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@cakedec if you want to share IPexpert CCIE RSv5 workbooks and concerned about t
he watermark/logo for security/privacy reason, you may try the followings
Easy way: Use Google Docs (also known as Google Drive) to convert you PDF docume
nt as Microsoft Word file. Then open that Word document with Google Docs or inst
alled Microsoft Word program. You might see that the watermark text now appears
on a overlapping layer in the converted document. Manually delete those text and
save the doc file as PDF again.
Source (i)
Hard way:
1. Download Pdftk and extract pdftk.exe and libiconv2.dll to %windir%\System
32, a directory in the path or any other location of your choice.
2. Download and install Notepad++.
3. PDF streams are usually compressed using the DEFLATE algorithm. This save
s space, but it makes the PDF file illegible.
The command is "pdftk original.pdf output uncompressed.pdf uncompress"
It will uncompress all streams, so they can be modified by a text editor.
4. Open uncompressed.pdf with Notepad++ to reveal the structure of the water
In this specific case, every page begins with the block
q 9 0 0 9 2997 4118.67 cm
/W 1
/H 1
/BPC 8
and nearly 4,000 blocks just like this one. This particular block sets only
one (/W 1 /H 1) of the watermark's pixels.
Scrolling down until the pattern changes reveals that the watermark's stream
is 95,906 bytes long (counting newlines). The exact same stream is repeated on
every page of the PDF file.
5. Press Ctrl + H and set the following:
q 9 0 0 9 2997 4118\.67 cm.{95881}
Match case: checked
Wrap around:
Regular expression: selected
. matches newline: checked

The regular expression q 9 0 0 9 2997 4118\.67 cm.{95881} matches the first

line of the above block (q 9 0 0 9 2997 4118.67 cm) and all following 95,881 cha
racters, i.e., the watermark's stream.
Clicking Replace All removes it from all pages of the PDF file.
6. The watermark has now been removed, but the PDF file has errors (the stre
ams' lengths are incorrect) and it's uncompressed.
The command is "pdftk uncompressed.pdf output nowatermark.pdf compress"
takes care of both.
7. uncompressed.pdf is no longer needed. You can delete it.
3rd party software: (Could not find any free one on my search) ($29.95) ($3
9.95) ($49.99) ($89.00)$99)
If the google docs trick does not work and 3rd party is not a solution but you d
on't have time for hard way, you may check if anyone from our group with you tru
st has time to help with this. As I know group admin UldisD is always helpful an
d might give you a hand if he has time, alternatively you can count me in for th
is task if you are ok.
Hope this was helpful.
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