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5th International Symposium 

on Environmental 
Biotechnology and 
Engineering 2016 
July 25-29th 2016 
Buenos Aires – Argentina


It was followed by 2IMEBE in 2006. . Attending to 5ISEBE allows you to share your knowledge on environmental topics and to learn the latest practices. 2016 in San Martin. Then. Awards will be given to the respective authors during the closing ceremony. Abstracts for oral presentations will be evaluated from those volunteered oral presentations and also from selected poster presentations (with consent of the participants). 2016. in 2008. nanotechnology and chemistry. The first conference in this series was the International Meeting on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering 2004 (IMEBE). Due to the success of the event and the increased audience. The early registration deadline for obtaining discount fees is May 6. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. Argentina.unsam. also in Mexico City (Mexico). this conference changed its name in 2014 from Meeting to Symposium and the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering (4ISEBE) was held again in Mexico City (Mexico). The publication of a special issue containing selected full-length articles is being requested (this information will be soon available on the Symposium website). This Symposium continues a series of successful international conferences that started in 2004 as meetings. technologies and innovations concerning your field of expertise through the following activities: -Plenary sessions -Oral presentations -Poster sessions -Roundtables -The best poster and oral presentation will be International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July 25-29. as well as full-length articles are published in the website FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT We invite you to attend the 5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering 2016 (5ISEBE) that will be held in July 25-29. 2016. 3IMEBE was held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). This Symposium focuses on discussions and debates by recognized researchers and scientific leaders at several state-of-the-art environmental topics such as: water and soils remediation processes. held Mexico City (Mexico). Buenos biotechnology. We also invite you to submit your conference abstract (detailed information about registration and submission of The abstract submission deadline is April 4. Buenos Aires. 2016.

edu. 2016. Buenos Aires. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. The related disciplines and particular topics for this conference are: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Renewable and Alternative Energies and Bio-refineries (01) Sustainability and Environmental System Analysis (02) Soil and Sediment Remediation (03) Groundwater and Aquifer Remediation (04) Green Materials and Biomaterials (05) Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment (06) Microbial Ecology (07) Molecular Biology Applications to Environmental Problems (08) Wastewater Treatment (09) Risk Assessment and Environmental Impact (10) Control and Modeling of Environmental Processes (11) Environmental Chemistry (12) Environmental Education (13) Environmental Engineering (14) Environmental Nanotechnology (15) Environmental Toxicology (16) Climate Change (17) Environmental Health (18) .5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July TOPICS Contributions are invited on all aspects of Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering.

2016 Notification of abstract acceptance April Committee's decision on each abstract will be mailed and e-mailed to the Corresponding Author. Receipt of your abstract will be acknowledged by e-mail within five working days. 2016 will be reviewed for technical merit and relevance. Oral presentations in English are IMPORTANT DEADLINES CALL FOR ABSTRACTS AND PAPERS Deadline Abstract submission April 4. Please be aware that a maximum of two presentations by the same registered author will be accepted. and will provide further information on preparing the presentation. SYMPOSIUM ELECTRONIC BOOK OF ARTICLES Full-length articles are not mandatory but encouraged. this letter will state the oral or poster session to which it has been assigned.5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July 25-29. Instructions for the preparation of articles and further details regarding their publication will be given within the next circulars. 2016 The official languages of the Symposium are English and Spanish. 2016 EARLY REGISTRATION Deadline for registration with discount May 6. Buenos Aires. When assigning accepted abstracts to program slots. Abstracts will be published in the Symposium Book of Abstracts. Abstracts received by April 4. 2016 Submission of full-length articles May 30. . If the abstract is accepted. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. although the final setting will be based on the best overall design of the Symposium program. the Evaluation Committee will consider the authors’ stated preferences regarding topic and presentation form (oral or poster). 2016.

(France). Savia Gavazza dos Santos. Registration materials will include the Final Program. Aix Marseille Université. Dr. Carlos Augusto De Lemos Chernicharo. Dr. Dr. Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (France). Carlos Estrada Vázquez. Carmen Lobo Bedmar. IMIDRA (Spain). full-length articles presented during the Symposium. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Dr. IRD-IMBE. Oscar Monroy. Luis Fernández Linares. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. . Buenos Aires. Roberto Candal. the Electronic Book of Abstracts. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil). Lourdinha Florencio. Carlos Rad. 2016. UPIBI (Mexico). Jaime García Mena. Dr. and the electronic book containing edited. Hervé Macarie. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. The registration fee covers admission to all oral and poster REGISTRATION Registration fees (in US dollars) are as follows: Industry Government – Academic Student Paid by May 6. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (Mexico). Dr. Jan Dolfing. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil). Rosa Icela Beltrán Hernández. ITACyL (Spain). Mar Gil Díaz. Dr. María Cruz García González. Dr. Dr. Newcastle University (United Kingdom). CINDEFI-UNLP (Argentina). exhibits. Damien Devault. 3iA-UNSAM (Argentina). Héctor Poggi-Varaldo. a valid. Dr. Gustavo Curutchet. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). 2016 500 250 125 Paid after May 6. Luis Gómez. Dr.5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July 25-29. CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). and coffee-breaks. Dr. Universidad de Burgos (Spain). Dr. IMIDRA (Spain). CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil). Sebastián Cavalito. Instituto de Ecología de la Universidad del Mar (Mexico). Dr. 3iA-UNSAM (Argentina). 2016 550 300 150 For registering as a Student. official letter of statement from the Institution where the person is registered as undergraduate or graduate student must be presented. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Mexico).

Sofía Fantoni. Buenos Aires. 3iA-UNSAM. Patricio Carnelli. Dr. La Plata. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE María Mar Areco. Buenos Aires Anita Zalts. Lucas Guz. . 3iA-UNSAM. CETMIC-CONICET. Elsa López Loveira. Oumaru Savadogo. Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. CETMIC-CONICET (Argentina). University of Manitoba (Canada). José Luis Rodríguez Gallego. Toronto University (Canada). Buenos Aires. Dr. Melisa Olivelli. Jan Venglovsky. Dr. UNGS (Argentina). Jose Luis Marco Brown. 3iA-UNSAM. Ireri Victoria Robles Gonzá Dr. La Plata. Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. 3iA-UNSAM. Rosa Torres Sánchez. 3iA-UNSAM. 3iA-UNSAM. Ivana Cavello. Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca (Mexico). NANOBIOTEC UBA-CONICET (Argentina). Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. UNLP. Ana Tufo. Dr. FCEyN-UBA. Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. Dr. Buenos Aires. Vania Robles González. María Dos Santos Afonso. Diego Martinez Heimann. (France). Gustavo Curutchet. Dr. UNGS (Argentina). Buenos Aires. Rosa Torres Sánchez. Roberto Candal. 3iA-UNSAM. Diana Vullo. 2016. CINDEFI-UNLP. NANOBIOTEC UBA-CONICET. University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (Slovak Republic). Buenos Aires. Sara Medina. IRD-IMBE. Dr. Dr. 3iA-UNSAM. La Plata. Richard Sparling.5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July 25-29. Dr. Sebastián Cavalito. Susana Vázquez. Thierry Woignier. Polytechnique Montréal (Canada). Campus Agro-environnemental Caraïbe Lamentin. FCEyN-UBA. Nova Universitas Oaxaca (Mexico). Dr. 3iA-UNSAM. 3iA-UNSAM. Universidad de Oviedo (Spain). Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. 3iA-UNSAM. Verónica Cainzos. 3iA-UNSAM. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. Diana Vullo. Anita Zalts. Susana Vázquez. CINDEFI. Buenos Aires. Gisela Tiscornia. Dr. Buenos Aires. 3iA-UNSAM. INQUIMAE. Jorge Fernández Niello. Myrna Simpson. Buenos Aires. UNGS. UNGS.

CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). IRD-IMBE. Dr. 2016. Rafael Hernández-Vera. Dr. CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). Aix Marseille Université (France). HONORIFIC CHAIRS Dr. Departamento de Biotecnología y Ciencias Alimentarias (Mexico). Dr. Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM). Sede Medellín (Colombia). E-mail: gcuruche@unsam. CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico) Prof. Buenos Aires. Biológicas "Clemente Estable" (Uruguay). Ibn Zohr University (Morocco). Fernando Esparza-García. Dr. Dr. Hervé Macarie. Abderrazak Kaaya. Prof. Elvira Ríos. Roberto CANDAL Instituto de Investigación e Ingeniería Ambiental (3iA). Héctor Poggi-Varaldo. Dr. Angela Cabezas da Rosa. CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). SEMILLA (Spain).com Dr. University of Manitoba (Canada). Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM). Arley Zapata. Gustavo CURUTCHET. Lourdinha Florencio. Elvira Ríos. Dr. Universidad de la Frontera (Chile). Prof. CHAIRS Dr. Richard Sparling. . Dr. Groupe Biospheres (France). ITSON. Juan Rodríguez. Faculty of Sciences. Isabel Sastre Conde. Université des Antilles et de la Guyane. Dr. CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico).edu. Dr. Buenos Aires. Inst. Nagamani Balagurusamy. Buenos Aires. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. Dr. Damien Devault. Aix Marseille Université (France). Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil). Luz de María Bretó INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Dr. Isabelle Laffont-Schwob. IRD-IMBE. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (Mexico). de Inv. Rodrigo Navia. E-mail: AQUAMAR Laboratory. Dr. Pablo Gortares. Dr.5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July 25-29. Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Perú). Dr. Héctor Poggi-Varaldo. CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico). Instituto de Investigación e Ingeniería Ambiental (3iA).

edu. Buenos Aires. Argentina. UNSAM Campus CONTACT DETAILS Twitter: @5isebe Facebook: 5thISEBE . 25 de Mayo y Francia. Buenos Aires.unsam.5th International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering July Website: http://www. Argentina 5isebe@unsam. 1650 San Martín. 2016. E-mail: 5isebe@unsam.