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I am responding to the disingenuous letter in this weeks Jewish News which

seeks to justify that their criticism of Israel is in no way anti-Semitic.

Criticism of Israel is not in itself anti-Semitic although I would ask the
correspondents if they would expend as much time and energy to criticising
any other nation state; somehow I do not believe they would.
Much of the criticism of Israel is based on false narratives that ignore
historical facts. Among these is the canard that the Jews stole land from the
indigenous people living there, the Palestinians. This is simply not true. The
other lie peddled is that one day in June 1967 the Israeli government woke up
and decided to invade the nation state of Palestine that had Jerusalem as its
capital; that assertion again has no basis in reality. And then the most
appalling lie of all, that Israel is an apartheid state. This is demonstrably not
true, as anyone who took the time to visit the country instead of pontificating
from their ivory towers would see immediately. Arabs in Israel have the same
educational, civic and health rights as Jews. They eat in the same cafes, sit
on the same buses and attend the same universities as Jews. That is not
They are anti-Semitic (even if they are Jewish or Israeli) because they are
spreading hatred and lies about the Jewish people. They support BDS which
is not merely about boycotts but seeks to eradicate Israel. By their own
admission they were involved in staging Seven Jewish Children, which means
they were active in that appalling hate-fest, Israel Apartheid Week that has
just taken place on British campuses. How is that not anti-Semitic? They are
anti-Semitic because they seek to justify the murder of Jews who are killed for
no other reason than they are Jews. That is anti-Semitism at its most basic.
They are anti-Semitic because they term Israeli defence as aggression. There
is never any criticism from them about Palestinian incitement, corruption or
hatred; they view Palestinians as saintly victims who can do no wrong.
According to Natan Sharansky, there are 3Ds which distinguish legitimate
criticism of Israel from antisemitism. They are delegitimisation of Israel
(questioning her right to exist); demonization of Israel (everything that Israel
does is inherently evil) and double standards (holding Israel to higher
standards that any other country in the world). Any one of those criteria
renders criticism of Israel anti-Semitic. Your correspondents certainly fulfil
two of those (demonization and double standards) and therefore can
justifiably be called anti-Semitic.