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Joe Delinski

CI 402 T
Oral History and Narrative Interview Exercise

Date: Slave Narrative Unit, Week 2, Wednesday

Grade Level: 8
Time: 40-50 Minutes
Students: 25

16.A.3c Identify the differences between historical fact and interpretation.
16.A.3a Describe how historians use models for organizing historical interpretation
18.A.3 Explain how language, literature, the arts, architecture and traditions contribute to the development and transmission of


1. What role do slave narratives play in the society? How does this perspective change our ideas about the history of slavery?
2. What is oral history, and what is its role in African American culture?

1. Slave Narratives were an important part of slave culture and play a substantial role in American history.
2. There are substantial differences between the perspective of white writers and actual slaves.
3. Oral history and narratives are two important components of the discipline of history.

OBJECTIVES: Students will:

1. View the film Unchained Narratives to understand the nature of slave narratives.
2. Develop an understanding of oral history and how it can be applied.
3. Understand how culture and language impacted African American slaves.


Unchained Memories Documentary DVD, DVD Player, Discussion Handout, Interview Activity Handout


1. Basic knowledge of American slavery and the Civil War.
2. Primary sources evaluation and analysis.

1. Class discussion about prior knowledge about slavery and primary sources.
2. Make connection to these ideas and use them in the lesson.
3. Write these ideas on whiteboard.

1. Teacher will begin class by briefly activating student’s prior knowledge of slavery and narratives.
2. Students will receive a documentary handout to complete while watching the film
3. Students will watch 30 minutes of Unchained Narratives.
4. Teacher will lead a discussion based on the questions in the handout and these additional questions:
5. Teacher will collect film handout for evaluation and assessment purposes.
6. Teacher will introduce and briefly explain the combined interviewing lab assignment for the following day and hand out those

1. Teacher will redirect the students and have them summarize the main points.
2. Teacher will remind students to bring materials and handouts for class on the following day.

1. Students will be informally evaluated on their participation in the discussion of the film.
2. Students will be formally evaluated by the answers given on the film handout (See attached).