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»> ALLIED PILOTS ASSOCIATION presenting the plats of American Aires ‘OGonnelt Building + 14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500 « Fort Worth, TX 76155-2512 + 817.302.2272 » March 4, 2016 Doug Parker, Chairman & CEO American Airlines Group, Inc. 433 Amon Carter Boulevard MD5235 Fort Worth, TX 76155. Dear Mr. Parker: The merger of American Airlines and US Airways happened in large measure because of labor's support. We believed in your promise of real cultural change. Unfortunately, your management team is now failing to deliver on that promise. Soon after the merger, you gave the following counsel to graduating students of Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management, your alma mater: ‘Relationships Matter. Capital R, capital M. Its not a sentence; it's a title. Personal, human relationships are really important in the business world.” Your management team is taking actions that directly conflict with that philosophy. We're seeing (in your words) the “old school playbook” with “rules-based management” and “cut-throat and heartless” operating methods. As you said in your commencement address, “that type of behavior does not work in business.” During the recent Annual Leadership Conference, you briefed your middle managers on your vision of the new American Airlines. You said “In order to be the best airline, you have to have the best employee relations.” You also said ‘we are not progressing fast enough.” You're right and what's even more problematic, many on your team are “misaligned” with your vision. The result is ‘negative surprises” for our pilots and our passengers. Delta and United management have been finding ways to partner with their pilots. Delta's CEO has lauded his employees as the key for Delta's success. Meanwhile, we see managers at our airline clinging to their old ways. President Scott Kirby recently said that high-value customers care most about schedule and service. He also said “Employee engagement and service can be our biggest competitive advantage.” Again, he's absolutely right. So what's the problem? Doug Parker, Chairman & CEO American Airlines Group, Inc. March 4, 2016 Page - Candidly, the new American Airlines product is outright embarrassing and we're tired of apologizing to our passengers. We hear from many valuable corporate clients and premier status passengers that the product is not what they've come to expect from ‘American Airlines. The often-repeated excuse that “we need more time” won't cut it. Our pilots and passengers deserve better. Meanwhile, Crew Scheduling routinely violates our contract, Payroll appears incapable of correctly paying our pilots, and Air Operations and Labor Relations operate at cross-purposes with your vision of a new culture. The pilots of American Airlines will not remain silent as we witness the rebirth of the toxic culture we fought so hard to eradicate. The current trajectory of Air Operations, Crew Planning/Scheduling, and Labor Relations -- deliberately violating our contract, letters of agreement, memorandums of understanding, and Federal Aviation Regulations -- cannot stand. We must see meaningful and immediate culture change. Without it, American Airlines will never be restored to a position of industry leadership and your legacy will be one of opportunity lost. The clock is ticking and the time for inspiring words has passed. We need concrete action from you, Mr. Parker, for ongoing dialogue with APA to resolve the following: * Stopping the contractual/legal abuses by the Company; * Effecting implementation of contractual provisions agreed to in the joint collective bargaining agreement; and * Effecting/facilitating lasting and durable cultural change. We await your response. APA Board of Directors