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Pride's Weapon Theory - Written by Cat

This is my theory as to Pride's power/ability. Since we were never shown one in the actual BBI
game, I decided to just come up with one on my own. This is the theory on how it works. Feel free
to use this; I'm rather secretly hoping to start a fad. XD (Written April 18, 2006 - Refined/redone
May 6, 2006)


Pride: Ultimate Weapon (Just as Greed, for example, is the Ultimate Shield)

Ability: Uses energy from his stored Philosopher's Stones to create many types of weapons. His
expertise in these is always high, though it varies.

-Energy from the Philosopher's Stones maintains the shape, strength, and weight, and is returned
to him when he 'dismisses' them.
(This is merely deconstructing the energy and taking it back - Contact required.)
-The ability is broken into two parts; Collection of energy, then Manifesting the weapon. Both
parts happen very rapidly. Dismissing happens instantly.
(Large weapons can be created or dismissed in seconds, for example.)
-Collection happens wherever Pride wills it, in mid-air for example, and manifests there as well.
Once manifested, the weapon is subject to gravity.
(Pride can not manifest weapons too far from his body, his range is roughly a few meters.)

Pride's Preferred Weapons:

Kill-star (FMA's version of a Shuriken, or Ninja star)
Long-sword (long, thin, gently curved. Pretty much a Katana)
Scythe (the one we see him holding in the official BBI sketches - inspired my fan-ability for him)
Long-dagger (foot-long and wide as two fingers)

Note: Pride's ability is based on his "given" knowledge of weapons. Where this knowledge came
from isn't known. Because of this, Pride can only really do weapons, though the ability to manifest
other things technically is possible if he learned how to. This gets kinda fun when one thinks of
hand-cuffs. XD
Note: Collection, Manifestation, and Dismissing is called the Cycle of Formation. I relate this to
Understanding, Deconstruction, and Reconstruction (Principle of Alchemy).
Note: Pride doesn't use guns. There's no sort of pride at being able to merely point-and-kill, and
Pride is all about skill.
Note: Pride travels light, and doesn't share his weapons. Keeping weapons manifested is not
Note: It doesn't take much energy to create the weapons. A handful of souls or so, a drop in the
sea considering how many souls make up his stored stones.
Note: Manifesting a shuriken in someone's heart is a pretty fun way to kill someone, though he'd
have to be close to them (wink). Again though, this isn't a very "prideful' way to take someone out,
but Pride does use this ability every once in a while.

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