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Microsoft .Net
Developer Accreditation Program

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This brochure provides a high level description of the Microsoft .net Developer Accreditation
Program offered by Lightning Minds Inc. This course is specially designed to address the needs
of IT consultant who would like to pursue their career as Microsoft .net Developers.


 Basics in Computer Science  .net Developer
 Good Problem Solving Skills  SQL Server Developer


 Microsoft Certified Web Developer
 Microsoft Certified Applications Developer
 Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

 Independent Consultants  Classroom
 IT Consulting Companies  Online (Web & Audio Conference)
 On-Site at your facility **

For any questions regarding the training, fees structure or any other career opportunities, contact

(540) 687-1974
MODULE 1: Introduction to OOPS and C# Language Fundamentals
Overview: This module starts with basic concepts of OOPS and walks you
through the fundamentals of .net Platform and C# Language
Duration 15 Hours
Contents .net Platform and Introduction to C#
C# Language Fundamentals
Introduction to OOPS using C#
Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Introduction to Assembly based programming
Introduction to Generics and Advantages
Introduction to Delegates and Events in C#

Hands On  Console Applications using C#

 Building Class Libraries in C#
 Referencing DLL’s and Code re-use in .net Framework
 Examples of Language Agnostic Nature of .Net
Tools C# Language Console Applications using Visual Studio IDE

This module starts with fundamentals of OOPS and .net Platform. This will be a good start for a
beginner to jump start into OOPS using C# language and know more intrinsic details on using
Visual Studio IDE and building console applications and Class Libraries in C#.
MODULE 2: SQL Server 2005 and T-SQL Programming
Overview: This module starts with fundamentals of Database Objects and talks
deeper into SQL for SQL server
Duration 10 Hours
Contents Database Objects
 Tables , Views , Synonyms, Sequences, Materialized Views ,
Indexes , Clusters
 DDL, and DML
 Various forms of Select queries and various clauses in SQL Queries
(Group by, Having etc.
 Various forms of Insert, Update & Delete (Insert with Select ,
Update with Select , Delete with Select etc)
 Constraints
 Stored Procedures
 Functions (Simple, Aggregate, Analytical)
 Advanced T-SQL in SQL Server
Brief introduction to Normalization
SQL Tuning
 Indexes and Efficient Usage
 High overview of Query Execution Plans
 Very Brief introduction to Transactions in SQL Server
Hands On  Comprehensive exercise on SQL & Database Objects
 Hands on SQL Tuning
Tools SQL Server 2005 Database and Management Studio

This module briefs various SQL server database objects and talks about usage, pros and cons of
each object
The comprehensive exercises in SQL gives you immense hands on in SQL and prepares to you
produce complex queries for clients. It also gets you a start into SQL tuning.
By discussing best practices in SQL, This module grooms you into more sophisticated SQL
Overview: This module covers in depth essentials of Web Development using
Duration 25 Hours
Contents  Introduction to HTML/XML
 n-tier Architecture and Advantages
 Advantages of 3-tier Architecture and Code re-usability in 3-tier

 Introduction to and ASP worker Process

Simple Web Forms in ASP.Net
 Building simple Web Forms
 Performing validation of Web Forms
 Concept of Code Behind and it’s Advantages

State Maintenance in WEB Development

 Why Web is Stateless and Concept of Post Back
 State Maintenance at Page level(Concept of Viewstate)
 Brief introduction to Cookies
 Session and Application state Maintenance
User Controls
 Introduction to Composite User Controls(.ascx files)
 Custom Control development and deployment in GAC
 Introduction to ADO.Net
 Data Reader and Introduction to Datasets
 Binding Data to Web Controls
 Introduction to GridView/DataList Controls
Building and Transferring Custom entities
 Datasets –Advantages and Disadvantages

 Efficient way of passing Data between tiers-Building Custom

Entities and XML Serializable objects

Securing Web Applications

 Authentication and Authorization

 Form based Authentication

 Windows based Authentication

Web Services
 . net XML Web services and Platform agnostic Nature

 Creating and Consuming Web Services using Visual Studio IDE

Hands On  Comprehensive exercises in ASP.Net
 Full cycle project using 3 tiers of a typical Web Development
Tools, C#, IIS, Visual Studio IDE and SQL Server

This module gives the trainee an in-depth understanding of web development and
worker process. This module also introduces creating and consuming Web services in Visual
Studio IDE.
The full cycle project gives the trainee an excellent hands on experience in 3-tier web development.