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Release Notes for POLYFLOW 3.

Fluent Inc.
December 20, 2004

The POLYFLOW 3.10.2 release contains enhancements and defect fixes. Enhancements are listed in Section 2 of this document. Defect fixes are listed in Section 3 of
this document. New platforms supported are listed in Section 4 of this document.
Known limitations are listed in Section 5.
An up-to-date list of known and fixed defects in this release is accessible from our
online User Services Center ( in the Release Information
section under POLYFLOW 3.10 Product Information.

Enhancements in POLYFLOW 3.10.2

Enhancements made in POLYFLOW 3.10.2 are listed below.
Solver / Numerics
Check of coherence between Sini vs. Sfin; dSini vs. dSmin (CR 19268)
Multi-ramp for normal and tangential velocities conditions (CR 26091)
Improved robustness for the Thompson remeshing technique, including
the combination with adaptive remeshing (CR 31613)
Increased the number of allowable zones for adaptive meshing
Adaptive size capability along a line in TGRid
Possibility to restart using adapted meshes (CR 30087)
Miscellaneous remeshing enhancements
General robustness improvements for the slip along impellers (using the
New slip laws along impellers: Generalized Naviers law, Threshold, Asymptotic, Arrhenius, and Arrherius Approximated

Extension of the MST to 10 impellers (CRs 26835 and 27814)

Improvement of the disagglomeration model
Extension of FSI to simulations involving contact detection
Heat generated by friction taken into account in the energy equation (CR
Boundary / Initial Condition
Connected boundaries option available for non-isothermal molds
General improvement of the non-isothermal non conform conditions for
simulations with contact
Lower priority of CSV boundary conditions compared to other boundary
Extension of CSV capabilities to Tensor (CR 21085)
Improvement of the constraint on the free jet (CR 32291), including its
extension of the to coextrusion simulations (CR 29032)
Better treatment of boundary conditions on free surface with surface
tension and 1 neighbour
Material Properties
Miscellaneous improvements in POLYFIT, including fitting speed (CR30756)
DCPP model available in POLYMAT (CR 26736)
Online help accessible from POLYMAT (CR22252)
Option to create a queue of simulations
Option to check status or to cancel these simulations
Possibility to run simulations on remote computers via RSH
Creation of users directories and option to import of users files into these
Clean-up of the pfl buffer directory if POLYFLOW is not running
Mention of the date of the last modification for data file
Option motion available in the advanced options panel of POLYFLOW
Conversion of the different files to the DOS / UNIX format depending
upon the computer on which POLYMAN runs
Relative die balance postprocessing (CR 25200)
POLYFLOW outputs results under the I-Deas V10 Universal files format
(CR 29158)

Trajectories evaluated by a mixing task can be viewed in FieldView

Calculation of the actual fluid volume for MST (the impeller volume
being removed)

Defects Fixed in this Release

The following defects were fixed in POLYFLOW 3.10.2:
CR 15441 : Difficulties in POLYDATA, called from POLYMAN, when a not
valid pathname is stored in the data file
CR 16926 : Incompatibility between 2D viscoelastic simulations and parison
thickness postprocessor
CR 19824: Avoid temperature increase for flow with slipping without viscous
CR 21008: Trouble with shear rate (post-)calculation in coextrusion film casting
CR 22861: POLYMAN - crash from POLYDATA when using an imported file
that has read-only access rights
CR 23781: Contact parameter may now depend upon a given field
CR 24367: BLOCS 20 setting has no effect on POLYFLOW run under Windows and Linux
CR 24441 and 25658: Fixing parallel defects on SGI
CR 24575 : Correction of the crash of POLYDATA if the stress postprocessor
is activated with the 4X4 interpolation
CR 25138 : Creating output at user specified time steps
CR 25499: 2.5 D planar simulation involving the Double Convected PomPom
model (DCPP)
CR 25870: Input CSV file for normal / tangential boundary condition (e.g.
CRs 26030 and 26816: Invalid code for WLF law in POLYFIT and POLYMAT
CR 26304: Correction check of validity of in/outlet of planes system
CR 26963: Creation of extra-stress tensor incorrect with the OLD VISCOELASTIC
keyword for EVSS
CR 27089: POLYDATA temperature inaccuracies for shell blow molding simulation involving a 3D mesh for the mold

CR 27213 : Incoherent definition of the WLF law parameters between Solver

and GUI
CR 28727 : Correction of Log Scale in POLYCURVE
CR 29124 : Correction for non-conformal boundary condition in POLYDATA
CR 34304 : Wrong sign of the flow rate for INFLOWs when the key word
NO AUTO POSTPRO is activated
Detection of pyramids in the mold for simulation involving contact

New Platforms Supported in POLYFLOW 3.10.2

Linux Itanium 64 Bits
Linux AMD Opteron 64 Bits
A parallel version is available for the Itanium (32 and 64 Bits) using the BLAS

Known Limitations
POLYFLOW not running under POLYMAN if the HOMEDIR variable not