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Z Wang

Period 6

The Hunter
It was a clear sunny morning at Safehaven Middle School. A faint grey line of cirrus

clouds patrolled the sky, suspiciously watching the blank cement campus below, as if they knew

the events about to unfold. The scent of sweat and eraser leftovers lingered from the day before.

Golyath “Cheatah” Faust strolled along, passing the cold rusty iron “gates of safety”,

playing out in his mind the day’s plan; planning who he was going to visit at what time.

You see, Golyath Faust controlled every smart kid in the school. Why? Like most other

teens, homework is all Greek to him, so he preferred copying answers. Today he needed answers

for Math, Biology, US History, and his elective report. Unfortunately, there were no catalogued

nerds in his new elective, yet. Jotting down a mental note, he collected the papers for his other

classes with the usual ease; nothing new there. A soaring black crow cawed above a shadowed

forest. Below, a hunter looked at his catch so far, a heap of fur and flesh, composed mainly of

rabbits, rodents, and birds of sorts; but he wasn’t satisfied yet. The day went by normally. At last

it was time for the break before his elective. From experience, Golyath knew that his “clients”

usually came a couple minutes before class starts, so with left with two minutes left. He smiled

when he saw a short skinny 6th grader waiting. The hunter spotted the doe, drinking from a small

creek. “Hey dude!” Golyath ordered impertinently with an air of superiority, “Who’re you?”

The kid replied quietly, “Claudis”.

“So hey, baby Santa, did you do the report?”

“Duh, who didn’t? It’s due today,” Claudis said with a hint of annoyance, rolling his eyes.

Golyath got straight to the point, “Can I see it?”

“Why do you need to see it?”

“’Cause I need to copy it, why else? Jeez, and you’re supposed to be smart.”

“Well, I don’t let bullies copy my answers, you −− you, you bully!” Claudis shot back.

A slight crunch of dry leaves alerted the doe at once. Golyath chuckled without smiling.

“Hmm…” he started cracking his knuckles and stretching his neck, “Well, that’s a problem. Do

you know how I deal with problems, Santa?” he asked smiling, with a tone demanding deference.

Claudis’s started sweating, “Uh… I won’t let you bully me!” he cried indignantly.

Golyath rolled up his sleeves, flexing for show. The hunter showed no emotion as he

loaded the wooden arrow into position and took aim breathlessly; the only sound was the

whispering of the ferns and oaks surrounding the arena, betting each other on who would win.

Golyath knew these as signs of weakness, and started taking big steps forward, looming over

Claudis. The little child gulped, staring upwards. Suddenly, Golyath seized Claudis’s roller

backpack, lying on the wall beside them, and flung it open to reveal a compartment of color-

coded binders. Scanning them, he found one that said ELECTIVE. The hunter released the arrow.

It soared in a small arc, hitting the target at its rear thigh. The doe’s legs buckled under its own

weight; the hunter notched another arrow. Claudis sprung into action, squeaking, “Hey!”

The little boy threw himself at his backpack, trying to pry off Golyath’s strong hands, to

no avail. Golyath found the paper of answers, and ripped it off the rings. “Ha!” he gleamed.

With a yelp, Claudis pushed off the bully and ran towards a nearby counselor for aid. The

counselor blew hard on his whistle; and Claudis, with renewed energy, grabbed hold of the paper

and pulled. It ripped in half, and Claudis ran off wailing. The second arrow just clipped some fur,

and the doe escaped. The hunter stood up and showed a rare smile; knowing that no matter how

much the doe tries to escape, she will weaken, she will halt to a stop, and she will be his.

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