies(MtAw)

by kris_40000 - Virtual Adepts for a new iteration. Mastigos or Free Council. (Special thanks to Kumiko who helped get their
philosophy right.)

1 History
2 Attainments
2.1 1st: Remote Access
2.2 2nd: Fire/Ice
2.3 3rd: SMITH (Superior Multidimensional Interaction on nTH dimensions)
3 A Brief Discussion of their Theories and Practices (AKA ‘Where's the Digital Web?’)
4 Philosophy, Rituals, Observances, Titles, Organisation
4.1 Philosophy
4.2 Rituals and Observances
4.3 Titles
4.4 Organisation
5 Stereotypes
5.1 Mages
5.2 Others
6 ’Coders and the Spirit World
7 Web of Connections (Digital Web: Awakening Style)

The ways of the Zero Coders, or as their younger advocates tend to recognise themselves as, Z3r0 Cod3R5 (or this in binary or
even hexadecimal form) has been entrenched within human philosophy and science since the romantic times of Pythagoras and
Plato, and reemerged and developed with other such great scientists and mathematicians such as Leonard da Vinci, Newton,
Einstein, Schrödinger, Dirac and Hawkins to name but a few.

The key concept is that the world can be describe as by means of formula and fundamental rules that can be accurately
quantified by these laws and formula. Such theories have in the past been propagated by fellow such as Pythagoras who simply
viewed a world built by numbers, or Gödel who believed in an objective mathematical reality.

This mathematical realism suggested a part of the world not seen by mortals, and was filled with the underlying formula that set
the world in order. In addition there such theories as Formalism and Logicism ("I’m am a human, all humans are mortal, thus I am
mortal"), and all have been pursued by the earlier incarnations of the Coders, yet it was Intuitionism that started the ball rolling for
these Reality Hackers.

The theory goes that mathematical statements are a construct of the mind, and the existence of these statements was because
of the possibility of their construction.

The Coders’ history as a formal Legacy of the Mastigos path ties with work of the Nameless to course revolutions and
progression in human society.

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Zero Coders - Wod

In 1824, the Manchester Mechanics Institute opened in Manchester, United Kingdom, and through this new community a group of
mages began to take advantage of the growing new concepts and technologies coupled with the social changes taking place in
the centre of the industrial city, with the rise of workers’ unions and political reform.

The Coders had what they needed in Manchester, and it was here that their work took shape. Coders believed that the world
around them was the result of fundamental truths that can all be described by mathematics and formula, allowing the simulation
and prediction of events. Not only this, but because the mind that has constructed these mathematical rules through the
perception of the world around, it follows that much of our sensory awareness is an illusion governed by these universal
mathematical laws. The key to understanding the world is through the being able to discover these rules and knowing how to alter
them, something that the Coders think we have lost when the Abyss formed.

It is not hard for many mages of other magical styles to understand the strong relationship between the Coders practice and
magic, since formula are much like Atlantean speech and runes, they are all words of power that describes the world. As a result
the Coders are not averse to using their own mathematical notation riddles with Atlantean symbols.

It is then of no surprise that such a technology and science savvy group jumped upon the chance of using new devices such as
the telephone and the computer (some would have it that the Coders in fact aided the developments of this new machine). Their
methods of mathematical simulation rested allowed for some very key concepts. The first being that space is an allusion
maintained by only way of interpreting the data we receive and how it is translated by the mind. The second core concept is that
on some level of reality there is plane that represents and holds all the information of the all the connections within the universe, a
place where space is not an issue, just the strength of those connections. It seems that the Coders would have us believe that
the Internet is the Fallen World’s reflection of those connections, though limited and distorted.

Through use of the use of these connections and with the aid of telephone wires and computers modern Coders were able to
properly, and covertly, interact over large distances and in multiple locations at a time, allowing for them to drive home their goals
as a Legacy of the Free Council; the freedom of humanity through the sabotage and investigation of the Seers, and through the
dissemination of their practices to the Sleeper populace in order to aid their awakenings.

On most fronts the Coders walk a dangerous line with the local Consiliums, often having to debunk their own magical propaganda
or conceal their work in new sleeper technologies and theories. In addition their open conflict with the Seers often brings them an
amount of disrepute, though also highlights themselves to younger mages as the true warriors of the Cage.

Parent Path or Order: Mastigos or Free Council.

Nickname: Hackers

Appearance: Generally they tend to be lithe looking and pale with dark rings around the eyes after viewing code for hours on
end. They tend to dress for purpose though are not adverse to adopting striking looks as they are all to aware of the first
impressions they make in the circles of the hacker elite. In general this approach to attire stems from their method of magic; bold
and to the point, a factor that seems to come up in their conversations as they show a disdain for how others seem to ramble.

Sanctums: If you can get a hard line to it and the authorities can’t find it, it’ll do.

Background: Most Coders are those individuals that always have more questions for why it works, always pushing to find the
truth, be they hackers, science students or psychologists. Even musicians find room within this Legacy since they too have a
respect for the beauty of code, even though it is musical notes.

Character Creation: An emphasis on indirect means of attack means that the members have a focus on social and mental
attributes, their amount of willpower allowing them to push through draining hacks and arduous journeys in the astral realm of the
Web. Mental skills are a primary focus, especially computers and science, followed with a combination of stealth, larceny and
streetwise for all Hackers, though some do focus on more martial skills in order to penetrate rival sanctums and perform risky
hard copy extractions. Many tend toward the virtue of Justice or Hope, while falling for the vice of Pride.

Suggested Oblations: Meditating upon some mathematical truth, solving some puzzle, enjoying some risky/extreme activity
such as taking drugs, free running, skating down a busy road, taking part in a game of wits and strategy. Even katas are good to
enable the Coder to reach a state of no-mind so that they can rise above the material and view the realm of sympathy.

Concept: Hacker, cyber-journalist, computational scientist, club DJ, mathematician, anarchist, Discordian follower.

Hackers should be proficient with the use of Space, Mind and Forces, along with time and fate with regard to simulation and
chaos maths.

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Zero Coders - Wod

1st: Remote Access

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Space 2, Forces 1, Mind 1 (optional), Computer 3

With this ability the mage can access and view data upon distant electronic sources via his own computer or analogous device.
With the addition of Mind 1 the mage can do this without the need for a computer, allowing the to be processed within the mind,
commonly referred to “Neo” it.

Roll Wits+Computer+Space with the dice pool modified based upon the sympathetic link to the target data source (pp. 114-115).

2nd: Fire/Ice
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Space 3, Computer 3.

With this program the mage can enhance or destroy the sympathetic connections to the target source by one level per success
of a Manipulation+Computer+Space-Composure (the composure is if the target is alive). Know as Fire/Ice with reference to
firewalls and ICE breakers (intrusion countermeasure electronics).

Optional Arcanum: Forces 2. With Forces 2 the mage can now perform Remote Access and alter data.

3rd: SMITH (Superior Multidimensional Interaction on nTH dimensions)

Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Space 4, Mind 3, Forces 3, Computer 4.

With this ability the mage can act in multiple locations at once and thus be a master of multi-route hacking or actually move and
interact in various location at once through the use of Mind and Forces arcanum. However the Hacker only exists at one location
at a time, the other beings being phantoms of himself, though they may move and act independently yet not interact with the
world, the bonus comes with the use of forces to allow the mage to exist in the Web and internet at multiple locations and enact
elaborate hacker raids.

Intelligence+Investigation+Space; this roll is modified by the worst sympathetic connection to the chosen locations. A duplicate is
created in each place (or acts within the Web or internet in which case the penalties for sympathy are lost) for each success

Rumours exist of Coders, who have now roam the world either fighting for the same cause or lost in their own desire for
knowledge and pride, possessing the 4th attainment if possible, which allows full duplication of ones self (or more ghastly the
idea that a mage could hack ones DNA and possess others in a similar fashion), or of those that have gained such a control over
space that they may move through it as if it were not there, warping all things that exist in space, the true Andersons of the hacker

A Brief Discussion of their Theories and Practices (AKA ‘Where's the Digital
The Zero Coders’ philosophy lies with Plato and his concept of a dual world, filled with one of perfect forms, and another , our
world, as the imperfect world we perceive with our senses. In addition since Platoism derives from Pythagorean philosophy they
viewed the world built from numbers that we imperfectly perceive in the world around us, this analogy working well for the
concepts of the supernal and fallen worlds, as if our own senses are a cage that we cannot touch, taste or see.

Plato suggested that the forms and ideas in the perfect world are unchangeable, universal truths, which only with wisdom and
intellect we can understand, since wisdom and intellect are not bounded by the cages of our senses.

Thus the universe is divided between the real perceived world and the intelligible world, which are then correspondingly divided
into more segments, with the perceptual world divided into real things, and the objects reflections and shadows.

In a similar way the intelligible world is divided into first principles and the derivatives of these forms.

Platoism thus suggests a world parallel to our own in which all the perfect forms exist, their true numerical expression that we only
see imperfectly.

This dualism allowed the Zero Coders to express their ideas through traditional Atlantean concepts, dealing with the Supernal,
Fallen and Shadow, and also allow them to cross religious divides and put forward their concepts to Dualistic faiths, in particular it

3 of 6 4/20/2010 8:28 PM
Zero Coders - Wod

should be noted that Platoism-influenced Jewish Kabblalistic ideas, a result that Coder Kibo's suggestion is actually hummanity
relearning some fundamental truths.

Thus this secondary realm of concepts and ideas is filled with the mathematics of the universe and as a result contains within the
rules for all the sympathetic connections in the universe, this being imperfectly reflected as the spatial awareness of objects that
we have.

Coders access this world of formula through mental conditioning and computer simulation, leading to many Hackers to be
obsessive about why things work, how things are linked, freeing the minds of the sleepers, achieving perfect and clean code,
though displaying short tempers and frustration leading to fiery, though imaginative individuals.

Linked to this dualism comes the Coders’ ability to comprehend complex quantum mathematics and with some Coder following
Zoroastrianistic concepts of moral balance, a philosophy that older/wiser Coders try to teach younger cyberpunks in order to
ensure a balance in their activities, ensuring that they remain firmly on the ground.

So what is this Web that Coders refer to? Simple. It is the truth of the connections between things that we can view using
mathematics or when in deep meditation, being able to view this Platonic Realism. In a sense this realm lies parallel to our own,
and that the internet is an imperfect reflection of this Platonic realm, a realm that is thought to be a shared astral realm, though
until the Hacker elite improve their abilities to step over dimensional boundaries this will only be theory.

The Coders share these concepts with other groups in the world, such as the SMG cabal of MIT and the Shaonline who
understand an analogous theory related to Taoism.

Philosophy, Rituals, Observances, Titles, Organisation

As above and in general they tend to follow the views of the Free Council. They fill the polar extremes of Free Council views,
mixing mature strategists with bleeding raw rebels.

Rituals and Observances

The Legacy holds no particular form of hierarchy, seeing this as a way to confound new initiates and to work against what they
stand for. Though they do have very unique methods.

April Fool's Day is observed amongst the Coders; Do i need to say why? If so FOAD.

Case: from Neuromancer. An "elite" hacker of high renown who takes time to lead attacks and research, or holds lectures to the

Gibsons: A term reserved for the lore masters of the legacy and the locations of their file dumps. The way to free humanity of its
constraints is collecting irrefutable evidence of the nature of the world and the work of the Seers. These dumps are heavily
protected by awaken firewalls and in some case dimensional axis ciphers and locks. Though that is not to say they don't share
their knowledge... just happens they get a certain smugness when doing so. Also sometimes called a Blog or a Wintermute
(‘Wintermute’ though is saved for Awakened Gibsons).

Forums: also known as a Flame, these are the "constructive gatherings of the Coders when information, rotes and information is
exchanged, or a course of action is decided upon. Though with no real leader it is the Cases that take the lead, with Kibo ensuring
that everyone is up to date with things.

Posse: a collection of hackers on combat maneuvers.

Techne: sometimes known as just a prog. Sometimes known as a black box, though this term is reserved for those rotes that are
dangerous if you don't really know what it does.

They may have a form of democracy but usually its the Cases that lead the way.

4 of 6 4/20/2010 8:28 PM
Zero Coders - Wod


Arcanthus: First.... never let them touch your deck! Second never play online poker with them, even if you hacked the game.
Third they hardly ever get to the point in conversations. Though if you need some one to help out of April fools day these are
them. The few that make up the ranks of the Coders are true experts at encryptions that'll have you working for years upon.

Mastigos: Ok in general most of the Coder come form this path with the innate ability to envision the maddening world of
computers and the Web. Though there are those so involved in their Mind arcana that they come across overtly haughty... which
is really why they tend to join the Ladder than us. Plus after a trip through Pandemonium a bit of cyberburn is nothing.

Moros: Those that do join the Coders tend to focus on the Matter arcana, creating the new toys of tomorrow. However those that
control the dead... yesh! Leave it in the ground. Morbid but make great Molotov's.

Obrimos: Ok so was this time against some zombies I think... and wham! Up in smoke. These guys wield some nice shiny
magic, and those that join tend to get worked up about the Seers, leading our Cyberpunk warriors into battle. Their control over
forces lends them well to the Legacy and their concern about the sleepers brings them to our cause... though they really should
lighten up a bit and have a bit of fun.

Thyrsus: DNA hacking is a grim but useful ability. Shame so few of these guys grasp the raw chaos of the Web, being unable to
let go of the world and feel the sympathy around them. Doesn't help they sux at Mind magics. Oh don't get me wrong, get a
Moros and Thyrsus in the same lab and they can make some nice toys. Moody buggers too.

Vampires: They hold some of the best parties to crash. Some of the younger ones show a bit of respect at times. But these
unnatural things are just to be used then exterminated. Hunting Sleepers, bugs in the system if you ask me.

Werewolves: To blunt, to furry, too angry. Generally if you see one in a mood run!

Spirits: Those that you can use like the Technos are good to have round, they just love running your server so long as they get a
dose of info. Thought the other spirits. Its like the sub program of the world being expressed, but at times it acts up and has
glitches.... nah leave them well alone unless you want a Wintermute.

Sleepers: Some aren't ready to wake up. Others don't. But we have to help them. Look around you - the world is falling apart and
if we can draw the supernal back to earth then we can reload reality. Remember Coders... We are soldiers.

’Coders and the Spirit World

There is a place for spirits in the Coders’ way of programming since spirits are more like a sub program, a raw piece of data
designed to do what it does - taking info in (ie eating its natural food) and churning stuff out (new resonance or the spirit growing).

Magaths are viruses, worms etc; code gone wrong. Good code, complex code in spirit form is used for the Wintermute servers.
I'm sure the Iron Masters would be interested in those. Iron Masters would be interested in seeing how these mages allow the
spirits to interact and deal with the Magath bugs.

Web of Connections (Digital Web: Awakening Style)

Let’s face it - the internet itself is not exactly a transcendental thing for mages. It may be useful for those covert magics of spying
and for creating readily available sympathies for teleportation etc, but it’s not exactly a place of esoteric or gnostic understanding
within the world of Mage: the Awakening.

The Zero Coders have power beyond their immediate association with computers and the internet. Their power extends to the
mathematical equations that link patterns together. Computers and similar items of technology act as the perfect sympathetic link
to this realm of connection, acting as a tool to aid the visualisation of this complex problem.

By entering a state of ‘no mind’, a Coder can control their mind in such a manner to visualise these connections and feel the
sympathy of the world. Space is an illusion, due to the mind’s inability to synthesise all of the information out there in the zero

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Zero Coders - Wod

dimensional space of sympathy. The Zero Coders call this realm the Web of Connections.

What is the Web of Connections ?

The Web of Connections is an overlay of reality, mapping all those connections in the hypersphere (to take an old VA term) of
reality. This Web is more than a glorified internet; it is where all information is held; the mathematics of the world. It’s a dream
world of connection that is reflected in the Fallen World by the internet as an imperfect mirror (which is why it’s twisted, filled with
porn etc). The spirits of information related to the internet can breach over the Gauntlet into the world of the Web and cause
havoc or simply do as they’re meant to. Not only is the Web the realm of sympathetic connections, but here spirits of sympathetic
connection exist.

Since the Web is a place of connections, exploration of the Web is exploration of the world. It aids in movement of the world,
assisting to analyse the connections. In Mage the Awakening, the Zero Coders’ hacking is about reality hacking and using certain
tools to aid in this sympathy.

In the Web of Connections, there will be regions that are isolated and which contain information of lost ages. These are the lost
mysteries to explore; the true meaning of Web exploration.

The Gauntlet lies as the barrier between worlds, as does the Abyss. The Web is located at the convergence of these
intersections of reality since it is the point of transition of magic, essence and resonance.

And if the Digital Web lies upon the border marches of Pandemonium, it’s right on the doorstop of the Abyss....

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Nefandi - Wod

Nefandi [edit this page]

Nefandi Left-Hand Legacy of the Abyss. It is uncertain if it began as as Moros or Magiostos Legacy, but it is certain that the
Nefandi can corrupt a willing member of any path to their cause. It is rumored that the Silver Ladder may secretly train Nefandi, for
their unparalleled mastery of the Abyss- a neccesary evil, if the Abyss is to be overcome and a new Silver Ladder built. If such
were revealed to be true, it could destroy the Order.

Nefandi learn the Abyss Arcanum as their Ruling Arcanum, losing their previous Ruling Arcanums and Inferior Arcanum. They
may teach the Abyssal Arcanum to other Mages, who learn it as if it were an Inferior Arcanum. Many spirits of the Abyss (such as
Acamoth) may also teach the Abyssal Arcanum as well, to a greater or lesser degree.

First Attainment: Requires Gnosis 3, Abyss 2 - Activate or deactive Eyes of Sleep as a reflexive action, at will.

Second Attainment: Requires Gnosis 5, Abyss 3 - Activate Sail the Starless Ocean as an instant action. By spending a Willpower,
they may activate it as a Reflexive action.

Third Attainment: Requires Gnosis 7, Abyss 4 - Activate Consume the Fallen World once per turn for 1 Mana. It lasts a number of
turns equal to your Gnosis.

Suggested Oblations: Engaging in your Vice, spending 4 hours contemplating a black sky, making a Morality check, causing
another to make a Morality check

The Abyss as an Arcanum

Purview: Disbelief, Quiessence, Paradox, Abyssal Spirits, Travelling to and from the Abyss, Smothering Magic, destroying
spirutallity. To a lesser degree, darkness, vice, corruption and failure.

This is the Arcanum that is forbidden, the Ars Abyssal, the mysteries of the blackness that seperates the Fallen World from the
Supernal. It is the art of Paradox, the mastery of Quiessence, the death of Magic- but also the freedom from the lead weight of
the chains that bind Mages to the Fallen World, a way to reach out and beyond to the Supernal with an ease that is difficult to
imagine. It is corruption, but with the promise of salvation, if one is strong and sure. Few Mages have the moral fiber to daily look
into the Abyss the Abyss looking back- fewer have the strength to win the blinking contest with the unblinking monsters that lurk

Anyone may learn Abyssal Arcanum as an Inferior Arcanum with the aid of a teacher (such as a Nefandi or certain Abyssal spirits,
akin to the Acamoth). The Nefandi may learn it as their Ruling Arcanum.

A Mage who studies Abyssal lore has their maximum Wisdom capped at (10 - Abyssal Arcanum). So, a Mage that is an Adept of
the Abyss may not have a Wisdom of 6 or greater. Such is the price paid for learning truths man was not meant to know.

Initiate of the Abyss

Apprentice of the Abyss
Disciple of the Abyss
Adept of the Abyss
Master of the Abyss

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Abyss1 - Wod

Abyss1 [edit this page]

Initiate of the Abyss

"I look with eyes open in the depths of the night, and behold the inevitible truth. The world floats in an infinite void, without
meaning or reason; the few fey sparks on her are fleeting embers in the endless chill night. But secrets lay within the void, and I
have begun to plum for them. The corruption of the human soul becomes clear, next to the stark purity of the Void."

Eyes of Night
Practice: Knowing
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (One scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Allows you to operate perfectly well in the dark. You suffer no penelties for blindness, even in magically created or otherwise
unnatural circumstances. Nor is this sixth sense reliant on sound, scent, or another sense; it is often expressed as an extension of

Scent of Vice
Practice: Knowing
Action: Instant
Duration: Concentration
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Allows you to know what anyone else's Vice is, by sight.

Dream of a Dream
Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (One scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Grants Mage Sight. Additionally, it grants +1 dice on examining the resonance of any Abyssal magics.

Song of the Abyss

Practice: Compelling
Action: Instant
Duration: Instant
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Target a single spell the Mage knows is incoming, and shares at least one Arcanum with (as with Counterspelling). If the spell is
Covert, it becomes Improbable; if Improbable, it becomes Vulgar. If the spell is already Vulgar, Song of the Abyss has no effect.

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Abyss2 - Wod

Abyss2 [edit this page]

Apprentice of the Abyss

"I garb myself in the void; like a velvet robe, it surrounds and hides me from my enemies, guarding me from their magic. I call up
the Quiessence of Sleep, or push it away. By my secrets arts, I hide my magic from the eyes of Sleeper and Awakened alike. I
cry to the Void, and the Void heeds my word."

Share the Dream

Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Grants Mage Sight, as per Dream of a Dream, to another.

Eyes of Sleep
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Summons forth the Quiessence of Sleep, temporarily beholding the world through the eyes of a Sleeper. Although the Mage
remains Awake, he counts as a Sleeper for all other purposes save his own spells while Eyes of Sleep remains in effect,
including adding dice to Vulgar Paradox rolls and invoking Disbelief.

Abyssal Garb
Practice: Shielding
Action: Instant
Duration: One Scene (or optionally, 1 day)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana to extend the Duration to 1 day.

Invokes the Abyss around the Mage, guarding them from harm. Provides their Abyss in points of Armor, but not against damage
dealt in a graple.

Aegis of the Void

Practice: Shielding
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: Special

Redirects the magic of other Mages that would harm you. If a direct magical attack targets you, you may spend 1 Mana and roll
your Gnosis + Abyss. If you get more successes than the Potency of the spell cast, the spell is forced to hit someone else, as
with a Havoc Backlash. You have no direction over who the spell now targets.

With Abyss 3, you may specify that the spell hits anyone of your choosing except the casting Mage. With Abyss 4, you may
specify that the spell hits anyone of your choosing, including the offending Mage.

While using Aegis of the Void, the Mage appears to suffused with unholy darkness to Mage Sight.

Close the Sleeper's Eyes

Practice: Veiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (One Scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana.

One Sleeper per success does not count as witnesses for Vulgar Magic for the rest of this scene, nor do they invoke Disbelief.

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Abyss2 - Wod

Hide the Overt Hand

Practice: Veiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Turns the next several Improbable or Vulgar spells cast by the Mage into Covert, up to the number of successes rolled or the
Mage's Abyss rating, whichever is lower.

Call Imp
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resistance reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Calls forth an Imp of the Abyss (as per Mage, pg 273). Such spirits are drawn to the Fallen World only unwillingly, and often are
as troublesome to the summoner as they are to any other Mage present, unless bound with stronger magics (such as Command
Spectre or Bind the Angel of the Void).

Sidebar: Free from the Abyss (Abyss 2)

Normally, Mages are their own worst enemies, their magic calling down baleful forces beyond their control. A Mage
with at least Abyss 2 is largely freed from such concerns, and automatically reduces their Paradox Pool by their
rating in the Abyss. Even if afflicted by Paradox, they add their Abyss rating to their Wisdom for calculating the

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Abyss3 - Wod

Abyss3 [edit this page]

Disciple of the Abyss

"I stare at the blackness, and see the glimmers of light and truth behind it. I sail the depthless oceans and chart courses where no
stars guide me, speaking to intelligences far older than humanity. By my word is their attention directed towards those who
oppose me, and away from those I wish. I infuse Quiessence as lesser mages direct Mana, returning Sleepwalkers to Sleep or
making a talismen cursed to my one time fellows. The magic of others twists within weak cages of minds, and madness follows in
my wake."

Imbue Quiessence
Practice: Weaving
Action: Prolonged
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Imbues the Quiessence of the Abyss into a place or thing. Thus imbued, such Quiessent devices count as Sleepers for
purposes of determining Vulgarity and paradox. Cunning masters of the Abyss have also Imbued such items with benefical
effects, such as Fate Charms or Talismen-like qualities, encouraging Mages who find them to keep them secret.

It requires Abyss 4 to Imbue Quiessence into a Hallow or Demense. Imbuing Quiessence into Hallow must overcome the
strength of the Hallow, having a Potency that exceeds the rating. Imbuing Quiessence into a Demense must overcome the
Potency of the spell that created the Demense plus the number of Soulstones empowering the Demense. If successful, the
Demense is destroyed, but the soulstones used to make it are unharmed. This is in addition to the normal effects of making an
area Quiessencent.

Return to Slumber
Practice: Perfecting
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Composure + Gnosis reflexively
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

This spell summons forth the Abyss, reinfusing it into a mortal that has slipped the bonds of Slumber but is not yet Awake. They
resist with Resolve + Gnosis. If the spell is successful, they cease being Sleepwalkers, returning to Sleep and counting as
Sleepers for all pertient reasons. Over the next several minutes, and until the spell's Duration ends, they also forget the truth of
Magic, although not their associations with any Mages they may know.

It requires Abyss 5 to return a Mage to Slumber.

Sail the Starless Ocean

Practice: Weaving
Action: Extended
Duration: Transitory
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana

Tears open a wound in the Fallen World, a portal leading directly to the Abyss. Travelling their bodily, the Mage finds themselves
engulfed in impenetrable darkness, a void so complete and oppressive as to smother away sanity and hope and faith.

The connection between the Abyss and the Fallen World is highly erratic; the non-space of the Abyss can make some journies
far faster than they would otherwise be, and others far longer. Make an extended Intelligence + Occult roll, for a target of 5
successes. The first roll represents only a second in the Void; the second a minute, the third an hour, the fourth a day, the fifth a
month, and so on. It is impossible to tell time in the Void, nor do those in it require food or rest. These rolls must be made before
returning to Creation, regardless of where in Creation the Mage wants to return to.

Any magic used in the Void is treated as being Vulgar with Witnesses, and the Paradox Pool is rolled with the 8-again property.
Ironically, however, it is far easier to sense the Supernal realms from the Abyss; double the base casting roll.

Spirits of the Abyss, such as the Acamoth or those summoned by a five success Paradox Backlash, frequent the Abyss, and
many will be drawn to the light and life of any Mages that tresspass that blackness.

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Abyss3 - Wod

Command Spectre
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resistance reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Issues a single, simple command per success to an Abyssal Spirit.

Shadow the Road

Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant and contested; subtract target's Composure.
Duration: Special
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Shadow the Road makes it more difficult for other Mages to use their magic, twisting the connection they have to the Supernal.
For a number of spells equal to the successes rolled on Shadow the Road, the target loses a number of dice from any attempt
they make at performing magic by your Abyss rating.

Chart a Sunless Course

Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana

Strengthens a target's connection to the Supernal, thinning the Abyss that lays between the Fallen and mystic realms. For a
number of spells equal to the successes rolled on Chart a Sunless Course, the target gains a number of dice from any attempt
they make at performing magic by your Abyss rating.

Beckon the Eldest Gods

Practice: Weaving
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resistance reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Summons an Abyssal Spectre of any rank, known or unknown, to the Mage. Such entities are always massively resentful of being
pulled into the presence of the Fallen World, and the summoning Mage is frequently the closest and easiest target at hand to vent
that frustration.

(Author's Note: I didn't feel like formally writing the rest of the Spirit analogs; treat Abyss as Spirit for dealing with Abyssal

Shatter the Mind

Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Composure + Gnosis reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana

If successfully cast, the target is left with a Derangement of the Storyteller's choice. Shatter the Mind may also be used reflexively
if you are aware that you are the target of a spell; if successful, your opponent is at -2 to resist.

With Abyss 4, you may chose which Derangement to inflict.

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Abyss3 - Wod

Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Instant
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

If the target has the oppurtunity to engage in their Vice, they must pay Successes in Willpower to not do so.

Blind the Higher Purpose

Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Vulger
Cost: None

The target regains no Willpower by fulfilling their Virtue while afflicted by Blind the Higher Purpose.

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Abyss4 - Wod

Abyss4 [edit this page]

Adept of the Abyss

"As Sleepers are to the Awakened, so are the Awakened to me. I know the truth behind the lie, and see my way clearly to the far
shores of the Supernal. Spirits of the Abyss accept me as their own, and I accept them as mine- or twist their immaterial flesh to
better suit my need. My magic is untainted by Paradox, while that of my enemies twists and falters without fail, leaving them
burned and their world twisted. The Void consumes all, as I direct it."

Bind the Angel of the Void

Practice: Patterning
Action: Extended (target number = Spectre's Rank) and contested. Target rolls Resistance reflexively.
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Binds an Abyssal Spectre, as with the Spirit effect Bind Spirit (pg 251)

Create Anomaly
Practice: Patterning
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Creates an Anomaly (as per pg 271). You chose which Realm is most strongly represented in the Anomaly, and describe the
general form it takes.

Feed Pride
Practice: Unraveling
Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Vulger
Cost: None

The target suffers a penelty equal to the successes rolled for any check to maintain Wisdom while afflicted by Feed Pride, and
checks for derangements with a -2 penelty.

Brand of the Abyss

Practice: Unraveling
Action: Extended (target number = target's Wisdom) and contested; target rolls Composure + Gnosis reflexively
Duration: Special
Aspect: Vulger
Cost: None

Afflicts a target with a Brand (as per page 272). The Mage is afflicted by the most powerful Brand they could normally incur (as in,
based upon their highest Arcanum), and lasts as long as it normally would (based upon their Wisdom).

Consume the Fallen World

Practice: Unravelling
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Tear open a gate to the Abyss, letting the Void fly forth into the world. It's acidic touch slowly dissolves anything it lands upon. In
full sunlight, the darkness summoned forth lasts for only one turn; otherwise, it lasts a number of turns equal to your successes.
Each turn it deals your Abyss in bashing damage to anyone it was directed at, or who comes in contact with it. If directed against
a solid object, it ignore Hardness and dissolve your Abyss in Durability each turn.

With Abyss 5, Consume the Fallen World deals lethal damage, dealing twice your Abyss in damage to objects.

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Abyss4 - Wod

Cleanse the Abyss

Practice: Patterning
Action: Instant and resisted; subtract target's Composure
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Remove one Paradox-inflicted flaw from the target. It may be used to undo the link between an Abyssal Spectre and the Mage, if
they summoned one forth, but it does not banish the spirit directly. Alternatively, Cleanse the Abyss can removes the Resistant
aspect of damage taken suppressing Paradox flaws, although it does not heal the damage so inflicted. It thus becomes possible
to use Pattern Restoration or Life Magic to heal such injuries. One point of Resistant damage is made normal or one Paradox
flaw removed per success.

Entry to the Tartarian Sea

Practice: Patterning
Action: Instant; (if used as an attack, resisted by target's Defense)
Duration: Transitory
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Creates a gateway in a fixed location in the Fallen World that leads to the Abyss. Mages (or worse, Sleepers) that stumble into
such a gate may easily find themselves trapped in the Abyss, as they will likely have only one chance to make the Intelligence +
Occult roll to find the gate they entered in, and have no other means of escaping.

Entry to the Tartarian Sea may be used to allow you to usher several people into the Abyss, or to try and trap another within the
infinite black. If used offensively, the target resists with their Defense.

Walk Without Fear

Practice: Patterning
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Allows the Mage to immediately reach anywhere else in Creation, or to walk the Astral Realms in the flesh, from the Abyss. They
may also approach the borderlands of the Supernal, and clearly see the Watchtowers gleaming through the infinite blackness.
Drawing so close triples their pool for any magical effect.

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Abyss5 - Wod

Abyss5 [edit this page]

Master of the Abyss

"In hubris did Mages cast down the Gods. They did not die; they have slept long ages in the darkness beyond time and space.
That which has risen may fall, and that which has fallen may rise again, and when it rises, it shall do so as I command. I call forth
the Abyss as a man calls a dog, and I abase myself before it's obsidian majesty. It is the prison of humanity and my home, and I
stride it's endless lengths as a prince. Tis better to Rule in the Void than to Serve in the Supernal."

Forge Ruin
Practice: Making
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

Transforms an area into a Ruin. Within a Ruin, treat all magical effects as if they were cast within the Abyss, without any of the
benefits. Namely, any magic used in the Void is treated as being Vulgar with Witnesses, and the Paradox Pool is rolled with the
8-again property.

Tread the Supernal

Practice: Making
Action: Special
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Having ultimate mastery of the Void, you may at least attempt to reach the far shore of the Supernal and, as Mages did once
before, tread the realms of pure magic in the flesh.

Such an effort is fraught with danger, as it entails crossing the infinite breadth of the Abyss. It requires the Mage first cast Walk
Without Fear to reach the border between the Abyss and the Supernal. It then requires 50 successes, rather than 5, on the
prolonged Intelligence + Occult roll to navigate the Abyss. It is this ultimate lure that tempts many otherwise good Mages into
studying Abyssal magic, as it provides a shortcut around the dangers of building a second Silver Ladder.

It is unknown if a Mage who reaches the Supernal can return, or if they simply chose not to. What is certain is that nothing has
been seen or heard from again of the few Mages that have made the effort.

Darken Soul
Practice: Unmaking
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana

Either kills a Sleeper, or permanently prevents them from ever Awakening.

With Archmastery of the Abyss, it may be possible to use Darken Soul on the Awakened. Anyone may learn Abyssal Arcanum

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Bibliophagi - Wod

Bibliophagi [edit this page]

The search for secret knowledge is rarely an altruistic act. More often than not, people seek understanding not for others’ benefit,
but for a petty increase in their own power. As people entrenched in the pursuit of arcane secrets, mages understand the
selfishness of learning better than most. From this obsession with controlling and jealously guarding all knowledge, from the
darkness under the light of self-centered enlightenment, the Bibliophagi were created.

The origin of this peculiar legacy is unclear. They aren’t actively Abyssal or under the influence of the Exarchs—at least, not any
more than anyone else. But they are still very much a left-handed legacy, for one reason: The Bibliophagi practice the ritual
consumption of books. Their presence has heralded the destruction of countless precious libraries. Once one of their kind
makes a meal out of a unique grimoire or ancient text, the knowledge is lost forever; only the Bibliophage herself has access to it.

Unfortunately, the Book Eaters are not as uncommon as the majority of mage society would hope. Supernal power empowers will
and mystic awareness, but the taste of secrets offered by the Orders is often not enough. Greed is a human failing, and if nothing
else, mages are humans with the ability to force their selfishness upon the world.

Nickname: Book Eaters

Parent Path or Order: Obrimos/Mysterium

1st Attainment: Lesser Consumption

Requirements: Gnosis 3, Mind 2
The Bibliophage can rip pages from a book and eat them, gaining perfect knowledge of its contents. This information can be
recalled at will, even perfectly recited, as if the mage had photographic memory. Of course, just because the mage eats an
original copy of “The Three Musketeers” doesn’t mean that she will suddenly understand French; there is a difference between
knowing and understanding.
Optional Arcanum: Prime 2
The mage can also “taste” the presence of all who have read the book, their identities like different flavors on each consumed
page. In the case of mages, only their Shadow Name can be revealed, but that is often more than enough.

2nd Attainment: The Gourmand's Wrath

Requirements: Gnosis 5, Mind 3
This attainment allows the Bibliophage to weaken their enemies by eating that person’s writing. The text must be formal in some
sense; a scribbled napkin simply won’t do. If this is done from a distance, then Space 2 has to be used separately to establish a
sympathetic connection to the target (not hard to do, since the mage has something they wrote). This inflicts bashing damage, or
selective amnesia for a number of days equal to the Mind Arcanum rating.
Optional Arcanum: Prime 3
The Bibliophage can also consume a person’s mana in the above fashion.

3rd Attainment: Greater Consumption

Requirements: Gnosis 7, Mind 4
Now the Bibliophage is capable of applying knowledge gained from a book, if only for a short time. She can allocate extra dots to
her skills equal to her rating in the Mind Arcanum, which fade after a scene. The same knowledge cannot be applied more than
twice a day, and the Bibliophage can only draw this power from her internal library of eaten books.
Optional Arcanum: Prime 4
If she so chooses, the Bibliophage can siphon mana from the pages of particularly resonant or powerful works, such as grimoires
and one-of-a-kind masterpieces. She eats the book as normal, but receives the book’s level in merit dots as points of mana. The
downside is that this form of consumption completely destroys the work, even for the Bibliophage herself.

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