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The evil US is the greatest manipulator on Earth today and

the reasons are not hard to find. Among them are the desire
of the US to utterly dominate the world, hog the resources
of the planet and live off the hard work and sweat of other
nations. The US also very much likes to see the whole world
transform into one blended representation or form of a fully
synthesised and very completely artificial pseudo-progressive
sociocultural puree. The future is going to be full of stink.
Be very careful and alert now.
The US has manipulated and continues to manipulate the world
in almost every conceivable field or arena. Listed below are
merely a small handful of them.
1) the global media
2) the global market & domination of Internet commerce
3) global finance & corruption & horse-trading
4) the global society
5) independence and credibility of sovereign nations
6) the global history of the world
7) global military balance
8) global food resources and future of humanity
9) space exploration
10) global health
11) global instability and nurturing of terror
12) global warming
13) the UN
14) Regime Change & Illegal Black Ops
15) Cultural Imperialism, Subversion & Substitution
The US is very, very evil in always wanting to unceasingly
manipulate the world media to solidify its grip on all of
us and to spread all kinds of wickedness and immoralities.
Its minions are always churning out lies and half-truths.
At the same time, the US has harassed, kidnapped, arrested,
jailed, injured and killed many media people known to belong
to the 'other side of the fence'. What unremitting hypocrites.
The US has very insidiously and very utterly cornered the
global market and even the new 'Internet commerce'. The
US is simply full of manipulators who arrange and manipulate
prices, supply, availabiilty, scarcity and flow of all goods
and materials. Even the Internet is secretly controlled by
the US and their minions.
The US is fully in charge of global finance. Banks, funds,
financial consultancies, world financial bodies and policies
are fully controlled by the cankerous 'world experts' in the
cities of Washington and New York. This is why these 'experts'
can fully get away with their frighteningly enormous deficits
and even murder.
The US has big grandiose plans for its so-called 'new world
order'. This 'order' incorporates the grouping of all its
allies or supporters together to fight the next 'enemy'. As
the old USSR has disappeared, the next enemy could be anyone.
The evil snakes in Washington only want one empire, the NATO
Empire. As such, the global society of the future will be
fully dominated by the evil empire headed by Washington.
The US has seized control of the UN world body and is using
it to tear other countries apart. Sanctions and other criminal
moves by the US have been given full legitimacy. Crippling
the economies of other countries and starving their people
are totally acceptable. The other powers have begun to look
like a bunch of fools.
The US and its academicians and its media have tried to rewrite
human history and present it the way they prefer to remember it.
Many inaccuracies and allegations have been turned into facts.
Even the president said in passing that the compass was invented
in the Middle East. Others still claim that noodles was invented
in Europe. And the list goes on and on.
Today, the US military machine is the most terrifying in the
world. It has the power and ability to plunder and destroy
several places around the world simultaneously. Many countries
are on its secret hit list. At the same time, the US military
is always whining about the size of other people's defence units
while busily issuing threats against weak ones. It has become
very well known for its great affinity for civilian blood.
The US has a very sinister vision for the future of the world.
It wants other countries to depend on the West for their food
so that the US imperialists could easily use food as a weapon
for use in political blackmail. The West heavily subsidises
their farmers, yet always claims that others are using illegal
government aid. Famines could become widespread in the future
as a result of the sinister moves by the US and its minions.
The US has actively sought to have full control of outer space.
It has tried to interfere in the work of other space agencies
and has not hesitated to impose rules and conditions that are
totally political in nature for space exploration. It has in
the past insisted on visits to places that did not actually
welcome them at all. They were only interested in opportunites
that allow them to size up other people's capabilities.
The US is responsible for spreading or growing some of the most
debilitating and dangerous diseases on the planet. HIV, AIDS,
Legionnaires' disease, herpes and many, many others are on the
list of such deadly diseases.
The US is also responsible for dividing the world into two or
more opposing camps. One camp is for the US and its minions
and the other is for those who are regarded as people fit for
target practice and little else. This stance by the US has
resulted in a lot of people all over the world becoming experts
in the art of bomb-making. There is simply no hope of any peace
emerging in the Mid-East or even in south Asia because of the
fondness of the US to deal in doubletalk and double-dealing.
The US has tried to live the good life at the total expense of
other societies. It is the top consumer of so many things, but
it is always ready to put full blame on others. The US is very
responsible for the mess the world is in today. Still, it has
boldly tried to shift the blame onto others.
The UN today has been transformed into a running dog of the US
government. Nations everywhere are being asked to contribute
this and that for all kinds of situations. Many, if not all of
these situations were the direct result of US and Western policies.
The UN has come completely under the thumb of the US devils.
The US has very illegally tried to change the political picture
in many, many places around the world. It has employed all kinds
of tactics and methods that included bribery, assassinations,
bombings and violent sabotage plus shamelessly dealing in double
standards and highly unrelenting and very suffocating hypocrisy.
It has often used poisonous propaganda to stir up unrests in a
lot of countries hounded or stricken by ignorance and poverty.
The US has tried to impose its culture, lifestyles and social
habits on other societies. It has even tried to export beef
contaminated with BSE to other countries while making noises
about the food eaten by other nations. The US has also tried
to force other societies and countries to live the decadent
and rotting lifestyles so abundant in the West. The result is
widespread and huge increases in criminal activities everywhere.
People are involved in all kinds of illegal activites today.
Drug smugglers, human traffickers and murderers are having
the time of their lives. No better example of this situation
can be found other than the one at the US border with Mexico.
Thus it is no surprise that tens of thousands of foreigners
are now rotting in US jails. This situation in the US has
greatly inspired other nations to allow the free flow of
criminals across their borders. Law-abiding societies all
over the world are being slowly subverted and annihilated
by crime inspired by the US politicians and the US Hollywood.
The US is certainly the greatest manipulator on our Earth and
also the mother of all immorality and wickedness. Those who
cooperate, worship or sleep in the same bed as the US are in
danger of drowning in its great lust for all things wicked.
The greatest manipulator on Earth is also the big Queen of lust
and the unsurpassed world corrupter of all times.
We must now be fully ready to send this evil entity to Hell !!!
Are you ready ? ? ?

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