Shaping Lives for Christ

Scenic Hills Christian Camp 3005 Stonington Road Mitchell, IN 47446


‘Shaping Lives for Christ’

Camper Name Parent’s Name Address City Family Doctor Birthdate Day Phone Night Phone State Dr. Phone # Zip

CUT AND MAIL THIS SECTION I authorize Scenic Hills Christian Camp to take and use any photographs, slides and video tapes of the camper named on this application as may be needed for its records or public relations programs. In the event of a medical emergency, I give permission for a representative of Scenic Hills Christian Camp to secure proper treatment for my child named herein. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me in case of such emergency before any such medical treatment is administered. I will not hold Scenic Hills Christian Camp or its staff, management or officers responsible for any illness or accident that may occur. I understand camp insurance is secondary.

Is child currently on medications: YES NO If YES, list medications and instructions on a separate sheet of paper and give to camp nurse. State requires all medications must be in original containers. If there are over-the-counter medications that you DO NOT wish your child to take, please inform the camp nurse when you register at camp. Aspirin will NOT be given to campers. Allergies Date of last Tetanus Booster Please list any health or physical limitations: Medical Insurance Carrier Member’s Name Policy #

Parent or Legal Guardian

/ / 10 Date

Danny Starr, Camp Manager

Phone (812) 849-CAMP


Scenic Hills Christian Camp is located on 80 beautiful acres seven miles east of Mitchell, Indiana. The camp is owned and operated by several non-denominational Christian churches in southern Indiana. The purpose of Scenic Hills Christian Camp is to provide a Christ-centered program in a natural setting which integrates spiritual and personal development by emphasizing evangelism, discipleship, skill development and a deep appreciation of God’s creation. At Scenic Hills, campers learn to appreciate others whose abilities, temperaments and backgrounds are different from their own. Many friendships formed at camp last for a lifetime. Because we are a Christian camp does not mean that only Christians can attend. It does mean that Christian values are taught here. We see ourselves as a supporting organization to the Christian educational needs of our area churches. Scenic Hills attempts to blend the goals of the church, the parents, and the child into a unified program. We provide Bible-based study and worship, we help the child discover appropriate responses to many social and family issues, and we provide an atmosphere of controlled fun. We offer a wide variety of programming styles. Our facilities are available for year round use. They include modern dormitories, dining hall, chapel, shelters for teaching or picnicking, snack shack, swimming pool, and opportunities for games of many kinds. In addition to our camp sponsored summer programs, our facilities may be reserved for retreats, family or class reunions, birthday parties, Sunday School class get-togethers, etc. We sincerely hope we can partner with you in the training of your child. While our fees are low and cover less than 50% of actual cost, we realize finances still may be a problem for some families. Your church may have a scholarship program. We do not want finances to stand in a child’s way of a great Christian camping experience. Please feel free to discuss your specific need with our camp manager at (812) 849-CAMP.

A great deal of time and preparation is involved in planning the camp program for your child. Campers who arrive late, leave during the week, or leave early, can be a distraction to the total program. Please respect the dean, counselors, camp staff and other campers by seeing to it that your child is present for the entire camp program. I think you will agree that few things are more important than having your child in a Christian environment and learning about the principles of God. Please plan ahead and see to it that your child is present for the whole camp program.

For the safety of all campers, to discourage homesickness and to keep the continuity of the session for campers, all non-registered youth and parents are discouraged from visiting the camp during their child’s program. Please phone the camp if you are concerned about a camper. If you must visit, upon arrival you will be required to check-in with the camp manager or dean. Please cooperate with these and other camp policies for the safety and well being of each camper.

A group picture will be taken at each camp session. Every camper will receive a picture at no extra cost.

Campers will need extra money for the Camp Store. All purchases are optional. Most snack items are $.50-$.75. Camp T-shirts are $10 or less. The camp store is normally open twice daily during most sessions. To keep younger campers from losing money, canteen cards will be available for purchase at the store and registration table when you arrive.

Bible Soap Notebook Deodorant Pencil Shampoo Sheets & blankets Toothbrush/toothpaste (or sleeping bag) Comb/brush Pillow Modest swimsuit Towels Jacket Washcloths Camera Stationery Flashlight Envelopes Insect repellant Postcards Play clothes Stamps Old shoes Plastic bag for dirty clothes Primary Sleepover campers may bring floaties for swimming

Each dean will select a mission for his/her program. Campers and counselors are encouraged to bring money for the missionaries represented at their camp session.To keep younger children from losing money, you may deposit their mission offering in the ‘mission bank’ in the registration area.

Go east on state highway 60 toward Spring Mill State Park. From the park entrance continue east 1.3 miles. Turn left off of highway 60 onto Sportsman Club Road. Go 2 miles to a ‘T’. Turn right and go .7 mile to 4-way stop. Turn left and go 1 mile to camp sign and gravel road. Turn right and go .1 mile. Camp entrance is on the right.

Take state highway 60 west out of Salem. Go 13 miles until you cross a railroad track. From the RR tracks go 2 miles and turn right on Stonington Rd. Go 1.5 miles to a 4-way stop. Go straight for 1 mile. Turn right at camp sign and go .1 mile to camp entrance.

Primary Sleepover I (Grades 1-3) – Jennifer Coward is the Program Director for this camp. Jennifer is Director of Early Childhood
Ministries at Eastside Christian Church in Jeffersonville, IN. This is Jennifer’s second year of directing PS I. She had an awesome program last year and is working hard on this year’s too.

Primary Sleepover II (Grades 1-3) – Heather Unger is the Program Director for this camp. Heather is a teacher with the Paoli Community Schools. Her husband, Yancy, is the minister at Fishing Creek Chapel Christian Church near Mitchell, IN. She co-directed PS II last year and has volunteered at several camp programs in the past. Junior I (Grades 3-5) – Jolinda Jones and Chris Wells from Lincoln Hills Christian Church in Corydon, IN are the Program Directors for this week. Jolinda is the Children’s Director at Lincoln Hills. Chris is a youth volunteer at Lincoln Hills, a member of the Scenic Hills Camp Board and all around good guy. Jolinda and Chris have been directing this program for a few years now. They have always done an outstanding job. The theme they have chosen is ‘Dive.’ The main topics for each day will be: “Are you ready?”, “Are you learning?”, “Are you leading?”, “Are you loving?”, and “Are you listening?” Those attending this program will be ‘diving in’ to a lot of fun, learning and excitement. Junior II (Grades 3-5) – Marsha Hancock is the Program Director for this week. Marsha is the Director of Elementary Ministries at Eastside Christian Church in Jeffersonville, IN. Marsha has directed several programs here in the past. The theme for Junior II will be ‘The Amazing Race.’ The Bible verse, Hebrews 12:1, will be the main scripture for the week. The campers will learn that the Bible compares their life to a race for which they must prepare. They will learn teamwork while completing daily challenges. Also, each camper will receive a devotional booklet. Middle School I (Grades 6-8) – Chris Tanner is the Children’s & Youth Minister at the
Georgetown Christian Church in Georgetown, IN. Chris has been directing programs at Scenic Hills for a few years. Chris has chosen the theme ‘Vintage Jesus’ for MS I this year. At first glance, Jesus’ resume is rather simple. He never traveled more than a few hundred miles form his home. He never held a political office, never wrote a book, never married, never had sex, never attended college, never visited a big city, or never won a poker tournament. He died both homeless and poor. Nonetheless, Jesus is the most famous person in all of human history. No army, nation, or person has changed human history to the degree that Jesus, the homeless man, has.

Middle School II (Grades 6-8) – Rennie Fish and Chris Austin are the Program Directors for this week. Rennie is an elder and youth volunteer at the Mt. Pleasant Christian Church near Bedford, IN. He has been a PD for the past several years as well. Chris is the Youth Minister at Mt. Pleasant. The theme for this program is ‘Avatar.’ All the learning and activities will center around Revelation 22:1-2. High School Week (Grades 9-12) – Frank Spalding is again the Program
Director for our high school program. Frank is the Student Minister at the Lincoln Hills Christian Church in Corydon, IN. This is Frank’s third year of directing this program. He attended many programs at Scenic Hills as a camper and now it’s great to have Frank as a leader in our programs. Frank has also chosen ‘Vintage Jesus’ as the theme for this program. This will be an exciting week. Nothing is ever dull with Frank around!

~Junior I

June 7-11

(entering this fall)

$150 $10 $40 $175 $175 $40 $175

5:00-6:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. 5:00-6:00 p.m. 5:00-6:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 5:00-6:00 p.m

12 noon 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 12 noon 12 noon 3:00 p.m. 12 noon

Jolinda Jones Chris Wells Phil Tatom Jennifer Coward Chris Tanner Frank Spalding Heather Unger Rennie Fish Chris Austin Marsha Hancock

(all times are Eastern time)


Senior Adults Day June 12 +Primary Sleepover I June 18-19 Middle School I June 20-25 High School June 27-July 2 +Primary Sleepover II July 9-10 Middle School II July 11-16

1-*3 6-8 9-12 1-*3 6-8

Junior II July 18-23 *3-4 $175 5:00-6:00 p.m 12 noon ~ Junior I will begin on Monday instead of Sunday. * Those entering 3rd grade this fall will be given the opportunity to choose to attend an overnight Primary Sleepover or a full week of Junior Camp + Parent(s) are encouraged to attend a Primary Sleepover with their child. A donation of $20 per parent is requested to help cover expenses.

1. Complete the registration and medical forms. A parent or legal guardian must sign the medical form. If your church is paying a portion of the camp fee, a minister must complete and sign the ‘church fee’ box. Due to insurance policies, incomplete registration and/or medical forms will be returned. 2. REGISTRATION FEE: $20 of your total camper fee is due with the registration form. This $20 is a deposit and is non-refundable or non-transferable. The camper’s balance is due at check-in. Any fees paid by your church will be charged to your church. Those who send in the full payment will receive a ‘dorm pass’ and will not have to go through the registration line but may go straight to the dorm. 3. Mail completed forms and $20 registration fee to Scenic Hills Christian Camp. 4. Upon receiving your completed registration forms and $20 registration fee, we will send you the following: • Confirmation of your selected program and dates • List of camp policies and what-to-bring list • Listing of fees received and balances due at check-in • Dorm pass, if full payment is received 5. Registrations and reservations will not be accepted over the telephone. 6. Cancellations should be reported to the camp as soon as possible to allow another camper to fill the vacancy. 7. Please notice the beginning and the ending times of each program on the schedule above. Campers are not to arrive earlier than registration time. All buildings will be locked until registration time. 8. Registration forms may be printed from the camp’s web site at:


Camper Fee Less Reg. Fee Less Discount Less Church Contr. Camper Balance

Name Address City Male/Female Grade entering in Fall 2010 E-mail Parent(s) or Guardian Home Church Have you been baptized? Yes Camp program attending No Date Age State Birthdate Phone
For a quick confirmation, please provide email address.


The Church will pay $ Signed I am sending $ I will pay $ with card. at check-in.

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