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18 April 2010


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You Feel Good: Exhibition Disclaimer


You Feel Good by American artist LG drinking, drug abuse, drug use, drugs, dugs
Williams (b. 1969) involves extreme language and alcohol abuse, evolutionary and anti-
and stories that are inappropriate for children family themes, excessive violence and bad
of any age, deals with low love affairs, lewd, language, excessive vulgar language, explicit
(Egypt) insults any religion, (American) sex, explicit sex scenes, explicit sexual
account of battle retreat, abortion, age content, explicit sexual content and language,
appropriateness, aids, alcohol, alcohol use, and explicit sexual incidents, explicit sexual
offensive language;, and sexually explicit, and matter, expressed American ideals of freedom,
stereotyping, and unsuited to age group, fierce militaristic doctrines, filthy language,
animal torture, animals should not use human homosexuality and offensive language,
language, anti-American, anti-Arab, anti- offensive language, sexual content, sexual
Christian, anti-family, anti-Islam, anti- content and offensive language, sexual
religious messages, anti-Semitic, anti-white references, foul language, frequent use of the
racism and violence, author was sited by the word demon, gay-positive, gay-positive
house un-American activities committee., themes, glorifies alcoholism and violence,
banned in Ethiopia, banned in south Africa, glorifies criminal activity, glorifies witchcraft
breaking and entering, broken homes, cheating and death, pornographic god, graphic language
presented in a humorous light, communist, and sexual content, graphic language and
conflicting with community values, contains subject matter, graphic rape and murder,
profanity, crime provoking, crude language, graphic sex, graphic sexual references, graphic
date rape, date rape scene, deals with issues sexual references and alleged immorality,
too complex for middles school students, graphic violence, groping, homosexual acts,
defamatory to minorities, degradation of homosexuality, humanistic and destructive of
women, demon possession, demoralizing, religious and moral beliefs and of national
denounced as wicked and obscene, depiction spirit, illegal use of a video camera, images of
of school violence, depiction on sexuality, violence and sexuality, immoral, inappropriate
derogatory language, derogatory of for 4th graders, inappropriate for younger
Americans, derogatory remarks, derogatory students, inappropriate language, inappropriate
slang, derogatory towards the developmentally sexual content, incest, including tales of incest
disabled, disrespect for authority, divorce, and murder, indecent and violent contents,
inflammatory challenge to authoritarian roles, fantasy, sexual harassment, sexual identity,
issues of drug use, language, language and sexual imagery, sexual language, sexual
moral content (alcohol, later reinstated, lethal material, sexual references, sexual references
injections, lying, masturbation, mistreatment and profanity, sexual scenes, sexual situations,
of women, moral and religious objections (6th sexual themes, sexually explicit, sexually
grade), mysticism and gore, no reason found, explicit and violent, sexually explicit conduct
no reason given, no specific reason given in and torture, sexually inappropriate, slang
review, nudity, objectionable language, terms for homosexuals, slanted/biased,
objectionable life philosophy, obscene, socialist, socialist views, sodomy rape, some
obscene language, obscene language lewd passages found objectionable by an artist,
behavior, obscenity, occult, occult themes, strong sexual content, suicide, suicide),
offensive, offensive (sexual), offensive and supporting individual freedom and attacking
inappropriate for middle school, offensive authority, teen drug use, teen suicide,
language, parental neglect, plain filthy, terrorism and violence, themes of teen
political ideas, political theories, pollution of drinking, themes that allegedly encourage
young minds, pornographic, pornographic and disrespectful behavior, too explicit, too
obscene, pornographic portrayal of Jesus frightening for middle school students, too
Christ, pornographic portrayal of suicide, intense for teen readers, topics of bestiality,
prison rape, pro-communist, profane, profane treatment of women, un-American, underage
and obscene references, profanities, profanity, drinking, unpatriotic, unsuited to age group,
profanity and sexual references, profanity and use of racial epithets, vilified the author,
violence, promotes risky behavior, promotes violence, violence and degrading treatment of
or encourages the gay lifestyle, promotes the women, violence and profanity, vulgar, vulgar
Wicca religion, prostitution, pro-suicide, racial and obscene, vulgar language, vulgar Spanish
slurs, racial slurs and profanity, racism, racism words, witchcraft & the occult, witchcraft and
and sex, racist, rape, rape and implied incest, violence, and harassment of women and the
recurring themes of rape, references to the disabled that some viewers may find
occult and spiritualism, rough language, objectionable.
satanic, scenes of sex, sex, sex acts slang
terms, sex and alcohol, sex references, sexism, This exhibition is a real-life, artistic glimpse
sexist, sexual abuse, sexual and social into contemporary American society and the
explicitness, sexual and violent themes, sexual intensity of the content is to suggest an
content, sexual content and profanity, sexual authentic representation of this period.

LG WILLIAMS: You Feel Good

May 4 - May 29, 2010
Private Celebrity Event & Opening
May 8, 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Waikiki, HawaiI
P 415-937-1306
By Appointment Only

Copyright © 1998-2010 LG WILLIAMS and The Estate of LG WILLIAMS