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Integrating Blooms Taxonomy Theme; The Texts of Shakespeare

Activities; [Much Ado About Nothing]

Details/ Keywords
Blooms Taxonomy

Remembering- (List) Brainstorm the profiles of characters from the play so far

Understanding- (Paraphrase) Translate an extract from a familiar Shakespeare play into modern day English
Understanding- (Interpret) Read a conversation from a Shakespeare play, write thought bubbles or facial expressions for different stages in
the conversation
Understanding Understanding- (Exemplify) Find a quote from this play which may become a proverb or a motto for use in modern life
Understanding- (Explain) Investigate quotes from Shakespeare which have become proverbs or mottos in modern life
Understanding- (Interpret) Practice and develop a performance for a section of the text we have read
Understanding- (Interpret) Develop a playlist of Modern songs for the film version of the play- create the CD
Understanding- (Retell) Create a video dating video of some of the characters- use your understanding of the characters in order to help
them ‘sell’ themselves
Applying- (Use) Develop a dictionary of frequently used Shakespearian terms and phrases
Applying Applying- (Use) Create ‘phone in’ questions to ask one of the characters who will be guest star on an upcoming radio phone in

Analysing- (Organise) Research Shakespeare’s life- family tree, occupations etc and develop a biography
Analysing- (Compare) Find another comedic speech from another Shakespeare text; compare the language used and the interactions
between the characters
Analysing Analysing- (Compare) Read modern adaptations of other Shakespeare plays- compare their interpretations of the original story

Evaluating- (Judge) Take one of the characters to court to prove them guilty of a personality trait- greed, bossiness, insensitivity, foolishness
(use quotes from the play to support your case and to provide evidence)
Evaluating- (Critique) Develop a for/against debate about whether the characters should get married
Evaluating Remembering/ Understanding- (List/ Paraphrase) Read ahead. Make a list of new phrases and language you would like to clarify. Summarise
the extract for the rest of the group

Creating- (Extend) Write your version of an an upcoming section of the play, in SHAKESPEARIAN language
Creating- (Design) Create a modern stage setting/ scene on which to act out the original dialogue from a section of the script
Creating- (Produce) Design an itinerary for a weekend break in ‘Shakespeare Country’ (use the internet to find out about the Stratford-
Creating Upon-Avon area of the UK
Creating- (Re-write) Translate the script form into a passage of narrative text- extend your thinking and understanding by writing in 1st
person/ 3rd person
Creating- (Extend) Write a ‘Chat/ Celebrity’ style magazine article (and cover page) relating to the scandalous events of scene x/y/z
Creating- (Extend) Write (and perform) a best man’s speech at the wedding (aim to include some Shakespearian phrases)
Creating- (Extend) Find out about the locations mentioned in the play- use internet research to create a collage about the location in which
the play is set