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CastleCraft Build Sheet

ver 1.0.2

doc version 0.5 by silence

Level 1 Gold Wood Crystal Time Req L2 Requirements

Barracks 6000g 6000w - 3m Weaponry L1, Woodworking L1

Crystal Refinery 5000g 3000g - 15m L1 Dragoncrystal L1, Academy L1
Farm 400g 500w - 30s L1 -
Goldmine 200g 700w - 90s L1 -
Lumbermill 300g 500w - 60s L1 -
Residence 2000g 2000w - 90s L1 -
Walls - - - - L2 -

Archer’s Hall 8000g 4000w - 3m L1 Weaponry L1, Woodworking L1

Archer 4000g 5000w - 30m -
Archery 7500g 8200w - 36m -
Flaming Arrows 1500g 4000w - 90m Workshop L2, Archer L1, Archery L2
Longbow 2500g 4000w - 45m Archers Hall L2, Archery L2

Academy 8000g 5000w - 6m L1 Construction L1

Adamantite 1000g - 300c Academy L2, Mage L1
Dark Mage 18800g - 10c Darkmagic L1, Pikeman L3
Dark Magic 6000g - 20c 360m Academy L2, Mage L1
Dagon Crystal Research 5000g - - 24m L1 -
Fog of War 10000g - 40c Academy L3, Lightmagic L1, Crystal Refinery L2
Force Field 6000g - 20c 120m Academy L2, Lightmagic L1
Haste 10000g - 10c 60m Academy L2, Lightmagic L1
Light Magic 6000g - 20c 360m Academy L2, Mage L1
Mage 6600g - 5c 90m -
Mithril 1000g - 150c 140m Academy L3, Lightmagic L1, Mage L1
Necromancer 20000g - 40c Darkmage L3, Pikeman L4
White Mage 9900g - 10c 180m Lightmagic L1, Pikeman L1

Blacksmith 5000g 3000w - 3m L1 -

Adamantite Armor 6000g - 50c Adamantite L1, Steelarmor L1, Metalworking L3
Construction 5000g 8000w - 30m -
Horseshoes 500g 1000w - 15m L1 Stables L1
Iron Armor 2000g 3000w - 60m -
Metal Alloys 7000g 5100w - 15m -
Metalworking 4500g 4500w - 15m L1 -
Mithril Armor 6000g - 10c 240m Mithril L1, Ironarmor L1, Metalworking L3, Steelarmor L1
Pikeman 4000g 6000w - 30m Weaponry L1, Barracks L1
Steel Armor 3000w 5000w - Metalalloys L1, Ironarmor L1
Swordsman 25000g 12000w -

Castle - - - -
Agriculture 5000g 3000w - 30m -
Animal Farming 5000g 5000w - 90m L1 -
Astronomy 3000g 3000w - 135m -
Banking 8500g - - 90m Politics L1, Writing L2
Knight 5000g - - 180m Politics L1, Ironarmor L1, Dogma L1, Calvary L1
Politics 1000g - - 180m Writing L2, Church L2
Prince 5000g - - 180m Castle L3, Ironarmor L1
Princess 5000g - - 180m Castle L3, Politics L2

Church 5000g 5000w - 2m L1 Residence L1

Discipline 7000g - - 45m L1 -
Dogma 4000g - - 60m Castle L2, Holy Water L1
Evangelism 5000g 3000w - 90m Dogma L2, Holy Water L1
Healing 3000g - 3c 30m -
Holy Water 1500g - 10c 180m -
Priest 3000g - - 45m Holy Water L1, Healing L1
Writing 4000g - - 30m L1 -

Dragon Roost 10000g 1000w - 150s Construction L1, Architecture L1, Castle L2
Dragon 0g 10000w 8c 135m
Dragon Knight 12000g 12000w 15c 360m Dragontaming L3, Mithril L1
Dragon Taming 2000g 1000w 20c 90m
Dragon’s Courage 5000g - 60c
Dragon’s Speed 5000g - 60c
Dragon’s Strength 5000g - 30c 135m

Stables 5000g 5000w - 3m L1 -

Calvary 8000g 6000w - 90m Horseback L1, Pikeman L1
Horseback Riding 3000g - - 15m Horseshoes L1
Load Bearing 3000g 4000g - 24m L1 Stockbreeding L1, Animalfarming L1, Horseshoes L1
Stock Breeding 3000g 2000w - 60m L1 Animalfarming L1

Tower 5000g 3000w - 15m L1 -

Archer Towers 3000g 4000g - 45m Archer L1, Archery L1
Canon Towers 10000g 10000w - 135m Explosives L1, Workshop L3, Traps L1
Dragon Towers 5000g 5000w 10c 90m Dragon Roost L1, Barracks L3

Workshop 8000g 4000w - 3m -

Architecture 7000g 8000w - 180m L1 Engineering L1, Discipline L1
Battering Ram 2000g 6000w - 90m Workshop L3, Barracks L2
Catapult 4000g 10000w - 90m Workshop L3, Pikeman L2
Engineering 8000g 8000w - 135m L1 Metalalloys L1, Discipline L1, Writing L1
Explosives 10000g 10000w - 360m Workshop L3, Construction L2
Irrigation 3000g 75000w - 45m L1 Animalfarming L1
Sewage System 6000g 8000w - 45m L1 Engineering L1, Discipline L1
Traps 2000g 5000w - 65m Workshop L2, Lumber Mill L2
Weaponry 9000g 9000w - 24m L1 Woodworking L1
Wood Working 3000g 5000w - 30m L1
Level 2 Gold Wood Crystal Time Req L3 Requirements

Barracks 10000g 10000w - 15m L2 Discipline L2, Pikeman L1, Weaponry L2

Crystal Refinery 10000g 90000w 100c 40m L2 Dragoncrystal L2, Mage L1
Farm 9000g 10000w - 15m L2 Agriculture L1
Goldmine 7000g 6000w - 30m L2 Construction L1, Architecture L1, Castle L2
Lumbermill 5000g 8000w - 15m L2 Woodworking L1, Architecture L1
Residence 6000g 9000w - 20m L2 Castle L2, Church L1
Walls 10000g 10000w - 30m L3 Construction L1, Animalfarming L1, Loadbearing L1, Horseshoes L1

Archer’s Hall 18000g 12000w - 20m L2

Archer 12000g 15000w - 60m Archery L2
Archery 18200g 24500w - 72m Archer’s Hall L2, Woodworking L2
Flaming Arrows 4500g 12000w - Horseshoes L3, Metalalloys L3

Academy 12000g 10000w 100c 30m L2 Mage L1

Dark Mage
Dark Magic 20000g - 40c 720m
Dagon Crystal Research 10000g - 10c 48m L2 Academy L2, Mage L1
Fog of War
Force Field 30000g - 40c Lightmagic L2
Light Magic 20000g - 40c
Mage 22000g - 10c 180m L1
White Mage

Blacksmith 11000g 9000g - 15m L2 Gold Mine L2, Architecture L1, Metalworking L2
Adamantite Armor
Construction 10000g 16000w - 60m L2 Workshop L2, Church L2
Horseshoes 1000g 2000w - 30m L2
Iron Armor 6000g 9000w - 120m L1
Metal Alloys 38000g 21000w - 30m L2 Blacksmith L2, Metalworking L2
Metalworking 11000g 9200w - 30m L2 Blacksmith L2, Castle L2
Mithril Armor
Pikeman 12000g 18000w - 60m L1
Steel Armor 9000g 15000w - 240m
Swordsman 25000g 12000w - Weaponry L2, Metalworking L2

Castle 10000g 10000w - 180m Sewagesystem L2, Mage L1

Agriculture 8000g 6000w - 60m L2
Animal Farming 10000g 10000w - 180m L2 Farm L2
Astronomy 10000g 10000w - 270m
Banking 38000g - - 180m L2
Knight 25000g - - 360m L1 Politics L1, Ironarmor L1
Politics 5000g - - 360m

Church 9000g 11000w - 15m L2 Residence L2, Holywater L1

Discipline 15000g - - 90m L2 Church L2, Holywater L1
Dogma 16000g - - 120m
Evangelism 15000g 9000w - 180m
Healing 6000g - 6c
Holy Water 5000g 0w 50c 360m L1
Priest Holywater L2, Healing L2
Writing 8000g - - 60m L2 Church L2, Holywater L1

Dragon Roost 12000g 8000w 100c 30m L2

Dragon - 58500w 16c 270m
Dragon Knight
Dragon Taming 9000g 4000w 40c 180m L1
Dragon’s Courage
Dragon’s Speed
Dragon’s Strength

Stables 9000g 10000w - 15m L2

Calvary 24000g 18000w - 180m L1 Horseback Riding L2
Horseback Riding 9000g - - 30m
Load Bearing 12000g 16000w - 48m L2 Animalfarming L2, Metalalloys L2
Stock Breeding 5000g 4000w - 120m Animalfarming L2, Farm L2

Tower 10000g 10000w - 45m L2 Traps L1, Archer L1, Workshop L2

Archer Towers
Canon Towers 30000g 30000w - Explosives L2
Dragon Towers 12000g 12000w - 180m

Workshop 15000g 12000w - 20m L2 Blacksmith L2, Castle L2

Architecture 35000g 40000w - 360m L2 Astronomy L1, Engineering L2, Writing L2
Battering Ram
Catapult 20000g 50000w - 180m
Engineering 30000g 30000g - 270m L2 Metalalloys L2, Church L2
Explosives 50000g 50000w -
Irrigation 9000g 22500w - 90m L2 Construction L2, Farm L2
Sewage System 20000g 40000w - 90m L2 Engineering L2, Discipline L2
Traps 6000g 15000w 130m L1
Weaponry 18000g 18000w - 48m L2 Blacksmith L2, Woodworking L2
Wood Working 5000g 10000w - 60m L2 -
Level 3 Gold Wood Crystal Time Req L4 Requirements

Barracks 50000g 50000w - 120m L3 Discipline L3, Woodworking L3, Weaponry L3

Crystal Refinery 45000g 18000w 200c 80m L3 Academy L3, Dragoncrystal L3
Farm 18000g 45000w - 30m L3 Agriculture L2, Stockbreeding L2, Dragon Roost L2, Construction L2
Goldmine 45000g 45000w - 60m L3 Castle L3, Dragon Roost L2
Lumbermill 10000g 30000w - 30m L3 Castle L3, Walls L3
Residence 12000g 27000w - 50m L3 Castle L3, Walls L3, Church L2
Walls 50000g 50000w - 90m L4 Construction L2, Animalfarming L2, Loadbearing L2, Barracks L2

Archer’s Hall 50000g 36000w - 80m L3 Archery L2, Longbow L1

Archer 36000g 45000w - L1 Archer’s Hall L3, Weaponry L3, Archery L3
Archery 36000g 48000w - 144m Archer’s Hall L3, Woodworking L3, Weaponry L3
Flaming Arrows
Longbow 22500g 36000w - Archer’s Hall L3, Archery L3, Weaponry L3

Academy 50000g 45000w 200c 100m L3 Astronomy L3, Writing L3, Lightmagic L1
Dark Mage
Dark Magic
Dagon Crystal Research 20000g - 50c 96m L3 Academy L3, Astronomy L3, Lightmagic L1
Fog of War
Force Field
Light Magic
Mage 66000g - 20c 360m Academy L3, Weaponry L3
Mithril L2
White Mage

Blacksmith 30000g 50000w - 75m L3 Gold Mine L3, Walls L3, Banking L2
Adamantite Armor
Construction 20000g 32000w - 120m L3 Workshop L3, Church L3, Writing L3
Horseshoes 3000g 6000w - 60m Stables L3, Metalworking L3
Iron Armor 18000g 27000w - Metalworking L3
Metal Alloys 80000g 40000w - 60m L3 Metalworking L3
Metalworking 20200g 17500w - 60m L3 Blacksmith L3, Castle L3
Mithril Armor 6000g - 10c L2
Pikeman 36000g 36000w - Weaponry L3, Discipline L3
Steel Armor 30000g 45000w - Metalalloys L3, Metalworking L3, Ironarmor L3
Swordsman 90000g 24000w - Weaponry L3, Metalworking L3, Metalalloys L3, Pikeman L3

Castle 50000g 50000w - 360m Engineering L3, Dragoncrystal L3

Agriculture 12000g 12000w - 120m L3 Farm L3, Castle L3
Animal Farming 20000g 20000w - 360m L3 Farm L3, Agriculture L2
Astronomy 40000g 40000w - 540m L3 Writing L3, Church L3
Banking 90000g - - 360m L3 Writing L3, Politics L3
Politics 9000g - - 720m L3
Prince L1
Princess L1

Church 50000g 45000w - 30m L3 Residence L3, Priest L1, Evangelism L2, Holywater L2
Discipline 32000g - - 180m L3 Church L3, Holywater L2
Dogma 50000g - -
Evangelism 50000g 30000w -
Healing 12000g - 12c
Holy Water 22000g - 100c 720m L2
Priest 18000g - - L1 Holywater L3, Healing L3
Writing 16000g - - 120m L3 Church L3, Holywater L2

Dragon Roost 50000g 16000w 200c 150m L3 Academy L3, Astronomy L3

Dragon - 100000w 32c 540m L3
Dragon Knight L2
Dragon Taming 30000g 12000w 80c 360m Dragon Roost L3, Academy L3
Dragon’s Courage
Dragon’s Speed
Dragon’s Strength

Stables 45000g 45000w - 45m L3 Stockbreeding L3, Animalfarming L3

Calvary 72000g 54000w - Horseback L3, Weaponry L3, Horseshoes L3
Horseback Riding 27000g - - Stables L3, Metalalloys L3, Horseshoes L3
Load Bearing 48000g 64000w - Stockbreeding L3, Workshop L3, Farm L3, Horseshoes L3
Stock Breeding 8000g 8000w - 240m L3 Farm L3, Animalfarming L3

Tower 50000g 48000w - 135m L3 Traps L2, Archer L1, Archertowers L1

Archer Towers 12000g 30000w - 180m L1 Archery L3, Weaponry L3
Canon Towers 12000g 3000w -
Dragon Towers 150000g 20000w 50c

Workshop 50000g 36000w - 80m L3 Blacksmith L3, Writing L2

Architecture 100000g 125000w - 720m L3 Engineering L3, Discipline L3
Battering Ram
Catapult 80000g 125000w - Workshop L4, Pikeman L3
Engineering 100000g 100000w - 540m L3 Metalalloys L3, Blacksmith L3, Lumber Mill L3, Church L3, Discipline L3
Explosives L1
Irrigation 27000g 67500w - Animalfarming L3, Farm L3
Sewage System 40000g 110000w - 180m L3 Engineering L3, Discipline L3
Traps 18000g 45000w - L2 Calvary L3, Barracks L3, Horseback L3
Weaponry 54000g 54000w - 96m L3 Woodworking L3
Wood Working 10000g 20000w - L3
Level 4 Gold Wood Crystal Time Req L5 Requirements

Barracks 120000g 120000w - L4 Pikeman L3

Crystal Refinery 125000g 54000w 400c L4 Dragoncrystal L4, Mage L3, Academy L4
Farm 54000g 100000w - L4 Agriculture L3
Goldmine 125000g 125000w - L4 Construction L3, Crystal Refinery L3, Dragon L3
Lumbermill 20000g 120000w - L4 Loadbearing L3, Woodworking L3, Dragon L3
Residence 24000g 80000w - L4 Evangelism L2, Crystal Refinery L3, Dragon L3
Walls 125000g 125000w - L5 Construction L3, Writing L3

Archer’s Hall 125000g 100000w - L4 Discipline L3, Weaponry L3, Archery L3, Barracks L3, Flaming
Arrows L1, Dragon L3
Flaming Arrows

Academy 125000g 125000w 400c L4 Mage L3

Dark Mage
Dark Magic
Dagon Crystal Research 40000g - 100c L3 Academy L4, Mage L3
Fog of War
Force Field
Light Magic
Mage L3
White Mage

Blacksmith 60000g 110000w - L4 Gold Mine L4, Metalworking L3, Crystal Refinery L3, Banking L3,
Dragon L3
Adamantite Armor
Construction 40000g 64000w - Blacksmith L4, Church L4
Iron Armor
Metal Alloys 160000g 80000w - Blacksmith L4, Metalworking L4
Metalworking 45000g 40000w - Blacksmith L4, Castle L4
Mithril Armor
Steel Armor

Castle 125000g 125000w - Engineering L3, Dragoncrystal L3

Agriculture L3
Animal Farming
Astronomy 100000g 100000w - L4 Writing L4, Church L4
Banking L4
Knight L4
Politics 50000g - - 1497m
Prince L3
Princess L3

Church 125000g 125000w - L4 Residence L4, Holywater L3

Discipline 64000g - - Church L4, Holywater L3
Holy Water L3
Writing 24000g - - L4 Church L4, Holywater L3

Dragon Roost 125000g 32000w 400c L4 Dragontaming L3, Darkmage L1

Dragon L4
Dragon Knight
Dragon Taming 60000g 40000w 160c Dragon Roost L4, Academy L4
Dragon’s Courage
Dragon’s Speed
Dragon’s Strength

Stables L4
Horseback Riding
Load Bearing
Stock Breeding

Tower 125000g 125000w - L4 Explosives L1, Canontowers L1, Traps L3

Archer Towers
Canon Towers L1
Dragon Towers

Workshop 125000g 100000w - L4 Blacksmith L4, Woodworking L3

Architecture 400000g 625000w - L4 Engineering L4, Writing L4
Battering Ram
Engineering 400000g 400000w - L3 Metalalloys L4, Lumber Mill L4
Explosives L1
Sewage System L4
Weaponry 162000g 162000w - Blacksmith L4, Lumber Mill L4
Wood Working 20000g 40000w - Lumber Mill L4, Castle L4
Level 5 Gold Wood Crystal Build Time Requirements

Crystal Refinery
Walls 625000g 625000w - Castle L4, Writing L4

Archer’s Hall
Flaming Arrows

Dark Mage
Dark Magic
Dagon Crystal Research
Fog of War
Force Field
Light Magic
White Mage

Adamantite Armor
Iron Armor
Metal Alloys
Mithril Armor
Steel Armor

Animal Farming

Holy Water

Dragon Roost
Dragon Knight
Dragon Taming
Dragon’s Courage
Dragon’s Speed
Dragon’s Strength

Horseback Riding
Load Bearing
Stock Breeding

Archer Towers
Canon Towers
Dragon Towers

Battering Ram
Sewage System
Wood Working