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1 Introduction
2 On the Nature of Madness and Science
3 Genius--How it is Gained, Developed and Used
4 The Hyperbolic Hypothesis
5 Madness--The Barometer of the Brain
6 The Care and Feeding of Laboratories
7 Aptitudes (Intrinsic Splat)
7.1 Academies (Scientific Disciplines)
7.2 Societies and Collegiums
7.3 Antagonists


On the Nature of Madness and Science

Genius--How it is Gained, Developed and Used

The Hyperbolic Hypothesis

Madness--The Barometer of the Brain

The Care and Feeding of Laboratories

Aptitudes (Intrinsic Splat)

The 'Pallid Student of the Forbidden Arts" type, pale and twitchy prone to bouts of ranting and easily recognized for what he is.
Typical weakness is that his work tends to rebound against him, either directly as an uncontrollable creature or as dangerous side
effect, and they are prone toward Derangements that come on suddenly, but pass like fevers if the scientist is supported by
loved ones or other "normal" colleagues/companions.

The Scarred by Science type, the typical "ugly" Splat. Rendered monstrous by their own experiments, they now work to make the
world as ugly as they are themselves. Mad in a persistent "I will destroy those who laughed at me!" kind of way. They have the
standard Nosferatu style Social limitations.

The Kindly Neighborhood Doctor, who secretly conducts awful experiments in his basement or secluded clinic. Not recognizable
as "Mad" or even dangerous, this lot can work right in the midst of normal humanity. Their Derangements are subtle or come in
concealable fits at predictable times or situations. Their weakness is the "Dark Secret" of their true nature, which if revealed will
turn neighbors and co-workers against them in an angry mob.

The Emperor of Science! With intellects far beyond mere mortals and egos to match, these imperious Prodigies have always
been dedicated to the rarified heights of "Pure Science" and have little Social finesse and even less concern for the opinions of
their inferiors. They snap comands with calm certainty that they will be obeyed, and usually are. (kind of a bonus to Intimidation or
Persuasion rolls, but only as commands). Their madness is evident in their towering egos and separation from normal humanity.

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Mad Scientist: The Experiment - Wod

The Wacky Thinker and Tinkerer. ("Fish Malk" alert! Those with strong objections to wacky, deliberately quirky characters should
take appropriate precautions!) Often pleasant, if baffling, these are the obviously mad "eccentrics" who persue their personal
visions despite the consternation and condemnation of the general public. They have trouble relating to normal thought
processes and normal folks can only barely understand them at all.

Academies (Scientific Disciplines)

Svengali--psychology, hypnosis, mind control, behavioral sciences.
Rotwang--robotics, cybernetics, mechanical monsters.
Gogol--surgery, transplants, body modifications of human beings.
Moreau--biology, zoology, hybridizations, mutations etc.
Jekyll--chemistry, serums, pharmacology.

Societies and Collegiums

The Board of Review
The Forum
Peer Reviews
Conventions and Colloquiums

The Lost Academies
The Plagiarists
The Suits
Uncanny Creations

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