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1. In the sentence, The club meeting will be over in an hour, the underlined
phrase function as _____.
A. subject complement
C. prepositional phrase
B. predicate noun
D. adverbial
2. Which of these is a passive sentence?
A. The box contains a pair of silver shoes.
B. He has bought a new house by the lake.
C. Bob got excused for his offense.
D. The choir sang an early folk tune.
3. In the sentence My aunt tenderly mothers her youngest son, the underlined
word is _____.
A. a noun
C. an adjective
B. a verb
D. a possessive
4. I can hardly hear the news. Please turn _____ the volume.
A. over
C. around
B. up
D. on
5. Which of the following adjective phrases is syntactically correct?
A. the most perfect
C. the very perfect
B. nearly perfect
D. less perfect
6. Which of the following phrases is properly sequenced?
A. an old ugly gray wooden statue
B. a wooden old ugly gray statue
C. an ugly old gray wooden statue
D. a gray wooden old ugly statue
7. Which of the following simple past verb is a marked form?
A. wrote
C. weighed
B. dreams
D. kept
8. Which of the following is not a derived noun?
A. attendance
C. perfectly
B. televise
D. children
9. In the sentence, The supplier delivers water on Tuesdays and Fridays, the verb
is a _____.
A. transitive verb
C. linking verb
B. intransitive verb
D. phrasal verb
10. Which of the following nouns shows inflection?
A. Friendship
C. advocacy
B. Helplessness
D. librarians
11. The words: brunch, smog, urinalysis, broasted are formed through the process
A. clipping
C. abbreviating
B. blending
D. compounding
12. The sense relation illustrated by the following words: hotel, inn, motel, hostel is
A. hyponymy
C. ambiguity
B. synonymy
D. antonymy

13. That all normal children the world over acquire a mother tongue supports the
idea that language is
A. creative
C. arbitrary
B. conventional
D. universal
14. The English phonemic symbol that matches the following articulatory
description: voiced velar nasal is _____.
A. / m /
C. / /
B. / r /
D. / n /
15. When reading aloud the word computerization, one hears the primary stress fall
on the _____ syllable.
A. fourth
C. first
B. sixth
D. fifth
16. The word formed with a derivational morpheme is _____
A. rests
C. rested
B. restive
D. resting
17. Showing the contrast between vowels / i / and / I /, as in heat and hit, is best
presented by using _____.
A. analogous pairs
C. minimal pairs
B. dyadic pairs
D. complementary pairs
18. When second language learners pronounce beast as beats, prescribe as
perscribe , they demonstrate a speech behavior that illustrates a morphophonemic
change known as _____.
A. assimilation
C. epenthesis
B. metathesis
D. dissimilation
19. The following sentence is ungrammatical because it violates the rule _____.
The RH bill being discussed in Congress is controversy.
A. agreement
C. tense
B. word order
D. derivation
20. Which if the following is alluded to in this old English riddle?
From heaven I fall, though from earth I begin;
No lady alive can show such a skin.
Im bright as an angel, and like as a feather,
But heavy and dark when you squeeze me together.
a. snow
b. storm
c. rain
d. star
21. Who wrote this line? Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.
a. Robert Browning
b. William Shakespeare
c. Rudyard Kipling
d. Edgar Allan Poe
22. What nationality was Robert Louis Stevenson, writer of Treasure Island?
a. English
b. Welsh
c. Irish
d. Scottish

23. Which Bronte writer authored Jane Eyre?

a. Charlotte
b. Emily
c. Cristina
d. Anne
24. In which century were Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales written?
a. 14th
b. 15th
c. 16th
d. 17th
25. The following taboo phrases were used by which writer? I fart at thee, shit on
your head, dirty bastard
a. Ernest Hemingway
b. Henry James
c. Ben Johnson
d. Arnold Bronte
26. In the book The Lord of the Rings, who or what is Bilbo Baggins?
a. man
b. hobbit
c. wizard
d. dwarf
27. Name the book which opens with the line All children, except one grew up?
a. The Jungle Book
b. Tom Sawyer
c. Peter Pan
d. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
28. How many lines does a sonnet have?
a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 15
29. Who was the author of the famous storybook Alices Adventures in
a. H.G. Wells
b. Lewis Carroll
c. Mark Twain
d. E.B. White
30. Cabbages and Kings (1904) is either a novel or a collection of related short
stories written by O. Henry. In it, he coined the phrase banana republic. On what

was his title based?

a. Mark Twains The Prince and the Pauper
b. Alice Hegan Rices Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
c. The Shahnameh an 11th Century Persian epic poem
d. Lewis Carrolls poem The Walrus and the Carpenter
31. Two versions of Robert A. Heinleins novel Stranger in a Strange Land have
been published: the edited version first published in 1961 and the original fulllength (60,000 words longer) published posthumously in 1991. From what does the
title derive?
a. The play Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare
b. The Old Testament Book of Exodus
c. The novel Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift
d. The book Utopia by Sir Thomas More
32. Southern American poet, novelist and literary critic Robert Penn Warren wrote
All the Kings Men in 1946. The novel won the 1947 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. On
what is the books title based?
a. A verse in the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty
b. William Shakespeares play Richard III
c. Oscar Wildes short story The Young King
d. Joyce Kilmers poem Kings
33. Which novel, eventually published in 1945, was rejected by a New York publisher
stating it is impossible to sell animal stories in the USA?
a. Animal Farm
b. Black Beauty
c. Watership Down
d. The Tale of Peter Rabbit
34. Which writer of spy fiction, and creator of Smiley, was rejected with the words
you are welcome to **** he hasnt got any future?
a. Ian Fleming
b. John le Carr
c. Eric Ambler
d. Len Deighton
35. The Good Earth was rejected fourteen times, before being published and going
on to win the Pulitzer Prize. Who was the author?
a. Pearl S. Buck
b. John Steinbeck
c. Edith Wharton
d. Henry Miller
36. Irving Stones Lust for Life was rejected sixteen times, with one rejection
stating a long, dull, novel about an artist. Which artist did the book feature?

a. Sigmund Freud
b. John Noble
c. Michelangelo
d. Vincent Van Gogh
37. Who is presented as the most honest and moral of Chaucers pilgrims?
a. The Knight
b. The Parson
c. The Reeve
d. The Wife of Bath
38. Out of the following four pilgrims, which is the most corrupt?
a. The Sergeant /Man of Law
b. The Wife of Bath
c. The Reeve
d. The Pardoner
39. He translated The Fall of Princes from the French.
a. William Langland
b. Sir Thomas Malory
c. Geoffrey of Monmouth
d. John Lydgate
40. What work contains these lines: There hurls in at the hall-door an unknown
rider . . . Half a giant on earth I hold him to be.
a. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
b. Morte Darthur
c. Piers Plowman
d. Canterbury Tales
41. Students whose language at home is not English are called students who are
taught ___________.
a. Technical English
b. Bilingual English
c. Standard English
d. English as a Second Language
42. What can be inferred from the statement Johnny, he play ball with his father.?
The student speaks ___________ English.
a. non-standard
b. informal standard
c. formal
d. standard
43. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy views children as having
the ability to organize and integrate information in schemata?
a. Interactive
b. Reader Response

c. Sociolinguistic
d. Constructivist
44. What do you call one chair in the classroom which has been designated for
students use during sharing period?
a. Readers Chair
b. Hot Seat
c. Authors Chair
d. Speakers Chair
45. On which of the following would early and modern grammarians most likely
a. Grammar is associated with philosophy and literary criticism.
b. A school of linguistics rejected traditional grammar.
c. It is just as important to study gestures as to study punctuation.
d. Every known language first appeared in written form.
46. The punctuation marks were developed, in part, because written communication
offers no opportunity for:
Face-to-face Engagement

I and III
I and II

47. Which cueing system is detecting regional dialects?

a. phonological
b. syntactic
c. semantics
d. pragmatic
48. Which of the following signals is indicated by a comma?
a. pause
b. slight pause
c. longer pause
d. not so slight nor longer pause
49. Which accurately describes the words below?
Your entire department is entitled to overtime compensation.
a. run-on sentence
b. correctly punctuated sentence
c. fragment
d. comma splice
50. In an interview, getting away from the pack means
a. to wait patiently for other reporters to do their task
b. adding sensationalism to the interview schedule

c. using hard-nosed questioning

d. striving hard to get a different story
51. Which word contains C pronounced as /K/ - the hard C sound?
a. center
b. coat
c. civil
d. centaur
52. Which word is accented on the first syllable?
a. fifteen
b. outspeak
c. understand
d. table
53. Which word contains C pronounced as /S/ - the soft C sound?
a. censure
b. connote
c. coax
d. collaborate
54. Which is the correct verb form of lie or lay in the sentence?
Yesterday I (rested) in my room worrying about todays examination.
a. lay
b. laid
c. have lain
d. have laid
55. A teachers concern towards a student with linguistic ability is to _____________.
a. interest him/her in debates
b. lead him/her to visualization activities
c. offer role-playing and acting opportunities
d. involve him/her in journal writing and other forms of reflection
56. Which of the following statements on dictionaries would you most likely agree
a. Students and office workers would find an unabridged dictionary hard to
b. Guide words help a dictionary user to pronounce a word.
c. All dictionaries show definitions in historical order.
d. Most dictionaries use centered data to indicate syllables.
57. Which of the following statements best identifies the approach in the teaching of
word recognition?
a. Teaching begins by showing the relationship between individual sounds
and letters.
b. The emphasis is on word identification.
c. It uses various cue systems to determine meaning.
d. It encourages readers to read activities that are real and important in their

58. What

error is made when the student reads scrap for scratch?


59. Which is the systematic and meaningful collection of artefacts documenting

students literacy development?
a. log
b. collection
c. cloze procedure
d. portfolio
60. Which is the correct ordering for the reading process?
A. Reading
B. Exploring
C. Preparing to Read
D. Extending
E. Responding
a. A-B-D-C-E
b. B-E-A-C-D
d. C-A-E-B-D