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Status of Women in India Essay 1 (100 words)

The status of women in ancient India was quite high esteemed however it got deteriorated with the
passage of time and mentality of people towards women. Slowly the practice of polygamy, sati pratha,
dowry system, female infanticide, etc became dominated and gave rise to the male dominated country.
Great Indian leaders had worked a lot to again raise the status of women in the Indian society. Because of
their hard work bad practices against women in the Indian society have been banned to a great extent.
Government of India has implemented various effective laws regarding safety and empowerment of the
women. In the Panchayati Raj system around 33% of the seats are reserved for women thus women are
being more conscious and come forward to fight for their rights.

Status of Women in India Essay 2 (150 words)

Earlier in the Vedic times, women were given lots of respect and honor in the Indian society. They were
equally given opportunities like men to develop socially, intellectually and morally. They were completely
free to choose their own path in the life and select life partner. They were getting complete education
before marriage as well as military training for their own safety. However, women status in the Indian
society got deteriorated in the middle ages because of various bad practices against women.
The position of women became inferior when they supposed to be plaything of man and decoration of
drawing room. Women became almost slave of man passions and forced to live behind purdah. They were
left their rights of education and property. However again in the independent India, women are enjoying
perfect equality with the man. They are no longer a slave of mans passion and not living at the mercy of
man. They are raising their voice and help in shaping the destiny of country.

Status of Women in India Essay 3 (200 words)

The status of women in the ancient Indian society was quite better however in the middle age it got
deteriorated. Various ill practices came into existence against women which deteriorated the women status.
Indian society became male dominated society and women were started to be treated as mans slaves.
Slowly they became the weaker sex in the society because men used to keep women under their thumb.
They were forced to obey men blindly as a dumb cattle living under four walls of the house. At some place
in the country, women are still ill treated by the men even after the fast changes in the society.
Women are treated as living things of the house following all the old cultures, traditions and restrictions of
the society. Earlier the elders of the family were not be happy on the birth of a female child in the home
however they became double happy if the child was male. They understood that male child will be source
of money whereas female child will be consumer of money. Birth of daughter was supposed as curse to the

family. The gradual positive changes in the Indian society has been proved to be beneficial for the women
status. Positive thinking of people has taken a swift speed which has changed human mind politically,
economically and socially towards women.

Status of Women in India Essay 4 (250 words)

The condition of women in the Indian society especially in the middle age was so bad and inferior
practically. Women were considered as slave of men even after given high position in the scriptures.
Theoretically the condition of women was high however practically it was low. Women were prohibited to
take part in many domestic, social as well as external matters. They were forced to live under the influence
of parents before marriage whereas under the influence of husbands after marriage. The position of women
became more worse in the Mughal time. Women were forced to follow the rules of sati pratha, parda
pratha, and other bad practices against women.
Women status during British rule in India was not so changed even became worse. It was started changing
after many years of struggle for Indias freedom when Mahatma Gandhi gave a call to women to come
forward and take part in the independence movement. There is hand of many great women (Vijaya Laxmi
Pandit, Sarojini Naidu, Mrs. Aruna Asaf Ali, etc) who helped in changing the women status in India. After the
occurrence of Mrs. Indira Gandhi as a Prime Minister of India, the condition of women was changed
positively a lot. She became a worldwide famous woman and thus great icon and inspiration for other
Indian women. Later the prestigious positions of many women in India has proved that women are not
inferior to men and can go together.

Status of Women in India Essay 5 (300 words)

In the past few millennium, various great changes has occur in the status of women in India. There has
been promotion of equal sex rights to a great extent in the recent decades. Earlier the women were
responsible to the household activities and strictly restricted to the outside activities. Women in ancient
India were responsible to care their husbands and kids as their primary duty. Women were not allowed to
enjoy equally as men. In the early Vedic period, it is noted that women were well educated (in the work of
ancient Indian grammarians like Patanjali, Katyayana etc).
According to the Rigvedic verses, women were getting married at their mature age and free to select their
own life partner at that time. Gargi and Maitreyi are two great and notable women sages who have been
mentioned in the Rig Veda and Upanishads scriptures. According to the history, women status was started
declining with the Smritis (Manusmriti). Gradually the freedom and rights of women was curtailed due to the
Islamic invasion and Christianity. Then women in India started facing confinement and restrictions due to
the bad practices in the society like Sati pratha, child marriages, child labor, parda pratha, ban on widow
remarriages, etc.
Purdah practice was brought in the Indian society by the Muslim conquest in Indian subcontinent. Jauhar
was practiced by the Rajputs of Rajasthan whereas Devadasis in temples were sexually exploited by the

rich people. However, now-a-days, women are participating in every areas of work (like politics, social
work, IT field, driving, etc) without getting fear. Women are leading in many areas of work even they are
showing much interest and performing better than men. We cannot say that status of women in the Indian
society has been fully developed but it is continuously going up as women are being more conscious about
their rights.

Status of Women in India Essay 6 (400 words)

There has been a lot of improvement in the status of women in India after the independence. Gradually
women started enjoying equality with men in the society. Women have all the rights and privileges in every
areas as possessed by the men. The Constitution of India has given equal rights, privileges and freedom
that are enjoyed by the men for years. Even after various exploitation against women, they are now feeling
much emancipated and free. Almost half area and population in India is covered by the women so the
development of the country depends upon the status of both sex equally. We can imagine that time when
50% of the population was not given equal opportunities and rights and even restricted to perform many
activities in the society. Now-a-days, women are getting top positions in various fields of life such as some
have been great political leaders, social reformers, entrepreneurs, business personalities, administrators,
Improvement in the status of women changes the social and economic status of the country. Status of
women in the Indian society is much better than the women in other developing countries. However, it is
not enough to say that status of women have been completely improved in India. In such a competitive
world, Indian women are being well conscious about their rights and privileges in various fields. They are
being more conscious about their professional career (socially, politically, economically and educationally)
by following their all the responsibilities towards family.
Women are actively participating in the democratic process and elections which is quite more impressive in
enhancing their status. Women participation in any area of work is increasing day by day than men such as
number of women voters is increasing than men voters on the days of polling. Some of the great Indian
women leaders, social reformers, social workers, administrators, and literary personalities who have
changed the women status a lot are Indira Gandhi, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, Annie Besant, Mahadevi Verma,
Sachet Kripalani, P.T. Usha, Amrita Pritam, Padmaja Naidu, Kalpana Chawla, Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur,
Mother Teresa, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, etc. Women have been started participating as daughters,
sisters, wives, mothers, grandmothers, etc in various fields like social, economical, political, educational,
scientific and other nation- building activities. They are doing hard work in performing professional as well
as household responsibilities very actively. Even after huge level improvement in the women status in India,
they are still exploited and abused in many ways like rape, sex discrimination, etc.
Regarding women safety and reduce crime against women, government of India has passed another
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2015 replacing the earlier Indian juvenile
delinquency law of 2000. This act is passed especially after the Nirbhaya case when a accused juvenile

was released. According to this act, the juvenile age has been 16 years from 18 years in cases of heinous