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April 2010 - Volume 19 - Issue 7 - Sonoma Valley High School
Film Fest Baseball
reels in season in
talent full swing
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Signals Battaglini on deck for SVHS his wife, children, and par- with, but I bring a positive atti- cer and I traveled with the team. I
Film Fest Falls ents throughout the pro- tude, genuine caring, and genuine was always trying to keep it positive.”
Victim to Finances cess. His employment is in respect for other people.” Battaglini was raised in South
response to the recent re- Preceding his duty at Tomales San Francisco, and attended Sky-
The city of Sonoma is currently tirement of current SVHS High, Battaglini served as vice line Junior College, Santa Clara
in a financial hole over $80,000 principal Micaela Philpot. principal at Antioch High School University, San Jose State, and
deep. As a result, the City Council After a nationwide search on the Sacramento River Delta. Cal State Hayward. His jobs at
board found itself unable to grant amounting to countless While there, he not only gov- various educational institutions
the Sonoma Valley Film Festival hours of interviewing and erned a student population of over since then have led him to a home
the requested $14,400 and instead the paper screening of over 2,000, but also provided counsel- in Santa Rosa yet he plans to
voted 3-2 to compromise with a 50 candidates, the school ing. He is bilingual, with Spanish move his family to Sonoma.
sum of $9,500. The money was district found Battaglini as his second language. “It is important for me to be
removed from the funds of the at Tomales High School, more than just a part of the
Community Development Agen- only an hour’s drive west school. I need to be part of the
cy, which requires that it be spent to Marin County. Super- “I grew up a regular community. I need to be there to
strictly within the city’s redevel-
opment district. One of the fes-
intendent Louann Carlo-
magno hailed him as “the
kid. I played soccer support the village,” Battaglini
added, chuckling.
tival’s original screening venues perfect candidate.” and I traveled with He intends to immerse himself
at the Sonoma Valley Women’s In Tomales, Battaglini in student life during upcoming
Club was moved to the Commu- serves as principal over the team. I was always years, attending not only sport-
nity Center. Photo courtesy of Sonoma News an approximated student ing events, but extending his sup-
Dino Battaglini is SVHS’s new principal. body of 200. The transi-
trying to keep it port to clubs, ASB organizations,
Singing Silver tion to a campus housing positive.” dances, and many levels beyond.
SVHS’s choir, madrigals, Jazz- By Danny Maggioncalda a student body over seven “I know that the school faces
berries, and band, led by Ms. times larger may seem daunting. many challenges, but I don’t like
McElroy, departed from Sonoma In a sea of wide smiles and prodi- “It will be new for me,” com- Battaglini’s experience and to think of them as challenges.
on Apr. 7 to compete in the an- gious aspiration, the future of SVHS mented Battaglini, “but I’m al- skill will supplement his execu- I see them as opportunities for
nual Heritage Festival in New was solidified last Tues. evening at the ways ready to learn from whatever tive guidance over the school in everyone to work together and to
York, New York. Sixty-six SVHS SVUSD offices. avenues life may take me down. many ways. His appreciation of accomplish together. Everyone
students, accompanied by adult With a swoop of the pen, Dino I’m never in a position where I positivity, however, budded very has their strengths. And ulti-
chaperones, came away with Battaglini was confirmed as know everything that needs to be early on. mately, by putting them to their
straight silvers in every category. SVHS principal for the next three known. I’m not always ready for “I grew up a regular kid,” re- best use, we can achieve a whole
The group also saw Broadway school years. He was attended by every issue that needs to be dealt flected Battaglini. “I played soc- lot more.”
shows, visited Radio City Music
Hall, Times Square, Ellis Island,
and other world renowned sites
before wearily but happily return-
Farmer’s Market: Fresh food, fun times
ing home. By Hannah Horowitz for the entire community.”
“My favorite part was singing In response to police removing a
inside Riverside Church,” re- The reopening of the Farmer’s local woman at the first market, a
marked Teresa Moreno, senior. Market on the Plaza marks the be- “clown army” amassed to support
“I’d never been to New York ginning of bright flowers, warm their fellow Sonoma resident and
before, so I found it very eye- days, and blissful afternoons for to express dissatisfaction with
opening” added David DeSmet, many citizens of Sonoma. the way she was treated. With 76
senior. The market was ablaze with confirmed guests on Facebook
excitement and enthusiasm at and many more at the market,
SVHS shines at the first gathering of the year on, there was certainly no shortage of
Interact Camp Tues., Apr. 6. Despite recent con- individuals in costume.
troversy surrounding who would “I have rarely seen so many Photo by Hannah Horowitz
SVHS Interact Club members be in charge of the market, every- extraordinary people together so Juniors Krysta Young, Bella Baxter, and Alex Moore of leadership gather at the
ventured to the Redwood Alli- thing appeared happy, lively, and spontaneously joyful!” exclaimed Farmers’ Market to support the “Big Read.”
ance Campgrounds in Occidental program. The program will make its last
friendly as ever. Pattie Lagrange after the event.
to join twenty-two other Interact “We’ve selected Tom Sawyer for appearance on Apr. 20.
According to Jill Kirscher of Another recent development
Clubs of California on Apr. 10. For the kids to read in increments,” As usual, the market holds
Skin Dahrma, a booth selling is the “Big Read” booth, funded
the third consecutive year, SVHS says Tina Wolter, a volunteer of plenty of potential for the making
organic oils to promote healthy for by a grant from the Sonoma
carried home a plaque deeming Friends of the Sonoma Valley Li- of happy memories and a close
skin, the second market had an Valley Library. It is the National
them one of the top 3 clubs of the braries. “We thought we’d set up community.
equal if not better turnout. Endowments for Arts attempt to
twenty-two in attendance, thanks an event for the kids where they “I’ve been going to the Farmer’s
“I like how the whole town promoter eadinga mongc hildren.
to their outstanding service work, could do art, and with the help market since I can remember,”
comes out, from the babies to the “Big Read” project manager and
activites, and exceptional group of the SVHS leadership class we added Rosie Connors, junior.
grandparents,” voiced Kirscher. local photographer Steve Eichen-
presentation. have an area where younger kids “There’s so many things to see.
“It’s wonderful and very bonding laube donated his time to start the
can read and draw.” Plus, it’s just so fun.”
Opinion - Editorial

Pricey prom, is it worth it?

By Chelsea Rose Shiery Students save up for four years Prom King and Queen. the farthest? Most likely the girl with their memory.
preparing for the expenses of col- Nothing like a confidence boost the shortest, tightest dress. Prom isn’t So why not go to prom? There is
High school, a place for prepara- lege and the beyond, but most of for those already worshipped just for dancing and the food, it’s for nothing better than going broke and
tion for students’ futures, is often them spend that hard earned col- jocks, pretties, and partiers. the after parties and everything that breaking the law all in one night.
interpreted by students as a place lege fund in one night. Superficial Why would anyone even con- goes along with them. With any luck, the juveniles might
for friends, cliques, and popu- doesn’t even begin to describe sider voting for the students who The attendants of this futile affair take away something from this ex-
larity. When prom rolls around this gloriously pricey event. actually contribute to the high shouldn’t be upset if, when they perience. Best case scenario, they
every year, this fact is more ap- All that money on prom tick- school? That would go against wake up in the morning, they feel make memories and keep them for
parent than ever. Without prom, ets will go to waste, anyway. everything that prom stands for: vacant and disoriented. The vomit the rest of their lives. Worst case,
how would people know who sits Most students consider it more popularity, fashion, beauty, and stains on their once exorbitantly they take away a little more than
at the top of the popularity totem fun ditching, getting drunk and “gettin’ low.” priced prom outfit might trigger they bargained for from prom night.
pole? high at the after parties instead of Although there are some teens
At the end of the year, excite- staying and getting their parents’ who are not on the market, that
ment is in the air, and prom tickets money’s worth. does not mean there aren’t dates
are selling like hotcakes. Ninety Time to vote! As each student available.
dollars? Just ask mommy and scans the list of names of their Single boys plan extravagant
daddy. They can also cover the fellow senior classmates, they “proposals” and girls say yes to
other various expenses “neces- hope that at least one person puts any sucker who puts in the effort.
sary” for prom, because it would a check by their name. There doesn’t even need to be at-
certainly be a tragedy to go to But, of course, only the people traction between the two. There
prom without the limo, the tux, whose names echo in the hallways is always the option of ditching
and the salon hairdo. of the school will be crowned the arbitrary date, so teens can go

Say ‘bon voyage’ to adven- dance with their friends.

Once corsages are purchased

ture and ‘bonjour’ to home

and dresses are put into perfect
position, the party can start.
By Anna Haley en advantage of a child’s young With “suggestive” music puls-
and eager mind. ing from the speakers, it’s the
There is an old belief which Clear and powerful examples of perfect situation to heighten those
goes, “10 percent of Americans the benefits of learning languages pesky teenage hormones.
Cartoon by Sigrid Forsythe
own passports.” Though the say- say at a young age can be found in Who can stick their booty out

It’s a brave world after all

ing has become less popular in re-re foreign exchange students. All
cent times, it has a grain of truth of the students who visit in the
to it. U.S. are relatively fluent in Eng--
In reality, 30 percent of Ameri-
Ameri lish, but how many students over By Alejandro Tinajero may not place him or her in a state are “sleep taught.” This is the
cans own a passport. But when here can attend a school and un-- of euphoria, there are substances process in which the children are
only one third of the population of derstand the language in Brazil, Huxley wasn’t wrong. He was that can be consumed to make the told what to believe, do and think
a country as big as the US. owns China or Norway? It is important simply off by, roughly, 530 years. taker feel different. while they sleep. These lessons
a passport, there is something to recognize this vast difference Brave New World, by Aldous Even alcohol in small amounts stay with them for the rest of their
wrong. Six years ago there was an between the rest of the world and Huxley, depicts a futuristic, dys- lives. It may seem farfetched,
increase in demand for passports, the U.S. topian society where its citizens but conditioning is taking place
but that was only due to a require-
require English is the third most popular are controlled by a totalitarian in our world today. Whether it
ment which was added into the language on Earth behind Man-- government through the use of is being told what is beautiful
Intelligence Reform and Terror-
Terror darin and Spanish; yet American technology and science. Those and what is not, what to wear or
ism Prevention Act of 2004. businessmen most often do not living in the Brave New World even what to believe is all taught
Before the provision, travelers speak the world’s most common are placed in different classes de- to us without our knowing.
only needed a birth certificate and language, despite our economic pending on their genetic makeup The news media is a prime ex-
government-issued photo identifi-
identifi dependence on China. which has been predetermined. ample. Through their constant
cation in order to travel anywhere Ever since the founding of the The citizens have also been pro- fear-based reporting, they tend
in the Western Hemisphere. Now, U.S., there has been a tinge of in-- grammed not to question about to blow everything out of pro-
all travelers are required to have a dependence in our blood. Even the world they live in and to live portion and, in some cases, give
passport to travel anywhere. so, we all need to understand “happily.” us something to fear.
Despite this, the percentage the world is interconnected, now Aldous Huxley believed that But there is more to condi-
of passport ownership did not more than ever. Because of this the world was headed towards tioning then what we see on the
change notably. In fact, the num-
num we must accept the need for other this dystopian society based on media. As children we are told
ber of passports issued has de- de countries and at least attempt to the current events during his to believe certain things. Many
creased since its highest point in better communicate with them. time. The novel takes place in American students have diffi-
2007. This suggests a decline in The internet can only show us 2540, but many of the aspects of Cartoon by Daniel Maggioncalda culties identifying other foreign
the average American’s desire to so much, and we need to learn Brave New World are becoming can be seen as a derived form of countries or nations because of
travel. languages instead of putting our more and more prevalent in our soma in the sense that some will the sheltering that takes place in
Another example which shows language learning into the hands society. consume it to loosen up. Pain, schools. There is a large percent-
a general distaste of other coun-
coun of or Google Today, countless people rely on though very unpleasant, is but age of people that are unable to
tries is the fact that a majority of Translator. narcotics to get them through the motivation to prevent us from locate Iraq or Afghanistan. There
American students are only intro-
intro The world is waiting for the U.S. day by letting them forget their potentially causing harm to our isn’t a large enough focus on the
duced to other languages in high to catch up, and we must meet troubles or use them as a recre- bodies, and is masked with the aid rest of the world, possibly leading
school instead of at younger ages, its challenge. After all, we are a ational activity. This behavior of painkillers. Many people today students to become ignorant of the
like the students in Europe. This powerful nation and we should is much like that in Brave New cover up how they actually feel to world that surrounds them.
increases the amount of informa-
informa not fall behind. World. Soma, a dream inducing forget what troubles them instead So here we stand on the verge
tion that can be gathered and tak-
tak drug, was consumed in the novel of facing it and possibly learning of a large transformation as a so-
~Dragon’s Tale Staff~ when one was feeling sorrow- from it. They take the easy way ciety. At the rate we are going,
ADVISER - Alison Manchester ful, anxious or just sad, allowing out because that is what we were the Brave New World may arrive
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Clarke Campion
them to forget their troubles and told to do. sooner than we ever expected. It’s
MANAGING EDITOR- Peter Armstrong
LAYOUT EDITOR - Rachel Glago let them go. Another trait of the Brave New too lateß to prevent the beginning
COPY EDITOR - Troy Cameron Our behavior today mirrors the World involves brainwashing. of the transformation, for it has
NEWS EDITOR - Kirsten Aguilar, Hannah Horrowitz, mentality of the citizens described Or, as it is affectionately called, already began, but we can possi-
Danny Maggioncalda in the novel. Although there are “teaching.” As children, the citi- bly prevent the continuation of the
OP/ED EDITOR - Alejandro Tinajero many substances one can take that zens of the Brave New World transformation.
FEATURE EDITORS - Chelsea Rose Shiery, Caity Tremblay
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR - Gabe Bassett ~Editorial Policy~
PHOTO EDITOR - Joe Gilmore The Dragon’s Tale is a public forum newspaper produced by the Sonoma Valley High School Newspaper
SPORTS EDITORS - Matt Fraser, Ben Graff class. The newspaper attempts to inform its audience in a broad, fair and accurate manner on all subjects, and
BUSINESS MANAGERS - Zachary Adams, Mackenzie Kelley, to encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of prominence to the readers.
Eva Lindstrom The newspaper staff encourages letters for opinions and responses on the content of the publication. Only
REPORTERS - Zachary Adams, Kirsten Aguilar, Anthony Arjona, Troy signed letters will be considered for publication. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all letters for
Cameron, Luther Cenci, Sigrid Forsythe, Matt Fraser, Ben Graff, Anna Haley, content.
Hannah Horowitz, Mackenzie Kelley, Eva Lindstrom, Daniel Maggioncalda,
No material, opinionated or otherwise, will be printed which is libelous, irresponsible, advocates an illegal
Shannon Murphy, Jesse U’Ren, Victor Vasquez Connor Vickers, Charles
activity or which the editorial staff deems in poor taste.
PHOTOGRAPHERS - James Fanucchi, Joe Gilmore, Chelsea Rose Shiery, Editorials reflect the collective views of the staff and will not contain bylines. Other opinionated pieces will
Alejandro Tinajero, Caity Tremblay include editor’s columns, feature columns, letters-to-the-editor, and entertainment reviews.
ART AND GRAPHICS - Sigrid Forsythe, Daniel Maggioncalda If the staff discovers that a mistake has eluded the editors, a correction will be printed in the next issue.

Dragon’s Tale Page 2 April 2010


Everything went
By Chelsea Rose Shiery and
Love, love
me do
By Anna Haley
Caity Tremblay
*spoilers* The French say “l’amour,” the
Germans say “liebe,” the Spanish
Anything Goes, the drama de- say “amore,” and Americans say
partment’s comedic musical, is “love.” There are as many ways
filled with love, mobsters, and an- to say love as there is to under-
gels. Student dedication is dem- stand it.
onstrated throughout the show. In his new book “Us: Ameri-
Anything Goes highlights the cans Talk About Love,” editor
changing atmosphere of the John Bowe strove to compile sto-
1930’s, the clash between new ries from the hearts of Americans.
and old ideas. These changes are The results were wonderful, in-
conveyed by following the love spiring, heartbreaking, and often
escapades of several New Yorkers vulgar accounts of what Ameri-
on a cruise voyage to England. cans feel, think, and experience
Anything Goes can be described about love.
as a love square. Four people, all “Us” is a beautifully crafted
in love with the wrong person. collection of true stories from a
Billy Crocker, a broken down diverse array of Americans. The
stock broker, is in love with Hope unique mixture of voices provides
Harcourt, a debutante destined to a fresh perspective into love’s
marry Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, a various characteristics.
wealthy Englishman. The book is a compilation of
Mrs. Harcourt, Hope’s mother, verbal interviews from people all
encourages her daughters engage- over the country. Each interview
ment to Evelyn. But Hope’s true started with one simple request:
feelings lie with Billy, and are “Please tell me about the person
revealed as Billy confesses his whom you have loved the most.”
heart to her. The only editing done to the
Eli Whitney, Billy’s boss, is in- stories was to remove all the
fatuated with the money-hunting “ums,” “I means,” and “likes” for
Photo by Chelsea Rose Shiery the purpose of “maintaining the
Mrs. Harcourt, and hilariously at- Olivia Donald, Unmi Yank, Mason Thomsen, Ron Perkins, and Andy Bryson rehearse a sailor scene in the school musical.
tempts to woo her. readers’ sanity.”
in disguise. Each actor had to be fully com- Lyrics of classic tunes such as “I One of the greatest things about
Reno, an evangelistic night club
Jane Martin, head of the drama mitted to participation in this Get A Kick Out of You,” “You’re “Us” is the dedication Bowe pre-
singer, can’t help her love for
department, directed the show, lively production. The Top,” and “Anything Goes” sented when collecting the stories.
Billy, but he does not reciprocate
with Barbara McElroy, head of “We practice every day,” stated are laden with amusing, under- Bowe sought people with insights
her affection. However, their sea
the music department, as musical Ron Perkins, who is playing the standable period references and about love which are divergent
excursion to England changes the
director. mobster, Moonface. “It is fun, but dance moves which highlight the from the mainstream, paying no
feelings for the four.
Members of theater depart- it is also time consuming.” 1930’s. heed to whether the speakers were
As Reno’s plan to seduce Lord
ments were required to participate Although the cast rehearsed us- With singing, dancing, acting, rich, poor, black, white, or even if
Evelyn turns into love between
someway in the show, but anyone ing a recorded soundtrack, they and accents, this play is truly en- they were illiterate Guatemalan
the unconceivable couple, the
could tryout. Students auditioned will have a live orchestra for the tertaining. The high level of talent immigrants.
love square vanishes.
in January; the performers were performances. shines in each student. Since its release in January
Separate from the romances are
chosen based on their talents in “I have 25 songs to play,” gui- Anything Goes will premier on
Moonface Martin and his sexy
acting, singing, and dancing. tarist Zach Rockafellow com- Thurs. April 22 at 7 p.m. in the
gangster moll, Erma, both on the
“I have been acting since be- mented. Little Theater. Student tickets
run from the law. Billy is mistak-
fore I can remember,” confessed Bold, catchy tunes by the fa- cost $10 and adults $15.
en as their traveling companion,
Savannah U’Ren, one of the ‘an- mous composer and writer Cole They will also have showings
Snake Eyes Johnson, public en-
gels,’ Reno’s singing group per- Porter stay with the audience long on Fri. at 7 p.m. and Sat.-Sun. at
emy number one, so he is always
formers. after the show is over. 2 and 7 p.m.

How to stay on your feet

By Jesse U’Ren potentially lethal earthquakes has rible earthquakes, a few simple be clear of any glass.
stated an unnerving trend over the steps can be taken to avoid loss of The initial wave that comes
Plates crashing off of shelves, past few months. possessions, pets, and even your from the quake is always the most
books falling off of cases, and Many countries have been af- own life. powerful, but that does not mean
windows exploding in a shower fected by these natural disasters The first thing you must do to aftershocks are not dangerous and
of deadly glass. Would you be and thousands of people have prevent fatal circumstances dur- cannot cause massive damage.
prepared? died in the aftermath. ing an earthquake is to prepare an The real threat of these shocks is Photo from Google Images
The occurrence of random and In the event of one of these hor- earthquake kit. that they will topple most build- John Bowe’s newest collection of sto-
A good earthquake kit contains ings already crippled from the ries: Us: Americans Talk About Love.
non-perishable foods, plenty of leading wave.
2010, “Us,” has been unknown
water, a first aid kit, extra cloth- After the initial shock of the
despite rave reviews in the Wash-
ing, blankets, and money in cash quake, the first and most impor-
ington Post and the New York
form since banks may be de- tant thing to do is make sure that
Times. Both reviews touch on ex-
stroyed or congested. you are not injured or in any im-
actly what this book is about: the
Preparation is something that mediate risk of harm.
essence of love.
can save lives in situations such It may seem selfish to take care
The transformations described
as this. SVHS has taken these of yourself first, but, if hurt, you
range from glorious to monstrous.
words to heart and constructed will not be able to help anyone.
“Us” does not make a case for or
a fully-stocked and structurally Once you are sure you are not
against love, it simply illustrates
sound earthquake survival stor- wounded, check the surrounding
different aspects of love. It is left
age on campus. areas for any building damage,
up to the reader to decide what
Located in the storage contain- injured people and gas leaks. If
love really is.
ers near the track, all the supplies the power has gone out, it is ad-
The stories are from us, for
can sustain the school fully, in- vised that you unplug all major
us, by us. “Us” has a story for ev-
cluding staff and students, for up appliances.
eryone, regardless of the reader’s
to three days. Earthquakes are nothing to take
personal views or experiences
The next step is much more lightly. They can devastate coun-
with love. Though the stories
simple: research. As per usual, tries in a matter of minutes, and
throughout “Us” range from ter-
knowledge is power and in this destroy lives even faster. Prepa-
rible break-ups to true love, every
case can save your life. Know to ration for these catastrophes
love portrayed is genuine, intrigu-
avoid heavy or unstable furniture should not be brushed off as they
ing, and obviously comes from
such as bookcases or cabinets and can, and will, save your life.
the heart.
Dragon’s Tale Page 3 April 2010
Tim e - O ut
By Rachel Glago Softball racks up victories
By Matt Fraser
Off the field, student-
athletes jump into
action, and discuss their The Lady Dragons have played
current season. a very strong season this year,
with a 9-5-0 overall schedule and
a 3-1-0 league record.
The Lady Dragons have had
many highlights this season, such
as their El Molino game. They
had a total of 13 hits that game,
10 of which came through the
joint effort of sophomore Megan
McNeilly, and seniors Emma
McNeilly, Keeley Ray, and
Lizette Ramirez. Within the first
Danny Wirick 5 innings the Lady Dragons had
Junior already earned a 10-run-rule 10-0
Va r s i t y S w i m m i n g victory over El Molino on Apr. 1.
Following El Molino, the Lady
1. Dream sponsor: Dragons played Santa Rosa and
Photo by Joe Gilmore
“Nike.” closed with a 9-1 victory, took a Mia Stornetta, junior, tags out a Pinole Valley runner in a recent game at SVHS.
2. Favorite cereal: 8-3 win over Del Norte, lost 4-1 aggressively. Ace Emma Mc- RBIs, and Riley Ellis-Reis with 3 Tues. April 20. The Jaguars are
“Frosted Mini Wheats.” to Windsor, beat El Molino for Neilly pitched 7 innings with 4 hits and 1 run. All these efforts coming in with a record of 10-2,
3. Favorite superhero: another 4-3 win and also defeat- strikeouts, 4 walks and gave up 1 added up to a 2-1 victory for the so the season is coming to a nail
“ B a r n a c l e B o y. ” ed Analy 2-1. earned run. Lady Dragons. biting close. They also play Apr.
4. Events: “50 free, 100 In their latest game, played Contributing to their success Following their recent success, 22 against Healdsburg who hold
free, and I did the 500 against Casa Grande on Thurs. was Ray with 1 hit and 1 run, the Lady Dragons are traveling to a 8-7 overall record, but an 0-4
free once.” Apr. 15, the Lady Dragons played Megan McNeilly with 1 hit and 2 Windsor to play the Jaguars on league record.

Comebacks carry Dragons

By Matt Fraser ball is recovering and learning win to Analy during their game The Dragons played El Moli-
how to play without their two on Apr. 1. The Tigers took the no for the first time last Thurs.,
Having been stuck in a rut af- aces. lead early on in the game due April 15. After being rained
ter losing both of their two best The Dragons started off this to errors by the Dragons and a out multiple times, Sonoma fi-
pitchers to injury, varsity base- month by giving away a 6-1 2-out, 2-run homer by Analy in nally made their way down to
the second inning. In the end El Molino to tame the Lions.
Sonoma couldn’t come up with Kris Patrick, senior, pitched
the necessary RBI hit when the against the Lions for 7 innings,
bases were loaded and lost their with a total of 6 strikeouts and
third straight league game. gave up 3 earned runs. Patrick
A n t h o n y “ To n e ” A l b a n o Following the Analy loss, the also had 1 run, 1 hit, and 1 RBI.
Junior Dragons faced off against Car- Also assisting in the win was
Va r s i t y B a s e b a l l dinal Newman. This game also Swanson with 1 hit and 1 RBI;
ended in a loss for the Dragons; Tyler Rose, senior, with 1 run,
1. Dream sponsor: although, it was a non-league 2 hits, and 1 RBI; Woodle with
“Nike.” game. 1 hit and 1 run; and Deely with
2. Favorite cereal: “I Despite this, a turn around for 1 hit and 1 run.
don’t eat cereal because the Dragons has accompanied Following their Thurs. game,
I don’t like milk, but I the change in weather, and they the Dragons played Healdsburg
really like pancakes.” have a few more victories un- on the road Fri. night at Recre-
3. Favorite superhero: der their belt. ation Park
“Spiderman.” The Dragons were down 3 Pitching for Sonoma was
4. Position: “Second runs to Antioch in their game Charlie Watson, senior, with 5
base.” on Apr. 7, but they managed strikeouts and gave up 2 earned
to turn it around and came out runs, and Marcus Amantite, se-
with a 9-8 win. nior, with 3 strikeouts and gave
Coming out of their Antioch up no runs.
game hot, the Dragons dove Leading the Dragon offense
right back into the action, fac- were leadoff hitter Woodle’s
ing off against Drake. Once 2 doubles, 3 runs and RBI,
Photo By James Fanucchi again Sonoma fell behind in the Rose’s 2 hits, 2 runs, and 2
Nate Swanson, senior, takes a swing in a non-league game against Eureka.
beginning, giving Drake a 5-0 RBIs, Deely’s 2 hits, run and
lead. The Dragons, however, RBI, junior Anthony Albano’s
Tennis singles roll
By Victor Vazquez day for Sonoma’s boy golfers,
slowly turned it around and
ended up winning a 7-6 deci-
hit, run and RBI, senior Jimmy
DeMartini’s double and run,
sion over the Pirates. and Swanson’s run, With these
who hosted SCL foe El Molino Bringing home the win were efforts the Dragons collected a
Spring sports are now in full at the Sonoma Golf Club course Christopher Swanson, sopho- 9-5 victory.
swing. Here is a look at recent and ran away with a 221-253 win more, who got on base by an The Dragons head into key
Laura Amador action from Dragons in the pools, behind the medalist play of ju-
Freshman error, Kevin Deely, junior, with match-ups this week against ri-
courts, and putting greens. nior A.J. Vitorelo. Sonoma also an infield single, and Nick vals Petaluma, and Casa Grande
Va r s i t y Tr a c k After a leisurely spring break, defeated Justin-Siena later in the Woodle, senior, who hit home with an overall record of 7-9,
Sonoma’s tennis boys showed week. The match was a nail-biter both runners with a double. and a league record of 2-3.
1 . D r e a m s p o n s o r : “ To p no signs that the extended layoff with the difference-maker being
T h a t Yo g u r t . ” phased them as they swept all junior A.J. Vitorelo’s thrilling
2. Favorite cereal: four singles matches en route to hole-in-one.
“Cookie Crisps.” defeating El Molino 5-2 in their The boys’ and girls’ swim teams
3. Favorite superhero: Sonoma County League road hosted their first home meets
“ Wo n d e r w o m a n . ” match in Forestville on Tues., since 2005 at the Agua Caliente
4 . E v e n t s : 4 X 4 0 0 r e l a y, Apr. 13. Later in the week, the Aquatic Center pool, and though
800, and the mile. tennis boys posted one of their the Dragons dropped SCL deci-
biggest wins in recent memory in sions to visiting Healdsburg, it
a 5-2 upset victory over visiting was a big day for the Sonoma
perennial SCL power Petaluma, a swim program, under the direc-
team the Dragon netters haven’t tion of head coach Molly Curley,
beaten in years, on Apr. 15. who was pleased with the fan
That day was also a triumphant turnout at ACAC.
Dragon’s Tale Page 6 April 2010

Trojans outlast Dragons Cager’s

By Charles Watson

As many sports fans know, Peta-

discus, with a throw of 107’ 121’’.
As for the girl’s team, Ellen Ever-
idge conquered the meet, finishing
luma’s track team and domination first in the 400m, as well as the
go hand in hand. The Trojans fur- triple jump, and second place in
ther enforced this at their three- the long jump. In the 400, Ever- By Rachel Glago
team meet at Durst Field, against idge came from behind to finish
Sonoma and Healdsburg. They first with a time of 63.3, and tallied
took first, with Healdsburg barely scores of 32’ 9 ¼’’ and 14’ 10’’ in Reputations can be deadly; they can
edging Sonoma for second. the triple and long jumps. make you or break you. As an all-
Pacing the Dragons boys team Emma McGee, Tori Dwyer, Laura American athlete, if you don’t keep a
were team captains Nick Spec- Amador, Ellen Everidge also took positive reputation, then your career
tor, Sean Hammett, and Nathanael first in the 1600 relay, with a time and stardom may be taken away be-
Hargitt. Leading the girls was Ellen of 4:29.5. However, it is evident fore your true athleticism has reached
Everidge, Emma McGee, and Cait- that 2010 is a rebuilding year for its peak.
lin Silkey. the Dragons. The team has many To start, Tiger Woods has reached his
Photo By Mr. Andy Mitchell paparazzi fame as he covers tabloids
Spector, who is one of the hard- Nathanael Hargitt competing in the high jump against Petaluma.
young and inexperienced athletes,
est working athletes at SVHS, set and is trying to regain the excel- and broadcast stations as to whether
his personal best record by four finisher only a second ahead. the pole vault, matching his per- lence that Sonoma track has been sex addiction is a probable cause or an
seconds in the mile, with a time of Spector also competed in the two sonal best with a height of 11’ 6’’. known for. excuse for his over 15 mistresses.
4:33, which is the seventh fastest mile, where he placed second. Also While the Dragon boys track team Nonetheless, Sonoma is still ex- Going into sex rehab, Woods’ repu-
mile time in school history. Yet his leading the Dragons at Petaluma performed competitively, they ex- cited for the NCS and State meets, tation has been brought down, along
personal record was not enough, as was Nathanael Hargitt, who won celled in the field events. Ray Mel- where some Dragons will be able with his career. He took an indefinite
Petaluma finished with two runners the 110 and 300 hurdles, setting a linger took first in the shot put with to compete and possibly make leave from golf to try to save his mar-
ahead of him, with the second place personal record with a time of 44.8 a personal record of 43’ 9’’, and school history. riage. On Woods’ website, he stated, “I
in the 300. Hammett took first in Zach Prohoroff took second in the am deeply aware of the disappointment

Quick start for Bay Area baseball

By Ben Graff over 7 strong innings to lead the the rotation, the Giants look to im-
and hurt that my infidelity has caused
to so many people, most of all my wife
and children. I want to say again to ev-
eryone that I am profoundly sorry and
Giants to a 6-3 victory, as well as prove a sub par offense by sign- that I ask forgiveness.”
After a two-run homer by catch- taking the series. ing free agents Aubrey Huff and However, forgiveness does not come
er Brian McCann of the visiting Performances like these have Mark DeRosa, along with the al- so easily. At least not for Woods, since
Braves in the first inning, things San Francisco off to one of the ways stellar Pablo “Panda” San- his reputation is still shot.
looked bleak for the San Fran- best starts in baseball. doval. Another reputation scandal is Pitts-
cisco Giants as they struggle to The staff is led by starters Matt Across the Bay, the Oakland
talented and young arm of closer burgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roeth-
win their second straight series. Cain, Lincecum, and Barry Zito, Athletics are not off to quite the
Andrew Bailey, along with Oak- lisberger accused of sexually assaulting
However, two-time defend- but is also bolstered by Jeremy start the Giants are, but with a
land grown phenom Tyson Ross, a college student in Milledgeville, GA
ing Cy Young Award winner Tim Affeldt, Dan Runzler, and Brian young nucleus of players, the East
and Brad Ziegler. at a nightclub on March 5.
Lincecum recovered from the ear- Wilson in the bullpen. Bay’s finest look to improve upon
The Athletics’ offense is led by This two-time Super Bowl winner
ly turbulence, and struck out 10 Along with the strong arms in last years losing season.
the speedy Rajai Davis, off-season has experienced the same accusations

Athlete of the month

In a tough division in which as he is now: however, the NFL kept
signing Kevin Kouzmanoff, and a
every team made significant im- the previous accusations hidden from
rising star in catcher Kurt Suzuki,
provements this winter, the A’s the media.
who could easily make this year’s
will need a little luck to compete, In the summer of 2009 another wom-
All-Star team if he maintains his
but they may have the firepower an came forward alleging that Roethlis-
to do just that. berger assaulted her in his Lake Tahoe
The Bay Area should be home to
Oakland has an elite pitching hotel room in 2008. He has denied the
some exciting baseball this sum-
staff which is led in the rotation allegations and is still fighting the suit.
mer, and could very well have two
by hard throwing Brett Ander- In his current Georgia case, he has not
teams in the hunt for playoff base-
son, and newly acquired ace Ben been arrested and his accuser has filed
ball heading into the prestigious
Sheets, as well as the extremely no civil action, but under Georgia law,
month of October.

Drafting for gold

she has two years to decide whether or
not to do so.
District Attorney Fred Bright an-
By Victor Vasquez Eric Davis predicts that the Niners nounced on Monday that prosecutors
will take former Vandal, OG Mike would not be able to bring a case that
The wait is almost over. After Iupati. “There are points in games would convince a jury “beyond a rea-
months of NFL insiders, mock where he just dominates players,” sonable doubt” and the accuser said she
drafts, and all the Mel Kiper Jr. you says Davis. Only one other name did not want the case prosecuted.
can handle, the NFL draft is finally has been mentioned for the O-line, As the case has been dropped, for
here. Tackle Bryan Bulaga. now, Roethlisberger has continued to
Since the end of the regular season But like Williams, Bulaga has re- deny the woman’s accusation.
the question on the mind of the all cently been listed on mock drafts in Although his case might be coming
Photo By Joe Gilmore 49ers fans is “Who will the red and the 5 and 6 range. In the secondary to a close, the record of being accused
Trevor Dwelly sites down the fairway at Sonoma National Golf Course.
gold take with their two first round names like SEC Defensive player twice for sexual assault is beyond com-
picks?” For months I’ve been look- of the year Eric Berry at safety, prehension. What happens next time?
By Zach Adams or so,” Dwelly announced. There
ing at mock draft after mock draft, Florida CB Joe Haden, Bosie State Will charges be dropped again?
will be open tryouts for the team
watching videos and reading draft CB Kyle Willson, former Long- Who’s to say? On the extreme side of
His name is Trevor Dwelly. His next year that Dwelly will be pur-
articles all in the name of finding horn Earl Thomas and former the matter, it might be possible that
game is golf. His goal is to tri- suing.
out who the Niners might take. Trojan Taylor Mays have all been Roethlisberger used his superstar status
umph. Dwelly has been playing Inspiring to be like his favor-
The San Fransisco 49ers are mentioned. to influence the decision, on a more
golf for two years. He is currently ite athlete Anthony Kim, Dwelly
looking to address some big needs Depending on how things play realistic side of the argument, he got
the number one player on the var- practices at many different loca-
in this draft. Areas such as the of- out on draft day, CB Joe Haden is lucky and needs to take a little more
sity team at the SVHS. tions to get a feel for the advantag-
fensive line and defense, and the now the favorite but if he has al- care of his reputation.
“I love to play because I love the es and disadvantages of different
secondary are a point of concern. ready been taken, it’s a toss up be- Both Roethlisberger and Woods have
sport and its very fun to golf on the locations. The team practices at
Analysts on both ESPN and the tween Thomas, Wilson and Mays. come face to face with the media, risk-
different courses for free!” Dwelly Sonoma National Golf and Coun-
NFL Network believe these must, There are, however, some play- ing their precious reputations. Roethlis-
exclaimed. Dwelly’s best golfing try Club in Sonoma. They also on
and will be, addressed first in the ers, or outliers, that could be taken berger, only 28 years old, and Woods,
score this year in a league match is occasion hit at the local driving
2010 draft. unexpectedly. QB Jimmy Clauson, 34 years old, each have long careers
a 40. He hopes to beat this score range for stationary swing prac-
Trent Williams 6’ 5” OT out of RB CJ Spiller and WRs Dez Bry- ahead of them. Upholding a strong
by the end of the year by four tice.
Oklahoma is a name that was said ant and Golden Tate have all been reputation is essential in order for them
strokes. With two more weeks left Dwelly explains that he plays
early on to be the pick at 13, but in mentioned. There are some con- to live out the rest of their careers in a
in the season, he is working harder whenever he can to keep his skills
more resent mock drafts the former cerns at these positions but they positive spotlight.
than ever to achieve his goal. sharp and intact. Golf is his favor-
Sooner was listed as high as 5 to the aren’t urgent enough for some one As reputations continue to affect the
“I hope to play in college. I will ite sport, and he sees a good future
Kansas City Chiefs. If Williams is to expect one of them to be picked. athletes’ persona, it comes to mind,
be attending the j.c. this fall with ahead of himself with his trusty
not there, Comcast Sportsnet ana- Michael Crabtree was never what do we care about more, the scan-
hopes to transfer in a couple years clubs.
lyst and former red and gold CB supposed to fall to the Niners. dals or the athleticism of the athlete?
Dragon’s Tale Page 7 April 2010
Reliving the Caught in
fame game
By Shannon Murphy Cossins, Hank Marioni, John

For the last two years SVHS has

Sweet, Butch Alexander, John
McNeilly, Brad O’Donnell, Mark
What did you
hosted an Athletic Hall of Fame,
recognizing a number of former
McVeigh, Sophie Donnelly, Jen-
ny Neville, Chris Becerra, and
enjoy the most
students as well as coaches.
“The SVHS Hall of Fame is a
finally Charles Bettinelli.
Many of these names may seem
about Film Fest?
great way to make sure past he- familiar, recognized as teachers’ rela-
roes never fade away,” declared tives, substitutes or family members. Photos by Anthony Arjona
Raymond Mellinger, junior. As well as honoring the coaches Music director Barbara McElroy and student activities facilatator Maggie
Cunningham are pleased to be recognized for their diligent efforts.
The induction ceremony will be and student-athletes, the second
held again for this event at 7 p.m.
on Sat., May 8, at the Lodge at
Sonoma, 1325 Broadway.
Mulas Family Recognition Award
is presented to those who have
supported and helped the team
Staff members
Among the inductees are former
coaches David Rentz and Bob
McAllister, who will receive the
achieve a strong season. This will
be given to Dr. John Schafer and
Dr. Robert Geiger.
pleasantly surprized
By Anthony Arjona for college, where she earned her
D.A. Pfeiffer Coaches Award. The Dragon Hall of Fame com- Masters Degree in music as well
In addition to these coaches, a mittee is also trying to attain a Music director Barbara McEl- as her teaching credential.
dozen former student athletes will
be acknowledged.
room at SVHS where all the sports
memorabilia can be displayed.
roy, who has been working at “I had a great time at Chico. I “The subtitles.”
SVHS for 35 years, and Maggie was able to return and do what
In chronological order accord- Tickets to attend this event are Cunningham from students ac- I enjoy about my job, to create
ing to decade, ranging from the available for $85. For further tivities have been recognized for wonderful music.”
1950s to 1990s, the players are: information call SVHS alumnus their hard work. Maggie Cunningham has been
- Kendal Krupa, senior
Vic “Buck” Sangiacomo, Joe Bob Kruljac at 483-1856. Awarded in Feb., Ms. McElroy working within the school dis-
received the Director of the Year trict since 1978.
award from Chico State Univer- “I first started out in yard duty
sity. The award, presented by the at Prestwood,” commented Ms.
Northern California Band and Cunningham, “I also did book-
Choir Directors Association, lists keeping.”
many qualifications that directors Ms. Cunningham’s coworkers
must meet. nominated her for the State Clas-
“Well, first of all, you have to sified School Employee of the
be an active Band/Choir director Year Award.
at a school. You also have to be “People send in forms with a
person’s name to the Office of Ed-
a participant in the NorCal Mu-
sic association,” explained Ms. ucation, then they see how many
“Seeing Logan’s
Having been President of the
forms there are for a person.”
Ms. Cunningham feels the best
NorCal Music Association for aspect of her job is dealing with sculpted face on
6 years and directing at SVHS students, and she is thankful for
since 1975, Ms. McElroy was the opportunity to work in such a the big screen.”
more than honored when she was vibrant environment.
handed the award. “People need to understand that
“I was very surprised. They without other people, this sort of - Yasya Papadin, junior
don’t tell you anything about it award isn’t possible. People have
before. I feel very honored. The helped me on the way, so it isn’t
recipient stays anonymous to ev- just me that is getting the award,
eryone, even themselves.” it is all the wonderful people who
Ms. McElroy attended Chico I have worked with as well.”


- Riley Hyman, junior

“Seeing my movie
[‘Til Tuesday] on
the big screen.”
-Dominic Carafa,

Dragon’s Tale Page 8 April 2010