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Interview Section

After clearing the written test, companies usually interview the candidates to g
auge his/her capabilities and personality. Basically there are two kinds of int
erviews, the techincal one, where stress is laid on checking your fundamentals i
n your core subjects and the HR one , where your communication skills and person
ality is put to the test.
Check out the following sections for more details
Technical Section
Human Resources (HR) Section
General Tips for the Interview
Group Discussion (GD)

Technical Section
As we are from computers and electronics branches, so for the moment we have inf
ormation regarding core subjects of these fields only. As most of the companies
coming to the campuses are from the IT industry hence you may expect them to pro
be your computer skills regardless of your stream. Knowledge of C is always an a
dded advantage.
For Computer Students
For a computer student knowledge of C is essential. Other important topics inclu
Data Structures
Operating Systems
Some students have also been grilled on Object Oriented Programming, C++ ,Microp
rocessor Architecture, Networking, Database Management, Automata, Compiler Desi
gn and Computer Graphics depending upon subjects covered till the most recent se
Some Commonly Asked Questions
Usage of pointers and their fundamentals in C?
What is the difference between structures and unions in C?
Basic concepts about data structures like trees, linked lists, circular lists, q
ueues, arrays
Sorting Methodology ( you may be asked to make an algorithm/program to implement
a sort method).
What is an finite algorithm?
Basic concepts of Operating Systems such as multitasking, multithreading, real t
ime systems, CPU scheduling algorithms, deadlocks, memory management etc.
Difference between one pass and multipass compilers, compilers and interpreters,
parsing etc.

For Electronics and Communication Stream

For electronic students the important subjects are
Digital Circuits and Logic Design
Microprocessor Architecture of 8085
Electronic Design and Circuits
Communication and Networking
Some Commonly Asked Questions
Difference between a latch and a flip flop
What is sampling theorem and why is it needed
Internal architecture of 8085
Comparison between OpAmps and transistors
Modulation techniques (AM ,FM , PAM etc.)
Transistor biasing methods ( fixed bias , emitter bias etc. )

HR Section
In your HR interview ie human resources interview the main effort on the part of
the interviewer will be to bring forth your true personality.They may ask you s
ome routine questions , few of which have been mentioned below, but be expecting
questions of varied type regarding sexuality ,music , authors etc. ; anything t
o get to know what you really are.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Describe yourself
Why are you better than the next person
Your strengths and weakness and what you are doing to rectify your weaknesses
Information regarding what kind of work your parents do
The magazines and newspapers you read , their cost and at times their editors ;
and that days headlines
You prefer a team sport to an individual sport
Why you want to join this particular company and not some other one.
What are your career objectives ( long term and short term )
Why you plan to switch over to software field ( for those who are from streams b
esides computers )
At the end of the interview they ask whether you have any questions to ask them
. It is better to stick to one or two questions regarding the company and not dw
elve into how you performed or the pay package or any personal questions to the

General Tips for the Interview

The Essentials
a) Fundamental principles pertaining to his academics ( most important )
b) Essentials of past life and clear cut career objectives
c) General awareness of world around him
d) In depth knowledge of your extra curricular activities
Apart from these in general keep the following in mind
Always remember its a sort of formal occassion and never get too informal , like
accepting interviewers offer for a smoke or drink
Smart and clean turnout. Neat clothes and polished shoes with tidy hair.
Be cool and don't get nervous.Try to be pleasant , alert and mantain eye contact
. If u cant hold your own in technical questions try to remain composed ;your co
nfidence may do the trick.
Try to maintain a good rapport with the interviewer and get him to ask questions
regarding the subjects you are strong in.
Maintain eye contact from the begining and dont act in a manner so that the inte
rviewer is distracted which for example can be caused by flashy dresses ,exagger
ated arm movements or you shifting in your chair.
Give them the impression that you are going to stay with the company for atleast
3 to 5 years. Never mention anything concerning GRE or CAT .
Never try to bluff your way through an interview. The interviewers would be able
catch on to it fast.