The magnitude of things not seen at the time, I believe that just reading the first line and you want to close this window is not it, maybe you, maybe not. Certainly we have heard this phrase over and over again, maybe not as I wrote it, but otherwise, even the letters change, still conveying the same idea. But back to this, today I realized another great truth, that even though we get tired listening to it, anything; we are never that prayer does not happen again. Now I realized, what it means to me Love Four words were never as powerful as this, capable of changing the whole world, to move mountains, down the moon and stars, to transform a woman owner, Princess and Queen, .. To make the most powerful and strong man... a mere mortal slave. I will not say you're wrong, rather, I was wrong. Not possess this quality, is to demonstrate the reality. In this darkened world to reality, is said to have love, but that is not only to have it, to prove it with facts and reality. Now I understood that, to show love. It is expected, is mourn, is seeking, is hope, is to suffer, it’s... it mourn, because only then and only until the end, after flying over it all, you can live out this love. If you lose, repeat mourn, not because a tear from the feeling dare shoot the eye and walk our cheeks, that's mourn, though it is, but it is more mourn, when our hearts who mourn, that's mourn, mourn for love.It is clear that we are not designed to love and love to all, but to love, and love, we can love. Love is

not when we want, not when we receive something in return, it's love when someone needs it more than us. Love is better than a rose, is greater than a gift, brighter than gold and is bigger than the world. Love is when it shows. Have you ever felt cold as running for your skin?, "As regard fire in your veins?," As wept for nothing?, Would you laugh and are glad and happy, something that apparently is not? This is called "Love"; fly dreaming daydreaming, kissing asleep love living. Love is looking for the ultimate treasure at the end of the Earth. It is expected the last drop of dew, with the first rays of the Sun is the first star Hajar and travel to the last. They say it's sad not to love, but it's sad not to be "capable" of love. Today I realized that prayer is not loved by love and blinded, is to love and live for the sake of reality. How many times have you said I love you..... how many times you say I love you. "Love is a drop of water in a glass. It's a long walk without speaking, two pair is a fruit. Love is a place where there is no room for anything other than love. Love is mourn when he says goodbye. Love is dreaming hear a song, love is putting the heart kiss. Love is for the time on a clock. You find a place to hear your voice. Love is creating a mute between you and me. Love is a honey-flavored mouth. It's rain in one evening, is an umbrella for two. It's between you and me. "

Love is everything to everyone. Ricardo A. Lopez

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