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0892 075 200/ 250/ 300/ 350

Stone Chip and Underbody Seal

Paintable coating mass based on rubber containing solvents.
Fields of application:
For repair and restoration of the original structure and for protection against stone chips and corrosion in all visible
areas, e.g. front and rear valances, side skirts, bumpers and chassis of cars, trucks and buses. Highly suitable as
an external anti-drone mass for wheel wells and chassis.
Very good adhesion
Can be painted over with all standard solvent and water-based 1 component and 2 component paints
Does not contain toluene or xylene
Free of methanol
Shake well before using. The surface must be clean, dry and free of rust, dust and grease. Spray a very thin layer
and let it flash off for 3 minutes. Then apply desired layer strength. Let intermediate layers flash off. Can be painted
over after approx. 60 120 minutes depending on layer thickness. Product can be painted over within 24 hours.
Later, only after sanding and cleaning. With thicker layers it is recommended to allow intermediate layers to flash
off. Optimum spraying distance is
30 cm. The best spraying results are achieved at a processing temperature of 15 - 25C.

Version: 001, date: 26 October 2011

Technical data:
Chemical basis
Density (20C) DIN51757
Can be removed:
Solid particle contents (DIN53216)
Viscosity (20 C)
Temperature stability (hardened)
Resistant to:
Drying times:
Touch-dry (20C, 65% air humidity)
Fully dry (20C, 65% air humidity)
IR (60C)
Salt spray test (DIN50021)
Storage life

Solvents, synthetic resin, rubber

Approx. 1.04 kg/l
With solvents (not hardened), mechanically
Approx. 51%
Approx. 48 Pas
- 40C to + 90C
Water, salted water, oil, mild bases and acids
0.7 l/m
Approx. 45 minutes ( 700 wet)
Approx. 2 hours ( 700 wet)
Approx. 45 minutes ( 700 wet)
480 hours with 350 dry layer thickness
720 hours with 350 dry layer thickness + paint
24 months

Optimum storage temperature is + 10 C to + 30 C. Protect product from exposure to direct sunlight and heat.
Before use, check spray pistol and nozzle for proper functioning. After use, turn can upside down and spray. Do
not spray on joints, engines, transmissions and brake systems.
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Version: 001, date: 26 October 2011