FCCM - 050308


Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION MEDIA COMMITTEE
The next meeting of the Committee will take place on Wednesday 5 March 2007 at 2.00pm in the

Boardroom. AGENDA 08.16 MEMBERSHIP, WELCOMES AND APOLOGIES The Chair welcomes everyone to the meeting of the Faculty Committee. 08.17 MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING To approve: The minutes of the last meeting held on 20 November 2007. FCCM08/02/02 Papers:

08.18 MATTERS ARISING 08.18.01 To note: Project Brief Verification Group (min 08.06 – 20/11/07 refers) A new deadline for the Briefs was set for 18 December 2007 and the Project Brief Verification meeting took place in the first week of January before the term began. Any other Business (min 08.14 – 20/11/07 refers) The Head of ICT has given lists of student names that have exceeded their network storage quota to Subject Leaders.

08.18.02 To note:

08.19 MASTERCLASS EVENTS To discuss: A proposal to have a dedicated day or several days for Masterclass Events.

08.20 COURSE COMMITTEE MINUTES To receive: The unconfirmed minutes from all Course Committees. Level 0 in Design and Communication

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FCCM - 050308


FdSc Broadcast Media Technology, FdA Broadcast Operations and Production and BSc (Hons) Broadcast Technology FdA Creative Sound Design and FdA Broadcast Post Production FdA Computer Visualisation and Animation and BA (Hons) Animation BA (Hons) Content Creation and Broadcast and BA (Hons) Broadcasting BA (Hons) Design for Moving Image BA (Hons) Graphic Design 08.21 PROJECT BRIEF VERIFICATION GROUP To receive: To note: The notes of the Project Brief Verification Group from 30 January 2008. a) Project Briefs for term 3 need to be with Quality by 17 March 2008. b) The next Project Brief Verification Group will be held on the 8 April 2008 at 10am in the Boardroom. 08.22 ANNUAL MONITORING REPORT ACTION PLAN To receive: An update from the Head of Faculty on the Annual Faculty Monitoring Report Action Plan.

FCCM08/02/03b FCCM08/02/03c FCCM08/02/03d FCCM08/02/03e FCCM08/02/03f FCCM08/02/03g



08.23 CONTEXTUAL STUDIES EXTERNAL EXAMINER ACTION PLAN To receive: An update on the Contextual Studies External Examiner Action Plan. FCCM08/02/06

08.24 FUTURE COURSE DEVELOPMENTS AND VALIDATIONS To receive: To discuss: An update on the Level 0 course development. Future Course Developments FCCM08/02/07a FCCM08/02/07b

08.25 NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY To receive: An update on the progress of response rates for the National Student Survey. FCCM08/02/08

08.26 ANY OTHER BUSINESS 08.27 DATE OF NEXT MEETING Tuesday 20 May 2008 at 2pm in the Boardroom.
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