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The symposium has the theme of “Nursing Informatics: Empowering Future
Nurses of the Wireless Generation through Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Education”. This symposium is the third one which we, RLP-BSN3 students organized.
Honestly, we are not that prepared for this symposium because of our hectic schedule, but
because of our teamwork, it goes well anyway.
In the morning, the symposium started with the help of our very talented
classmates, April and Kristofer as the masters of ceremonies. The prayer and the
Philippine National Anthem are played via audio visual presentation. After that, the
opening remarks is given by Ms. Idanan. Then the introduction for the guest speaker is
given by Ms. Tivar. The Guest Speaker, Mr. Brandon Garcia who is the head of HOMIS,
show us a power point presentation and a video presentation. Before he tackled about the
power point presentation, he played an amazing video about high technology. Almost all
of us were really amazed in that video, I can’t imagine that it is really possible in the near
future. So much for that, the power point presentation is all about the history, functions,
advantages and disadvantages, and collaboration of HOMIS to different hospitals in the
Philippines as being implemented by the Department of Health. He explains how the
system works from the very beginning or upon admission of the patient, where you can
be able to know if he/she is a new admission or maybe readmitted in the said facility, the
nursing care service that the patient will be having, the different medications for him/her,
the doctor’s order for the patient, until the discharge clearance. In the discussion about
HOMIS, Mr. Garcia discussed how the system connects the computers to the different
wards in the hospital and will eventually end up or pass the data and information into the
main server. The advantage of this hospital-based computer system is that it can have
statistical information about outbreaks of diseases such as dengue or cholera and can be
reported immediately to the DOH. He also said about their previous achievements and
their future plans for the improvement of hospitals. During our clinical exposure in the
Eastern Bicol Medical Center, where HOMIS is implemented, I can say that it is really
improving in terms of technology, like for example the CCTV cameras attached to
different wards and corners of the hospital, the kiosk in the payward, the ID bands of the
patient, alarms and speakers etc. I’m impressed with the HOMIS because the system is
very friendly and the processes are very detailed even though the features are very
simple. I’m looking forward for the more improvements in the information system in
HOMIS because I know that the HOMIS team have great plans about the development of
the information system. In the afternoon, we have our workshop in which at first, we are
grouped into two groups. The 1st group will be the one who will have their hands-on the
computer first and the 2nd group will be the last one to have their hands-on. Luckily, I’m
in the first group. Before we take our lunch, we have partners who will be our simulated
patient and we gather data about them, this data will be needed during the workshop.
With the help of the crew of HOMIS they instruct us on how to admit a patient into the
Emergency Room, enter his/her profile data into the system, admit to other wards, list
their billings, check doctor’s order, nursing care service until the discharge of the patient.
The workshop is really fun and really informative. They give us instructions on how to
enter data patiently and of course to be free of errors because these are legal documents.
After the hands-on, we take a tour, first stop is on the Emergency Room where Mr.
Bienvenido show us the hard copy of the inputs in the computer system such as patient’s
profile and charts. Then the next is in the Surgical Ward, then in the OB Complex, and
then in the pay ward where the kiosk can be found. After our workshop we have our
photoshooting forour documentation.

that moment is really great! And I’m really proud for our achievements like this. All in all. Because of this.The symposium is really worth it. .not just surfing the internet or just tweeting and instagramming as one of my habits. I am very thankful because I’ve attended such informative symposium and workshop like this. I’ve learned a lot of new things. for organizing such a great event. I’m now more interested in computers and of becoming nursing informaticist.