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Vol. 2, Issue 5, May 2010

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Winter Circuit~ Who’s Who?
May 2010

Letter from the Editor

Another loooonnnngggg winter has come and gone- “Good Ridance!” I say. Whatever the season, FL
CF Equestrian
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horse people show. Our world famous FL winter circuits have reached the end of another year. WEF
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commence at various points in early winter but WEF takes the record for twelve consecutive show and parts of south Florida.
SOON to be FL Equestrian!
For those who have never visited the International Equestrian Center in Wellington during the FTI If YOU are unable to find a copy
Winter Equestrian Festival, make it a point to go next year. Not only is the entire place crawling with
please tell us where you shop or
past, present and future Olympic and top riders, the facilities are beautiful and there’s plenty going
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HITS is often cold or wet (or both) but the laid back feel makes up for the weather. Plan to walk all day mail to your home
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by an old race track. barn~this option includes a FREE
annual online listing in our Stable &
TEF is held at the Bob Thomas Fairgrounds and remains a personal favorite. Unfortunately their show Trainer section.
weeks start just before WEF ends and many exhibitors choose to take a break after HITS & WEF, so at Find past issues and see the most
least the early part of TEF is usually light on entrees. The Parade of Champions held on the final day of recent copy, sometimes before it
showing is quite a highlight as circuit champions parade the field at Raymond James stadium just prints at
before the annual American Invitational grand prix begins.
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23 Event Calendar Printed in the USA
Michael Bradtke Photography

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Featured Barn: Archer Farms, Archer FL

Archer Farms: Two Paths Meet with One Passion

By Heather Fox
Children’s Champion and rode in
Archer Farms is more than a place more like a 16 hour a day job.” she
the Junior Division before he had to
that houses happy horses, it is a says. Sharleen started in Southern
stop riding for five years due to
dream come true, a place of Florida, riding at three-years old.
economic problems. His father told
passion. People walking in for the ”It’s in your blood, it’s something
him he could no longer ride unless it
first time will immediately take note you are born with.” she said,
was on his own dime, Mauricio says
of the beautiful 30 acres, numerous describing the very distinct affinity
over-sized, matted stalls, automatic for horses certain people share.
fly repellent system, automatic During her life she immersed herself
waterers and many other amenities with horses, learning every
offered. Seeing the heart of the discipline. She showed Arabians in
place requires a deeper look into Scottsdale, Arizona for ten years,
the love and hard work that has some of which were awarded USEF
been put into it and the miracle Horse of the Year Awards under her
that happens when people come tutelage. She also rode and trained
together to share an identical 3 Day Eventers for the thrill of
passion. competing in so many disciplines
with one animal. Not only did she
that is when it all changed “It
ride, event, and train but she was
started as a hobby, another sport in
also a vet-tech for sixteen years to
my life, not a passion.” When he
add to her knowledge base with
was forced to take some time out
horses. While Sharleen has never
of the saddle he realized it was no
struggled with loving her work she
hobby, he was destined for horses.
described past relationships as an
He rode again at 18 years old,
“uphill battle”; no man shared or
working for the Gamboa Equestrian
understood her passion, what it
Center in Columbia. After working
took to follow the love of horses.
for them for 2 years he was offered
This ultimately led to choosing the
a job at another Equestrian Center,
horses, until the day she met
this time in The Dominican
Sharleen Exler is the founder of someone that understood her love
Republic. In the 4 years that he
Archer Farms; she started in 2003 in life, at a horse show in Ocala.
worked there he became a two
with a modest training and Mauricio Garcia-Ballesteros is a
time Adult Champion in the 1.30-
boarding facility. She worked hard man who has lived, breathed and
1.40 m division. He later was offered
continuously, doing everything on dreamed horses ever since he was
a teaching and managing position
her own, not letting anything get in riding at four years old. He grew up
in Puerto Rico which he took, got
her way of working for what she in Columbia working for the
married and lived for eight years.
loves: horses. “It’s more than a full Gamboa’s, a big family name in
He applied and was granted
time job, it’s not a nine to five job, the equine community. He was a

4. 410-804-5813

Featured Barn: Archer Farms, Archer FL
Puerto-Rican citizenship and It is a place of safety for not only about being a jack of all trades,
qualified for the Puerto Rican Team riders but the horses too. Everything you have to wear many hats in this
and showed in the Central from where the horses stay to what business…you have to think ahead
American and Caribbean Games they eat is always under watchful of where the business is going.” It
in 2006, one of three steps of the eyes, making sure all horses are has also been difficult for Mauricio
Olympic Cycle. getting correct diets, medical care, as far as culture shock in riding
Among other accomplishments and training. Finally Archer Farms is itself. He started much differentlyno
Mauricio qualified for the FEI World a place of inclusivity, it tries to cater graduating from ponies to midsized
Jumping Challenge Finals in horses to large horses; they
Germany. Additionally he showed don’t have ponies in Central and
throughout Europe, Guatemala, El South America to learn on,
Salvador and Mexico in CSI*** everyone just gets right on the big
representing Puerto Rico. horses no matter what the skill level
Mauricio moved to the United of the rider. Through any obstacle
States where he started showing in the two have come out on top and
Wellington in 2007. He divorced better for it as Sharleen says “Do
and moved to Orlando for about whatever it takes ethically to make
five months before he finally the business survive… there is
moved to Ocala in 2009 and met nothing I’d rather be doing.”
Sharleen Exler at a horse show. He Archer Farms has grown just as its
now works with his fiancé in the owners have, through trial and error
expansion of Archer Farms, and it has become a place of love,
starting his life with a woman whose to everyone, as Sharleen says “We passion, professionalism and ethics.
passion for horses matches his own. all share the same passion, we all Now hand in hand Sharleen Exler
Despite all his championships and share the love of horses.” This with fiancé Mauricio Garcia-
accomplishments, Mauricio will season Archer Farms showed no Ballesteros look to the future- they
remind everyone who asks him why less than 9 horses a day for clients plan to marry in September so that
he works so hard at what he does as well as their own horses at HITS, they may combine their strengths,
and why he strives to be successful keeping both of them very busy. their visions and their lives to make
in the equine field. However they keep their lesson Archer Farms the absolute best
“When I’m on a horse I get program alive as well with safe horse facility possible. They
transported to another level…riding competent lesson horses always welcome everyone interested to
for me is not only work, passion available, so the opportunity for experience life at their facility,
develops from knowing the animal, beginners to learn and grow as Archer Farms, where all may grow,
finding their weaknesses and better riders is still there and that learn and participate in the love
strengths… it relaxes me.” each rider can maximize his or her and the sport of horses.
own potential at a different pace The facility is located in Archer Fl, 20
under careful instruction. “Where min from HITS and 10 min from
there is a passion and there is Canterbury Showplace. Archer
ability, there is always a way”. Farms has customized goal oriented
Even through hard economic training programs for aspiring and
times, where riding may have to serious competitors. Coaching &
take a backseat to clients’ bills or training offered at local, rated and
mortgages, Sharleen and Mauricio International shows
have been there to ride the rough For more information about
wave and help their clients. Archer Farms email or call
Mauricio is a well respected FEI Mauricio or Sharleen
Course Designer and has either
designed or assisted world
renowned Course Designers at 787-243-4045 352-359-4149
such shows as: Spruce Meadows,
Archer Farms hasn’t yet finished The Washington International,
growing, clients know this. They Bromont, USEF World Equestrian
also know it is a place of trust when Games Trials, Pan American
riders are appropriately paired with Games, Ocala Show Jumping
safe horses they can handle. Classic and numerous Central and
Neither Sharleen nor Mauricio South American Horse Show
would ever place an unskilled rider venues. They also work with a
on a horse that didn‘t match their manufacturer of custom half chaps
individual skill level, they make sure and boots and can offer them at a
to take the time and know their fraction of what they normally
horses as well as their clients. would cost. As Sharleen says “It’s

410-804-5813 5.

Jumping Clinic with Edd Lookingbill
scopey classic jump has forced the rider. Great attention to detail!
rider to step her lower leg in front of
herself a little too far. We can see,
however, a very correct iron position,
and a "base" that is weighted through
the back of the leg and heel. This
riders hip is correctly positioned over
the middle of the horse and above
her base (lower leg). I like her flat
back and her focused eyes. I would
like to see her balance herself on the
sides of the horse's crest more. This
Pic 1- In our first photo, it is hard to pair is very well turned out for the
see the rider's lower leg. We can tell jumper ring. Everything is neat and
from the picture, however, that this tidy. Pic 4- Here we have another well
distance was hurried and a little long, turned out pair. This horse also jumps
no doubt because of the weather quite well and shows great
conditions. This rider shows us a expression. Judging from the height of
proper rein length and a correct the jump I will guess the horse to be a
release.This combination is very well bit green. This rider has a beautiful
turned out, with what appears to be soft feel and a great example of a
well fitted tack and appointments. correct crest release. It does appear,
The horse has a beautiful expression however, that in helping this horse
and is jumping in good form. The rider perform his job, this rider has
is confident and looks on to the next dropped a little to the left. Let's,
jump. We can tell this rider has a please, take into consideration, this
plan. It would be nice to see this pair animal's textbook jump. He is showing
in different weather conditions. I'd us that he has a long future in his
like to see a little more of an open hip sport. Not many animals try this hard
angle and a flatter lower back. at this height and show so much
Although the rider is not jumping talent and style. With all the scope
ahead of the horse, in this picture it and style this rider still maintains
looks as though this might have been Pic 3- Everything about this pair great horsewomanship and
a "snappy" quick (almost "ducking") is correct! They compliment each equitation. Her hip is over her base
crest release. other well and are b e a u tifully and from the angle of her calf I can
turned out. We can tell from the tell she is well anchored into her
picture that the distance was well heel.We have already mentioned the
executed, Both horse and rider are crest release --- that coupled with her
looking to the horizon with great steady strong base allows her to have
expression. Take note of the textbook a nice flat confident back and a
crest release on the sides of the crest. focused eye looking on. I am very
This rider is supporting her upper happy to see, again, attention to
body and hip angle from that release - detail with this pair.
-- through her flat back --- and into
her beautiful lower leg. The iron does
appear to be a little close to her toe. Send your jumping photo
The outside branch of the iron could to
Pic. 2- Here is a horse that knows and be further back (behind her "little
likes it's job! Maybe even too well for piggy" toe) to the ball of her foot. Enter ‘jump clinic’ in subject line
an equitation critique. LOL This very Everything fits well on both horse and

For 20 years Edd Lookingbill has operated a successful show and breeding business under the Windham Hill name. Before
opening Windham Hill in New Jersey, Mr. Lookingbill enjoyed an extensive junior career showing horses from the Small Pony
Hunter division through the Medal and Maclay divisions. For more than 10 years Edd has been judging horse shows and
giving clinics up and down the East Coast. He now operates Windham Hill out of Ocala, Fl.

6. 410-804-5813

Quest for WEG
On September 25th, 2010, the world will be watching as 600 athletes and 700 horses representing more than 60 countries
convene in the United States at Lexington’s Kentucky Horse Park for 16 days of competition.
Eight World Championships Representing the Pinnacle of Equestrian Sport
The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010™ will define a new chapter in the history of the World Equestrian Games as the
first time the Games have been held outside of Europe and the first time that competition for all eight disciplines
recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) will be held in one location.
Like the Olympics, the World Equestrian Games are held every four years and are the world championships for eight
equestrian disciplines. Previous host cities include Stockholm, The Hague, Rome, Jerez, and, most recently, Aachen.

Each month CF Equestrian shares

updates from area contenders &
qualifiers as they continue their
quest for the 2010 Alltech FEI
World Equestrian Games

Hilda Hick Donahue
next year. If luck is where opportunity
“We depart for the prestigious Rolex meets preparedness, we are trying to get
Kentucky Three Day Event in 11 days!! lucky again for title number nine by
Extravagance is really fit, going well and preparing early.”
hopefully ready for this incredible
competition. Thankfully we both are Pony Club presenting Quadrille
already qualified for WEG, however we
need to complete Rolex to have a chance of Demo during WEG
being on a team for WEG. Pony Club is honored to have been selected We hope you will be attending the World
We are fortunate to have lots of awesome to present a Quadrille Demonstration Equestrian Games, and will be able to see
supporters….Andre (a great owner), Jackie during the World Equestrian Games in our Pony Club members in action.
(the best care taker) Chris (the best groom) September at the Kentucky Horse Park. Our We are looking for donations to help pay
Scott and Kelli Langton (the best vet and exhibitions will be September 28th - for this week long endeavor. We need
assistant ever) and many others who make October 2nd, during the Dressage and approximately $10,000 to cover the
Team Ashmore successful.” Eventing Portion of the Games. expenses. Please consider sponsoring our
With the announcement of this team, your company will be rewarded
opportunity, more than 150 Pony Club through the Pony Club.
Combined Driving
members from all across the country You can also contact the USPC
Chester Weber submitted an application to be part of this Development Director, Marian Wahlgren at
Ocala exclusive team. From those 150
applications, 17 members were chosen to
Combined Driver Chester Weber continued represent that United States Pony Clubs in
his title as “record-breaking champion” front of the multitude of spectators during
during the Live Oak International
competition, breaking his own record by
the World Games. Only 10 will be DID YOU KNOW WE OFFER
credentialed and will ride, but the other 7
winning the USEF National Four-In-Hand
Championship for a record eight years in a
will be involved as they are helping with
organizing the demonstration with music,
row. Weber’s win took place at the
prestigious Live Oak event in Ocala, Florida,
costumes, tests and drills.
The team members and horses will arrive 4 PHOTO CLASSIFIED $30
during a weekend filled with thousands of days early to meet and practice, and then
fans, bad weather and an incident on
course that required Weber to utilize his
move to the Kentucky Horse Park for 4 days BUS CARD ADS $30
of demonstrations, which will be presented
nerves of steel and vast driving experience.
Following a winning weekend, Weber
once or twice a day. Team members and NEW STABLE/TRAINER BUS
horses are coming from Tennessee, Florida
remains focused on the future. “This
championship was one of our two major
goals for the 2010 season and with this one CLERMONT?), Illinois, New Hampshire,
behind us we can focus exclusively on Ohio, New York, South Carolina, California,
WEG,” Weber said. “The Monday after the Connecticut, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia 410-804-5813
championship, however, we did begin and Michigan.
training some of our new talent that we
hope to call on to win title number nine

410-804-5813 7.

Now Available in NW Ocala
Beautiful Private Setting
with Multiple Shades Turnout Paddocks

10 Stall Center Aisle Barn

Stalls Sized 12'x15' and 15'x15'
2 Large Indoor Wash Stalls, Feed / Storage Room
Tackroom includes Washer / Dryer / Refrig.
Covered Front Porch for Relaxing & Entertaining

New 175' x 250' irrigated Sand Mix Arena

3 acre Grass Riding Area
RV Hoakups

Also offering, 5 Stalls Barn with Oversized Stalls

Tackroom and Large Wash Stall

There are Riding Trails adjacent to the property Welcome RMI exhibitors to
and it's all only 6 miles from HITS!
Horse and Hounds Restaurant & Pub!
Rent, Lease and Boarding Options are Avaiable ***Don't miss our famous $3 Martini Mondays***
For Seasonal or Year - round 6998 North US Highway 27
Ocala, FL 34482-3998
Office : 352-236-5554 (352) 620-2500
email :

8. 410-804-5813

By Pam Rush
Central FL’s Megan Young (R) (Jacksonville) won in 2004
and Erin Stewart in 2002; Nikko Ritter (Geneva) won the
Region 3 qualifier in 2006 and Catherine Billings (L)
(Tallahassee) won in 2009.
Many other C FL juniors have been in the Region 3 Top 10
Photo Credit: Flashpoint photography

Every year, over 1000 young riders time the Maclay Equitation
seek to qualify for the Maclay Equitation Maclay "to inspire young riders to develop Championship remained in the North
Finals held in November of each year. To the best horsemanship skills and instill in East. Both the Equitation Championship
reach the Finals, junior riders begin by them respect and compassion for their and the National Horse show seem to
becoming members of the ASPCA/NHSAA equine partners." Maclay served as have found a new indoor home as part of
(National Horse Show Association of president of the American Horse Show the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse
America) and enter the ASPCA Association (now the United States Tournament.
Horsemanship Class at hundreds of USEF Equestrian Federation) from 1926-1936 Alfred Barmore Maclay was born in 1871
sanctioned horse shows. The Maclay class and served on the Show Committee of the to Robert Maclay and Georgiana
is unique in its format of qualifying for the National Horse Show for thirty years, Barmore. Barmore was the daughter of
Championship through eight regional including as Chairman in 1916. The Alfred Barmore who was one of the
competitions in September. National Horse Show was established in principals of the Knickerbocker Ice
The format of 50% jumping performance 1883 (four years after the first Madison Company. The Knickerbocker Ice Company
and 50% flat performance is grounded in Square Garden opened) to showcase fine
Mr. Maclay's original objective of harness horses and
improving the overall rider. Complete show jumping. The
class specifications are at USEF EQ112.12 show was searching for
and at But why is it called a home at the turn of
'The Maclay?" the 21st century
The first Maclay equitation class was spending several
held in 1933 at the National Horse Show years at the
at Madison Square Garden, New York, Meadowlands in New
New York. The class was established by Jersey, 2003 and 2004
Alfred B. Maclay, an ASPCA board at The Pier in NYC, and
member and an accomplished several years outdoors
horseman. The class was conceived by at Wellington,
FL. Throughout this

410-804-5813 9.

Central Florida Equestrian's first annual

was the largest ice producer in the In 1912 he purchased a property in Gardens to the public in 1946 and in 1953
country by 1881 housing over 1,400,000 Millbrook, NY which he named donated some 307 acres of property to
tons of ice (out of two million tons used in Killearn. He spent his summers in New the Florida Board of Park Service.
New York City.) The ice operation took York raising Fine Harness horses and show Whether you watch a qualifying class;
500 wagons, 1000 horses and 2000 men; dogs. He grew up foxhunting, show enter with a local, regional, or national
each man earned an average of $1.50 per jumping and steeple chasing. But an injury goal; or watch with admiration its
day. Robert Maclay became president of directed his interest to Hackney horses graduate horsemen; remember the man
Knickerbocker Ice upon the death of his and Fine Harness horses. Maclay became who started the class and why it has a
father-in-law in 1875. Robert Maclay also a highly successful competitor with Fine multitude of monikers - ASPCA or Maclay
engaged in real estate and banking and Harness horses all of whom had "Killearn" or NHSAA. Mr. Maclay's commitment to
became president of the Knickerbocker in their name. Among Maclay's interests excellent competition created one of the
Trust Company from 1894 to 1897. were judging and showing dogs, including most outstanding riding competitions for
Through a series of mergers, its corporate fox terriers, mastiffs, Pomeranians, and young jumping riders. This coveted
soul is now part of the Bank of New York. setters; collecting one of the finest Championship has produced many of our
Born into this illustrious NYC family, libraries of American books on sports; country's finest horsemen, past and
Alfred Maclay benefitted from an collecting American glass which he sold at present. Look at the list below and note
education at Charlier School, a private auction in 1935 for $24,000 (during the how many winners have gone on to
school in NYC. At age 16 he became a heart of the Great Depression); and represent the US in international
member of Squadron A, New York developing his winter home in competition (noted with *on list below).
National Guard. Squadron A was a cavalry Tallahassee, Florida.
troop headquartered in NYC. He enlisted In 1919, Alfred Maclay married Louise ***Find the list with full article at
in the US infantry to fight the Spanish Fleischman (of the Fleischman yeast***
American War eventually obtaining the family). His wife's two brothers had winter
rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Alfred Maclay plantations near Tallahassee, RMI sincerely thanks John Canetta,
wanted to study art in Paris, but his Florida. After several visits, in Tallahassee,FL, a volunteer docent with
parents insisted on business experience. 1923 he and Louise bought the original the Maclay Gardens State Park who
Though always very artistic and creative, parcel of what has become the Alfred B. combed the archives and records available
he agreed to the family's demands to Maclay Gardens State Park. As with his from the Park Service. Additional
become an experienced businessman New York farm, Maclay named his Florida information was derived from a variety of
working with the family businesses until gardens Killearn, after the birth place of Internet searches and communications
around age 30. Having made several trips his great- great-grandfather in with the National Horse Show office, the
to Europe, he left the family businesses Scotland. The gardens focused on plants USEF, and the USET. Any errors, omissions
for a two year "grand tour." Upon his that would bloom during the winter and or misstatements are solely the
return from Europe, he refused to return early spring when the Maclay family was responsibility of the author.
to the family businesses instead focusing in residence. Camellias are the backbone
on the management of his personal of the Gardens which are also well For more information about RMI, their
wealth and the cultivation of his creative planted with rhododendron, sago palms, show schedules or to join their mailing
interest, including being an active official wisteria, cherry trees, redbuds, oriental list, please visit or
and exhibitor at horse shows. He believed magnolias, dogwoods and azaleas. Alfred email
horse shows were important as Maclay died in 1944 and his wife, Louise,
disseminators of knowledge about the continued the development of the
horse. Tallahassee gardens. She opened the

10. 410-804-5813

Grassroots : Who's Who ?

Pictured L-R (Top): Madison Specht & Calypso Bay, Delaney Smith on Daddy's Dollar (Shutterpug), Molly Murtha on Big Wheels (Shutterpug), Elizabeth Cloutier &
Sergeant Pepper, Girls of Summerwind; 2nd row: Camryn Halley on Very Berry (Shutterpug), India Hart on All Mine(Shutterpug), Kate Knight on Bigger Than Magic
(Shutterpug), Katelyn Pruchanski & Livin on a Prayer; row 3: Kaley Bird & Katie Freeman, Jennie Davies (Damon Herota), Skyler Keim & Jets Pat Puff, Allyshia Gupta
(Damon Herota), Megan Watson (Damon Herota); 4th row: Cathy Buchko and Mylestone, John Alexander (Damon Herota), (next 3 StudioEquishots), Jack Lube & Talk
of the Town (Shutterpug); 4th row: Hayley & Austin Wise- Make a Wish (StudioEquishots),Alexandra Bautista-Geiger & Blue Bayou (StudioEquishots)UCF Hunt Seat
Team: Katie Taylor, Coach Lesli Isaacson, Samantha Hack, Leah Zambouros & Sonja Murillo; UCF dressage: Meredith Williams (Samantha Ray), (6th row):Kristina
Bowe Samantha Ray), Ellie Herndon (Katie Genetti)and Samantha Ray (Gary Cline-StudioEquishots)

410-804-5813 11.

UPF 50


Office : 407-349-9305
Cell : 407-721-0498


12. 410-804-5813

HITS Ocala: Who’s Who? Find out below…

Pictured L-R (Top): Marcelo Barros & WB Daisy (ESI), Mauricio Garcia & Hamlet (ESI), Brock Clermont & Pironella (ESI); 2nd Row:Logan Anderson & Silver Skates (ESI), Kate
Levy & Starlight (Through My Eyes), I HAVE NO IDEA- but she’s ADORABLE! (Through My Eyes), Sharn Wordley and Andiamo Pyon (ESI); 3rd Row: Lauren Hunkin & Larry
(Through My Eyes), Lindsay Kluzek & Pironella (ESI), Michael Morrisey & Scarraberas (Through My Eyes), Gabrielle Cousin on Aramisse des Pins (Through My Eyes), Todd
Minikus & Olinda (Through My Eyes); 4th Row: Kayleigh Barkaszi& Vivitar (Waterhorse), David Connors & Nadia(ESI), Aaron Vale & Paparrazi (ESI), Mia O’Brian & Escalade
(Tess Boslet) ***Special Thanks to Gary & Mary Cline of Through My Eyes Photography for covering the final HITS grand prix for Central Florida Equestrian magazine

410-804-5813 13.

WEF (Wellington): Who’s Who?

Pictured L-R (Top): Nikko Ritter & Reflex Z (SportFOT), Reily Reiker & Andricus (Anne Gittens), Cyara New & Julianna; 2nd Row: Wendy
Peralta & Cruz Z(SportFOT), Tara Bruno & Alibi Z (SportFOT), Jackie Eckert & Ranger Z (JL Parker); 3rd Row: Ezequiel Peralta & Quina Z
(SportFOT), Kendra Harnch & Denoir Z (Dalton Harnch), Shawn Casady & Eastwood (JL Parker)

14. 410-804-5813

410-804-5813 15.
2010 Tampa Equestrian Festival Who’s Who?

Erin Stewart on Google (Lindsay McCall for PMG), Margaret Collins & Tailor Made, Molly Sewell and Marquis (Lindsay McCall for PMG),
unknown (Eye Can Shoot), unknown (Eye Can Shoot), Allison Postier & Painted Dreams (Eye Can Shoot), Darby Toben and Zazou (Lindsay
McCall for PMG), unknown (Eye Can Shoot), Michael Murphy & Winnetou (Lindsay McCall for PMG), unknown(Eye Can Shoot), unknown
(Eye Can Shoot), Molly Braswell and El Campeons (Lindsay McCall for PMG), Alicia Padro & Escamade (Eye Can Shoot), Alicia Dooley & Good
Stuff, Bill Schaub & Countess K (Eye Can Shoot), Shawn Casady & Eastwood (Eye Can Shoot), Elizabeth Patz and Corrado (Lindsay McCall for PMG)
***Special Thanks to Damon Herota of Eye Can Shoot Photography for Parade of Champion & Invitational photos***

16. 410-804-5813

2010 American Invitational~Who’s Who?

Top: Beezie Madden, cute girls, Debbie Stephens & Cleu, Todd Minikus, Lesley Howard; 2nd row: Michael Morrissey & Crelido, Margie Engle, Kate Levy
& Lirving du Volsin, Pablo Barrios & C&G Blanchee, Hugh Graham & 5th Estate E; 3rd row: Winner Jeffery Welles with Mac Cone & Peter Leone on
podium, Gene Mische & friends from G&C presenting; interesting but effective jump style, girls from Full Sail; 4th row: Ridgepoint & Cornerstone
groups, barn group, Mason Phelps, Debbie Stephens giving autographs, barn groups, Jim & Kathryn Tenney, Georgina Bloomberg
All photographs from Damon Herota for Central Florida Equestrian magazine

410-804-5813 17.

Bits & Tips
Michael Murphy was recently
selected for the USEF 2010 Show
Jumping Young Rider Tour (Thanks to
Lindsay McCall-Phelps)
May 9 marks Michael’s first trip to Europe.
There he joins Karl Cook, Nick Dello Joio,
Taylor Land and Jennifer Waxman for the
tour that begins in Belgium, then France &
ends with the Netherlands in June.

Thinking Equestrian Productions, Carlyn Prefontaine riding Rapidash

LLC hosted Bill Hoos’ eventing
clinic at Canterbury Easter ***Lesley Cox has relocated to
weekend Cheval Centre in Sarasota***

The following C FL riders

were accepted to the
Zone 4 Emerging Athletes
Program Level 1 training
program, held May 1 st-2nd
Caitlin Ader (Palm Coast),
Jaimee Hartley (St. Augustine),
Annie Kearley & Indy Hannah Huntington (Beverly
Hills), Lauren Jeffrey (Davie),
“The clinic was great.
Annie Weather
Kearley & Indywas perfect Madison Meyers (Malabar),
and I think everyone had fun and learned a Shanon Ziskind (Davie).
lot. I just wish we That’s 6 of the 19 riders in the
had more participants. Thanks to Farm Vet 1.10m section. 4 additional
for sponsoring the clinic and to Central riders are from S FL. Melanie
Florida Equestrian for sharing it with Smith Taylor is the clinician.
readers” ~Colleen Cunningham, Thinking ***The mission of the
Equestrian, LLC Emerging Athletes Program
(EAP) is to develop complete
horsemen by implementing a
system of identifying and
nurturing talented young riders
and providing them with
support and assistance in
achieving their full potential.
This program creates
opportunities for young riders
to advance their education in
their pursuit to become
Barclay Powell is riding Mr. G
professionals within our
“My daughter, Barclay (14), rode last industry. Learn more about the
weekend in the Bill Hoos clinic and had a program at
wonderful time (I got to watch!)- Bill's blend
of humor, specific exercises and direct
skill improvements were terrific.....His “Uh oh!” Why you
corrections were wonderfully balanced with should have – and use
encouragement - Barclay ended the – a second-nature
weekend exhausted but buoyed with new
insights and new ways to progress....Thanks operations risk
to Colleen of Thinking Equestrian management plan.
Productions for bringing Bill to Canterbury - By Philip N. Kabler, Esq.
hope to do it again!”
~Barbara Blount-Powell You remembered to close the
***Thanks to Kim Bennett for sharing paddock gate at turn-out,
photos. “It was a wonderful clinic.” right? To tighten the girth? To
lock the back of the trailer?

18. 410-804-5813

Bits & Tips
RISK. A scary word. A word that brings to could go awry, but simultaneously activities you identified on those lists.
mind only bad and nothing good. anticipate that things will probably be just Some things you need to do in the morning
Particularly when thinking about our fine in the end. By doing so you are and then again in the evening. Some daily.
horses, barns, and businesses. But we all prepared for the worst and hoping for the Weekly. And on other time-frames. You
need to keep risk on our minds, and in the best. Hunter/jumpers, steeplechase need to order feed, supplements, and other
end we will find that focusing on risk “up jockeys, and barrel racers start looking for consumable materials in advance because
front” can save a lot of headaches and the next obstacle just as they are going over of the lead-time required to receive them.
expense. the one in front of them. So, they are If you calendar reviews of your supplies,
So what is “risk”? It is the possibility of expecting to successfully complete that you will not run-out and, additionally, you
loss or damage in our lives. And it is based obstacle while preparing for the challenge can keep an eye on your budget. Also, if
on the circumstances we are in at any time of the next. you pre-schedule, and then implement your
and place. Since risk exists in the real Proactive risk management should schedule, your specific focus on risk will
world, which is constantly changing, it is an likewise be applied to the more mundane become second-nature to you and a part of
element we want to -- and can -- manage. aspects of your activities. “Reverse- your normal operations.
This effort to manage risk is best done engineer” what does and does not go well, The paragraphs above list only a sampling
before any damage occurs, and then should and create checklists to increase desired of the types of activities you should review
become second-nature. Why? Because it outcomes and limit the undesired. It can be on an ongoing basis. Here are some others:
simply costs less in terms of time, talent, difficult to memorize all the things which If you are organized as a corporation, LLC,
and effort to prevent a problem from are urgent, important, or ordinary, and or other business entity, you need to hold
arising (proactively), than it does to “mop it which must be addressed right now, soon, required meetings and file state reports.
up” afterwards (reactively). It is far less or later. When you walk your barn you You need to maintain assets like trucks,
expensive to buy and wear a helmet than it need to remember to look up to see roof tractors, or other machines. You need to
is for a hospital ER visit. leaks and pest infestations, and to look renew your insurance policies. You need
You should approach all elements of your down to see floor obstructions and slippery file payroll, tax, and benefits documents if
equine operations –professional or amateur spots. It is just plain easier to have your “be you have employees. And… you need to
– with an understanding that things can go on the lookout” items identified in advance arrange for veterinarian, dentist, and farrier
wrong, but without panicking. Then you and in writing. appointments, among others.
structure your activities to predict what The next step is to take your proactive risk Think through everything you do and
management lists and pre-schedule the have. You will then know the topics needed

(908) 625-7455 Phone (352) 867-5732 Fax

410-804-5813 19

Bits & Tips
to keep your world running smoothly. The Juliana Whittenburg,
risks will not disappear. They cannot President of
because the world is always changing., had
People come and go. The weather changes. already teamed up with
A horse’s health fluctuates. Prices rise and Hoag and is now
fall. Do not worry, just be ready. Again, partnering with Steiner, to
why? Because you do not want to waste have the dressage stars
the time you could be spending doing the help spread the word
things you like on the things you do not like. about the innovative Welcomes All Equestrian Events at the Florida State
Proactive risk management in your pasture vacuums. The
operations lets you focus on what you like Paddock Vac, which easily fairgrounds and Bob Thomas Equestrian Center !
by making your risk-management related hooks up to a riding lawn BOOK EARLY ! Rate is based on Availability.
activities regular, routine, and second mower, small tractor or
nature. golf cart, helps with Ask for the Horse Show Rate !
Phil Kabler is a lawyer at Kabler Moreno pasture maintenance as
Cason LLP in Gainesville, Florida, and the well as fly and bacterial We are conveniently located at 1-75 and the MLK Exit
proud parent of a pony rider…who always control. (#260 or 260 B)
wears her helmet. “The Paddock Vac allows
This article is intended for educational and barn owners to get the
Only 2 Miles from the Florida State Fairgrounds !
entertainment purposes. No attorney-client maximum amount of work
relationship is created, and no legal advice is done in the minimum Pet Policy Applies, Please Contact Hotel Directly.
rendered or intended.
amount of time. It also
enables farms to keep the Group Reservations : Jennifer Pullara 813-769-4190
Paddock Vac Sponsors highest standard of (10 or more per night)
International Dressage Rider cleanliness in the
Betsy Steiner paddocks and in the barn, Single Reservation : Hotel Direct 813-626-6700
Frenchtown, NJ (April 7, 2010) – which is essential for a
International dressage rider and trainer healthy and pest-free 10309 Highland Manor Drive
Betsy Steiner, who represented the United environment for horses," Tampa, Florida 33610
States in the World Equestrian Games, has Hoag said. “I took my
Paddock Vac to Betsy’s
been on the forefront of the dressage
industry for many years. The founder of farm in New Jersey and
Equilates, a unique program for equestrians she was immediately hooked on it.” wet and dry applications
that has its basis in Pilates, Steiner is always Steiner, who has provided commentary and is very capable of stripping a stall in
looking for products that are beneficial for for videos of the World Cup, the Olympic minutes. It is equally at home suctioning up
both horses and riders. Games and Dressage at Devon, has a fresh bulk bedding and dumping it into a
When Steiner’s long-time student Tami summer farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey, cleaned stall.
Hoag, a New York Times bestselling novelist and spends her winter months in Whittenburg added that there is great
and professional dressage rider, introduced Wellington. Steiner has authored the book news for horse owners in the market for a
Steiner to the Paddock Vac, Steiner knew Gymnastic Training System Using the Mind, new pasture vacuum. “Because our
she had found a product she could stand Body, Spirit Approach and developed warehouse is moving, we can offer new
behind. The Paddock Vac, distributed by Equilates, a sport-specific Pilates-based clients substantial savings. Right now you, is an innovative exercises and body awareness program for can save $1100 on a Paddock Vac and $450
pasture/stall vacuum that allows manure to the equestrian. Steiner is highly sought on a Maxi.” For more information on the
be vacuumed out of fields, paddocks and after as a clinician and trainer. Pasture Vacuum equipment, visit their
stalls. Pasture Vacuums, which offers a large website at .
model and a mid-size
vacuum, enables the
operator to vacuum the
manure out of important
grazing pastures, leaving a
healthy green bed of grass
behind. It is also great for
spot cleaning manure in the
The Paddock Vac has also
proven its versatility from
cleaning up the interior of a
barn to harvesting fruits,
nuts and other debris Photo -Tami Hoag (left) and Betsy Steiner (right)
decomposing in a pasture. agree that Paddock Vac is a winner. (Photo
The pasture vacuum has courtesy of

20 410-804-5813

Product & Service Directory

10419 CR 39 South,
Braiding Lithia, FL 33547
Lynne Rothert, LLC

Performance Enhancement
Non-Invasive Body Work for Horses

* Photonic Light Therapy *

* Equine Massage *
Sally L. Harvey, C.E.S.M.T.
Phone : 302-981-3483

NEW!! Stable & Trainer Directory

605 Charlie Wiggins Rd. Dan Crist
Plant City. Florida 33567 813-763-1411

Specializing in :
Starting under saddle first 60 days
Foundation Training
Problem Solving
Trail /Pleasure DanCristHorseTraining

Windermere-Dr phillips-Gotha Located in Archer, FLorida 20 Min from HITS & 10

Min from Canterbury Showplace Full Service Boarding, Lessons, Training & Sales
410-804-5813 Mauricio Garcia : 787-243-4045
Sharleen Exler : 352-359-4149

Full Partners Farm-Newberry Brokewell Farm

Trainer: Joe Williams
Boarding Lessons Shows Camps Specializing in starting young show horses for H/J,
Sales Leases Purchases western pleasure, huntseat and general purpose.
We also start ponies!
Farm offers affordable board, training, sales and
352 472 7669 lessons. Learn to ride like a classic hunter. All ages*Flexible Scheduling*Summer Camps
Excellent references
352-342-4416 Ocala, FL

410-804-5813 21


e-mail :

Horse Shows In The Park, LLC

2010 Show Dates & Venues

22 410-804-5813

April-May Event Calendar
May 5-6 Silver Sands H/J SS-New Smyrna
30- 2 Fox Lea Venice Concours I 15- Silver Sands Open SS
“A” $25,000 Grand Prix 5-6 PCHA Non-Rated Show 15-16 Sumter EC H/J
1- Fun in the Sun H/J SS-Ocala 11-12 GOHJA Wendover Place 15-16 NFHJA May Schooling
1-First Coast H/J- Clay Co Fairgrounds 12- Tri-County H/J Alliance Show 21-23 RMI Mid FL
1-2 Marion Saddle H/J SS 12- Dressage, Stadium & 3-Phase SS 22-23 SEHJ H/J SS-Clarcona
1-2 SEHJ H/J SS-Tampa 12-13 HSITP H/J @ Jacksonville 22-23 Barrington Hill H/J SS 13- Silver Sands Open SS
1-2 FHTA Eventing Camp 22-23 Fox Lea Open H/J SS 18-20 Fox Lea Mid-June H/J “A”
1-2 Rocking Horse Spring Dressage
USDF/USEF 22-23 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury 19- Canterbury Dressage & 3-Phase Schooling Show
7-9 RMI Mid FL 29- Silver Sands Dressage SS 19- 20- Fun in the Sun H/J SS-Ocala
8- Equine Corral Yard Sale 28- 30 Fox Lea Venice Concours II “A”
'Big Tack & Tag'-Lithia 19-20 USDF & USEF Silver Sands
29-First Coast H/J- Clay Co Fairgrounds Dressage Show
8-9 Canterbury May Day Qualifier USDF 19-20 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale
dressage show June
4-6 RMI Mid FL Dec II 26-27 Marion Saddle H/J SS
8-9 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale
5- HSITP H/J @ Wickham Park 26-27 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury
8-9 PCHA Non-Rated Show
5- Bill Woods Dressage Clinic 26- OAHC AHA Community Show
14-16 CFHJA H/J “A”
6- OAHC Dressage SS 27- OAHC Fun Show
14-15 GOHJA Over the Hill Farm