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World War II

Nate Aviles
I. Event history
A. Who
B. What
C. When
D. Where
E. Why
F. How
II. Global effect of the event
III. Effect of the event specifically upon the U.S. then
IV. Current effect of the event
A. Upon world
B. Upon U.S.
V. Future ramifications-proposed
A. For world
B. For U.S.
VI. Morality
A. Moral issues within the event
B. A Christians/Biblical response
C. What does scripture say?
VII. Personal effect
A. How does this affect you?
B. How can you purpose to carry out God’s will and truth in your lifetime?
World War II was a time of cruelty and hatred. Hitler killed off two-thirds of the
Jews in Germany. The Jews were discriminated solely because of their religion.
(Gottfried 22) People just told Hitler what he wanted to hear even if they themselves
didn’t believe in what they were saying. (Gottfried 17) Hitler truly was one of the cruelest
people on Earth. World War II: cold, dark, depressing.
The main countries involved in World War II were: Germany, Italy, Japan,
Austria, Poland, Russia, France, and Britain. (Gottfried 24) Hitler was the main face of
Germany. Hitler had a lot of power, and he restricted the Jews very much. The only way
they could find work was to become merchants and shopkeepers. (Gottfried 23) Hitler
had a love for art, but he didn’t show his artsy side while killing thousands of Jews during
the Holocaust. (Gottfried 34) The Jews were forced to live together in neighborhoods
called ghettos. (Gottfried 23) Hitler was a violent aggressive person; he attacked,
attacked, attacked and never gave up. (Gottfried 56) Hitler killed any and all who didn’t
measure up to the Nazi standard. (Gottfried 55) Persecution of the Jews began in 1933.
(Gottfried 56) July 26, 1933, Hitler began killing anyone who did not measure up to the
standard. (Gottfried 55)
Germans lived in wealth. April 1, 1933, billboards went up all over Germany
saying not to buy from the Jews. (Gottfried 67) Krupp, a private arms dealer supplied
Germany with weapons and helped them win the war. (Gottfried 62) A reason the
Germans killed and enslaved Jews was because they thought of themselves as Aryans and
therefore they thought they were better than the Jews. (Gottfried 64) Hitler killed gypsies
as well as Jews. (Gottfried 82)
Jews were discriminated against extremely harshly. The Holocaust went from
1941-1945. (World War II) During the Holocaust any Jew that couldn’t pay mortgages
were sent to places called shantytowns; they lived in houses made of crates and scrap
metal. (Bodden 6) People who couldn’t pay mortgages went on strike. (Bodden 6) Many
people blamed their problems on the government. (Bodden 8) People were drafted and
farmers forced to work for the government; this was their only source of money. (Bodden
11) Germany’s government was in debt to a lot of people in 1932, on top of that, forty
percent of Germany was unemployed. (Bodden 12)
Many people were sent to the Nazi concentration camps. November 10, 1938,
30,000 men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. (Bodden 17) People in the
concentration camps included: Communists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma, homosexuals
and Jews. (Bodden 18-19) The lucky ones at concentration camps got to work twelve-
hour shifts with minimal food. (Bodden 31) The Jews that survived lost fifty to sixty
percent of their body weight. (Bodden 35)
World War II was a harsh and expensive war. World War II was the most costly
war in history. (Marshall 6) People spent more money on the war than anything else.
(Stein 4) An estimated fifty-five million people died, imagine how much money it took to
kill that many people. (Marshall 7) The start of World War II was when Germany
invaded Poland. (Bodden 19) During the war the U.S.’s big, bulky, money consuming
warships made the easiest targets. (Stein 17)
The Holocaust killed Jews, gypsies, and anyone involved with them. The
Holocaust forced the Jews to go into hiding in: stables, attics, caverns, and closets.
(Bodden 25) Many Jews died as well as anyone who stood up for them. (Bodden 12)
Nobody did anything about the killing of the Jews, because nobody cared about the Jews.
(Gottfried 22)
World War II affected the entire world. One global effect was when the stock
market crashed, it crushed many worldwide economies. (World War II) The war even
affected Navajo Indians because the U.S. needed a complicated code, and the Navajo
language is a very complex language. (Did You Know…) December 7, 1941, Pearl
Harbor was bombed.
World War II especially affected the U.S., and we played a major role in
defeating Germany. The Holocaust affected the U.S. because our country loves all
people; the U.S. has many immigrant Americans, so we joined the war and stood for the
Jews. (World War II) The U.S. joined forces with Europe and helped them out
tremendously. (Bodden 31) Joining forces with Europe also helped to end the depressions
in both our country and Europe. (Bodden 31)
The effects of the Holocaust and World War II are still felt today. Jews have a
history of how God brought them out of the Holocaust and all that hardship. (Bodden 31)
Just like how the Israelites were brought out of Egypt.
There are effects of the Holocaust now and possibly in the future. During the war
Jews were restricted from certain stores, restaurants, and general businesses. (Bodden 16)
Now the Jews are accepted and free in the U.S. (Bodden 16) November 9-10, 1938,
Jewish shops were looted, trashed, and burned. (Bodden 16) During the war bank notes
became more useful as toys than as real money. (Bodden 13) Now the depression is over,
and money is quite valuable and might become even more valuable in the future.
(Bodden 13) In the future we might have another depression, because the U.S. is trillions
of dollars in debt.
Hitler and his administration were dark and corrupt. Hitler was full of himself,
when he was a leader he called himself the sole leader so that he was the best of all.
(Bodden 15) Hitler had many issues, but it was mostly built up hatred, which he took out
on the Jews. (Bodden 17) Hitler’s actions were uncalled for because not long before the
war, he signed the Treaty of Versailles. (Gottfried 61) He broke this treaty several times
during the war. (Gottfried 61) Nazis forced Jews to dig their own graves with their bare
hands. (Bodden 25) Many Nazis in their free time went on random killing frenzies.
(Bodden 23)
World War II showed me how God really can bring us out of terrible situations.
Esther 9:5 says the Jews struck down anyone who hated them with a sword. I wish the
Jews kept this mentality because they could have fought back against Hitler. Maybe so
many of them wouldn’t have died. Even though Jews hated Samaritans Jesus bridged that
gap. I wish there would have been someone in the Nazi party to bridge the gap between
Nazis and Jews. 1 Timothy 6:8 says elder Jews were honored. So if younger Jews
sacrificed themselves that means they actually helped the Nazis kill children. Titus 8:11
says the king persecuted Jews, so Hitler wasn’t the only one who hated Jews.
I think it is important that we follow Christ’s example. My response to the
Holocaust is: you shouldn’t kill someone just because you can and don’t like them. Jesus
was the savior of all time and he was a Jew and his followers were Jews, so Hitler killed
the people who were already going to heaven. He basically just sped up the process of
them meeting their maker. Hitler actually helped the Jews. Sometimes it’s hard to love all
people, but we should pray about it and not try to wipe out anyone of the Jewish faith. I
hope something as bad as this never happens again. A quote I try to live by is, “Never
fight or intend to hurt someone”. Acts 12:3 says that King Herod persecuted Christians
and the Jews enjoyed it. So the Holocaust may have been slightly allowed by God. It
possibly could have been a punishment of their ancestors. Although I think the Jews were
good-hearted people their ancestors were not. I hope that while the Jews were being
persecuted the Christians were not enjoying it because that means Christians might go
through another time of persecution, however I highly doubt that Jesus will allow
something like that to happen again.
Something I think we can learn from World War II is that, though everyone was
fighting for different reasons they all reached the same end: Germany’s defeat. The only
reason Germany defeated all of those other enemies was because they were unprepared.
A lesson I think we can live out in out lives is to talk to someone if you have a problem
with them. I hope that nothing even remotely similar to this ever happens again.

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