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There’s A World of Pain Ahead Mike Whitney | If the coming wave of

foreclosures is anything close to Bank of America’s projections,

there’s a world of pain ahead. america’s Economic Recovery On
The Whole Based On A Rotten Sham! Justice Litle | In keeping short-
term rates near zero, the Federal Reserve has given the banks a
license to print money. Obama Now Pushing Sneaky Wall Street
Bailout Brian Darling | Multiple bailouts in the bill should raise the
eyebrows of Tea Partiers nationwide and taxpayers who are
concerned about becoming the insurer of last resort for Wall Street.

Dirty money digitally laundered … a wall street, atlantic city, and american
story …_bad [also see RICO case ]

Fraud: It’s Much Bigger Than Goldman Sachs Greg Hunter April 19, 2010 Goldman Sachs was charged with
fraud last week by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The
investment bank says the charges are “unfounded in law and fact.”
Regulators allege “Goldman wrongly permitted a client that was
betting against the mortgage market to heavily influence which
mortgage securities to include in [...] Now we know the truth. The
financial meltdown wasn’t a mistake — it was a con Ratigan
Deconstructs Goldman, Connecticut AG Blumental Wants Criminal
Charges Filed

Lehman Brothers' Dick Fuld admits bank made mistakes before collapse
The Guardian -The former Lehman Brothers boss Dick Fuld has edged
close to an apology over the collapse of the 185-year-old Wall Street
bank, owning up to "bad judgments" in its property investments,
economic foresight, and in understanding the contagious nature of ...
Video: SEC Is Looking Into Accounting at Biggest Banks The
Associated Press Video: SEC Is Looking Into Accounting at Biggest
Banks The Associated Press FASB may look at repo accounting
after SEC review Reuters

The Economy's Lost Decade

(4-20-10) Dow 11,117 +25 Nasdaq 2500 +20 S&P 500 1,207 +9 [CLOSE- OIL
$83.45 (-54% for year 2008) (RECORD TRADING HIGH $147.27) GAS
$2.85 (reg. gas in LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS $3.11 REG./ $3.26 MID-
GRADE/ $3.35 PREM./ $3.08 DIESEL)/ GOLD $1,142 [video] Gold
Surges Stocks/Gold Comparison (+24% for year 2009) / SILVER
$17.87 (+47% for year 2009) PLATINUM $1,719 (+56% for year 2009) /
can you go - LOWER)/ 10 YR NOTE YIELD 3.82% …..… AP Business
Highlights ...Yahoo Market Update... ] T. Rowe Price Weekly
Recap – Stocks / Bonds / Currencies - Domestic / International
Theories On Why the Stock Market Has Rallied 3-9-10 [archived
website file] Risks Lurk for ETF Investors The bull market that
never was/were beyond wall street b.s. when measured in gold
Property Values Projected to Fall 12% in 2010 Jan 31, 2010 The
Week Ahead: Risk Is Off the Cliff; Unwind Has Begun Jan 31, 2010
01-13-10 Forecast for 2010 from Seeking Alpha Contributor THE
(01-15-10) 11 Clear Signs Economy Sinking Economic Black Hole 1-
22-10: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not
Going To Recover Current Economic / Fiscal Charts forecast for 2009 1-7-10 Crash is coming!
Financial Data This Depression is just beginning The
coming depression… MUST READ:
on the S&P) by TPC The Next Wave of Collapse is Coming Sooner
than you think Sliding Back Into the Great Recession

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Blagojevich calls feds 'cowards and liars'…[Yes. This is a rare moment for
one to say that a sleazy hypocrite like blago, who is on corrupt
federale-connected mobster trump’s celebrity apprentice, happens to
be correct based upon facts / reality and my own direct observation
and experience and the law – Don’t forget to include corrupt federal
judges as maryanne trump barry, sam alito, shiff, matz, hall, underhill,
dorsey, etc.. Defacto bankrupt america’s so-called system is
pervasively corrupt and broken] (AP) [see RICO case ]

Judge Appointed In Goldman Case, Barbara Jones, Is A

Racketeering/Organized Crime Expert And A Bill Clinton Nominee The
recent legal case against Ken Lewis and Bank of America proved just
how critical the Judge selection in these SEC-spearheaded cases can
56% Support Repeal of Health Care Law Support for repeal of the recently-
passed national health care plan is proving to be just as consistent as
opposition to the plan before it was passed.

Michael Savage Predicts Agents Provocateur False Flag |

Savage predicts government will create a false flag within the Tea
Party movement. Goldman Sachs Eats Its Young Keith Johnson |
We are bound to see the connoisseurs of fine dining resort to
cannibalistic practices as they scramble to loot and plunder what’s
left of the American economy. U.S. Troops Apologize For
Wikileaks Massacre Video Two veterans of company shown in
“Collateral Murder” footage say “video only begins to depict the
suffering we have created”

Concentration Camps in America: Infowars Calls on All Patriots to Expose

Growing Evil | The grim future foretold in 1984 has
become reality.

Police State 4: Resistance Is Not Futile Documentary film arrives with a

warning – no human being who wishes to remain free can close their
eyes and plug their ears anymore to the reality that a dictatorial global
regime enforced by a cadre of vicious thugs is now firmly moving into
position, and that it will impact their lives unless they join the growing
undercurrent of spiritually awake humans who have resolved to resist
the many facets of its tyranny.

Washington Post Writer: Internet Journalism Is “Sort Of Like Terrorism” In

the same breath Pulitzer prize winning dinosaur decries use of “loaded”
rhetoric … which is not loaded but realistic and the only way people get real
unvarnished, uncensored truth. [ Indeed, Kathleen Parker, though entitled
to her opinion, talks in terms of what ifs when it is the what is that’s
destroying this defacto bankrupt nation. She is an affront to all that has
made The Washington Post the great paper and defender of the First
Amendment it is and one can only imagine the fate of The Post if those
journalistic breakthroughs (ie., Watergate, et seq.), equally susceptible
to her flawed reasoning, had not seen the light of day. I hate to say it,
but Parker is quite pathetic and seemingly desperate in attempting to
carve a niche by riding the more propaganda / less truth bandwagon! ]

Secret Gates Memo Calls for Iran Attack Pentagon chief raises threat of
attack as Iran calls attention to their resistance with missile display
Times Online | A similar pattern shadowed Mr Obama’s decision to
deploy 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan last year. Mullen: Military
“Options” Exist for Dealing with Iran Reuters | He said that his “worry
about Iran achieving a nuclear weapons capability” is that other states
in the region to balance threat of israel’s illegal nukes will seek
nuclear arms of their own.

DRUDGEREPORT: Obama's GOLDMAN Money Draws Scrutiny...

Reid dodges questions on Goldman $$$...
FLASH: Actor, Obama staffer Kal Penn robbed at gunpoint in DC...
PAPER: America's disastrous debt is Obama's biggest test...
BOMBING... …“This is an over-the-top effort to try to stop a movement
of people who aren’t amenable to supporting Obama programs, like
cap and trade, government-run health care and closing Gitmo.”…

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The Godfather USA Gregory F. Fegel April 19, 2010

To be an American citizen is very much like being the child of a wealthy and unscrupulous
criminal ‘Godfather,’ who appears to be kind and generous to his own children at home,
but is unflinchingly treacherous and murderous in conducting his family business, which
is based on coercion, domination, exploitation, and violence. The average US citizen
enjoys prosperity and relative freedom, but US prosperity derives in large part from the
criminal exploitation of, and frequently the outright murder of, millions of innocent people
in developing countries throughout the world. Most US citizens choose to remain in a
perpetual state of denial regarding the criminal activities of their government, because
they lack the courage and the character to learn and face the truth. An unquestioning
acceptance of the values, motives, and goals of the US government by the majority of US
citizens allows those citizens to be easily fooled and manipulated by the propaganda
presented to them by the US government and by the US government-controlled
‘Mainstream Media.’
From early childhood, US citizens are raised on a steady diet of pro-US government
propaganda that is fed to them at school and at home through the media of television,
radio, newspapers, magazines, books, and popular music. The propaganda presents the
US government as an ethically superior exemplar of justice for the entire world, as an
exceptionally generous contributor to global economic development, and as a benevolent
arbiter of world affairs. Furthermore, a great deal of crucial information about US political
history, particularly regarding events of the past half-century, is not taught in US schools
and is never allowed to appear in the Mainstream Media outlets.
According to the US Census report of 1998, 12.7% of the US population lives in poverty,
15.7% lack health insurance, and at least 38% of the wealth in the USA is owned by just
one percent of the US population. The personal wealth of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates
exceeds that of the total combined wealth of the poorest 45% of US households, which
amounts to at least 133 million people. The USA has the highest concentration of
individual wealth in all of the industrialized nations, and about three times that of the
second-placed nation for concentrated wealth, which is Germany. The USA also leads the
world in the number of its citizens who are incarcerated in prisons: one out of seventy-five
US males are in prison, of whom 68% belong to racial or ethnic minorities. As of 2003, 12%
of the USA’s black males in their twenties were living in prison, compared to 3.7% of the
USA’s Hispanic males and 1.6% of the USA’s white males.
The USA consumes about 25% of the world’s oil and natural resources, but compared to
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the nations of Europe, the USA ranks 21st in
the percentage of its Gross National Income that it gives as Official Development
Assistance to developing countries.
The US government wants to act as the ‘world’s policeman,’ but the USA behaves like a
corrupt cop, using its military might to coerce or to force other countries into cooperating
with the USA’s economic and strategic interests.
The USA is a democracy in name only, because for the past forty years the US government
has been dominated and controlled by a ruling elite of wealthy individuals and powerful
corporations that carefully grooms and selects, based on the vested interests of that same
wealthy elite, most of the candidates for federal office, including the Presidency. The
wealthy ruling elite of the USA maintains their control over the US government through
their enforcement apparatus, which includes all of the US government’s intelligence
agencies, operating under the overall leadership of the Central Intelligence Agency.
In 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the creation of the Office of Strategic
Services, which participated in both intelligence gathering and military activities for the
Allies during World War Two. The OSS established several precedents, including the
preferential recruitment of persons of wealth as agents, a thorough integration of the
intelligence agency with various businesses, the utilization of known criminals as agents,
and direct participation in drug smuggling as a means of fund-raising, that would continue
within the CIA, which was created to replace the OSS shortly after the end of WW2.
The newly-formed CIA drew much of its membership from the ranks of the disbanded OSS,
and the CIA continued the preferential recruitment of its agents from the wealthy upper
class of US society, just as the OSS had done. The CIA has also integrated itself almost
seamlessly with many international businesses, through hundreds of companies
worldwide that act as CIA ‘assets.’ Just like a business, each individual regional foreign
office, or Station, of the CIA is referred to within the Agency as an ‘account.’
The CIA was to be much, much more than an intelligence-gathering agency. The CIA was
given the authority to initiate and conduct its own military operations, and also to
establish fully-functioning businesses of whatever kind it chose, legal or illegal,
throughout the world. Furthermore, the CIA was to be answerable only to the President
and to the National Security Council. Those freedoms placed the CIA largely ‘outside the
law,’ and prepared the way for the CIA’s eventual domination of the entire US government.
The CIA-engineered assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963 was a
military coup that effectively marked the death of real democracy in the USA.
Many people within the ranks of the CIA, the US military, and the US government resented
President Kennedy because Kennedy refused to authorize direct US military support for
the CIA’s 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion of Castro’s Cuba, support that might have prevented
the Invasion’s costly failure. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy fired the top three men
at the CIA: Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, and General Cabell, whose brother was the mayor
of Dallas, Texas, where Kennedy was later to be assassinated. Kennedy also announced
his intention to withdraw US forces from South Viet Nam, which was another one of the
CIA’s pet projects. After Kennedy’s assassination, his successor, Lyndon Baines
Johnson, met with the US military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff at the White House, where
Johnson made his first Presidential decision: to escalate the involvement of US troops in
the Viet Nam War.
In 1977 the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that a lone gunman did
not kill President Kennedy, but instead that Kennedy was shot by at least two snipers, one
of whom delivered the final, fatal shot to Kennedy’s right temple from the famous ‘grassy
knoll’ in Dealey Plaza. Marita Lorenz testified to the HSCA that in November 1963 she had
accompanied CIA agent Frank Sturgis, Lee Harvey Oswald, and a couple of Cuban
immigrants with a small arsenal of firearms on a road trip from Miami, Florida to Dallas,
Texas, where they met with CIA agent E. Howard Hunt and Jack Ruby at a Dallas motel. In
1994 James Files (also known as James Sutton) confessed that he had served with a team
of snipers working under orders from US government agents to assassinate Kennedy, and
that he personally had fired the fatal head shot that killed Kennedy from a hidden position
behind a fence on the grassy knoll.
In addition to the assassination of President Kennedy, there is considerable evidence of
CIA and/or FBI involvement in the political assassinations of Martin Luther King, Malcom
X, Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., and others.
In support of the success of the USA’s international business interests, the CIA has
subverted and disrupted the democratic process in Italy, Iran, Iraq, Guatemala, Haiti,
Ecuador, Zaire, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Cambodia,
Bolivia, Australia, Angola, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and many other
countries. Using propaganda, rigged elections, extortion, blackmail, sabotage,
assassination, death squads, and torture, the CIA has deposed democratically-elected
leaders and governments throughout the world and replaced them with ruthless right-wing
dictators who were more accommodating to US business interests.
Saddam Hussein was twenty-two years old when he was hired by the CIA to serve on a
six-man team that tried to assassinate Iraq’s Prime Minister Qasim, who had stated his
intention to nationalize Iraq’s oil industry and to decriminalize Iraq’s Communist Party.
When the assassination attempt failed, Saddam escaped to Egypt, where he remained in
frequent contact with the US Embassy and the CIA. In 1963, after Baath Party agents,
supported by the CIA, succeeded in killing Qasim, Saddam returned to Iraq. In 1980 Iraq
attacked Iran, starting the Iran/Iraq War, during which the USA openly sold arms and
provided logistic support to Iraq, while the CIA secretly sold arms to Iran, using Israel as a
go-between. More than one million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers were killed in the Iran/Iraq
War, which also took a heavy economic toll on both countries. The Iran/Iraq War, one of
the longest and deadliest wars of the 20th Century, served the purpose of weakening and
punishing two of the USA’s major rivals for the control of the Middle East and its massive
oil reserves.
On July 29th, 1991 the US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, met with Saddam Hussein at
his Presidential Palace in Baghdad, where Glaspie assured Saddam that the USA would
not interfere or intervene if Iraq invaded Kuwait, which many Iraqis considered to
historically be a part of Iraq. Four days later the Iraqi Army invaded and occupied Kuwait.
In January and February of 1991 a US-led military coalition representing the United
Nations assaulted the Iraqi forces in Kuwait, and in the desert borderland of northern
Kuwait and southern Iraq the US-led force slaughtered more than 100,000 Iraqi troops with
only minimal losses to the coalition forces.
Osama bin Laden is another ‘enemy’ of the USA who began his career as a CIA ‘asset,’
brokering the exchange of arms and heroin between the Afghani Mujahideen and the CIA
during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. During the 1990s bin Laden provided
financial support and recruited fighters for the Kosovo Liberation Army, an organization
that smuggles heroin and cocaine into Europe. The KLA also receives protection and
support from the CIA and the US government.
The CIA has participated in a major and an ongoing way in international drug smuggling,
using its own private airline called “Air America” to bring heroin and marijuana out of
Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam War, bringing cocaine into the USA as part of the
illegal Iran-Contra operation during the 1980s, and now, once again, smuggling heroin out
of Afghanistan. The CIA currently utilizes several airfreight companies that pose as
Christian charities to ferry cocaine from Latin America into the USA and heroin from
Afghanistan into Europe and the USA.
Beginning in the late 1940s with Operation Mockingbird, the CIA infiltrated all of the major
media outlets in the USA, by forming alliances with publishers and media moguls, and by
hiring hundreds of journalists to work as CIA stringers and propagandists. Today the
major media outlets in the USA are owned and controlled by a very limited number of
wealthy individuals and corporations, and the USA’s Mainstream Media presents a
uniformly biased version of national and international news, full of lies and omissions, that
conforms closely to the US government’s own dogma and propaganda.
The CIA and the FBI also infiltrated the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s
and 70s in an attempt to derail those movements and discredit their leaders.
In his famous Farewell Speech of 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned US
citizens against the growing power of what he called the Military/Industrial Complex, an
unholy alliance of big business and the military which Eisenhower said was already well
on its way to subverting the ideals and the principles of US democracy. Today, fifty per
cent of the annual budget of the US government is spent on the military and the military
debt. The many industries that support the US military are dependent on the US
government’s pursuit of a continual state of warfare, as now exemplified by the USA’s
manufactured, never-ending “War on Terrorism.” War is essentially a business, and the
essential business of the USA is war.
Prescott Bush, the father of the USA’s 41st President and grandfather of the USA’s
current, 43rd President, served as a US Naval Intelligence officer during World War One.
After the war, Prescott Bush worked for the Brown Brothers Harriman Bank of New York,
which bankrolled the Nazi rise to power in Germany from 1920 to 1942, when the US
government finally ordered the BBH Bank to cease its illegal financial support for the
rearmament of Germany. Like his Nazi clients and friends, Prescott Bush was an active
white supremacist who hosted, along with his friend George Walker, another ancestor of
ex-President George Herbert Bush and President George Walker Bush, the Third
International Congress of Eugenics in New York City in 1932.
The young Richard Nixon was a protégé of Prescott Bush, and after WW2 Nixon worked
with Project Paperclip to bring hundreds of Nazi scientists and industrialists into the USA.
Nixon was also Senator Joseph McCarthy’s partner in the famous Red-baiting ‘witch
hunts’ of the House Committee on Un-American Activities during the early 1950s. Nixon
authorized the infamous Watergate burglary, in which the burglars and their associates
included CIA agents Frank Sturgis, Bernard L. Barker, and E. Howard Hunt, who were
assisted by Cuban exiles with CIA connections. All of them had been associated with the
Bay of Pigs Invasion or the Kennedy assassination, or with both.
Prescott Bush’s son, George Herbert Bush, owned the Zapata Oil Company, which
included an island 30 miles from Cuba that served as the staging area for the CIA’s
“Operation Zapata” in 1961, which became known afterward as the failed Bay of Pigs
Invasion. Although he denies being there, George H. Bush was photographed standing in
front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository just after President Kennedy was shot in Dallas,
Texas on November 23rd, 1963. A declassified document from the office of former FBI
Director J. Edgar Hoover which is dated November 29th, 1963 mentions “George Bush of
the Central Intelligence Agency.” George H. Bush was named Director of the CIA in 1976,
although he denied having ever served the CIA in any capacity. During his term as Director
of the CIA, Bush gave exclusive private briefings on the future of the world energy market
to the executives of Brown Brothers Harriman Bank and to the board of directors of the
Chase Manhattan Bank, which was obviously an act of conflict of interest.
False-flag bombings and murders are a common tactic of the intelligence agencies of
Britain, Israel, Russia, and the USA. Members of British intelligence participated in some
of the murders and bombings that were committed by the Irish Republican Army. In the
famous Lavon affair of 1954, Israeli Terrorists bombed several buildings in Egypt, but one
of the bombs went off prematurely and an Israeli bomber was captured, which led to the
arrest of an Israeli spy ring. Abu Nidal was an agent-provocateur who assisted the Israeli
Mossad by organizing hijackings and Terrorist attacks in order to foster the illusion of
international Arab Terrorism. In 1999 Moscow police caught members of the Russian FSB
planting bombs in an apartment building in an attempt to enflame sentiment against the
rebel Chechens.
Stoking the fires of war in support of the USA’s Military/Industrial Complex is a primary
function of the CIA, which has worked cooperatively with the British, Israeli, and other
governments to create the bogeyman of an ‘Islamic Terrorist threat.’ A 1998 German public
television documentary revealed that some of the main suspects in the Berlin disco
bombing of 1986 had been working for the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. According to
federal court records, FBI agent-provocateurs organized and allowed the 1993 bombing of
the World Trade Center to proceed. There is also considerable evidence indicating that FBI
and ATF agents participated in the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in
Oklahoma City.
The attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11/2001;
the anthrax letter attacks against two US Congressmen in October, 2001; the Spanish
railway bombings in March, 2004; the London subway bombings in July, 2005; and the Bali
bombings of October, 2002 and October, 2005 all show evidence of having been
perpetrated by the USA and its allies, who are intent on generating animosity against the
Islamic world.
The US government’s 9/11 false-flag attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon involved a
coordinated effort by the CIA, the White House, the NSA, the FBI, NORAD, the Pentagon,
and other federal agencies, along with the ongoing complicity of the USA’s major media
outlets. The Israeli Mossad was also a likely accomplice to the 9/11 attacks, as indicated
by evidence that demonstrates Israeli foreknowledge of those attacks. Since 9/11, the
USA’s intelligence agencies have been further integrated under the overall leadership of
the CIA, another step toward the formation of a monolithic US secret police with a global
reach. Recently the arrest and ‘rendition’ by the CIA of so-called ‘Terrorist suspects’
throughout the world to undisclosed locations, often against the protests of the nations
where the arrests take place, show us that not only does the USA fancy itself to be the
‘world’s policeman,’ but the CIA also wants to be the ‘world’s secret police.’
Many US citizens who oppose the aggressive right-wing domestic and foreign policies of
President George Walker Bush and the Republican Party still have a naïve faith that the
opposition Democrat Party will ‘turn the country around’ with a return to more Liberal
policies if the Democrats are voted back into office. However, the ruling elite of the USA
controls both of the major US political parties, which it manipulates like a pair of hand
puppets. The Harriman Bank heiress, Pamela Harriman, was the chief contributor to the
Democrat Party for thirty years, until her death in 2001. Pamela Harriman bankrolled the
two Presidential campaigns of Democrat William Jefferson Clinton, who supported the
CIA’s Iran/Contra drugs and arms smuggling through the airport at Mena, Arkansas while
he was Governor of that State. During the 2004 Presidential election, the candidates of
both major political parties were both the wealthy sons of CIA men, both graduates of
Yale, both members of Yale’s secretive and elitist Skull and Bones Club, and both
espoused a belief in the USA’s manufactured threat of ‘global Islamic Terrorism.’
The USA has all the ingredients of fascism: an intimate marriage of government, big
business, and the military, in which the national media exclusively disseminates
government-approved propaganda, and a ruthless, extra-legal and international secret
police that enforces the policies of the ruling elite. Fascism in the USA is an accomplished
fact, and it has been for the past forty years.
What can US citizens do to change the situation? Not much, short of revolution, because
the entire US government and both of the two major US political parties are irredeemably
corrupt. To bring about meaningful reform, the USA would need to abolish the CIA, require
a full vote of Congress for any overseas military activity, restrict foreign aid to
democracies with a proven human rights record, and eliminate financial contributions to
politicians and their causes from lobbyists.
But fantasies of political reform are for dreamers, because corruption has become the way
of the world. For their own personal good, concerned citizens should study the secret
history of the USA, and share that knowledge with those who will listen. And if they are
ethical they should avoid, in every way possible, supporting the US government.
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