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Joni Patry, USA
Passing of Vedic Astrologer David

Joni has been a practicing astrologer and teacher

for over 30 years, and founder of the “Galactic
Center” in Dallas. She has been an online Vedic
Instructor for the Online College, for the American
College of Vedic Astrology’s Online program, is a
faculty member for ACVA (American Council of
Vedic Astrology), and served as the executive
secretary for CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology),
where she published and distributed the
International CVA Journal. As a writer, she has
published three books and many articles and
research in Vedic astrology. Her book Eastern
Astrology for Western Minds is a complete manual
of Vedic astrology. Joni has organized international
symposiums and is often a keynote speaker for
national and international conferences. She has
been on national television and radio programs as
an authority on both Western and Vedic astrology.
Her clientele includes the Who’s Who of America,
including Hollywood celebrities. Her web site, , has a good deal of
information for all students of astrology. She can be
contacted at

have sad news to announce; veteran
Vedic astrologer David LaGrone has
passed. He was an active part of the
Fort Worth astrological community. Many
years ago I attended my first Vedic
astrology class taught by David LaGrone.
He was brilliant and completely dedicated
to Vedic astrology. Over the years we
remained friends. He called me about six
months ago and we exchanged pleasantries.
Then he asked if he could put me in his
will for his very extensive collection of
Vedic astrology books and tapes. I told him
I would be honored, and then asked if there
was anything wrong. He said no not at all,
he was just putting together a will. Then a
week ago his daughter-in-law, Deb, called
me with this message. “I am David's
daughter-in-law and I have been asked by
his children to contact you regarding the
items that David has bequeathed to you.”
I called immediately with a heavy, sad
heart but a sense of honor. We arranged to
meet at his home in Glen Rose, Texas,
which is about an hour and half drive from
Dallas. My husband and I took the day off

She said he was very giving and that was what David was all about. Many new best friends were made in an instant. Now I am wondering. Also in his will he arranged for some underprivileged children to receive an education paid for by him until age 18. because it is known for its many prehistoric dinosaur remains and has a well-known museum. From the table next to us came the comment. Being a Texan myself. It also has a beautiful wild life preserve that I visited many years ago. .” Then another table asked where we were from. and then a conversation about Dallas started up. It was comforting to see people living together in complete harmony with simplicity. Everyone in there began talking to us from all around. But what made the trip the most enjoyable was the amazing Texas hospitality for everywhere you went everyone greeted you with a wholehearted smile and a hello. I am totally aware of the simplistic. We had lunch in a busy restaurant called the Green Pickle Café. The countryside changed dramatically in such a short distance. David must have somehow known this mini adventure would be meaningful and special to me. this is why he wanted his books to go to others that would enjoy and appreciate them. It was just like going into a time tunnel of the past. We heard about the 50th wedding anniversary that was to be celebrated the next weekend and the same couple told us about the wonderful water that they got from their wells. He lived in the country in a lovely oasis immersed in an intellectual haven full of books of Eastern spiritual philosophies. But I dare not tell them why I was there and what I did. The books I received from David exemplified his quest for enlightenment and spirituality. and history is certainly what this quaint little Texas town is known for. As you drive through giraffes are nudging your car with curiosity. Ironically. maybe there is magic in that water! Everywhere you went it seemed like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show. caring for their fellow human beings. he was in one of the most interesting and conservative Texas make the adventure. It was much nicer just enjoying the happiness and simplicity of this blast from the past. Glen Rose is like a time warp of this old Texas history. It was a delightful drive into the heart of Texas. down to earth Texas hospitality. He had other book topics willed to others. Deb told me that he felt it was very important to give to others. I came to understand and realize his truths that he practiced. It was like a get away from all the issues and problems the world is facing right now. I lived in Austin in the 1970s while attending college at the University of Texas and remember so much of this. But I had not been exposed to this in such a long time. “Why I remember my first hamburger costing 17 cents. I am thinking he was attracted to this town for the reasons I felt while there.

It was like an escape from this world. I have my very special friend David LaGone to thank for this mystical day of intrigue for it helped me realize what is important in this life.Looking back as my husband and I were driving. and 5 grandchildren. Charles LaGrone. 2014 04:45 am Glen Rose. My husband Daniel and I commented that we couldn’t have had a better time anywhere in world. talking about David and receiving his beautiful library. The energy I felt in this sweet little town is something I have not experienced in so many years from a simpler time. In Loving Memory David LaGrone: Birth 10/19/1939 06:53 pm Tulsa. Joy and Nathan Frazier. He must have known how I cherish books. Jenifer and David Olszowka 1 A late Shri C S Patel method (around Page 80 in his book Predicting through nadi and navamsa book) extension that we have researched and cannot be explained in detail here. – SA Editor . Even the conversations with so many seemed dream-like. you will be dearly missed. Texas 1 Survived by his daughter Beverlee Frazier and son Paul LaGrone. we both commented on how magical and mystical the day was – meeting Deb. the simple happiness of sharing and giving. Joni Patry. Similar transit in Navamsa happened when C S Patel died. Similarly in Navamsa it is in trine to Venus who in natal chart is maraka lord placed in maraka house 7H. It was like a mystical journey back in time and it all seemed like a dream. But just note that when David died Tr Saturn is in Libra and in his D9 it is in trine to his natal 8th Lord Mars who is also LL. Thank you for everything David. Oklahoma David LaGrone: Death March 16.

saptarishisastrology. In an interesting conversation with my friend Juliana Swanson. She said. which will always remain a mystery. We think maybe the public doesn’t know all there is to know about this captain of Flight 370. the nakshatra the sun is in. attacks and war. The chart of this fated flight reveals that the reason for the disappearance will never be known due to Neptune being conjunct the Nadir (IC)2 of the event chart. It is said by Vedic astrologers that when the lunar eclipse occurs before the solar eclipse the energy is far worse and dangerous. and the time to lay low is the times between a lunar and solar eclipse. Purva Bhadrapada. This period is April 15-29. (we discuss world affairs relative to astrology daily).com/gbk/gbook. Syria and the USA Malaysian Airline Flight 370 Grand Mutable Cross Ebola Health Crises The world is in a very strange cycle and the times ahead will develop more mysterious events. as in being two-faced. The eclipse season becomes the most intense times of the year. Also the fact that Neptune exactly conjunct the IC (the deepest. Malaysian Airline Flight 370 T he media is obsessed with the Malaysian Airlines mystery. anger. 2 To read a discussion on Neptune and ill fated flights visit the guest book section of the website http://www.Predictions April 2014 Eclipses Lunar and Solar Russia. It is better to have the lunar eclipse following the solar eclipse. darkest degree of the chart) pertains to the end of life and Neptune as ruler of the oceans means it is in the deepest part of the ocean. Mars retrograde is beginning to create problems notorious to Mars only – contention. she noted that the Sun in the 4 th house represents the pilot since he was in charge. Turkey. “You know. The eclipse season is two weeks before or after an eclipse. Ukraine. but this month the lunar eclipse is before the solar eclipse so there is more trouble to come.” I added that it is known to have two faces. is a very evil nakshatra.php .

This indicates a huge crisis about . Turkey is probably the most problematic with natal Mars at 14 degrees Virgo and the ascendant at 14 degrees Gemini. Turkey. France. China.S. The 8th house indicates death and disgrace. Now we have the disappearance of many people from a mudslide in Seattle. The problems will deepen and become much more intense. The attention of the media is problematic shifting the attention covertly away from the pressing issues about to take precedence. Saturn/Rahu and Mars are in the 12 th house of loss and Mars is the ruler of the ascendant in the 12th house conjunct Rahu. 29 degrees of Libra. Washington. to name a few must be watched. Ukraine. Russia. Virgo. There is the threat of war and crisis brewing in many places. Germany. What is the cause of so many unknowns. Iran. mysteries and tragedies occurring worldwide? This is due to the intensity of the planetary energies of Mars retrograde conjunct Rahu. Ketu the planet of accidents and indicator of terrorists is in the 6th house opposing Mars. This marks the countries with big problems ahead. Syria. Iraq and the U. Furthermore. Lastly the moon is exactly opposed the ascendant indicating fluctuations and problems from an outside source since the 7th house is opponents or enemies. 2014 at 00:41 am in Kuala Lumpur.This was a very difficult chart for the time of take off March 8. Jupiter the planet of grace is lost in the most difficult 8th house. Sagittarius and Pisces.. and Saturn retrograde at the end of a sign. Go to my article to spot any countries that have planets around 14-22 degrees falling in the mutable signs Gemini.

this is where the lunar eclipse will oppose. yet they will have a serious readjustment period to come and this will affect the country financially. Uranus as the planet of air travel and airplanes conjunct . Here again Turkey has relevant points with Mercury and Saturn at 1 degree Libra. Solar and Lunar Eclipses T he most important issue for the month is that the solar and lunar eclipse in April is sure to surface that which has been hidden. The eclipses are extraordinary this month. This is the degree where the grand mutable cross occurs April 22-23. but 2015 will prove better. But what is striking about this chart is the Mercury and Uranus conjunction in Pisces at 19 degrees Pisces. 2014 involves the Sun and Moon at 1 degree Aries and Libra. I do apologize for leaving India take place in April and May as Mars stations direct at 14 degrees of Virgo and the early degrees of Aries/Libra where the lunar eclipse falls. where Mars (Virgo) will oppose Uranus (Pisces) and square Jupiter (Gemini) and Pluto (Sagittarius) all 19 degrees. The lunar eclipse April 15. The new elections will intensify this financial problem. 14 degrees Aries/Libra is where the solar eclipse occurs. Sun with Ketu in Aries indicates the loss of a powerful world leader. but they are not going to be involved with the violence. This is a total lunar eclipse with the Sun with Ketu and the Moon with Rahu.

The seeds are being planted now. crises and earthquakes erupting around the world. There is a major health concern that is dominating world affairs. Mars and Mercury exchange signs (parivartana). This is an important solar eclipse because it involves Saturn. chart. There will be a mysterious new disease and or illness spreading globally. Saturn pertains to reality and there is a lot that will be uncovered. At the time of a solar eclipse many secrets come out into the open. Many political leaders’ suppression of information will lead to the downfall of many nations.S. There will be unexpected explosions with world strife. As Mars retrogrades in the sign Virgo. This month. the God of death. Corruption in the area of repressed information to acquire financial gains is the keynote of this month. health will be a major priority. planet of travel (debilitated) does indicate problems with air travel. The solar eclipse is powerful and alludes to great loss with the Sun/Moon and Mercury all in the nakshatra Bharani. This means there are many political leaders that will face the truth and have to be accountable. This may be indicated by the very serious threat of the Ebola virus spreading through Africa. And events do happen in a series of threes. . hidden agendas and secrets are revealed.Mercury. This is a very sharp nakshatra ruled by Yama. This will be a very contentious and difficult month for President Obama based on his navamshas chart and the U.

The full aspects mean their power is 100%. In Vedic astrology Mars has two specific full aspects aside from the conjunction and opposition. As Saturn is opposed the Sun/Moon conjunction this will bring to light all that has been hidden globally and personally. The degree of this solar eclipse is 14 degrees of Aries. as Mars will station from retrograde to direct on the fateful degree of 14 Virgo. The planets involved at the time of an eclipse will flavor the energy that is revealed. Vedic Lesson Eclipses Create Sensitive Degrees For astrologers eclipses are very important for prediction. The good thing coming out of the many tragedies occurring now is the coming together of many people to help each other. The alignment of the Sun and Moon symbolize the lights in our world coming together. This will create an event that is very dangerous worldwide. When transiting planets aspect this degree afterwards events occur. This degree should be watched as through it is a land mine that will create an explosion or event when other transiting planets aspect this degree. Significantly this degree will be aspected by transiting Mars in May.Mars the planet of war is in a dangerous position as it retrogrades opposed to Uranus causing sudden outburst of anger and violence around the world. as they obliterate each other’s light this is an indication of secrets coming out of the darkness. With the Malaysian Flight 370. culture or beliefs. Tragedies have a way of breaking down the borders and boundaries through a humanitarian cause to help no matter what race. April 29. The 8 th aspect (210) is the most violent and dangerous and usually involves death. many countries are banding together to help solve the mystery. So with Mars’ stationing (Mars is changing from retrograde to direct) May 18-22 at 14 degrees of Virgo it will fully aspect (8th aspect) the degree of the solar eclipse that occurred April 29 at 14 degrees of Aries. These full aspects are 90 degrees and 210 degrees or 4 and 8 signs counting forward from Mars’ position. 2014 is the day of a very significant solar eclipse. The most significant property of an eclipse in terms of prediction is that the degree the Sun and Moon join at the time of an eclipse becomes a sensitive degree. .

nakshatra: Bharani Sun/Moon conjunct Ketu: 4 degrees Aries Mars aspects Ketu/Sun/Moon/ Mercury: 8th aspect *Uranus square Jupiter. . Square Jupiter. My major prediction for 2014 concerns world health issues. square Pluto opposed Mars April 22-23: Mars 19 degrees Virgo: Perfect Grand Cross = Mars square Jupiter/opposed Uranus/square Pluto April 24: Jupiter leaves Ardra April 29: Solar Eclipse: 14 degrees Aries. Take care of your health and build up your immune system. which could be a feature of the many mysteries occurring. so all four planets are in exact aspect April 22-23 at 19 degrees mutable signs. April 01-02: Sun conjunct Uranus square Jupiter: 17-18 degrees Pisces/Gemini April 03: Sun square Pluto: 19 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius April 08: Sun opposed Mars: 24 degrees Pisces/Virgo April 11: Venus conjunct Neptune: 12 degrees Aquarius April 14: Pluto Retrograde 19 degrees Sagittarius April 15: Lunar Eclipse: Sun conjunct Ketu in Aries and Moon conjunct Rahu in Libra (1 degree Libra). square Pluto.April and May will be the most intense times of 2014. nakshatra: Chitra April 15: Mercury conjunct Uranus. Expect the unexpected with chaos. war and earthquakes. Mars in Virgo will surface a health epidemic. opposed Mars. In mutable signs according to Jaimini astrology is a full aspect: Aspects from mutable signs are full aspects meaning they are in 100% full force.