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Power Transformer Turns Ratio Test


Po we r Trans fo rme r Turns Ratio Te s t

between the windings
T he turns ratio test is an AC low voltage test which determines the ratio of the high voltage winding to all
other windings at no-load. T he turns ratio test is perf ormed on all taps of every winding.
T he Transformer Turns Ratio tester (TTR) is device used to measure the turns ratio between the windings
(example shown below).
Voltage is applied on the H marked leads and measured of the X marked lead by the test set.
Ratio measurements are conducted on all tap positions and calculated by dividing the induced voltage reading
into the applied voltage value. When ratio tests are being made on three-phase transf ormers, the ratio is taken
on one phase at a time with a three-phase T T R until the ratio measurements of all three phases are

) St ep 2. Ensure that the connector’s index notch lines up properly. . St ep 3. Ensure that the connector’s index notch lines up properly. St ep 4. p o te ntial and c urre nt trans fo rme rs . apply working grounds to all incoming and outgoing cables and disconnect all incoming and outgoing cables f rom the transf ormer bushing terminals connections.5% of the nameplate markings. Connect the H designated three-phase test lead with the military style connector at one end to the mating connection on the test set marked with an H. Use nylon rope to hold cable away f rom incoming and outgoing terminals as required. Turns Ratio Test Procedure. making satisf actorily during its transition f rom one tap position to the next position. Some T T R can perf orm transf ormer ratio measurement and also assess if onload tap changer contacts are Fig ure 1 – Thre e -p has e Trans fo rme r Turns Rati (TTR) Co nne c tio n d iag ram.Measured ratio variations should be within 0. Step by Step St ep 1. hand -c ranke d TTR – Trans fo rme r Turns Ratio Te s t Se t (Me as ure s the turns ratio and e xc iting c urre nt o f wind ing s in p o we r. Examp le o f s ing le p has e . Isolate the equipment. Connect the X designated three-phase test of lead military style connector at one end to the mating connection on the test set marked with an X. Disconnected cables should have sufficient clearance f rom the switchgear terminals greater that the phase spacing distance.

Connect the H1. When such inequality is f ound. H2. Connect the X0 test lead if X0 terminal/bushing is present. H3 transformer terminal / bushing. Important Note: Transf ormers that have wye connections but do not have the neutral of the wye brought out shall be tested f or ratio with three-phase power supply. St ep 6. St ep 7.732 times the phase voltages when connected in wye). H2. Perf orm turns ratio measurements f or all tap positions. Power Transf ormer Test ing – Aut omat ically measuring rat io and winding resist ance of all t aps/phases Cant see this video? Click here to watch it on Youtube.5% of the calculated ratios. X2. Technical Trainer . Confirm that the measured ratios is within 0. Any inequality in the magnetizing characteristics of the three phases will then result in a shif t of the neutral and thereby cause unequal phase voltages. either to a delta or to a wye connection. St ep 5. Connect the X1. and the line voltages measured.X3 transf ormer terminals / bushings. X3 designated test leads to the corresponding X1. Reference: Substation Commissioning Course – Raymond Lee. the ratio is correct. H3 designated test lead to the corresponding H1. the connection should be changed. Ref er to Figure 1. X2. Connect the H0 test lead if H0 terminal/bushing is present. When these are f ound to be equal to each other and the proper values (1.