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Vanishing Frogs

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Go to :
Watch the video The Vanishing Frogs (6:46)

If you dont find an answer the first time you

watch a video, watch the video at least one more
Use the video and the vocabulary list to answer the following
What two factors are effecting frog populations? __________
and _________

2. What percent of the worlds amphibians are found in the

Ecuadorian rainforest? ____%
3. How many acres of the Ecuadorian rainforest are logged each
year? _______________
4. Could the new frog the researchers found be a sign of
evolution? Why?
5. Is the disappearance of the frog natural selection or artificial
selection? Explain your answer.

Go to :
Watch the four-minute video Stopping the Chytrid Fungus
1. What percent of species does the researcher say will disappear
in his lifetime? ________

2. How does the Chytrid fungus attack a frog and eventually kill

3. Define pathogen. Use a dictionary or look it up online.
4. Use the vocabulary to explain what the scientists are doing by
bathing wild frogs in a microbial bath.
Go to:
Watch the five-minute video called Endangered Amphibians and
use it to answer the questions below.
1. Kermit says its not easy to be what colour? ________
2. How many known species of frogs are there in the world?
How many are endangered? ___________

3. Explain how captive breeding works? Do you think this method

can save frogs from extinction?

4. The Chytrid fungus travels like a ____________ and daily
advances of the fungus are tracked by scientists.
5. What three things do frogs do for the environment (food
chain)? (2:30 min)
6. What kind of water do frogs need for breeding?

Challenge Question:
Watch this video and be prepared to share why frogs are important. Make
notes. For example, how do frogs matter in the fight against malaria or how
the Chytrid fungus works and where it exists?

Vocabulary Time
Definition: Any of the class of cold-blooded vertebrates such as frogs,
toads and salamanders
intermediate between fishes and reptiles; they have gilled aquatic larva and
air-breathing adults.
Context: Frogs and toads are amphibians because they spend part of their
lives in water and part of their

lives on land.
Definition: A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms
with their environment
Context: Amphibians are a very important part of the ecosystem.
Definition: Threatened with danger or extinction.
Context: The bald eagle is classified as an endangered species.
Definition: No longer in existence; died out.
Context: When a species is extinct, that means there are no
longer any animals of that kind on the
Definition: Any of a large group of thallophytes which are parasites on living
organisms or
feed upon dead organic material.
Context: The chytrid fungus threatens the worlds amphibians.
Definition: The place or environment where a plant or animal naturally lives
and grows.
Context: A frogs habitat is usually a swampy wetland area.
Definition single cell organism, such as bacteria, so small that millions of
them can fit on the head of a needle.
Microbial bath
Definition solution of naturally occurring microbes used to build frogs
defenses against the Chytrid Fungus.
Definition: A dangerous situation
Context: Scientists are working around the clock to uncover clues on the
frogs deadly plight.
Definition: The total of organisms inhabiting a particular locality.
Context: A decline in the worlds frog population is a warning sign for the