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DATE OF TEST : Nov 2003
MODE : Off-Campus

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From: soumya
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 2:07 PM
Subject: info (reg query mails for Satyam)

Hello frnds,
I really did not expect so many query mails to me asking abt Satyam nearly 50-60
Well i have reviewed them n would like to give the following info.
Recruitment was for B.E.,M.B.A.n M.C.A freshers both 2002 n 2003 passouts
Mostly cut off is 70% for a call letter.
Cutoff in written test is mostly 8 or 9 out of 15.
Reg qp
1 q was on non verbal reasoning, 1 was on arrangement of sensences in the proper
order n another was like arranging ppl based on their status starting from the
richest based on some data given, 1 was on that grass problem usually asked in
infy n 1 more q was like this.
A person arrives to the station 2 hr b4 schedule. the driver who was suppose to
pick him up at the right time in the station leaves home to station so that he'l
l reach their occording to schedul.But that person calls home n leaves station w
alking home after hearing that the driver has left he travels some 3 miles n get
into the car n reaches home 1 hr b4 schedule how long is his house frm station?
Old papers wont help. They gave different papers for different batches.
I can't recall questions n i strongly suggest u not to depend upon the questions
previously asked nor their pattern.
Iam sure they won't repeat. B prepared for anything, stress on logical reasoning
They have told that the technology and the place for reporting would be their ch
There would be 2 years bond.
I attended the test on nov 1st n 2nd.
Test ,gd n interview along with the result will happen within 2 days.
some tips for GD
1.Be alert abt what others r talking take a chance to give ur opinion,b sure th
at u have a strong n sensible point to speak out.
2.Mostly ppl who initiate the talk r who conclude the talk will get through.
Make sure u r anaysing the ideas of ppl there so that u can give a conclusion,th
ere is a chance that u might b particularly asked to conclude the discussion.
3.Be confident while u speak
4.Stick on the point which u r speaking( far r against) dont deviate from the to
5.Stick on to one side either far r against till u finish unless n untill u r as
ked to change the side.
6.Make frnds with ur grp mets know abt them(i mean their names) b4 goin.
7.dont rise ur voice unnessesarily(dont speak much with out giving others a chan
Regarding interview
1.Dont show off too much
2.Dont indicate that u r desperately seeking a job (i mean over react)
3.Avoid wrong ans even if u dont know accept u dont know doesnt matter.
4.Make urself well versed in atleast 3 relevant subjects to the company, specify
them as ur favo subjects when asked.
5.B confident while answering with a smile on ur face.
Sorry i cant forward any resumes.
I hope this clears all ur queries.
No more queries plz.
Wish u Good Luck.

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