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This coming May 4 is the first anniversary of the Farah

massacre where at least 140 civilians were wiped out by

US B1 bombers deployed by NATO to obliterate three small
villages including one known by the name of Granai in the
district of Bala Buluk in the Afghan province of Farah.
This massacre occurred during Barack Obama's first year
as US leader. At least 93 of the dead were children. No
wonder 2009 was the bloodiest year for Afghan civilians.
The Farah massacre could be called Afghanistan's Guernica.
The B1 bomber is a strategic bomber very similar to the
B-52 but with supersonic flight capability and able to
deliver a deadly cargo of bombs against ground and other
surface targets. Just what kind of country would send
such bombers to kill innocent children ? ?
Are little children so dangerous to humans that you need
to use strategic bombers to neutralise them ? ?
The air attack by the US bombers was apparently triggered
by unconfirmed reports that a 'large number of Taliban'
had sneaked into Granai and other nearby villages to ask
the villagers for money and supplies. US forces initially
claimed that the attack killed scores of Taliban fighters
but villagers who survived the massacre claimed that the
Taliban had already left when the US bombers flew overhead
and bombed their homes. All those who died were civilians.
An Afghan government investigation team was sent after the
villagers staged a demonstration in Farah City to protest
the killings. The team documented the identities and ages
of the victims and reported that there were 140 fatalities
of which 93 were children. The other dead civilians were
22 adult males and 25 adult females.
A separate US investigation into the killings claimed that
only 26 civilians died in the air raid but did offer the
view that the raid should not have taken place. Later, US
officials admitted that errors were made and the actual
number of civilian casualties will never be known. Such
is the very casual and nonchalant response to the killings
of civilians in an embattled foreign country.
2009 was the worst year for the Afghan population and yet
Barack was so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in his almost
insane insistence to escalate the combat in Afghanistan.
Barack said that his proposed surge in US troop deployment
was to protect the Afghan people and to ensure that the
present (lousy) regime in Kabul would not be replaced by
hardcore repressive types, presumably the previous boss or
perhaps al-Qaeda. It would be unspeakably horrible.
In truth, the Afghan people have suffered very unspeakably
since the entry of US and NATO troops into their country.
They do not need any protection of the kind offered by Mr
Barack. Since 2001, scores and scores of innocent men, women
and chidren have lost their lives in many places due to the
'protective actions' of the US soldiers or the NATO force.
Exactly what type of protection is the kind mentioned by Mr
Barack ? ?
The Taliban never used fighter aircraft or even bombers to
kill civilians as the Afghan air force did not exist or was
no longer in existence when they were ruling the country.
But the US, NATO, ISAF and other forces in Afghanistan today
are constantly using Afghan civilians as target practice for
their military aeroplanes and combat helicopters. Who gave
them the right to do so ?
The actions of the US in Afghanistan are actually war crimes
but no one has stood up and asked for the pressing of charges
against the US government. Very strange indeed.
Thus the US government is now freely using Afghanistan as a
pawn in its grand strategic plan to dominate the world map
and also to provide excellent war training for its military.
The killings and massacres of Afghan civilians that occur
every now and then are merely a pesky but minor collateral
incidence. As far as Barack or the Pentagon is concerned,
the Afghan civilians were merely getting in the way while
US and NATO soldiers were busily carrying out their missions
and risking life and limb to 'protect' their country. Who
asked them to even breathe ?
The conduct of the US in Afghanistan today is nothing short
of criminal and the world must not become an accessory or
even an accomplice to the action of the US devils there. Sadly,
so many countries are still promising aid to the puppets in
Kabul and providing it legitimacy. These countries are really
aiding the killing sprees in Afghanistan. They are helping
the killers to carry out even more massacres against innocent
civilians. What a terrible shame.
The US is very extremely EVIL. It has clearly and very most
shamelessly downplayed the civilian casualties in Afghanistan
while so busily yakking about 'repressive' regimes. Who is
the one that is truly repressive ? ? It is the one who is
now doing all the killings and staging all the masasacres !!
And what's more, always brazenly trying to cover up all the
dastardly evil crimes.
The previous Taliban regime in Kabul was made up of mere
amateurs when compared to the very, very evil US presence
in Kabul today. The US are indeed the champion repressers.
To Hell with the US !!!! To Hell with them all.