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Seajacks Zaratan

Wind Turbine Installation jack-up vessel, type NG-5500C


Seajacks International
Lamprell Energy Ltd., U.A.E.

The GustoMSC NG series is a range of multi-purpose self-propelled jack-up vessels.
The NG-5500C is especially designed for the Wind Turbine
Installation market to undertake fully loaded voyages to the
installation site, is equipped with a DP-2 dynamic positioning
system for positioning at site and features a unique wrap around
the leg 800 t crane. The four legs with the continuous speed
GustoMSC jacking system and the diagonal pre-loading allow for
easy and fast installation.

GustoMSC 12.015
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The NG-5500C is intended for use in water depths of up to 45 m

in a North Sea environment (year around). The NG-5500C is
equipped with an 800 t heavy duty offshore crane developed by
GustoMSC for the Wind Turbine Installation market. The GLC-800ED crane combines a high capacity and high outreach with a short
minimum radius and is located on top of the starboard aft
Jack-house and revolves 360 unrestricted around the leg. The
main deck is reinforced for the transportation of wind turbine
parts or other heavy components. In addition the vessel has the
ability to work in the Offshore Oil & Gas sector.

The Netherlands
Karel Doormanweg 25, 3115 JD, Schiedam
Telephone +31 (0)10 2883 000
P.O. Box 687, 3100 AR Schiedam
Telefax +31 (0)10 2883 001

Main dimensions
Hull length
Hull width
Hull depth
Hull draft
Leg length (incl. spudcan)
Leg length under hull (max)

81.0 m
41.0 m
7.0 m
4.7 m
85.0 m
65.0 m

Classification and Regulations

ABS A1, Self Elevating Unit, AMS, ACCU, DPS-2, Wind IMR
or equivalent.
Jacking system
The vessel is equipped with the GustoMSC 5500C continuous
hydraulic positive engagement jacking system.
Max Elevated weight
Max Holding capacity
Platform lifting speed
Platform lowering speed
Leg handling speeds

Power generation
4 generator sets of 1,600 kWe
2 generator sets of 1,200 kWe
1 emergency diesel generator set of 480 kWe

11,000 t
5,500 t per leg
24 m/hr
30 m/hr
up to 40 m/hr

Propulsion for transit and DP is provided by three azimuthing
thrusters of 1,500 kW aft and two retractable azimuthing
thrusters of 2,000 kW forward.
Transit speed with only aft thrusters
Transit speed with all thrusters
Variable load
Variable load
Deck load
Clear deck area

approx 8 knots
approx 9 knots
3,000 t
10 t/m2
approx 2,000 m2

An accommodation deckhouse suitable for 90 persons is located
on the forward end of the vessel.
Helideck (optional)
A helicopter landing deck suitable for a Sikorsky S92/S61N or
Super Puma AS 332L2 can be provided on top of the accommodation deckhouse.

Design criteria
Positioning / Jacking / Pre-loading condition
The dynamic positioning system is executed for DP-2 notation.
The jack-up is able to position, jack and pre-load whilst meeting
DP requirements in the following conditions:


2.0 m

1.5 m

tidal current (surface)

1.03 m/s (2 knots)

0.8 m/s

wind velocity

10.8 m/s (21 knots)

8 m/s

max significant wave height

max elevated weight

11,000 t

11,000 t

thrusters in service


one forward out

The dynamic positioning capacity is calculated for a water depth

of 40 m.

Elevated condition
The platform is designed to withstand the following combination
of survival conditions:
all year
water depth

40.0 m

Main crane
The vessel is equipped with an electric driven bogie crane made
by GustoMSC. The GLC-800-ED crane is located on top of the
starboard side aft jack-house and revolves around the leg.


Main hoist
Minimum outreach
Hoisting heights (ref main deck)

800 t at 24 m
18 m
approx 102 m

Whip hoist
Minimum outreach
Hoisting heights (ref main deck)

50 t at 90 m
22 m
111 m

max wave height

45.0 m

50.0 m

55.0 m

14.25 m

14 m

12.5 m

7.0 m

19 m

17.5 m

17.5 m

10.0 m

period associated

14.5 s

14.0 s

14.0 s

11.0 s

wind speed (1 min


40 m/s

40 m/s

35 m/s

35 m/s

surface current

1.2 m/s

1.2 m/s

1.2 m/s

1.2 m/s

leg penetration





All units are in the metric system.
GustoMSC services
GustoMSC provided the basic design package, including all
services required to obtain ABS Classification.
GustoMSC also delivered the jacking systems and main crane.

GustoMSC 12.015
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Data presented in this product sheet is for information only. Unit specific specifications as provided by the Owner shall prevail.