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Barrister Solomon King,

Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 4:50 AM

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Barrister Solomon King,

The Principal Attorney
Solomon King's Chambers
44 Green Park Lane,
London, L12 4JJ - United Kingdom.
Tel: +447017036113
Fax: +447014262921

Kind Attention: Mr. Sanjay Uttam Parkhe ,

You told me on phone conversation that you sent me email

but i did not receive any email from you. You have to
resend the email again and inform me when you will
deposit so that Natwest bank will remit your total winning
prize to your Indian account in Indian Rupees. Also let me
know the correspondent account where you want to deposit
the money for confirmation.
Note: You can call me on my direct tel
# +447017036113, if you need
(Principal Attorney)
Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer
Barrister and Solicitor (Australia,
Solicitor (England and Wales, 1999-2008)
* Property and Estate planning
* Conveyancing
* Cooperate and commercial
* Offshore companies
* Litigation
* Will and Probate
* Immigration
* Taxation
* International Trust
* Intellectual Property
* European Union law
The Solomon King Law Chambers is an
international clientèles law firm
located in Liverpool. Guided by ethics
and values, the Law Chambers Solomon

Solomon King offers:-

* professionalism
The team is equipped with highly
qualified professionally and
academically lawyers. We aim to serve
with skill and high professional
standards and offer to each and every
client professional, effective and
decisive legal services and advice.

* confidentiality
We provide our services and handle our
clients affairs with absolute
confidentiality and discretion. The aim
is to build a long-term relationship
with our clients based on trust values,
openness and integrity.

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 15:45:09 +0530

Subject: To deduct your tax clearance revenue fee Rs.280,000 Indian rupees from my
winning prize fund 250,000.00 GBP and remaining my winning prize fund immidiates to
remittes in my Indian bank account in Indian rupees.

To ,

Foreign Remittance Department

Natwest Bank Liverpool (LTD)
Waterloo Liverpool St. John's Road
159 St Johns Road,
Waterloo L22 9QE Great Britain
Tel: +447014262901
Fax: +447014262904

Applicant : Mr. sanjay uttam parkhe

P.G. College , Ghazipur (U .P.)
Respected Sir ,

I have given notice to you r information that immidiates to remittes my

winning prize fund to my Indian bank account in Indian ruppes .
To check attach files for your information .

Thanking you with regards.

Your Faithfully,

Mr . sanjay uttam parkhe