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October 14, 2007

Reunion of the Saints

By Stanley L. Harris

On the road the Saints have been

Looks like their journey has no end
Saving lost souls and non believers
That's their aim
For this the Saints were trained
Spreading the Good News
Of God's Gospel from Spain to Rome
Giving Holy Communion into regions
Where God's Word is unknown
From place to place the Saints have roamed
Spreading the Good News
Of God's Gospel
The Saints were not ashamed
For this the Saints were trained
Welcome home!
Reunion of the Saints.
St. Philip the Evangelist

“We Have Come This Far by Faith”

Mission  Chapel  Parish
1888 189-? 2002

St. Philip the Evangelist is one of the oldest Black congregations organized in the Diocese of Washington, D.C. In October
1887 a small group of black Episcopalians banded together to form a Christian community. Members of this group began to
worship on Sundays at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith on Howard Rd., S.E. Sunday school was held in the
morning for the children and the noon service was for the elders. The Reverend Davenport, rector Emmanuel Church
officiated at these services.

As the membership grew a larger facility was needed. In 1888 the members rented a room in the Douglass Hall located on the
corner of Nicolas Ave. and Howard Rd., S.E. It was here that this group was established as a mission of Emmanuel Church
and was named Emmanuel Mission. Later, in 1889 the Pioneer Institute building was purchased by the members of the
congregation. Each member paid $14.25 a month toward this purchase.

Through their faith, dedication and hard work this frame structure underwent numerous changes. These changes included
raising the roof, the construction of a sanctuary and altar, the installation of stained glass windows and the conversion of the
basement into a parish hall. Soon the barn-like structure began to resemble a place of worship. In the late 1890’s this mission
became a chapel under the Diocese of Washington. The name Emmanuel Mission was changed to The Chapel of St. Philip
the Evangelist. Services were held continuously at the chapel until 1937.

In 1937 an anonymous benefactor presented the Diocese of Washington with monetary funds and land to erect a new chapel
and parish hall. The location of the new chapel was 2431 Shannon Pl., S.E. under the leadership of Reverend Millard F.
Newman. The furnishings of this chapel and parish hall were given generously by its members. The donor of this great gift
remained anonymous to the congregation until Sunday, December 20, 1942 when the Diocese presented a memorial plaque at
a dedicatory and memorial service in the memory of Mrs. Minnie B. Smoot.

Mrs. Smoot was a pioneer business woman and a devoted worker in the Chapel for many years. In 1948 the property next
door to the chapel was purchased for a vicarage. For forty years its members worshipped at the chapel. Outreach ministries
were begun and the quest for parish status was pursued. In the 1970’s, the congregation outgrew the small chapel and a larger
structure was sought to accommodate them and to further the development of their outreach ministries.

The Diocese of Washington purchased the old Anacostia Methodist Church building on 2001 14 th St., S.E. in June 1977. The
congregation of St. Philip the Evangelist, under the leadership of the Reverend Jesse Anderson, Jr., marched jubilantly from
Shannon Place to the new and present location. The congregation was eager to utilize the larger space and to continue its
mission of serving the Anacostia community. It soon became apparent that this building which was constructed in 1899 was
in dire need of repair. Minor repairs were made over the years; however, in 2000 the church underwent an extensive
renovation. The congregation had persevered by their faith, prayer, hard work and dedication. A new and vibrant church now
stands. The rebirth of this church spiritually energized the congregation. On January 26, 2002 the Chapel of St. Philip, under
the leadership of Reverend Dr. William B. Lewis, became a parish!

St. Philip the Evangelist was conceived by faith, nurtured by love and strengthened by hope. We have come so far by faith;
beginning as a small mission, growing into a chapel and finally becoming a parish, but our journey does not end here. It is on
the beginning. And as we celebrate our 120th Anniversary may our faith continue to grow and serve the community of
Anacostia for years to come.
St. Philip the Evangelist Episcopal Church
William B. Lewis, Ph.D., Rector

Message from the Rector

My brothers and sisters, I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Each year, we celebrate “Homecoming, following our return from Summer break. Our
renewed energy is directed toward the improvement our efforts to pursue our mission
with zeal and enthusiasm.

This year’s theme, “The Reunion of the Saints:, is a call for us to engage in a collective
way to use our time, talent and treasure, to do God’s work in a meaningful way.

As “Saints”, each of us has a gift to be utilized in the enhancement of God’s kingdom on

earth. With that in mind, may we always be inspired by these words in Paul’s letter to the
Ephesians: “The gifts he gave were that teachers, to equip the saints for the work of the
ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:11-12).

We thank our guests and friends who have joined us in our worship service to celebrate
this year’s homecoming. May God bless you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. William B. Lewis

2001 14th St., S.E. Phone: 202.678.4300

Washington, DC 20020 Fax: 202.678.4577
Rev. Dr. Lewis M. Anthony
Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Wesley
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Washington, DC

The Rev. Dr. Lewis M. Anthony is a native of Washington, DC and a graduate

of Anacostia Senior High School, Columbia and Harvard Universities, respectively. He presently
serves as the Senior Pastor of Washington’s historic Metropolitan Wesley African Methodist Episcopal
Zion Church. Founded in 1832, the Metropolitan Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church served as a station on
the famed “Underground Railroad” and was the first public school for Washington’s African-American

Dr. Anthony has a long and distinguished history of public service and advocacy, serving in the
administration of Mayors Walter Washington and Marion Barry, Jr., as Assistant to the Mayor and City
Administrator of the District of Columbia; Assistant to the Secretary of the District of Columbia for
Appeals, Executive Issuances and Ceremonies, and as Assistant to the Mayor of District of Columbia
for Religious Affairs. Subsequently, he served two years as Director of the Congressional District
Office of The Honorable Walter E. Fauntroy, the District of Columbia’s first elected representative to
the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dr. Anthony has served as pastor of various churches in the Washington, DC and Baltimore areas,
including Union Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church; John Wesley A.M.E. Zion; and Yarick Memorial
A.M.E. Church.

Dr. Anthony is also active in community programs serving as Protestant Chaplain of Washington’s
Metropolitan Police Department; Nation Advisor to the Anti-Drug Program of the Congress of Nation
Black Churches; and Consultant to the National Crime Prevention Council.

Additionally, he serves on numerous boards and committees, including the Board of Directors of the
Council of Churches of Greater Washington; Chairman of the District of Columbia State Advisory
Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission; and the Advisory Board of the Child and Family
Services Agency of the District of Columbia.

Dr. Anthony is a recipient of numerous awards and citations, including citations from Presidents
Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon; the Van AM Prize Medal of Columbia University, and the
Distinguished Public Service Award of the District of Columbia. He has also received “keys to the
city” to Akron, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska; and Fort Worth, Texas.
 2007 Homecoming Committee 

---- Stefan F. Williams – Chair ---- 

---- Sonny Roots – Co Chair 


---- James Ballard – Jr. Warden -----

----- Renita Barbee -----

------ Minto Clarke ------

------ Lema Crooks ------

----- Jackie Garrett -----

------ David Harris ------

----- Stanley Harris -----

----- Karen Harrison -----

------ Velma Lewis ------

----- Delores Price ------

-- Elaine Thompson ---

Steamship Round of Beef

Fried Chicken Ingram

Mashed Potatoes

Collard Greens with Kale

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Salad Medley

Rolls & Butter

Assorted Homemade Desserts

Punch, Coffee & Tea


Congratulations on the
120 Homecoming.
We give thanks for our
many blessings!

Erik & Gillian Harris

“Have you not
known? Have
you not heard?
The everlasting
GOD, the
LORD, the
Creator of the ends of the
earth, neither faints
nor is weary.” (Isaiah 40:28b)

Congratulations St. Philip as you celebrate your

120th Homecoming
` 2007 `

The Crocheron Family

Congratulations and God’s Blessings to

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church on our Homecoming.

To God be the Glory and may He continue to

glorify our church and its foundation.

With Love,
Thomasina W. Washington
St. Philip the Evangelist Episcopal Church in
celebration of your 2007 Homecoming.




18 Riverbend, Suite 210

Rome, Georgia 30161 706.291.0505

100 John Maddox Drive

Rome, Georgia 30165 706.235.0029

629 Beaver Rain Road, Suite B

Lilburn, Georgia 30047 770.921.4300

2550 Windy Hill Road, Suite 103

Marietta, Georgia 30067 770.952.0050

970 Joe Frank Harris Parkway, Suite 330

Cartersville, Georgia 30120 770.382.2230

Fax 770.381.6451
Welcome Home Saints

Don & Marie Hall

Congratulations and best wishes to
St. Philip’s Church on your
Homecoming Celebration!

In Memory of the
Reverend Charles E. Walden, Jr.

With Love,
Wilhelmina B. Walden
In Loving Memory of

Dorothy N. Anderson
“The Lord protects everyone who follows Him”

Missing you,

Louis B. Anderson & Miquel Anderson

In Loving Memory of Our Parents

Harriet Wheeler and Burton Wheeler, Sr.

“You brought me more

happiness than a rich
harvest or grain and
grapes” Psalms 3:7

Eternal Love,

Penny Landry
Burton Wheeler, Jr.
and Grandchildren
In Honor of

Carrie Jackson’s 90th Birthday

We are so blessed to have you with us.

Stan Jackson

Tayloria D. Jackson

Marqus Strong

Marqus R. Jackson

Stanley J. Jackson

“The LORD is the Creator of heaven and earth, and we

pray that the LORD will continue to bless you.”
Congratulations! Congratulations!
On your Homecoming

Therefore my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of

The Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.
1 Corinthians 15:58

Brian & Gloria Hamilton

St. Philip’s Child Development Center of Anacostia

2001-14th Street, SE • Washington, DC 20020 • 202/678-1640 phone • 202/678-4577 fax

Compliments to
St. Philip the Evangelist
Episcopal Church
Many years of service to the
Community of God’s Children.
Peace & Blessings!

Dr. Lezlie Downing, Director Rev. William B. Lewis, Rector

CDC Staff & Board of Directors

We Grow Butterflies
Home is Where the Heart is!

St. Philip Episcopal Church

Congratulations on the
120 th Homecoming!

Peace & Blessings

David & Theresa Harris

“The LORD is my rock,

my fortress and

my deliverance.
The Henderson Family
Pauline Henderson
Wilbur & Valeria Henderson
John & Cynthia Francis
Anthony Francis
Tiffany Francis
Joshua Henderson
Justin Henderson
In thankfulness to God for His many
mercies and blessings to me, my
family and friends.

Thankful when He said

“Make St. Philip your Home”

God bless you all.

Lema Crooks
Grant me hope and strength today. Let me be thankful for the blessing of each new day.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with

Kierra Lynette Hall,

September 9, 2007

Consuella & Kerry Hall – Parents

Lynette T. Clarke – Grandmother

Minto & Harold Clarke – Great Grandparents


1337 Good Hope Road, S.E.

Washington, DC 20020

Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Monday thru Friday
Come in Today!

Congratulations St. Phillip Church Happy Homecoming to the Parish of

on this momentous occasion. St. Philip the Evangelist!!!

May the Lord continue to bless your
church family exceedingly abundantly!!

My thoughts & prayers are always with you. May you continue to prosper and abide in

God’s purpose.

Best wishes!
With Love,

Dr. Elnetta G. Jones & Family Ivy Meadows

Thankful for
family & friends

Margaret P. Jackson

Favor and Peace to all at

St. Philip
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Howell

In Loving Memory of

Charles Bliss

In honor of our family members &

Florence F. Williams
who have gone before us.

Jem Gibbs
Ben Littlejohn
Leroy Phillip
Martina Phillip
Stefan, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Gregory Daniel Bryant
We Share Peace and Favor In Thanksgiving of my
with ALL! families and friends.

The Roots Family

My Peace and Love
Alvester “Sonny” Roots be always with them.
Rosalie M. Roots
Darryl A. Roots
Pamela Roots ~~Jackie Garrett~~
Sierra N. Roots

In Memory of A special thanks to all of our
Betty Jane Wilson and 2007 Homecoming participants,
Charles A. Moore, Sr. sponsors, and guests.
May God continue to bless
Fred and Sandra Moore
you and yours.
2007 Homecoming Sponsors 2007 Homecoming Patrons
Sandra Allen Mrs. Gussie Ball
Mary L. Blakemore Renita Barbee
Audrey Buckner Tia Barbee
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Crocheron Timothy Barbee
Grandchildren of Lema Crooks Mrs. Fanny Grant
Barbara Cryer Kim & Shelbie Harris
Donald Cryer Barbara Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Davis Willie Kemp
Good Hope Carry Out Mrs. Jean Miller
Sharon H. Harris Mrs. Felicia Mora
Stanley L. Harris Dana Reynolds
Edna & William Hearns & Family Mrs. Margaret Todd
Tabitha Lewis Ann Bliss Williams & Family
Rev. William Lewis Christopher M. Williams & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Edward McCoy, Jr. Jeffrey Todd Williams & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Michelle Crocheron Montgomery Myrlin Wimbish
Harold Watts
Ruby Watts
Edward White
A Prayer to the God of My Life
by Stanley L. Harris

Dear Sovereign and Forgiving Heavenly Father,

Guide and protect my family. Bless them and keep them under the blood of the
lamb, wherever they may be under your heavenly kingdom, day and night.

I pray for my neighbors and my enemies, so that they will find a place in their
hearts….so they can walk in the light.

I pray for my church members, especially those who need your healing power
upon them, as they may be going through some kind of surgery, where only you
have the power to control the outcome of the procedure, because, God, you are
the healer and the physician.

I ask for prayer and forgiveness for all of those I might have caused friction and

Dear Heavenly, Sovereign Father, I pray and ask this prayer through the only
begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I give you thanks and praise always.

This is a prayer to the God of my life.