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Spiritual Insights

February 2014
Joni Patry, USA
Predictions for February 2014


has been a practicing astrologer and
teacher for over 30 years, and founder of the
“Galactic Center” in Dallas. She has been an online
Vedic Instructor for the Online College, for the
American College of Vedic Astrology’s Online
program, is a faculty member for ACVA
(American Council of Vedic Astrology), and served
as the executive secretary for CVA (Council of
Vedic Astrology), where she published and
distributed the International CVA Journal. As a
writer, she has published three books and many
articles and research in Vedic astrology. Her book
Eastern Astrology for Western Minds is a complete
manual of Vedic astrology. Joni has organized
international symposiums and is often a keynote
speaker for national and international conferences.
She has been on national television and radio
programs as an authority on both Western and
Vedic astrology. Her clientele includes the Who’s
Who of America, including Hollywood celebrities.
Her web site, , has a good
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his month there is no New Moon
until the last day of January. This
shows the inaccuracy of the
Julian calendar created by the Romans,
which is the calendar we use. Julius Caesar
wanted a month named after him, hence
July, then the emperor Augustus wanted a
month named after him, so we have
August. Each insisted that their month be
31 days long.
Many cultures use the lunar calendar,
which was created in Persia and is still
used in Turkey today. It is precise with
the lunar cycle of 27 days. The lunar
calendar is a part of the astrology of India
for it connects to the 27 lunar mansions or
the nakshatras. The nakshatras are called
the lunar mansions because the Moon
stays in one nakshatra per day. Each
nakshatra covers 13 degrees 20 minutes of
the zodiac, and the rate of speed the Moon
travels in a day is 13 degrees 20 minutes. In
the Indian calendar each month is named
after the nakshatra the Moon is full. So
the month of February 2014 is Magha.

Venus is in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign) in opposition to . Mars will be close to Rahu and turn retrograde. But Venus. the planet that is the dispositor of Saturn. From January through February 27. and Mars will aspect Venus on March 3. Mars and Rahu will go into Capricorn. It will be hovering around 1-3 degrees Libra this entire month. The beginning of March will be very violent.February Full Moon T his month is the beginning of very intense world activities for transiting Mars is slowing down and coming into alignment with Saturn and Rahu in Libra. Things are definitely heating up for more violence that is soon to take place. hostility and acts of terrorism. It will go retrograde on March 1st at 3 degrees of Libra. This will intensify anger. Mars enters Libra February 4.

July-November. Mercury will turn retrograde in Aquarius conjunct Neptune indicating a time of confusion and misunderstanding. Additionally. When Venus goes into Capricorn ruled by Saturn. but the stock market will rise and fall till summer where there will be a huge drop. Mercury will be retrograde for most of this month going retrograde February 6. As Mercury backs up into Capricorn governments around the world go into panic and confusion. Not to mention that the nakshatra Venus is in. Saturn will turn retrograde March 2 and Jupiter turns direct March 6. directions and have patience in your travel plans. meaning the powers that are in control will have to let go. The financial markets will drop somewhat due to fear. The volatility of the markets will be extreme. around the time Mars enters Libra. It seems many planets are slowing down to shift directions. The Venus and Jupiter opposition has saved the planet from great difficulty. but next summer I predict the markets to really drop when Jupiter goes into Cancer due to Saturn aspecting Jupiter. On another note. As always. Mars’ aspect will weaken the power of Venus causing more difficulty in the world. pay closer attention to communications. This means on many accounts things are about to change gears. The world is about to explode with big changes. . In ancient times during this shift Venus becomes invisible in the night sky till its return in the sky as a morning star. It will turn direct by the last day of this month on February 28.Jupiter. can indicate the announcements of war. when Venus goes retrograde it shifts from an evening star to a morning star. Venus rules money and finances and Saturn is the government. It disappeared from sight the first week of January and reappeared as a morning star January 17. Planets moving at very slow speeds are very intense and powerful. But the powers that control the World are not ready to give up and will strike out with all their force. This was heralded as a time of great difficulty and usually indicated an outbreak of war. Governments will fail and cause great problems financially. so the financial predicament in the world becomes unstable. Purva Ashadha. This is when Jupiter will be aspected by Saturn temporarily. So the events this spring will begin to really intensify. Saturn will reach 29 degrees again in November where the process of change will be complete. As Saturn begins to station it is at the last degree in Libra (29 degrees) indicating a massive ending of many regimes that are currently in power. Venus and Saturn are in Parivartan (mutual reception).

who will win this most esteemed game? This one is not an easy prediction – this game will be exciting! I believe it will begin with the Seattle Seahawks coming on strong but then the Denver Broncos will take the lead and win. Comparing the birth chart for Russia there may be more mishaps and terrorism than expected. Moon and Rahu. This would be a terrorist’s dream. Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 In the US February is the time of the Super Bowl. What are they thinking? Obviously they didn’t ask an astrologer because this is around the day Mercury goes retrograde on February 6. What is my prediction. look totally inconvenient and troublesome. . At this event some of the most powerful people in the world will be assembled at the same time. 2014 and begins at 6: 25pm in East Rutherford. and the game will be played in an outside stadium.Winter Olympics 2014 Russia The Olympics begin February 7 and end February 23.S. But luckily I don’t see anything horrific in this chart. the Quarterbacks birth charts. It does. and again what are they thinking? It is in one of the coldest areas in the U. New Jersey. transiting Jupiter is 18 degrees Gemini and his natal Venus is 18 degrees Aquarius. Super Bowl Sunday is February 2. Transiting Uranus is on their natal Mars. Russell Wilson for the Seattle Sea Hawks has transiting Jupiter trine natal Rahu (Aquarius) and Venus (Libra) and Payton Manning for the Denver Broncos has transiting Jupiter trine natal Venus (Aquarius) and Rahu (Libra) as well. His aspects are more exact. This means nothing will go as planned and there will be many mishaps. Both the quarterbacks of each team have a grand trine with transiting Jupiter. But Manning has natal Mars in Gemini with transiting Jupiter. So it is a really tough call. Look out for unexpected events. however. But this prediction is only valid if the game starts around the time of 6:25pm. indicating explosive events. And transiting Mars will be aspecting their natal Saturn. Looking at the Quarterback’s Birth Charts I base my predictions on many variables I use for sports predictions but here is one variable I consider.

Russell Wilson (Seattle Sea Hawks) .

For Manning from the natal moon transiting Saturn and Rahu are in his 10th house and in the 4th house for Wilson. Mars/Rahu/Saturn in Libra. I believe Manning’s chart is stronger so he wins the Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos! Aspects February 4: Mars enters Libra. Mars and Rahu placed in Chitra (ruled by Mars). . Manning’s Moon is Capricorn and Wilson’s moon is in Cancer.Payton Manning (Denver Broncos) Not knowing the time of birth I use their Moon as the Ascendant.

February 23: Sun conjunct Neptune: 10 degrees Aquarius. February 14: Full Moon: 2 Degrees Leo/Aquarius. February 28: Mercury Direct 24 degrees Capricorn. nakshatra: Magha. February 26: Jupiter square Uranus. . February 11: Sun square Saturn: 28 degrees Capricorn/Libra. February 15: Mercury conjunct Sun: 3 degrees Aquarius.February 6: Mercury Retrograde: 9 degrees Aquarius conjunct Neptune 10 degrees Aquarius. February 19: Mercury square Saturn: 29 degrees Capricorn/Libra.